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Higher Nobility of Europe
Volume VII - Part XV
House of Hamilton

Walter Fitzgilbert Hamilton, of Cadzow (fl 1294/1323), m.1st Helen ___ ; m.2nd Mary Gordon, and had issue by 2nd wife

1a) David, of Cadzow (d.1374); m.Margaret de Ross

1b) Sir David, of Cadzow (d.by 14 May 1392); m.Jonetta Keith

1c) Sir John, of Cadzow; m.Janet Douglas

1d) Sir James, of Cadzow (d.by May 1441); m.Janet Livingstone

1e) Sir James, cr 1445 Lord Hamilton (ca 1415-6 Nov 1479); m.1st 1441 Eupheme Graham, Dowager Css of Douglas (d.1468); m.2nd ca 1474 Pss Mary of Scotland, Dowager Css of Arran (1452-1488)

[by 1st m.]:

1f) Elizabeth; m.(div) David Lindsay, 5th Earl of Crawford, Duke of Montrose (d.Finhaven Castle 25 Dec 1495)

[by 2nd m.]:

2f) James, 2nd Lord Hamilton, cr 1503 Earl of Arran (d.Kinneil 1529); m.1st 1490 (div 1504) Elizabeth Home, Lady Hay; m.2nd 1516 Janet Beaton, Lady Livingston (d.ca 1522)

[by 2nd m.]:

1g) James, 2nd Earl of Arran, cr Duc de Chatellerault (d.22 Jan 1575); m.1532 Lady Margaret Douglas

1h) James, 3rd Earl of Arran (1537/8-Mar 1609)

2h) Gawain

3h) John, cr 1599 Marquess of Hamilton, Earl of Arran, Lord Aven, etc. (d.6 Apr 1604); m.1577/8 Margaret Lyon, Dowager Css of Cassillis (d.Evandaill Dec 1625)

1i) James, 2nd Marquess of Hamilton, 4th Earl of Arran, etc., cr 1619 Earl of Cambridge (1589-Whitehall 2 Mar 1625); m.1603 Lady Anne Cunningham (d.16 Sep 1647)

1j) JAMES, cr 1643 Duke of Hamilton, Marquess of Clydesdale, etc., with remainder to his sons, then his brother, and then to his own daughters (Hamilton 19 Jun 1606-executed 9 Mar 1649); m.1620 Lady Margaret Feilding (d.10 May 1638)

1k) Charles, Earl of Arran (d.1640)

2k) ANNE, 3rd Duchess of Hamilton (d.Hamilton 17 Oct 1716); m.29 Apr 1656 William Douglas, Earl of Selkirk, cr 1660 Duke of Hamilton, etc. (24 Dec 1634-18 Apr 1694); their issue took the surname Hamilton

1l) JAMES, 4th Duke of Hamilton, etc.; for him and his issue, see here

2l) William

3l) Charles, 2nd Earl of Selkirk, took surname Douglas (3 Feb 1663-London 13 Mar 1739)

4l) John, 3rd Earl of Selkirk, cr 1697 Earl of Ruglen, took surname Douglas (d.Edinburgh 3 Dec 1744); m.1st Lady Anne Kennedy (d.1700); m.2nd 22 Mar 1701 Elizabeth, Lady Kennedy, née Hutchinson (d.10 Mar 1734)

1m) William, Lord Daer (1696-Edinburgh 20 Feb 1742)

2m) Anne, 2nd Countess of Ruglen (5 Apr 1698-York 21 Apr 1748); m.1st William Douglas, 2nd Earl of March (d.7 Mar 1731); m.2nd 2 Jan 1747 Anthony Sawyer

3m) Susan (1 Nov 1699-Barnton 8 Feb 1763); m.1738 John Kennedy, 8th Earl of Cassilis (Apr 1700-London 7 Aug 1759)

5l) George, cr 1696 Earl of Orkney, Viscount of Kirkwall, and Baron Dechmont (d.London 29 Jan 1737); m.London 25 Nov 1695 Elizabeth Villiers (d.London 19 Apr 1733)

1m) Anne, 2nd Countess of Orkney (d.6 Dec 1756); m.Taplow 29 Mar 1720 William O'Brien, 4th Earl of Inchiquin (d.18 Jul 1777)

2m) Frances (d.Bath 27 Dec 1772); m.27 Jun 1724 Thomas Lumley-Saunderson, 3rd Earl of Scarbrough (d.15 Mar 1752)

3m) Henrietta (d.Cork 22 Aug 1732); m.London 9 May 1728 John Boyle, Earl of Orrery [later, Earl of Cork] (13 Jan 1707-23 Nov 1762)

6l) Basil (1671-27 Aug 1701); m.1691 Mary Dunbar (d.15 May 1760)

1m) William, of Baldoon

2m) Basil, of Baldoon (9 Sep 1696-14 Nov 1742); m.Isabella Mackenzie

1n) Dunbar, 4th Earl of Selkirk, took surname Douglas (1 Dec 1722-Edinburgh 26 May 1799); m.Edinburgh 3 Dec 1758 Helen Hamilton (d.Bath 28 Nov 1802)

1o) Sholto Basil, Lord Daer (3 Sep 1759-4 Jul 1760)

2o) Basil William, Lord Daer (16 Mar 1763-9 Nov 1794)

3o) John, Lord Daer (24 May 1765-Florence 9 Jul 1797)

4o) Dunbar (9 Jul 1766-St.Christopher 29 Oct 1796)

5o) Alexander (12 Dec 1767-Guadeloupe 7 Jun 1794)

6o) David (5 Sep 1769-7 May 1770)

7o) Thomas, 5th Earl of Selkirk (20 Jun 1771-Pau 8 Apr 1720); m.Inveresk 24 Nov 1807 Joan Wedderburn-Colvile (d.10 Jun 1871)

1p) Dunbar James, 6th Earl of Selkirk (London 22 Apr 1809-11 Apr 1885); m.29 Jun 1878 Cicely Louisa Grey-Egerton (d.10 Jun 1920)

2p) Isabella Helen (d.4 Jul 1893); m.26 Oct 1841 Hon. Charles Hope (d.31 Oct 1893)

3p) Katherine Jane (d.30 Sep 1863); m.23 Jan 1849 Loftus Wigram (d.19 Sep 1889)

8o) Helen (d.12 Jul 1837); m.9 Nov 1786 Sir James Hall, of Dunglas, Bt. (d.23 Jun 1832)

9o) Elizabeth (d.28 Oct 1814); m.1 Aug 1804 Sir James Montgomery, 2nd Bt. (d.27 May 1839)

10o) Katherine (d.31 Mar 1848); m.6 Jul 1815 John Halkett

2n) Mary (8 May 1720-11 May 1750); m.Ranald Macdonald, of Clanranald (d.2 Oct 1776)

3m) Eleanor (d.27 Dec 1783); m.31 Dec 1711 John Murray, of Philiphaugh

4m) Catherine (d.13 Apr 1779); m.Oct 1727 Thomas Cochrane, 6th Earl of Dundonald (d.28 May 1737)

7l) Archibald, of Riccartoun (d.5 Apr 1754); m.1st Hon. Anne Lucas (d.1709); m.2nd 17 Dec 1718 Anne, Lady Hamilton, née Hamilton (d.29 Mar 1719); m.3rd 29 Sep 1719 Lady Jane Hamilton (d.6 Dec 1753)

