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Mediatized House of Corswarem
House of Looz-Corswarem
The Corswarem are an old family of knights from the Hesbaye (Haspengouw) region, between Huy and Sint-Truiden. Francis II of Corswaren (1628-1694) obtained the rank of baron. His son, Joseph married his second cousin Madeleine Thérèse of Corswarem. He was made count and added the name "Looz" in front of "Corswarem", to show the family connection with the prestigious Counts of Looz (or Loon in Dutch). The Knights of Menten, marrying into the Looz-Corswarem family, would do the same a few generations later, adding "de Hornes" to their surname, displaying the heritage of the no less famous Counts of Hornes.

William Joseph of Looz-Corswarem (1732-1803), Count of Niel, was created Duke of Looz-Corswarem in 1792. He obtained the sovereignty of the state of Rheina-Wolbeck between 1803 and 1806 in compensation for the annexation of his lands in the Southern Netherlands by France. His grandson, Charles of Looz-Corswarem (1804-1896), served as chamberlain of the Kinfg of the Netherlands.


The Titles and Styles of the Princely House  
The present members of this family bear the title Prince or Princess von Looz u.Corswarem together with the formal appellation of His or Her Serene Highness.
The Genealogy of the Princely House

Raes von Corswarem, sn de Longchamps (d.8 Oct 1633); m.2 Aug 1618 Maria van Binckem (d.17 Apr 1629)

1a) Hubert, Baron de Longchamps, Vcte de Sainte-Gertrude (d.26 Jun 1671); m.1st 13 Nov 1648 Isabelle van den Broeck (d.28 Jun 1664); m.2d ca 1665 Marie Anne de Glymes (d.by 2 Mar 1696)

1b) Jean Hubert Vcte de Sainte-Gertrude (9 Sep 1649-11 Aug 1705); m.6 Mar 1673 Marguerite Claire Therese d'Argenteau (d.11 Jul 1698)

1c) Nicolas Charles François Vcte de Sainte-Gertrude (d.10 Mar 1759); m.2 Oct 1697 Anna Françoise Josephine de Trazegnies (19 Mar 1676-ca 1741)

2c) Louis Felix Emanuel Chrysostome Denis, cr 1734 Duke von Looz-Corswarem (30 Apr 1683-13 Aug 1759); m.1st Helene Therese Cts de Spangen-Uyternesse; m.2d 10 Apr 1715 Marie Françoise d'Assignies (20 Mar 1695-28 Mar 1751); all issue by 2d m.

1d) Charles Louis Auguste Emile Ferdinand, Marquis de Ligny (3 Apr 1716-14 Feb 1784); m.14 Oct 1763 Albertine Dorothea Gfn von Kameke (4 Apr 1714- )

2d) Jean Florent Lamoral Louis Charles François, 2d Duke von Looz-Corswarem (d.22 Mar 1788); m.27 Jun 1780 Aldegonde Charlotte Felicie Cts de Berlaymont

3d) Charles Alexandre August, 3d Duke von Looz-Corswarem (26 Sep 1723-28 Feb 1792)

3c) Joseph Philippe Hyazinthe, cr 1734 Duke von Looz-Corswarem (1689-3 Jul 1777); m.1st Anna Elisabeth von Beyer (d.17 Sep 1730); m.2d 1747 Marie Jeanne de Montmorency-Laval (10 Dec 1725- )

2a) Franz, sn de Faux et de Mozet (d.14 Aug 1694); m.6 Feb 1662 Marie von Hamilton (8 Sep 1641- )

1b) Joseph Gf von Corswarem und von Niel (1663/7-16 Apr 1741); m.1st 1688 Madeleine Therese Gfn von Corswarem; m.2d 28 Jun 1722 Marie Barbe de Glymes (bap 16 Nov 1686)

1c) Joseph Clemens (27 Jun 1696-1 May 1761); see below

Joseph Clemens Gf von Corswarem und von Niel (27 Jun 1696-1 May 1761); m.1st 2 Nov 1733 Jeanne Marie d'Angleur (27 Sep 1699-28 Dec 1743); m.2d 5 Sep 1744 Marie Catherine Dujardin (13 Nov 1724-1764)

