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Grand Duchy of Baden
Großherzogtum Baden
The Grand Duchy of Baden was a historical state in the southwest of Germany, on the east bank of the Rhine. It existed between 1806 and 1918. 
Baden came into existence in the 12th century as the Margraviate of Baden and subsequently split into different lines, which were unified in 1771. In 1803 Baden was raised to Electoral dignity within the Holy Roman Empire. Baden became the much-enlarged Grand Duchy of Baden through the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806, in 1815 it joined the German Confederation.
 Baden primarily consisting of territory along the right bank of the Rhine opposite Alsace and the Palatinate, the territory evolved out of the Breisgau, an early medieval county in the Duchy of Swabia. A continuous sequence of counts is known since 962; the counts belong to the House of Zähringen. In 1061, the counts first acquired the additional title of margraves of Verona. Even though they lost the March of Verona soon thereafter, they kept the title of margrave. In 1112, the title of Margrave of Baden was first used.

For most of the early modern period, the Baden lands were divided into two parts, one ruled by the Catholic Margraves of Baden-Baden, and the other by the Protestant Margraves of Baden-Durlach. In 1771, the main Baden-Baden line became extinct, and all of the Baden lands came under the rule of Baden-Durlach. During the Napoleonic era, in the imperial reorganisation of 1803, Baden gained a great deal of additional territory, and its rulers were made one of the few prince-electors of the Holy Roman Empire. However, this pre-eminent dignity lasted only for three years, until the end of the Empire in August 1806, eight months after the crushing Battle of Austerlitz. Consequently, in that year, the Margraves took on the title of Grand Duke of Baden, and gained additional territory. 


In 1815 it joined the German Confederation. During the Revolutions of 1848 in the German states, Baden was a center of revolutionist activities. In 1849 it was the only German state that became a republic for a short while, under the leadership of Lorenzo Brentano. Finally the revolution in Baden was suppressed mainly by Prussian troops, the Grand Duchy of Baden remained a sovereign country until it joined the German Empire in 1871. After the revolution of 1918 Baden became part of the Weimar Republic as the Republic of Baden. 


The History of the House of Zähringen

The earliest known member of the family was Berthold I, Count in the Breisgau (died 982), who was first mentioned in 962. Earlier ancestors, such as the Ahalolfings are suspected. Bertholds's great-grandson Duke Berthold I (d. 1078) was count of Zähringen and was related to the early Hohenstaufen family. Emperor Henry III had promised his liensman Berthold of Zähringen the Duchy of Swabia, but this was not fulfilled as upon Henry's death his widow Agnes of Poitou in 1057 appointed Count Rudolf of Rheinfelden. In compensation Berthold was made duke of Carinthia in 1061.


Although this dignity was a titular one, Berthold actually lost it when in the course of the Investiture Controversy he joined the rising of his former rival Rudolf of Rheinfelden against German king Henry IV in 1073. His son Berthold II, who like his father fought against Henry IV, inherited a lot of the lands of Rudolf's son Count Berthold of Rheinfelden in 1090 (though not his comital title, that stayed with the family von Wetter-Rheinfelden) and in 1092 was elected Duke of Swabia against Frederick I of Hohenstaufen. In 1098 he reconciled with Frederick, renounced all claims to Swabia and instead concentrated on his possessions in the Breisgau region, assuming the title of a "Duke of Zähringen". He was succeeded in turn by his sons, Berthold III (d. 1122) and Conrad (d. 1152).


In 1127 Conrad upon the assassination of his nephew Count William III claimed the inheritance of the County of Burgundy against Count Renaud III of Mâcon. Renaud prevailed, though he had to cede large parts of the eastern Transjuranian lands to Conrad, who thereupon was appointed by king Lothair III of Supplinburg a "rector" of the Imperial Kingdom of Arles or Burgundy. This office was confirmed in 1152 and held by the Zähringen dukes until 1218, hence they are sometimes called "Dukes of Burgundy", although the existing Duchy of Burgundy was not an Imperial but a French fief. Berthold IV (d. 1186), who followed his father Conrad, spent much of his time in Italy in the train of Emperor Frederick I Barbarossa; his son and successor, Berthold V, showed his prowess by reducing the Burgundian nobles to order. This latter duke was the founder of the city of Bern, and when he died in February 1218 the main line of the Zähringen family became extinct.


After the extinction of the main line, much of their extensive territory in the Breisgau and modern-day Switzerland returned to the crown, except for their allodial titles, which were divided between the Counts of Urach (who subsequent called themselves "Counts of Freiburg") and the Counts of Kyburg, both of whom had married sisters of Berthold V. Less than fifty years later, the Kyburgs died out and large portions of their domains were inherited by the House of Habsburg. Bern achieved the status of a free Imperial city. Some Zähringer titles in Germany were retained by the descendants of Margrave Hermann I of Baden, who was the elder son of duke Berthold II of Carinthia.