1m) Charles (d.10 Sep 1751); m.Mary Catherine Dufresne

1n) Mary; m.J Dickenson

2m) Rev. Frederic (1728-19 Feb 1811); m.11 Jun 1757 Rachael Daniel

1n) Elizabeth (d.Paris 29 Jan 1846); m.Apr 1777 John Stratford, 3rd Earl of Aldborough (d.7 Mar 1823)

3m) Archibald (drowned 30 May 1744)

4m) Sir William (13 Dec 1730-6 Apr 1803); m.1st 25 Jan 1758 Catherine Barlow (d.25 Aug 1782); m.2nd 6 Dec 1791 Emma Hart (d.16 Jan 1815)

5m) Elizabeth (d.24 Feb 1800); m.1st 15 May 1742 Francis Greville, Earl of Warwick (d.6 Jul 1773); m.2nd Robert Clerk

6m) Jean (d.13 Nov 1771); m.24 Jul 1753 Charles Schaw Cathcart, 9th Lord Cathcart (d.14 Aug 1776)

8l) Mary

9l) Catherine (d.11 Jan 1707); m.24 May 1683 John Murray, Duke of Atholl (d.Huntingtower 14 Nov 1724)

10l) Susannah (d.7 Feb 1737); m.1st 1684 John Cochrane, 2nd Earl of Dundonald (d.16 May 1690); m.2nd Charles Hay, 3rd Marquess of Tweeddale (d.17 Dec 1715)

11l) Margaret (d.Edinburgh 6 Dec 1731); m.5 Feb 1687 James Maule, 4th Earl of Panmure (d.Paris 22 Apr 1723)

3k) Susannah; m.John Kennedy, 7th Earl of Cassillis (d.23 Jul 1701)

4k) [illegitimate] Marion; m.Sir Thomas Hay

2j) WILLIAM, 2nd Duke of Hamilton, cr 1639 Earl of Lanark, etc (Hamilton 14 Dec 1616-d.12 Sep 1651 of wounds received at Worcester nine days earlier); m.26 May 1638 Lady Elizabeth Maxwell (d.1659)

1k) James, Lord Polmont (d.1648)

2k) Anne (d.Holland Oct 1695); m.5 Jul 1664 Robert Carnegie, 3rd Earl of Southesk (d.Edinburgh 19 Feb 1688)

3k) Elizabeth; m.1st 30 Sep 1662 James, Lord Kilmaurs (d.30 May 1664); m.2nd Sir David Cunningham, of Robertland

4k) Mary; m.1st 25 Aug 1663 Alexander Livingston, 2nd Earl of Callendar (d.Aug 1685); m.2nd 28 Jun 1690 Sir James Livingston, of Westquarter; m.3rd James Ogilvy, 3rd Earl of Findlater (d.1711)

5k) Margaret; m.Mar 1666 William Blair, of Blair

3j) Anne (d.16 Oct 1632); m.Hugh Montgomerie [later, 7th Earl of Eglinton] (d.Feb 1689)

4j) Margaret; m.1640 John Lindsay, 17th Earl of Crawford and Lindsay (d.1678)

5j) Mary (d.29 Oct 1633); m.James Douglas, Viscount Drumlanrig [later, 2nd Earl of Queensberry] (d.1671)

6j) [by Hon. Anne Stewart] Margaret; m.John Hamilton, Lord Belhaven and Stenton (d.17 Jun 1679)

2i) [illegitimate, but legitimated] Sir John Hamilton, of Letrick; m.Jean Campbell

1j) Sir John, of Carriden, cr 1641 Lord Bargeny (d.Apr 1658); m.1632 Lady Jean Douglas (d.1669)

1k) John, 2nd Lord Bargeny (d.15 May 1693); m.1st 1662 Lady Margaret Cunningham; m.2nd 1676 Lady Alice Moore, Dowager Css of Clanbrassill (dsp 25 Dec 1677)

1l) John, Master of Bargeny (d.1690); m.19 Jun 1688 Jean Sinclair (d.12 Dec 1700)

1m) Johanna; m.1707 Sir Robert Dalrymple, of Castleton

2l) William, 3rd Lord Bargeny (d.ca 1712); m.1st Mary Primrose (20 Jun 1677- ); m.2nd 1708 Margaret Dundas (d.30 Mar 1717)

[by 1st m.]:

1m) Grizel; m.15 Feb 1713 Thomas Buchan, of Cairnbulg

[by 2nd m.]:

2m) James, 4th Lord Bargeny (29 Nov 1710-Edinburgh 28 Mar 1736)

3l) Nicolas; m.24 Apr 1690 Sir Alexander Hope, of Kerse, Bt.

2k) William; m.3 Apr 1662 Mrs Mary Butler, née Hay

3k) Margaret; m.1st John Kennedy, of Culzean (d.1665); m.2nd Sir David Ogilvy, of Clova

4k) Anne; m.Sir Patrick Houstoun, of Houstoun, Bt.

5k) Grizel (d.1678)

6k) Margery; m.William Baillie, of Lamington

7k) Catherine (d.1740); m.1676 William Cunningham, of Enterkine

4h) Claud, cr 1587 Baron Paisley (d.1621); m.Niddry Castle 1 Aug 1574 Margaret Seton (d.1616)

1i) James, cr 1603 Lord Abercorn, cr 1606 Earl of Abercorn, Lord Paisley, Hamilton, Mountcastell, and Kilpatrick (d.Monkton 23 Mar 1618); m.Hon. Marion Boyd

1j) James, 2nd Earl of Abercorn (d.ca 1670); m.ca 1632 Catharine, Dowager Duchess of Lennox, née Clifton (d.1637)

1k) James, Lord Paisley; m.28 Apr 1653 Catharine Lenthall

1l) Catherine; m.1st William Lenthall; m.2nd Charles Hamilton, 5th Earl of Abercorn (below)

2k) George, 3rd Earl of Abercorn (d.Padua before 1683)

2j) Claud, cr 1634 Lord Hamilton, Baron of Strabane (d.14 Jun 1638); m.28 Nov 1632 Lady Jane Gordon

1k) George, 2nd Lord Strabane (d.14 Apr 1668); m.1659 Elizabeth Fagan

1l) Claud, 4th Earl of Abercorn (1659-Aug 1691)

2l) Charles, 5th Earl of Abercorn (d.Strabane Jun 1701); m.Hon. Mrs Catherine Lenthall, née Hamilton (above)

3l) Anne; m.John Browne [later, 3rd Bt.]