1a) WILHELM Joseph Alexander, 4th Duke von Looz und Corswarem (7 Jul 1732 [sic, E.S., but this date before parents' m.]-20 Mar 1803); m.1st 12 Aug 1763 Marie Emanuelle Bss d'Aix (1 Nov 1740-9 May 1788); m.2d 8 Jul 1792 Constanze Constanze Gfn von Bylandt (b.3 Aug 1758, d.by 3 Aug 1799)

1b) Clementine Josephine Françoise Thérèse (29 Jun 1764-4 Jun 1820); m.4 Jun 1789 Florent Cte de Lannoy (d.23 Sep 1838)

2b) Marie Charlotte Therese (14 Mar 1766-7 Jun 1856); m.23 Apr 1804 Florent Baron de Wautier de Baillemont (d.26 Mar 1806)

3b) Marie Therese Charlotte Josepha (14 May 1768-8 Jun 1856)

4b) CHARLES Ludwig August Ferdinand Emanuel, Duke von Looz u.Corswarem (7 Jul 1769-16 Sep 1822); m.10 Oct 1801 Marie Charlotte Denu (19 Oct 1782-12 Apr 1852)

1c) Louise (9 Mar 1802-23 Sep 1820)

2c) CHARLES Franz Wilhelm Ferdinand, Duke von Looz u.Corswarem (9 Mar 1804-27 Jan 1896); m.15 Oct 1829 Hermine Anna Gertrude Jacqueline Baronne van Lockhorst (31 Oct 1802-21 Nov 1875)

1d) Hermine Caroline Amélie (16 Jun 1830-19 Mar 1910); m.30 Apr 1851 Edgard François Cte du Val de Beaulieu (d.20 Jan 1885)

2d) Octavie Alphonsine Hermine (24 Feb 1832-26 Feb 1897); m.27 Jun 1861 Charles Jean François Chevalier de Meulenaer (d.12 Apr 1888)

3d) CHARLES Leopold August Ludwig Philipp, Duke von Looz u.Corswarem (15 Feb 1833-18 Apr 1911); m.1st 23 Dec 1867 Cécile Hennequin d'Equevilly (6 Jul 1848-5 Feb 1892); m.2d 8 Sep 1898 (div 1905) Flore Cuvelier (31 Aug 1881-14 Mar 1942)

1e) Cécile (28 Apr 1869-12 Feb 1942)

2e) Hermine (21 Mar 1870-1 Jun 1952)

4d) Ernest Alexandre Louis Charles Napoléon Auguste (5 Sep 1834-12 Dec 1868); m.4 Aug 1859 Marie Louise Christine Godoy de Bassano (21 Jan 1839-28 Jan 1880)

1e) CHARLES Emmanuel Ernest Alexander Arnold, Duke von Looz u.Corswarem (15 Apr 1860-8 Aug 1946); m.25 Jan 1890 Maria Helene de Portugal de Faria (19 Mar 1866-20 Nov 1957)

2e) Manuela (5 Nov 1861-31 Jan 1919); m.13 Jun 1881 Henri André Othon Baron de Bogaerde de Terbrugge (d.26 Sep 1896)

3e) Ludwig (20 Mar 1867-Jul 1921)

3c) August François Charles (9 Mar 1805-12 Jun 1852); m.1 Aug 1835 Albertine Louise Baronne van Lockhorst (13 Jun 1820-11 Sep 1895)

1d) Louise Albertine (16 Jun 1836-26 Aug 1876); m.5 Nov 1867 Arthur François Calixte de Reynaud de Villevert

4c) Euphrasie Ursula Philippine (11 Mar 1806- )

5c) Caroline Arnoldine Irénée (28 Jun 1807-24 May 1889); m.26 Jul 1826 Don José Mariano de la Riva Aguero, President of Peru (d.21 May 1858)

6c) Stephanie (21 Jan 1810-29 Sep 1843); m.Léon Louis Baron Picot de la Peyrouse

7c) Octavie Victoire Antoniette Zoé (7 Jun 1811-24 Aug 1890); m.8 Nov 1839 Dirck Baron van Lockhorst (d.6 Mar 1881)