2k) Catherine; m.1st 1647 James Hamilton, of Manor Hamilton (below); m.2nd Owen Wynne; m.3rd John Bingham

3j) Sir George, of Donalong, Bt. (d.1679); m.Lady Mary Butler

1k) James (k.a.6 Jun 1673); m.1661 Hon. Elizabeth Colepeper (d.1709)

1l) James, 6th Earl of Abercorn (1661-28 Nov 1734); m.Elizabeth Reading (d.19 Mar 1754)

1m) James, 7th Earl of Abercorn (22 Mar 1686-11 Jan 1744); m.1711 Anne Plumer (29 Jun 1690-13 Aug 1776); for him and his issue, see here

2m) George (1697-1725); m.Bridget Coward

1n) Elizabeth; m.J Cameron

3m) Charles (1704-1786)

4m) Jane; m.Lord Alfred Hamilton

5m) Elizabeth; m.William Brownlow

2l) William, of Chilston Park, Kent (d.1737); m.Margaret Colepeper (d.19 Oct 1736)

1m) John, of Chilston Park; m.1715 Mary Wright

1n) Sir John, of Trebinshun, cr Bt. 1776 (d.24 Jan 1784); m.3 Oct 1763 Cassandra Agnes Chamberlayne (d.26 Oct 1821) à issue extant

2m) Edward; m.___ Vasserot

2k) Sir George (d.1676); m.1665 Frances Jennings

1l) Frances (d.16 Nov 1751); m.1st Henry Dillon, 8th Viscount Dillon (d.Dublin 13 Jan 1714); m.2nd Patrick Bellew, of Barmeath (d.12 Jun 1720)

2l) Mary (d.15 Feb 1736); m.Nicholas Barnewall, Viscount Barnewall of Kingsland (d.14 Jun 1725)

3k) Anthony (d.20 Apr 1719)

4k) Elizabeth (d.3 Jun 1708); m.Philibert Cte de Gramont (1621-30 Jan 1707)

2i) John

1j) Margaret; m.Sir Alexander Acheson, Bt.

3i) Sir Frederick, of Manor Hamilton, Dromahere (d.31 Mar 1646); m.1st Sidney Vaughan; m.2nd Agnes ___

1j) James, of Manor Hamilton (d.27 Dec 1652); m.1647 Hon. Catherine Hamilton (above)

1k) Sidney (1648-10 Jan 1686); m.Sir John Hume, of Castle Hume, 2nd Bt. (d.1695)

2k) Hannah (1651-16 May 1733); m.Sir William Gore, of Manor Gore, 3rd Bt.

2j) Gustavus, cr 1715 Viscount Boyne (d.16 Sep 1723); m.Elizabeth Brooke (d.28 Dec 1721) à issue extant

3j) Christian; m.Sir George Monro, or Newmore

4i) Margaret (d.11 Sep 1623); m.1601 William Douglas, 11th Earl of Angus [later, Marquess of Douglas] (1589-19 Feb 1660)

5h) Jane; m.David Boswell, of Auchinleck

6h) Barbara; m.1st ca 1546 Alexander Gordon, Lord Gordon (d.Edinburgh 1552/3); m.2nd 1553 James Fleming, 4th Lord Fleming (ca 1535-Paris 15 Dec 1558)

7h) Anne; m.1558/9 George Gordon, 5th Earl of Huntly (d.Strathbogie 19 Oct 1576)

2g) Helen; m.Archibald Campbell, 4th Earl of Argyll (d.Dec 1567)

3g) [illegitimate] Elizabeth; m.Master of Sempill

4g) [illegitimate] Margaret; m.Lord Ochiltree

5g) [illegitimate] John; m.Janet Home

1h) Margaret; m.1st James Johnstone, of Johnstone; m.2nd ca 1552 David Douglas, 7th Earl of Angus (d.Cockburnspath Jun 1557); m.3rd Sir Patrick Whitelaw, of That Ilk

3f) Elizabeth; m.1494 Matthew Stewart, Earl of Lennox (k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513)

2e) Alexander; m.NN

1f) James; ancestor of the extant Hamilton Baronets of Silverton Hill

2f) William, ancestor of the Hamiltons of Westport and Skene House

3e) John (fl 1449)

4e) Gavin, of Orbiston; ancestor of the Hamiltons of Orbiston and Dalzell, Lords Hamilton of Dalzell

5e) Elizabeth; m.Sir John Chalmer, of Gadgirth

2d) David, ancestor of Hamiltons of Dalserf

3d) Walter; m.Helen Douglas, dau. of Sir Henry Douglas, of Lochleven [per Burke's Peerage; Burke's Commoners has the same woman marrying Thomas, another son of Sir John, and does not mention Walter] à issue, the Hamiltons of Udston, etc., and the Lords Belhaven

4d) Thomas, of Darngaber; m.Helen Douglas

1e) James, ancestor of Hamiltons of Barns

2e) Thomas; m.___ Torrance; they were ancestors of the Hamiltons of Torrance, Westburn, Aitkenhead, etc.; one descendant, Gabriel Hamilton, of Westburn, married Agnes, heiress of Dundas of Duddingstoun, and their family took the name Dundas-Hamilton

2b) Sir John, of Fingaltoun à issue, the Hamiltons of Preston, including the extant Baronets

3b) Walter à issue, the Hamiltons of Cambuskeith

2a) John à issue, the Earls of Haddington and the Hamiltons of Innerwick 
House of Douglas
Part One
One William of Douglas, first known owner of Douglasdale, fl 1174/1213, was father of:

Archibald of Douglas, fl 1213/40, who in turn had issue:

1a) Sir William, fl 1240/74

1b) Hugh (d.by 1289)

2b) Sir William (d.London 1298)

1c) James (k.a.1330)

1d) William (d.19 Jul 1333)

2d) [illegitimate] Archibald Douglas, succeeded his cousin in 1388 as 3rd Earl of Douglas (ca 1325-1400/1); m.ca 1362 Lady Joan Moray

1e) Archibald, 4th Earl of Douglas, Duc de Touraine (ca 1370-k.a.Verneuil 17 Aug 1424); m.Pss Margaret of Scotland

1f) Archibald, 5th Earl of Douglas, 2nd Duc de Touraine, Comte de Longueville (ca 1390-Restalrig 26 Jun 1439); m.Eupheme Graham, Countess of Stratherne (d.1468)

1g) William, 6th Earl of Angus, 3rd Duc de Touraine, etc. (executed at Edinburgh Castle 24 Nov 1440); m.Lady Janet Lindsay (d.ca 1483/4)

2g) David (executed at Edinburgh Castle 24 Nov 1440)

3g) Margaret, heiress of Galloway; m.1st William, 8th Earl of Douglas (below); m.2nd (div) James, 9th Earl of Douglas (below); m.3rd 1459/60 John Stewart, Earl of Atholl (d.15 Sep 1512)

2f) Elizabeth; m.1st John Stewart, Earl of Buchan (k.a.Verneuil 17 Aug 1424); m.2nd Sir Thomas Stewart; m.3rd William Sinclair, Earl of Orkney

3f) Mary; m.Sir Simon Glendinning, of Parton

2e) James, 7th Earl of Douglas, cr 1437 Earl of Avondale (d.1443); m.Lady Beatrice Sinclair

1f) William, 8th Earl of Douglas (ca 1425-stabbed to death by the King at Stirling Castle 22 Feb 1452); m.Lady Margaret Douglas (above)

2f) James, 9th Earl of Douglas, attainted 1455 (d.Lindores Abbey 1491); m.1st (div) Lady Margaret Douglas (above); m.2nd Anne, Lady Nevill, née Holland (d.26 Dec 1486)

3f) Archibald, Earl of Moray (k.a.Arkinholm 1 May 1455); m.Elizabeth, Countess of Moray

4f) Hugh, cr 1445 Earl of Ormond (executed 1455)