8c) Zephyrine Joséphine Arnoldine Caroline (6 Aug 1812-7 Jun 1901); m.13 Mar 1836 Louis Cte du Monceau de Bergendal (d.24 Feb 1886)

9c) Edmond Prosper Perpetuo Théodore (9 Nov 1813-18 Sep 1854)

10c) Guillaume Désiré Polidore (2 Jan 1817-7 May 1887); m.15 May 1838 Eugénie Angeline Jeannette O'Sullivan de Terdeck (10 Mar 1817-2 Oct 1899)

1d) Alice Eugénie Alphonsine Mathilde (12 Feb 1839-9 Mar 1912); m.1st 16 Feb 1858 (div 1877) Anatole Charles Philippe Cte d'Arschot de Schoonhoven (d.25 Mar 1879); m.2d 9 Feb 1893 Emanuele Beccaria

2d) Frédéric Guillaume Charles Denis (19 Feb 1842-15 Aug 1883)

3d) Marie (19 Sep 1846-8 Jul 1872); m.20 Nov 1866 Raoul Cte Thireux de Gervilliers (d.6 Apr 1873)

4d) Hortense (19 Jun 1849-17 Mar 1887); m.23 Nov 1870 Don Pedro de Prat

5d) Camille Eugène Fernand Pierre (Louvaine 3 Mar 1853-Saint-Laurent-sur-Othain 19 Jan 1929); m.1st Ben-Ahin 6 Jul 1878 (div 1880) Anne Baronne Létang (St.Josse-ten-Noode 7 May 1850-Ath 6 Jun 1905); m.2d Saint-Laurent-sur-Othain 2 Jun 1906 Marie Féron (Saint-Laurent-sur-Othain 21 Nov 1864- Saint-Laurent-sur-Othain 29 Jun 1908)

1e) Hélène (15 Nov 1878-13 Jul 1942); m.Hermann Ghoetghebuer (d.19 Jun 1925)

2e) Hortense (24 Jul 1880-12 Oct 1952)

3e) Louis Victor CAMILLE Denis, Duke von Looz u.Corswarem (Saint-Laurent-sur-Othain 21 Jan 1887-Mont-Saint-Martin 12 Jun 1968); m.Saint-Laurent-sur-Othain 18 Apr 1910 Céline Foulon (Saint-Laurent-sur-Othain 18 Mar 1887-Saint-Laurent-sur-Othain 7 Mar 1952)

1f) ROBERT Camille, Duke von Looz u.Corswarem (Saint-Laurent-sur-Othain 5 May 1914- Lourdes 16 Aug 1997); m.1st Pont-à-Mousson 22 Jul 1939 Huguette Lacarrière (Talant 13 Oct 1916-Saint-Laurent-sur-Othain 11 Feb 1945); m.2d Nancy 6 Aug 1946 Christiane Lacarrière (b.Baccarat 11 Feb 1920)

1g) Anne Huguette Marie (b.Tübingen 11 Aug 1947); m.1st Heers, Limburg (civ) 22 Oct 1970 (rel) 24 Oct 1970 (div 1978) Michel Vcte Desmaisières (b.Seville 4 Mar 1929); m.2d Brussels 27 Jul 1978 Giovanni Jannuzzi (b.Rome 6 Nov 1935)

2g) THIERRY Robert Henri Camille, Duke von Looz u.Corswarem (b.Tübingen 10 Sep 1948); m.Lacanau (civ) 29 Jun 1973 (rel) 30 Jun 1973 Alix de Bertier (b.Lacanau 13 Aug 1949)

1h) Laurence Marie Anne (b.Paris 18 Dec 1977)

2h) Agnès Christine Marie (b.Paris 27 Jul 1979)

3h) Guillaume Jean Arnaud Erbprinz von Looz u.Corswarem (b.Monaco 18 Feb 1983)

3g) Gilles Louis Thierry (b.Metz 3 Aug 1955); m.Lac-Masson, Quebec 26 Jul 1994 Lise Michel (b.Montreal 5 Oct 1965)

2f) René (Saint-Laurent-sur-Othain 22 Jan 1921-Rheine, Westfalen 16 Jan 1988); m.Koekelberg 23 Feb 1952 Marie-Louise Vanloo, adopt. van den Bogaerde de Terbrugge (Anderlecht 29 May 1921-Rheine 7 Mar 2007)

4e) Maxime (14 Jan 1890-5 Jan 1969); m.4 Oct 1909 Georges Croisier (d.2 Sep 1956)

5e) Louis Guillaume Eugène Frédéric (Saint-Laurent-sur-Othain 3 May 1891-Athus, Belgium 28 May 1940); m.Paris 13 Jul 1915 Madeleine Tissière (Mouzon, Ardennes 6 Apr 1896-Paris 25 Aug 1932)

1f) Gilbert Camille Louis François (Paris 14 Apr 1916-Arlon 6 Aug 1974); m.1st Arlon 17 Jan 1939 (div 1946) Simone Bertrand (b.Arlon 4 Apr 1922); m.2d Paris 15 Mar 1947 Renée Salvert (b.Paris 7 Dec 1916)

1g) Madeleine Suzanne Jeanne (b.Athus 31 May 1939); m.Halanzy, Belgium 15 Jun 1963 Yvon Hans (b.Halanzy 16 Jul 1939)

2f) Gaston Louis Gilbert (b.Ixelles 16 Nov 1922); m.Pettingen, Luxemburg 12 Feb 1948 Catherine Spieles (b.Differdingen, Luxemburg 24 Dec 1923)

1g) Gilbert Louis (b.Pettingen 8 Nov 1948); m.Heinsch 5 Jul 1974 Liliane Colles (b.Heinsch 20 Jul 1953)

2g) Marie-Astrid Arnauld (b.Pettingen 14 Feb 1952); m.Halanzy 30 Jun 1973 Christian Roger (b.Mont-Saint-Martin 3 May 1949)

3g) Jean-Marie René (b.Pettingen 30 Jan 1955); m.Aubange 16 Apr 1977 Marina Keser (b.Rulles 16 Mar 1961)

4g) Léone Alexandria (b.Pettingen 13 Jul 1956); m.Halanzy 10 Jul 1976 Christian Dewaey (b.Houdeng-Goegnies 22 Jul 1955)

3f) Guy Gaston Gilbert (Ixelles 24 Jan 1924-Mouzaïaville, Algeria 24 Dec 1961)

4f) Ghislaine Marie Louise (b.Ixelles 7 Apr 1927); m.Charleroi 18 Dec 1954 Alexandre Vandeville (b.Seneffe 18 May 1932)

5f) Fernande Maxime (b.Pettingen 12 Nov 1931); m.Charleroi 26 Dec 1953 Michel Stiepen (b.Jumet 17 Sep 1930)

6e) Fernande (18 Jun 1893-5 May 1946); m.8 May 1919 Victor Séméladis (d.5 Feb 1971)

7e) Charles Arnould Georges (Saint-Laurent-sur-Othain 30 Oct 1897-Récicourt 16 Jan 1968); m.1st (civ) Saint-Laurent-sur-Othain 14 Feb 1920 (rel) Villécloye 16 Feb 1920 Gabrielle de Bonnay Malberg (Saulmory-et-Villefranche 30 Mar 1890-Verdun 7 Dec 1956); m.2d Antibes 28 Jan 1959 Odette Chevallier (Récicourt 2 Dec 1903-Verdun 24 Feb 1989)

1f) Alain (Arrancy-sur-Crusne 7 Feb 1921-Nancy 23 Dec 1974); m.Verdun 12 Nov 1945 Jacqueline Grandemange (b.Châlons-sur-Marne 29 Oct 1924)

1g) Bernard Michel Jean (b.Nancy 16 Jan 1947); m.Nancy (civ) 1 Aug 1970 (rel) 3 Aug 1970 Françoise Esprit (Nancy 25 Jan 1948-Nancy 2 Oct 1992)

1h) Alexandra Annick Christiane (b.Nancy 21 Oct 1972)