5f) Sir John, of Balveny

6f) Rev. Henry

7f) Margaret; m.Henry Douglas

8f) Beatrix; m.1st William Hay, Earl of Erroll; m.2nd Arthur Forbes

9f) Janet; m.Robert Fleming, Lord Fleming

10f) Elizabeth; m.William Wallace, of Craigie

3e) Marjory; m.1st David, Duke of Rothesay; m.2nd W Haliburton

4e) Eleanor; m.Sir Alexander Fraser, of Philorth

5e) [illegitimate] William, of Nithsdale; m.1387 Pss Egidia of Scotland

1f) Egidia; m.1st Henry Sinclair, 2nd Earl of Orkney; m.2nd Alexander Stewart (beheaded 1425)

2c) Hugh

3c) Sir Archibald (k.a.19 Jul 1333); m.Beatrice Lindsay

1d) William, of Douglas, cr 1358 Earl of Douglas (d.Douglas May 1384); m.Margaret, Countess of Mar

1e) James, 2nd Earl of Douglas and Mar (k.a.Otterburn 19 Aug 1388); m.Pss Isabella of Scotland

1f) [illegitimate] Sir William, of Drumlanrig (k.a.1427); m.Elizabeth Stewart

1g) Sir William, of Drumlanrig (d.1458); m.Jane Maxwell

1h) William, of Drumlanrig (d.1464); m.Margaret Carlyle

1i) William, of Drumlanrig (k.a.22 Jul 1484); m.___

1j) James, of Drumlanrig (d.1498); m.Janet Scott

1k) Sir William, of Drumlanrig (k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513); m.Elizabeth Gordon

1l) Sir James, of Drumlanrig (d.1578); for him and his issue, see Section 2 below

2l) Robert, ancestor of the Douglases of Burford

3l) Janet; m.Robert Maxwll, 4th Lord Maxwell

4l) Agnes; m.Andrew Cunningham, of Kirkshaw

2k) Janet; m.Roger Grierson

2h) a dau; m.Robert Innes, 11th of Innes

2f) [illegitimate] Archibald, of Cavers à issue, the Douglases of Cavers, of Friarshaw, etc., including the now extinct Douglas of Springwood Baronets

2e) Isabel, Countess of Mar (ca 1360-1408); m.1st Sir Malcolm Drummond of Drummond; m.2nd Sir Alexander Stewart

3e) [illegitimate by Margaret, Css of Angus and Mar] George, cr 1389 Earl of Angus (d.1402); m.1st 1397 Pss Mary of Scotland

1f) William, 2nd Earl of Angus (d.Oct 1437); m.Margaret Hay

1g) James, 3rd Earl of Angus (d.1446)

2g) George, 4th Earl of Angus (d.14 Nov 1462); m.Isabel Sibbald

1h) Archibald, 5th Earl of Angus (d.1513/4); for him and his issue, see Section 3, below

2h) Elizabeth; m.Sir Robert Graham, of Fintry

3h) Isabel; m.Sir Alexander Ramsay, of Dalhousie

4h) Margaret; m.Sir Duncan Campbell

5h) Janet; m.1st David Scott, the younger, of Buccleuch; m.2nd George Leslie, 2nd Earl of Rothes (d.1513)

3g) William, of Cluny (d.1475)

4g) Hugh

5g) Helen; m.1st William Graham, 2nd Lord Graham (d.1472); m.2nd James Ogilvy, Lord Ogilvy of Airlie

2f) Elizabeth; m.1st Alexander Forbes, Lord Forbes (d.1448); m.2nd Sir David Hay, of Yester

2a) Sir Andrew, of Hermiston

1b) William, of Hermiston

1c) James; m.Joan ___

1d) Sir William, of Liddesdale and Dalkeith (d.Aug 1353); m.Elizabeth ___

1e) Mary; m.1st 1361 (div 1365) Reginald More, of Abercorn; m.2nd Thomas Erskine

2d) Sir John; m.Agnes ___

1e) Sir James, of Dalkeith (d.1420); m.1st 21 Nov 1372 Agnes Dunbar; m.2nd 1378 Egidia Stewart, sister of King Robert II; all issue by 1st m.

1f) James, cr Lord Dalkeith (d.1439/41); m.1st Pss Elizabeth of Scotland; m.2nd Janet Borthwick

[by 1st m.]:

1g) William (1390- ); m.Margaret Borthwick

2g) James, 2nd Lord Dalkeith (d.1456/8); m.Elizabeth Gifford

1h) James, cr 1458 Earl of Morton (d.1493); m.Pss Joan of Scotland (ca 1428- )

1i) John, 2nd Earl of Morton (d.1511/3); m.Janet Crichton

1j) James, 3rd Earl of Morton (d.Dec 1548); m.Catherine Stewart, natural dau. of King James IV

1k) Margaret; m.1532 James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Arran, Duc de Chatellerault (d.22 Jan 1575)

2k) Beatrix; m.Robert Maxwell, 5th Lord Maxwell (d.Dumfried 13 Sep 1552)

3k) Elizabeth; m.1543 James Douglas (see Section 3, below), who, under an entail, succeeded as 4th Earl of Morton; for him and his nephew, the 5th Earl, see Section 3, below

2j) Richard

3j) Elizabeth/Beatrice; m.Robert Keith, Lord Keith (d.1524/5)

4j) Agnes; m.Alexander Livingston, 5th Lord Livingston

2i) Janet; m.Patrick Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell (d.18 Oct 1508)

3g) Henry; m.Lady Margaret Douglas

1h) Hugh, of Borg

[by 2nd m.]:

4g) Sir William, of Whittinghame à issue, including the Counts Douglas

2f) William, of Mordingtoun

3f) Agnes; m.1st John Livingstone, of Callendar (d.1402); m.2nd John Gordon, of Gordon

4f) Jacoba; m.1st Sir John Hamilton, of Cadzow; m.2nd Sir William Douglas

5f) Margaret; m.Philip Arbuthnot

2e) Sir William

3e) John; m.Mariota de Chene

4e) Sir Henry, of Lugton and Lochleven; m.Marjory Stewart (d.1438)

1f) Sir William, of Lochleven (k.a.1421); m.Lady Elizabeth Lindsay

1g) Sir Henry, of Lochleven; m.Elizabeth Erskine

1h) Sir Robert, of Lochleven (k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513); m.1st Elizabeth Boswell; m.2nd Isabel Sibbald, Dowager Css of Angus; m.3rd Mary, Lady Lindsay, née Baillie

1i) Sir Robert, of Lochleven; m.1st Margaret Balfour; m.2nd 1500 Lady Margaret Hay

1j) Thomas; m.Elizabeth Boyd

1k) Sir Robert, of Lochleven (k.a.Pinkie 10 Sep 1547); m.Margaret Erskine (d.5 May 1572); for him and his issue, see Section 4, below

2k) Margaret; m.John Anstruther

2j) Henry

3j) Margaret; m.Henry Stewart

2i) Agnes; m.Thomas Hamilton, of Raploch

3i) Margaret; m.1st Sir David Stewart, of Rosyth; m.2nd Henry Mercer, of Meikleour

2h) David, may have been ancestor of the Douglases of Tilquhillie

3h) Thomas

2g) Sir James, of Ralston; m.Janet Fenton

1h) Henry, of Culbirney

3g) Alexander

4g) Elizabeth; m.Richard Lovel, of Ballumby

2f) Margaret; m.Sir John Wallace, of Craigie

3f) Helen; m.Walter Hamilton

5e) Nicholas; ancestor of the Douglases of Mains

6e) Margaret; m.Sir Adam de Glendonwyne

3d) James (k.a.1335)