2h) Aurélie Elisabeth Aline (b.Nancy 24 Aug 1975)

3h) Julien Alain Jean Noël (b.Essey-les-Nancy 1 Mar 1978)

5b) Duke Joseph Arnold, Fst von Rheina-Wolbeck (23 Sep 1770-30 Oct 1827); m.18 Aug 1813 Charlotte Constance Dusaillant Cts de Lasteyrie (d.15 Jul 1861)

6b) Marie Emanuelle Therese Felicie (24 Sep 1774-24 Apr 1837); m.Leon Pierre Baron de Menten (d.19 Dec 1841)

7b) Amor Adolphine Therese Felicie (16 Jun 1782-11 May 1854)

2a) Marie Madeleine (1734- )

3a) Marie Therese (16 Jun 1737-May 1768); m.N, Baron de Heusch

4a) Ernst Joseph (24 May 1741-22 Feb 1799)

5a) Bernhard Peter (1745- )

6a) Peter Wilhelm (4 Aug 1746- )

7a) Marie Katharina (27 Oct 1747-31 Dec 1831); m.29 Dec 1762 Henri, Baron de Heusch

8a) Therese Katharina, b.1749; m.2 Feb 1776 André, Baron de Heusch (d.1842)

9a) Anna Maria Katharina (26 Mar 1752-22 Oct 1796); m.9 Jul 1775 Leon François chevalier de Menten (d.23 Aug 1822)

10a) Ludwig Anton Gf von Looz-Corswarem (20 Feb 1754-5 Nov 1846); m.12 Dec 1784 Maria Margarethe Kerens (14 Jun 1755-5 Mar 1837)

1b) Clemens Josef Gf von Looz-Corswarem (Amsterdam 1787-Hiltrup 1861); m.Hanneff Acosse 1827 Rosa Maria Albertine d'Hemricourt Gfn von Grünne (Waasmont, nr Liège 1806-Hiltrup 1892)

1c) August Benjamin (1830-Hiltrup 1892); m.Maria Denis (Rio de Janeiro 1839-Hiltrup 1873)

1d) August (Hiltrup 1865-Hiltrup 1952)

2d) Emil (Hiltrup 1866-Rinkerode 1948); m.Maria Gerding (d.Sudhoff 1953)

3d) Felix (Hiltrup 1869-Rinkerode 1936); m.Sophine Ahlmer (1871-1931)

1e) Felix, b.1905; m.Drensteinfurt 1937 Agatha Holtkamp (b.1909)

1f) Elisabeth Josefine, b.1938; m.1959 Josef Friedag (b.1934)

2f) Ursula Maria, b.1942; m.1968 Johannes Hankmann (b.1940)

3f) Alfred Hermann, b.1944; m.1973 Elisabeth Eiling (b.1951)

1g) Beatrix, b.1974

2g) Alexander, b.1977

4f) Egon, b.1949; m.1975 Siegrid Bultmann (b.1954)

2e) Anna

3e) Paula (1908-Münster 1935); m.Rinkerode 1933 Wilhelm Holtkamp (1907-1943)

4e) Benjamin Alfred, b.Eickenbeck 1912; m.Vorhelm 1948 Wiltrud Kirsten

1f) Inge Felizitas, b.1949; m.1974 Franz Schärli

2f) Donata, b.1952

5e) Alfred Wilhelm, b.Eickenbeck 1915; m.Vorhelm 1948 Elfriede Kirsten

4d) Benjamin (Hiltrup 1871-Haus Looz 1940); m.Münster 1927 Toni Holtmann-Schultmann (Mecklenbeck 1889-1962)

1e) Marianna Ida Auguste, b.Haus Looz 1928; m.Münster 1957 Hubert Nabbe

2e) Rose Marie Hermine, b.Haus Looz 1930; m.1960 Kurt Dohmann

3e) Clemens August, b.Haus Looz 1933; m.1962 Mathilde Krefter (b.1933)

1f) Barbara Antonia, b.1963

2f) Maria Elisabeth, b.1963

3f) Clemens Josef, b.1964

4f) Mechtild Christiane, b.1966

5f) Christian Markus, b.1970

5d) Maria (Hiltrup 1873-Bockum bei Hamm 1915); m.Amelbüren 1896 Johannes Everding (1864- )

2c) Alfons Florenz Ludwig Amor (Hemtinne 1838-Höxter 1915); m.1st Düsseldorf 1873 Clara Antoinette Schnitzler (Düsseldorf 1839-Kappelrodeck in Baden 1902); m.2d Wiesbaden 1903 Maria Nücker (Wesel 1867-Höxter 1954)

1d) Walter (Weide 1874-Schloß Schliestedt bei Schöningen 1946); m.1st (div) Eleonore Hartmann (1878-1961); m.2d (div) Gerda Mischke (1882- ); m.3d Teichhof 1944 Elisabeth Evers (Teichhof bei Jerxheim 1891-1978)

2d) Rosa (Weide 1878-Dortmund 1972)

3d) Friedrich Arnold (Weide 1879-Honnef 1957)

4d) Maria Klara Adele (Elgersburg 1882-Dortmund 1971); m.Hildesheim 1902 Bernhard von Pressentin (Schwerin 1861-Voerde 1934)

5d) Gabriele Xaveria Antonia Maria (Höxter 1904- )

6d) Otto Clemens August Antonius Adalbert (Höxter 1906- ); m.Koblenz 1941 Katharina Weber (Köln 1905- )

1e) Clemens Arnold Maria, b.Koblenz 1947; m.1977 Carola Harkotte (b.1953)

1f) Elisabeth Katharina Marianne, b.1977

2e) Gabriele Mathilde Xaverina, b.Koblenz 1947

2b) Jean Joseph Benjamin Cte de Looz-Corswarem (Ocquier 1788-Avin 1843); m.Bertrée 1816 Marie Henriette Marechal (Hannut 1782- Avin 1860)

1c) Hippolyte Edouard (Avin 1817-Avin 1890); m.Hannut 1844 Ferdinande Css de Liedekerke-Beaufort (Maestricht 1817-Avin 1890)

1d) Georges Ferdinand Henri (Liège 1845-Avin 1894); m.Harmignies 1879 Alix Adelgonde Bss de Loe (Valenciennes 1856-Brussels 1925)

1e) Georgine Alix Arnoldine (Harmignies 1880-Brussels 1951); m.Brussels 1905 Raoul Edmond de Thomaz de Bossiere (1878-1944)

2e) Robert Edmond Ferdinand (Harmignies 1883-Brussels 1950); m.Saint Gilles nr Brussels 1926 Rosa Hubertine du Bois d'Enghien (Braine-le-Comte 1897- )

1f) Jean Alphonse Georges Gerard (Ixelles 1927-Avin 24 Aug 2006); m.Oselles 1961 Monique Css de Looz-Corswarem (below)

1g) Gérald Robert Antoine Arould Marie Ghislain, b.Ghent 1967; m.Hélène de Schoutheete de Tervarent

1h) Alice, b.16 Jun 2003

2h) Guillaume, b.25 Oct 2005

3h) Bertille, b.8 Aug 2007

4h) Louise, b.13 Jun 2010

2g) Sylviane Béatrice Antoinette Rosine Marie Ghislaine, b.Ghent 1969; m.Avin, Belgium 16 Sep 2000 Cte Thibaud de Virieu

2f) Arnould Alphonse Gerard, b.Uccle 1929; m.Capelle-au-Bois 1959 Jeanne Chantal de Meester (b.Antwerp 1929)

1g) Hugues, b.Saizimes 1960

2g) Philippe, b.Namur 1962

3f) Béatrice Antinette Elisabeth, b.Uccle 1931

3e) Valentine Lucie (Harmignies 1888-1976); m.1st Brussels 1909 Gaetan Carlier d'Odeigne (Liège 1882-Comblain-au-Pont 1937); m.2d Brussels 1939 Jacques Remy Poswick (1897-1972)

2d) Arnould (Avin 1846-Avin 1917)

3b) Jean Guillaume Cte de Looz-Corswarem (Borlon 1790-Ben-Ahin 1836); m.Ben-Ahin 1817 Marie de Nue (Weißenburg 1789-Saint Trond 1870)