4d) Elizabeth; m.Sir Thomas Somerville
Part Two

Sir James Douglas, of Drumlanrig (see Section 1, above), d.1578; m.1st 1513 (div) Margaret Douglas; m.2nd Christian Montgomery

[by 1st m.]:

1a) Janet; m.1st Sir William Douglas, of Cashogle; m.2nd John Charteris, of Amisfield

2a) Margaret; m.John Jardine, of Applegirth

3a) Nicholas; m.James Johnston, of Johnston

[by 2nd m.]:

4a) Sir William, of Hawick; m.Margaret Gordon

1b) Sir James, of Drumlanrig (d.16 Oct 1615); m.Mary Fleming

1c) Sir William, of Drumlanrig, cr 1628 Viscount Drumlanrig and Lord Douglas of Hawick and Tibberis, cr 1633 Earl of Queensberry (d.8 Mar 1640); m.Lady Isobel Ker (d.Edinburgh 1628)

1d) James, 2nd Earl of Queensberry (d.1671); m.1st Lady Mary Hamilton (d.Hamilton 29 Oct 1633); m.2nd Lady Margaret Stewart

1e) WILLIAM, 3rd Earl of Queensberry, cr 1682 Marquess of Queensberry, Earl of Drumlanrig and Sanchar, etc., (with remainder to heirs male whatsoever) cr 1684 Duke of Queensberry, Marquess of Dumfriesshire, etc. (with remainder to heirs male of his body) (1637-Edinburgh 28 Mar 1695); m.1657 Lady Isabel Douglas (1642-2 Dec 1691)

1f) JAMES, 2nd Duke of Queensberry, etc., cr 1708 Duke of Dover, Marquess of Beverley and Baron Ripon, obtained a new grant of the Dukedom of Queensberry with remainder to his heirs of entail (Sanquhar Castle 18 Dec 1662-London 6 Jul 1711); m.1 Dec 1685 Hon. Mary Boyle (d.London 2 Oct 1709)

1g) William, Earl of Drumlanrig (18 May 1696-21 Oct 1696)

2g) James, de jure 3rd Marquess of Queensberry, passed over in the entail because of "idiocy" (2 Nov 1697-1715)

3g) CHARLES, 3rd Duke of Queensberry, etc., cr 1706 Earl of Solway, etc. (24 Nov 1698-London 22 Oct 1778); m.London 10 Mar 1720 Lady Catherine Hyde (d.Queensberry House 17 Jul 1777)

1h) Henry, Earl of Drumlanrig (30 Oct 1722-19 Oct 1754); m.Hopetoun House 24 Jul 1754 Lady Elizabeth Hope (1 Mar 1736-Hopetoun House 7 Apr 1756)

2h) Charles, Earl of Drumlanrig (17 Jul 1726-Amesbury 24 Oct 1756)

4g) Jean (d.Langley 31 Aug 1729); m.London 5 Apr 1720 Francis Scott, 2nd Duke of Buccleuch (11 Jan 1695-22 Apr 1751); the Dukedom of Queensberry was eventually inherited under the regrant by their descendants

2f) William, cr 1697 Earl of March, Viscount of Peebles, Lord Douglas of Neidpath, Lyne and Munard (ca 1665-Edinburgh 9 Sep 1705); m.Lady Jean Hay (d.Edinburgh 5 Jul 1729)

1g) William, 2nd Earl of March (ca 1696-Barnton 7 Mar 1731); m.Lady Anne Hamilton, Countess of Ruglen (5 Apr 1698-York 21 Apr 1748)

1h) WILLIAM, 4th Duke of Queensberry, 3rd Earl of March, Earl of Ruglen, etc. (16 Dec 1725-London 23 Dec 1810)

2g) John, of Broughton (1698-1732)

3f) George

4f) Anne (d.23 Feb 1700); m.David Wemyss, Lord Elcho [later, 4th Earl of Wemyss (1678-Wemyss 15 Mar 1720); the Earldom of March was eventually inherited by their descendants

2e) James (d.1691); m.Anna Hamilton

1f) William (d.4 Apr 1712)

3e) John (k.a.Treves)

4e) Robert (k.a.Maastricht 1676)

5e) Margaret; m.1st Sir Alexander Jardine, of Applegirth, Bt.; m.2nd Sir David Thoirs

6e) Catherine; m.Sir James Douglas, of Kelhead, Bt. (below)

7e) Henrietta; m.Sir Robert Grierson, of Lag, Bt. (1655-15 Apr 1736)

8e) Mary; m.Alexander Stewart, 3rd Earl of Galloway (d.Sep 1690)

9e) Isabel; m.Sir William Lockhart, of Carstairs, Bt.

2d) Sir William, of Kelhead (d.1673); m.1st Agnes Fawside; m.2nd Mrs Jean Riddell, née Stewart

1e) Sir James, of Kelhead, cr Baronet 1668 (19 Sep 1639-1708); m.28 Oct 1667 Lady Catherine Douglas (above)

1f) Sir William, 2nd Bt. (d.10 Oct 1733); m.8 Sep 1705 Helen Erskine (d.20 Jul 1754)

1g) Sir John, 3rd Bt. (d.13 Nov 1778); m.Christian Cunningham (d.Nov 1741)

1h) Sir William, 4th Bt. (d.16 May 1783); m.21 Mar 1772 Grace Johnstone (d.25 Mar 1836)

1i) Sir Charles, 5th Bt., suc 1810 as 6th Marquess of Queensberry (Mar 1777-3 Dec 1837); m.Richmond 13 Aug 1803 Lady Caroline Scott (London 6 Jul 1774-Bute House, Petersham 29 Apr 1854)

1j) Louisa Anne (1806-31 Aug 1871); m.11 Apr 1833 Thomas Charlton Whitmore, of Apley (5 Jan 1807-13 Mar 1865)

2j) Mary Elizabeth (1807-16 May 1888); m.17 Feb 1831 Rev.Thomas Wentworth Gage (d.19 Mar 1837)

3j) Harriet Christian (1809-26 Jul 1902); m.13 May 1841 Very Rev Hon Augustus Duncombe, Dean of York (2 Nov 1814-26 Jan 1880)

4j) Jane Margaret Mary (1811-15 Apr 1881); m.27 Jan 1841 Robert Johnstone-Douglas, of Lockerbie (1814-1866)

5j) Elizabeth Katinka (d.26 Apr 1874); m.7 Nov 1861 Henry St.George Foote (7 May 1838-6 Dec 1908)

6j) Anne Georgina (1817-28 Nov 1899); m.11 Dec 1845 Charles Stirling Home-Drummond-Moray, of Abercairny (17 Apr 1816-24 Sep 1891)

2i) John, 7th Marquess of Queensberry (Kelhead 1779-Edinburgh 19 Dec 1856); m.16 Jul 1817 Sarah Douglas (dau. of Charles James Sholto Douglas, below)

1j) Archibald William, 8th Marquess of Queensberry (Edinburgh 18 Apr 1818-Kinmount 6 Aug 1858); m.Gretna Hall 28 May 1840 Caroline Clayton (14 Jul 1821-14 Feb 1904) à issue, the extant Marquess of Queensberry

2j) Georgina (25 Jul 1819- )