1c) Adolphe Cesar (Ben-Ahin 1817-Sprimont 1853); m.Sprimont 1835 Fanny Emmerence de Favereau (Liège 1818-Liège 1841)

1d) Alphonse (Borlon 1836-Mons 1873); m.Ghlin 1865 Laure Amélie Gigault (Mons 1841-Mons 1874)

1e) René Arthur Hubert (Mons 1866-Lobbes 1955); m.Wepion 1892 Jenny Albertine Drion (Brussels 1867-Buvrinnes 1936)

1f) Jean Hippolyte Alphonse Oscar (Waudrez 1893-k.a.Berlaere 1914)

2f) Arnold Henri Gabriel (Waudrez 1895-1982); m.Soheit-Tinlot 1936 Donna Jeanne Imperiali dei Principi di Francavilla (Brussels 1914- )

1g) Régine Andrée Geneviéve, b.Etterbeeck 1938; m.1966 Hubert Errembault du Maisnil et du Coutre (b.1933)

2g) Myriam Christine Renée Jeanne, b.Brussels 1939; m.1968 Jean Goffinet

3g) Andrée Jacqueline Gabrielle, b.Buvrinnes 1940; m.1966 Arnould Cte de Looz-Corswarem

4g) Benoit, b.Buvrinnes 1942; m.1975 Catherine de Taisne de Raymonval (b.1950)

1h) Jean Baptiste, b.Lobbes 1977; m.12 Sep 2009 Eleonore Gatto

1i) Gloria, b.28 Aug 2011

2h) Soline, b.Lobbes 1978

3h) Hélène, b.Lobbes 22 Dec 1979; m.2005 Baron Jean-Philippe de Villenfagne de Vogelsanck

4h) Constance, b.Mons 11 Apr 1981

5h) Raphaël, b.Lobbes 4 Oct 1982

5g) Rodolphe, b.Buvrinnes 1944; m.1976 Christine de Taisne de Raymonval (b.1949)

1h) Marie Jacqueline, b.Uccle 1978

6g) Louis, b.Buvrinnes 1946; m.1972 Axelle le Hardy de Beaulieu (b.1952)

1h) Sandrine, b.Namur 1973; m.23 Jul 1996 (rel) Aug 1996 Olivier Drion du Chapois (b.1965)

2h) Isaline, b.Namur 1976

7g) René-Michel, b.Buvrinnes 1948

8g) Maria Pia, b.Buvrinnes 1954

3f) Marie Camille Marguerite, b.Waudrez 1897

4f) Isabelle Marthe Charlotte (Waudrez 1900-Merelbeke 1958); m.Buvrinnes 1928 Hubert de la Kethulle de Ryhove (1889-1970)

5f) Louise Léonie Laure, b.Waudrez 1905

2e) Marthe (Fayt-les-Seneffe 1868-Marelbeke 1958)

2d) Albert Hippolyte (Sprimont 1838-Buvrinnes 1901); m.Brussels 1867 Gabrielle Charlotte Ansiau (Casteau-Thieusies 1842-Buvrinnes 1906)

3d) Louis Desiré (Sprimont 1840-Dolembaix 1920); m.Brussels 1867 Desirée Jeanne Guyot (Brussels 1848-Dolembreux 1903)

1e) Maurice Gabriel Albert (Termonde 1870-Saint Gilles nr Brussels 1921); m.Ixelles 1894 Jeanne Louise Motte (Charleroi 1871-Brussels 1928)

1f) Marie-Louise Desirée (Sprimont 1895- ); m.1st Uccle 1930 Maurice Charles van Loey (1890-1960); m.2d 1966 James Mawer (1883-1972)

2f) Roger Maximilien Jean (Sprimont 1897-Forest 1938); m.Wépion 1923 Yvonne Léonie Renée Drion (Wépion 1899-1976)

1g) Solange Isabelle Antoinette, b.Etterbeek 1924

2g) Pierre Marie Jospeh Jean Ghislain (Waterloo 17 Mar 1928-2008); m.1963 Karin Kunert (b.1935)

1h) Alexandre, b.1964

2h) Patricia, b.1968; m.Michael Frhr v.Ow

3h) Diane, b.1968

3f) Jeanne Juliette (Niel-Saint-Trond 1902-Colmar 1928)

4f) Pierre Désiré (Niel-Saint-Trond 1904-Davos 1925)

2e) Berthe Eugénie Desirée (Termonde 1870-Liège 1919); m.Peronne-les-Binche 1887 Jean Gaston Pirmez (1865-1914)

4b) Isidore Clement Cte de Looz-Corswarem (Merdorp 1799-Schandel, Luxemburg 1858); m.Velm 1823 Marie Dorothée Louise de Favereau (Liège 1794-Antwerp 1881)

1c) Melanie (Velm 1825-Paris 1900)

2c) Leopold Isidore (Velm 1827-Antwerp 1907); m.1st Liège 1864 Adeline Louise Css Calf de Noidans (Hargimont 1842-Liège 1866); m.2d Maastricht 1867 Clotilde Mélanie Kerens (Maastricht 1841-Brussels 1926)

1d) Gaston Marie Joseph (Antwerp 1868-Ixelles 1938); m.Courrière 1905 Alice Baronne de Spandl de l'Herze (Namur 1876-Aye 1942)

1e) Antoine Isidore Louis (Ixelles 1906- ); m.Saint-Croix-les-Bruges 1929 Marie Josephe Gilles de Pelichy (Bruges 1907- )

1f) Monique Marie Ghislaine, b.Uccle 1930; m.Ixelles 1961 Jean Cte de Looz-Corswarem (above)

2f) Anne Marie Alice (Ixelles 1931-Woluwé-Saint-Pierre 1 Apr 2005); m.1962 Alfred Solé (b.1931)

3f) Thierry Marie Antoine Ghislain, b.Ixelles 1932; m.Saint Trond 1962 Chantal d'Irumberry de Salaberry (b.Saint Trond 1941)

4f) Baudouin Marie Antoine Ghislain Raymond, b.Ixelles 1935; m.1977 Geneviève Ullens de Schooten (b.1948)

1g) François, b.1978

2g) Philippe, b.1978

2e) Jacques Isidore Gaston (Ixelles 1911- ); m.Brussels 1947 Louise Gobertine Baronne de Straten Waillet (Serinchamps 1911- )

1f) Hubert Marie Gaston, b.Uccle 1954

2f) Dominique Marie Renée, b.Uccle 1949; m.1974 Rudy Troch (b.1944)

2d) Marie Dorothée Louise Françoise (Antwerp 1870-Ixelles 1940)

3d) Clothilde Zoë Adeline (Antwerp 1873-Brussels 1952); m.Antwerp 1902 Armand Baron de Favereau (1869-1935)

4d) Louis Isidore Alfred (Antwerp 1873-Occoches 1961); m.Occoches 1924 Agnes Geneviève Melin de Vadicourt (Occoches 1893- )

1e) Hermine Henriette Agnes, b.Occoches 1925; m.Occoches 1955 Hans-Karl Gf von Marchant u.Ansembourg (1912- )

2e) Arnould Isidore Gaston (Occoches 1927-27 Jan 1996); m.1966 Andrée Css de Looz-Corswarem (b.1940)

1f) Louis, b.1967; m.Toledo 28 May 1994 Maria Cristina Ruiz de Oceja y Silva (b.Madrid 3 Apr 1968)

1g) Enrique, b.Madrid 19 Jun 1995

2g) Victoria, b.Madrid 16 Feb 1997

2f) Stéphanie, b.1969; m.Binche 21 Jun 1996 (rel) Saint Pierre à Buvrinnes 22 Jun 1996 Cte Aymeric de Villelume

3f) Bérengère, b.1972; m.Cte Arnaud de Pontac

3e) Nadine Marie Armandine Josephe, b.Occoches 1929; m.Château d'Occoches 1961 Amaury de la Chevalerie (Brussels 1933- )

5d) Joséphine Dorothée (Antwerp 1880-1973)

6d) Berthe Antoinette (Antwerp 1882-Ixelles 1932) 

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