3i) Henry Alexander (7 Oct 1781-16 Mar 1837); m.31 Aug 1812 Elizabeth Dalzell (d.1837) à extant issue

4i) William Robert Keith (1783-5 Dec 1859); m.24 Nov 1821 Elizabeth Irvine (d.25 Apr 1864)

5i) Mary (d.15 Jan 1841); m.20 Mar 1817 Sir Thomas Sidney Beckwith (d.15 Jan 1831)

2h) Charles James Sholto; m.1st Mrs Basilia Quarrell, née Dawes; m.2nd Mary Bullock à issue

3h) Janet; m.13 Nov 1767 William Irving, of Bonshaw

4h) Catherine; m.13 Nov 1767 William Butler

2g) Charles (d.13 Dec 1770); m.Mrs Young

3g) James; m.Mary Maxwell à issue

4g) Stewart (d.30 Jun 1795)

5g) Erskine, of Hexham (d.10 Feb 1791); m.Mrs Eleanor Witter à issue

6g) Francis Edward (d.21 Jul 1793); m.Mrs Hunter

7g) David; m.___ Thompson à issue

8g) Catherine (d.29 Sep 1761); m.11 Oct 1725 Sir William Maxwell, of Springkell, Bt. (d.14 Jul 1760)

9g) Jean; m.30 Apr 1727 Hugh Maxwell, of Dalswinton

3d) Archibald, of Dornock à issue

4d) Margaret; m.Dec 1622 James Johnston, Earl of Hartfell (1602-Apr 1653)

5d) Janet (d.1651); m.Thomas Maclellan, 2nd Lord Kirkcudbright (d.May 1647)

2c) James, of Mouswald

3c) David, of Airdoch

4c) George, of Penziere (executed 9 Sep 1587)

5c) Janet; m.William Livingstone, of Jerviswood

6c) Helen; m.John Menzies, of Castlehill

5a) Margaret; m.1st Edward Crichton, 7th Lord Crichton (d.23 May 1569); m.2nd 1571 William Graham, 5th Earl of Menteth (d.Sep 1578); m.3rd 1593 Robert Wauchope, of Niddry

6a) Helen; m.Roger Grierson, of Lag (d.Aug 1593)

7a) Janet; m.1st James Tweedy, of Drumelzier; m.2nd Sir William Ker, of Cessford

8a) Christian; m.Sir Alexander Stewart, of Garlies

9a) [illegitimate] Patrick, of Morton Castle; m.7 May 1554 Katherine Crawford à issue.


Part Three 


Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Angus (see Section 1, above) (d.1513/4); m.1st 4 Mar 1468 Elizabeth Boyd; m.2nd ca 1498 Janet Kennedy; m.3rd 1500 Katherine Stirling

[by 1st m.]:

1a) George, Master of Angus (ca 1469-k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513); m.Elizabeth, Lady Fleming, née Drummond

1b) Archibald, 6th Earl of Angus (ca 1490-Tantallon Castle Jan 1557); m.1st Lady Margaret Hepburn (d.1513); m.2nd 6 Aug 1514 (div 1527) Pss Margaret of England, Dowager Queen of Scotland (28 Nov 1489-18 Oct 1541); m.3rd 9 Apr 1543 Margaret Maxwell (d.1593)

1c) Margaret (Harbottle Castle 7/8 Oct 1515-Hackney 9 Mar 1578); m.St.James's Palace 6 Jul 1544 Matthew Stuart, 4th Earl of Lennox (Dunbarton Castle 21 Sep 1516-k.by James Cadell at Stirling 4 Sep 1571 in an attack by Earl of Huntly on the Parliament sitting there)

2c) James, Master of Angus (d.an infant 1548)

2b) Sir George, of Pittendreich (d.Aug 1552); m.Elizabeth Douglas

1c) David, 7th Earl of Angus (ca 1515-Cockburnspath Jun 1557); m.Mrs Margaret Johnstone, née Hamilton

1d) Archibald, 8th Earl of Angus, 5th Earl of Morton (d.4 Aug 1588); m.1st Stirling 13 Jun 1573 Lady Mary Erskine (d.3 May 1575); m.2nd 25 Dec 1575 (div 1587) Lady Margaret Leslie; m.3rd 1587 Jean Douglas, née Lyon

1e) Elizabeth

2d) Margaret (d.1640); m.Sir Walter Scott, of Buccleuch (d.17 Apr 1574); m.2nd Francis Stewart, Earl of Bothwell (d.ca 1612)

3d) Elizabeth (d.Feb 1637); m.1st 17 Feb 1572 John Maxwell, 7th Lord Maxwell (k.Dec 1593); m.2nd Sir Alexander Stuart, of Garlies; m.3rd John Wallace, of Craigie

2c) James, suc his father-in-law 1548 as 4th Earl of Morton (executed at Edinburgh 2 Jun 1581); m.1543 Lady Elizabeth Douglas (above); he apparently had three daughters, whose names are unknown, and four natural sons: James, Archibald, George and William

3c) Margaret; m.Sir John Carmichael

4c) Mary; m.Sir George Auchinleck, of Balmanno

3b) William, Abbot of Holyrood House (d.2 Oct 1528)

4b) Elizabeth; m.1509 John Hay, 3rd Lord Hay of Yester (d.1543)

5b) Alison; m.1st 1511 Robert Blackadder; m.2nd Sir David Hume, of Wedderburn

6b) Janet (executed Edinburgh 17 Jul 1537); m.1st John Lyon, 6th Lord Glamis (ca 1491-8 Apr 1528); m.2nd Archibald Campbell, of Skipnish (k.by a fall while escaping from Edinburgh Castle 1537)

7b) Margaret; m.1513 Sir James Douglas, of Drumlanrig (above)

8b) Isabel; m.Robert Crawford, of Auchinames

2a) Sir William, of Glenbervie (k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513); m.1501 Elizabeth Auchinleck

1b) Sir Archibald, of Glenbervie (d.29 Sep 1570); m.1st Lady Agnes Keith; m.2nd Margaret Carmichael; m.3rd Elizabeth Irvine

[by 1st m.]:

1c) William, 9th Earl of Angus (ca 1532-Glenbervie 1 Jul 1591); m.Gille Graham

1d) William, 10th Earl of Angus (ca 1552-Paris 3 Mar 1611); m.1585 Elizabeth Oliphant

1e) William, 11th Earl of Angus, cr 1633 Marquess of Douglas (1589-19 Feb 1660); m.1st 1601 Margaret Hamilton (d.11 Sep 1623); m.2nd 15 Sep 1632 Lady Mary Gordon (d.1674)

[by 1st m.]:

1f) Archibald, Earl of Angus, cr 1651 Earl of Ormond (ca 1609-Edinburgh 16 Apr 1655); m.1st Lady Anne Stuart (1614-16 Aug 1646); m.2nd Wemyss 26 Apr 1649 Lady Jean Wemyss (d.Jan 1715)

1g) James, 2nd Marquess of Douglas (1646-Douglas 25 Feb 1700); m.1st Lady Barbara Erskine (d.Aug 1690); m.2nd Newbattle Abbey 1692 Lady Mary Kerr (1674-Edinburgh 22 Jan 1736)

1h) James, Earl of Angus (1671-k.a.Steinkirk 3 Aug 1692)

2h) William, Earl of Angus (15 Oct 1693-20 May 1694)

3h) ARCHIBALD, 4th Marquess of Douglas, cr 1703 Duke of Douglas, Marquess of Angus and Abernethy, etc. (1694-Queensberry House, Edinburgh 21 Jul 1761); m.Douglas Castle 1 Mar 1758 Margaret Douglas (d.Bothwell Castle 24 Oct 1774)

4h) Jane (17 Mar 1696-22 Nov 1753); m.4 Aug 1746 Sir John Stewart, of Grandtully, Bt. (d.14 Jun 1764); her son was cr Lord Douglas of Douglas, and succeeded to the Douglas estates

2g) Margaret (Sep 1651-Whittinghame 12 Oct 1692); m.Edinburgh 3 Aug 1686 Alexander Seton, Viscount Kingston (1621-Whittinghame 21 Oct 1691)

3g) Archibald, cr 1661 Earl of Forfar (3 May 1653-11 Dec 1712); m.Robina Lockhart (d.Bothwell Castle 20 Mar 1741)

1h) Archibald, 2nd Earl of Forfar (25 May 1692-d.at Stirling 8 Dec 1715 of wounds received in action)

2f) James (1617-k.a.Douai 21 Oct 1645)

3f) Margaret (d.1 Jan 1660); m.1629 William Alexander, Lord Alexander (d.18 May 1638)

4f) Jean (d.1669); m.1632 John Hamilton, Lord Bargany (d.1658)

5f) Grizel; m.William, Master of Carmichael (d.Aug 1657)

[by 2nd m.]:

6f) William, cr 1646 Earl of Selkirk, cr 1660 Duke of Hamilton; m.29 Apr 1656 Anne, 3rd Duchess of Hamilton; for him and his issue, who took the surname Hamilton, see the article on Hamilton

7f) George, cr 1675 Earl of Dumbarton (ca 1635-St.Germain-en-Laye 20 Mar 1692); m.Anne Wheatley (d.St.Germain-en-Laye 25 Apr 1691)

1g) George, 2nd Earl of Dumbarton (ca Apr 1687-ca 1749)

8f) Henrietta (d.1 Jun 1673); m.James Johnston, Earl of Annandale and Hartfell (1625-17 Jul 1672)

9f) Catherine; m.Sir William Ruthven

10f) Isabel (1642-2 Dec 1691); m.1657 William Douglas, Duke of Queensberry (above)

11f) Jean; m.Holyroodhouse 10 Jan 1670 James Drummond, 4th Earl of Perth [later, Duke of Perth] (d.11 May 1716)

12f) Lucy (d.8 Jan 1713); m.Robert Maxwell, 4th Earl of Nithsdale (d.Edinburgh 1683)

2e) James, cr 1641 Lord Mordington (d.11 Feb 1656); m.1st 1624 Anne Oliphant; m.2nd Elizabeth, Lady Sempill, née Hay

1f) [by 1st m.] William, 2nd Lord Mordington (1626-ca 1677/93); m.Hon. Elizabeth Sempill

1g) James, 3rd Lord Mordington (1651-ca 1706/7); m.Hon. Jean Seton (Seton 24 Apr 1651- )

1h) George, 4th Lord Mordington (d.London 13 May 1741); m.16 Nov 1704 Mary Dillon; he deserted her and denied the marriage, and went through a form of marriage in 1715 with Catherine Launder (d.3 Jun 1741)

1i) [by Catherine Launder] Mary, assumed the title "Baroness Mordington" (1718-22 Jul 1791); m.Northampton 10 Oct 1748 William Weaver

2i) [by Catherine Launder] Campbellina

2h) Charles, 5th Lord Mordington (d.Carlisle 1755)

2g) Lewis (d.1682)

2f) [by 1st m.] Anne (d.1688); m.Robert Sempill, 7th Lord Sempill (d.Jan 1675); her descendants may be entitled to the Barony of Mordington

3e) Sir Francis, of Sandilands; m.___ Fleming

4e) Mary; m.Alexander, 2nd Earl of Linlithgow

5e) Margaret; m.Sir John Campbell, of Calder

2d) Sir Robert, of Glenbervie; m.Elizabeth Auchinleck

1e) Sir William, cr Baronet 1625; m.Janet Irvine

1f) Sir William, 2nd Bt.; m.1642 Anne Douglas

1g) Sir Robert, 3rd Bt. (k.a.Steinkirk 24 Jul 1692); m.Jane ___

2e) Rev. George; m.Cecilia Drury

1f) William; m.Agnes Scott

1g) Sir Robert, 4th Bt. (d.27 Jan 1748); m.1st Mary Ruthven; m.2nd Janet Patterson (d.9 Feb 1750)

1h) [by 1st m.] Sir William, 5th Bt. (d.23 Jul 1764); m.Isabel Douglas (d.11 May 1777)

2h) [by 2nd m.] Sir Robert, 6th Bt. (1694-24 Apr 1770); m.1st Dorothea Chester; m.2nd Margaret Macdonald; m.3rd Anne Hay

1i) [by 2nd m.] Sir Alexander, 7th Bt. (1738-28 Nov 1812); m.1775 Barbara Carnegie (d.3 Dec 1815)

2i) [by 2nd m.] Janet; m.Kenneth Mackenzie (d.Nov 1772); their edlest son took the surname Douglas and was cr a Baronet 1831

3h) [by 2nd m.] Janet; m.Thomas Spens, of Lathallan

2g) Cecilia; m.Thomas Rutherford, of Knowsouth

3e) Alexander

1f) a dau

4e) Margaret; m.Sir Thomas Burnet, Bt.

3d) Gavin

4d) John

5d) Archibald

6d) Duncan

7d) Margaret; m.William Forbes, of Monymusk

8d) Elizabeth; m.Sir Alexander Gordon, of Cluny

9d) Jean; m.James Wishart, of Pittarrow

10d) Sarah; m.1st Sir Alexander Strachan, of Thornton, Bt.; m.2nd Sir George Auchinleck, of Balmanno

2c) Elizabeth; m.Alexander Falconer, of Halkerton

3c) Christian; m.Alexander Irvine, of Beltie

4c) Joane; m.James Skene, of Skene

5c) Isabel; m.James Melville, of Dysart

6c) Alice; m.Alexander Guthrie, of Kincaldrum

[by 3rd m.]:

7c) James, ancestor of Douglases of Brigton, and of Sylvester Douglas, Lord Glenbervie

8c) John à issue

2b) Giles; m.R Graham, of Morphie

3a) Gawen, Bp of Dunkeld

4a) Mariot; m.Cuthbert Cunningham, 3rd Earl of Glencairn (d.1540/1)

5a) Elizabeth; engaged to, but apparently did not marry, Robert Lyle, 2nd Lord Lyle

6a) Janet; m.1495 Andrew Herries, 2nd Lord Herries of Terregles (k.a.Flodden 9 Sep 1513)

[by 3rd m.]:

7a) Sir Archibald

8a) Mary; m.James, Lord Ogilvy


Part Four


Sir Robert Douglas, of Lochleven (see Section 1, above), had issue:

1a) William, suc as 6th Earl of Morton 1588 (d.Sep 1606); m.Lady Agnes Leslie

1b) Robert (d.Mar 1585); m.Jean Lyon

1c) William, 7th Earl of Morton (ca 1584-Kirkwall, Orkney 7 Aug 1648); m.Apr 1604 Lady Anne Keith (d.Kirkwall 30 May 1649)

1d) Robert, 8th Earl of Morton (d.Kirkwall 12 Nov 1649); m.Anne Villiers (d.1654)

1e) William, 9th Earl of Morton (d.1681); m.1st Holyroodhouse 12 Jun 1662 Lady Grizel Middleton (d.Aberdour 1666); m.2nd Marjory Foulis

1f) Charles, Lord Dalkeith (b.7 Feb 1663, d.an infant)

2e) Robert (d.1661)

3e) Anne (d.ca 1689); m.Apr 1654 William Keith, 6th Earl Marischal (ca 1585-Inverugie 1671)

4e) Margaret; m.24 Jul 1662 Sir James Macdonald of Sleat, Bt.

2d) James, 10th Earl of Morton (d.25 Aug 1686); m.10 Feb 1649 Anne Hay (d.1700)

1e) Charles, Lord Aberdour (d.at sea)

2e) James, 11th Earl of Morton (ca 1652-10 Dec 1715)

3e) Robert, 12th Earl of Morton (d.Edinburgh 22 Jan 1730)

4e) George, 13th Earl of Morton (1662-Edinburgh 4 Jan 1738); m.1st ___ Muirhead (dsp); m.2nd Frances Adderley

1f) James, 14th Earl of Morton (1702-Chiswick 12 Oct 1768); m.1st Agatha Halyburton (d.Edinburgh 11 Dec 1748); m.2nd London 31 Jul 1755 Bridget Heathcote (d.London 2 Mar 1805)

1g) Sholto Charles, 15th Earl of Morton (Edinburgh 1732-Taormina, Sicily 25 Sep 1774); m.Edinburgh 19 Nov 1758 Katherine Hamilton (Dec 1736-London 25 Apr 1823)

1h) George, 16th Earl of Morton (3 Apr 1761-Dalmahoy 17 Jul 1827); m.Dilhorne Hall 13 Aug 1814 Susan Elizabeth Buller-Yarde-Buller (22 Jan 1793-Old Hall 23 Jul 1849)

2h) Hamilton, of Pitcur, took surname Douglas-Halyburton (10 Oct 1763-lost at sea 30 Dec 1783)

2g) [by 1st m.] Mary (d.25 Dec 1816); m.London 14 May 1774 Charles Gordon, 4th Earl of Aboyne (ca 1726-Edinburgh 28 Dec 1794)

3g) John (1 Jul 1756-1 May 1818); m.4 Oct 1784 Lady Frances Lascelles (d.31 Mar 1817)

1h) George Sholto, 17th Earl of Morton (London 23 Dec 1789-London 31 Mar 1858); m.Berlin 3 Jul 1817 Frances Theodora Rose (31 Aug 1798-London 12 Jul 1879) à issue, the extant Earls of Morton

2h) Rev. Charles (10 Mar 1791-28 Jan 1857); m.1st 2 Mar 1816 Lady Isabella Gore (d.30 Nov 1838); m.2nd 28 Dec 1852 Agnes Julia Rich (d.4 Nov 1916) à issue

3h) Edward Gordon, of Penrhyn Castle, took surname Douglas-Pennant, cr 1866 Lord Penrhyn (20 Jun 1800-Penrhyn Castle 31 Mar 1886); m.1st London 6 Aug 1833 Juliana Isabella Mary Dawkins-Pennant (London 9 Apr 1808-24 Apr 1842); m.2nd Potterspury 26 Jan 1846 Lady Maria Louisa Fitzroy (18 Apr 1818-London 10 May 1912) à issue, the extant Lord Penrhyn

4h) Frances (d.6 Aug 1833); m.21 Apr 1804 Sir William Stewart (d.1827)

5h) Harriet (1792-26 Aug 1833); m.1st 25 Nov 1809 Viscount Hamilton; m.2nd 8 Jul 1815 4th Earl of Aberdeen

6h) Elizabeth Emma (d.2 Feb 1857); m.10 Jul 1827 William Hamilton Ash

7h) Caroline (d.7 Nov 1873); m.31 Dec 1817 William Augustus Lane Fox (d.11 Feb 1832)

4g) Bridget (d.26 Feb 1842); m.16 Aug 1777 Hon. William Henry Bouverie (30 Oct 1752-1806)

2f) Robert (1703-k.a.Fontenoy 30 Apr 1745)

3d) John (k.a.Carbisdlae 27 Apr 1650)

4d) George

5d) Anne (d.1667); m.2nd George Hay, Earl of Kinnoull (d.Whitehall 5 Oct 1644)

6d) Margaret (1610-13 Mar 1678); m.7 Aug 1626 Archibald Campbell, Marquess of Argyll (executed at Edinburgh 27 May 1661)

7d) Mary; m.Charles Seton, 2nd Earl of Dunfermline (d.1672)

8d) Jean (d.Jun 1694); m.3rd James Home, Earl of Home (d.Dec 1666)

9d) Isabel (d.16 Dec 1672); m.1st Robert Ker, Earl of Roxburghe (d.18 Jan 1650); m.2nd James Graham, 2nd Marquess of Montrose (d.Feb 1669)

2b) James; m.1st Mary Ker; m.2nd Helen Scott; m.3rd 1609 Jean Anstruther à issue

3b) Sir Archibald, of Killour (d.1649); m.Mrs Barbara Allardyce, née Hay à issue

4b) Sir George, of Kirkness; m.1597 Margaret Forrester à issue, including the Douglases of Kirkness and the Douglases of Carr, Bt.

5b) Margaret; m.Sir John Wemyss, of Wemyss

6b) Christian; m.1st Laurence Oliphant, Master of Oliphant (d.Mar 1585); m.2nd 9 Jan 1586 Alexander Home, Earl of Home (ca 1566-London 5 Apr 1619)

7b) Mary; m.1582 Walter Ogilvy, Lord Ogilvy of Deskford (d.1625/7)

8b) Eupheme; m.1586 Sir Thomas Lyon, Master of Glamis (d.18 Feb 1608)

9b) Agnes (1574-3 May 1607); m.24 Jul 1592 Archibald Campbell, 7th Earl of Argyll (1575-London 1638)

10b) Elizabeth; m.Francis Hay, 9th Earl of Erroll (d.Slains 16 Jul 1631)

11b) Jean

2a) Robert, jure uxoris Earl of Buchan (d.18 Aug 1580); m.Christian Stewart, 4th Countess of Buchan (d.Aberdeen 20 Sep 1580)

1b) James, 5th Earl of Buchan (d.26 Aug 1601); m.1598 Anne Ogilvy

1c) Mary, 6th Countess of Buchan (d.20 Aug 1628); m.James Erskine, jure uxoris Earl of Buchan (d.Jan 1640)

2b) Marion; m.1590 Alexander Irvine, of Drum (d.ca 1630)

3a) Sir George; m.1st Janet Lindsay; m.2nd Margaret Durie

1b) Margaret; m.George Ramsay, Lord Ramsay, of Dalhousie (d.1629)

4a) Euphemia (d.Jun 1580); m.1545 Patrick Lindsay, 6th Lord Lindsay, of the Byres (1521-Struthers 11 Dec 1589)

5a) Janet; m.Sir James Colville, of Easter Wemyss

6a) Catherine; m.1557 David Durie, of Durie 

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