Now more commonly known as the House of Baden, Hermann's descendants ruled successively as margraves, electors (1803-1806) and Grand Dukes of Baden until the end of monarchy in 1918. The current holder of the title Margrave of Baden, Duke of Zähringen is Maximilian, Margrave of Baden (b. 1933), a grandson of the last chancellor of the German Empire, Prince Max von Baden, who seems to have revived the Zähringen title after it apparently had not been in official usage since the death of Berchtold V. Another branch were the Dukes of Teck, descendants of Duke Conrad's son Adalbert, whose line became extinct in 1439. 


Constitution and Government

The Grand Duchy of Baden was a hereditary monarchy with executive power vested in the Grand Duke while the legislative authority was shared by him with a representative assembly (Landtag) consisting of two chambers. The upper chamber included all the princes of the ruling family of full age, the heads of all the mediatized families, the Archbishop of Freiburg, the president of the Protestant Evangelical Church, a deputy from each of the universities and the technical high school, eight members elected by the territorial nobility for four years, three representatives elected by the chamber of commerce, two by that of agriculture, one by the trades, two mayors of municipalities, and eight members (two of them legal functionaries) nominated by the Grand Duke. 


The lower chamber consisted of 73 popular representatives, of whom 24 were elected by the burgesses of certain communities, and 49 by rural communities. Every citizen of 25 years of age, who had not been convicted and was not a pauper, had a vote. The elections were, however, indirect. The citizens selected the Wahlmänner (deputy electors), the latter selecting the representatives. The chambers met at least every two years. The lower chambers were elected for four years, half the members retiring every two years.


The executive consisted of four departments: The interior, foreign and grand-ducal affairs, finance, and justice, and ecclesiastical affairs and education. The chief sources of revenue were direct and indirect taxes, the railways and domains. The railways were operated by the state, and formed the only source of major public debt, about 22 million pounds sterling. The supreme courts lay in Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Offenburg, Heidelberg, Mosbach, Waldshut, Konstanz, and Mannheim, whence appeals passed to the Reichsgericht (the supreme tribunal) in Leipzig. 


List of the Grand Dukes of Baden

  • 1806-1811: Charles Frederick (* 1728; † 1811)
  • 1811-1818: Charles (* 1786; † 1818)
  • 1818-1830: Louis I (* 1763; † 1830)
  • 1830-1852: Leopold (* 1790; † 1852)
  • 1852-1858: Louis II (* 1824; † 1858)
  • 1858-1907: Frederick I (* 1826; † 1907)
  • 1907-1918: Frederick II (* 1857; † 1928)


Heads of the Grand Ducal House of Baden

  • Frederick II, 1918-1928.
  • Maximilian of Baden, 1928-1929.
  • Berthold of Baden, 1929-1963.
  • Maximilian of Baden, since 1963.
    • Heir: Bernhard, Hereditary Prince of Baden (born 1970)

The Family Titles and Styles

  The members of this family bear the title Prince or Princess of Baden togerther with the formal appellation of His or her Grand Ducal Highness, the head of the family bears the title Margrave of Baden, together with the formal appellation of His Royal Highness.  
The Genealogy of the Grand Ducal House
KARL III WILHELM, Margrave of Baden-Durlach (Karlsburg 17 Jan 1679-Karlsruhe 12 May 1738); m.Stuttgart 27 Jun 1697 Magdalene Wilhelmine Dss of Württemberg (Stuttgart 7 Nov 1677-Karlsburg 30 Oct 1742); [m.2d during the life of his then wife 1709 (sep 1711) Eberhardine Luise v.u.zu Maddenbach, "Frau v.Wangen" (1690-ca 1722)]

1a) Karl Magnus (Durlach 21 Jan 1701-Lausanne 12 Jan 1712)

2a) Friedrich (Stuttgart 7 Oct 1703-Karlsruhe 26 Mar 1732); m.Leeuwarden 3 Jul 1727 Anna Charlotte Amalie Pss von Nassau-Dietz-Orange (Leeuwarden 13 Oct 1710-Durlach 17 Sep 1777)
1b) KARL FRIEDRICH, Margrave of Baden-Durlach, Margrave of Baden 1771, Elector of Baden 1803, Grand Duke of Baden 1806 (Karlsruhe 22 Nov 1728-Karlsruhe 10 Jun 1811); m.1st Darmstadt 28 Jan 1751 Caroline Landgravine of Hesse-Darmstadt (Darmstadt 11 Jul 1723-Paris 8 Apr 1783); m.2d Karlsruhe 24 Nov 1787 Luise Karoline Geyer von Geyersberg, cr Freifrau von Hochberg 1787 and Gfn von Hochberg 1796 (Karlsruhe 26 May 1768-Karlsruhe 23 Jul 1820)
1c) Karl Ludwig (Karlsruhe 14 Feb 1755-Arboga, Sweden 16 Dec 1801); m.Darmstadt 15 Jul 1774 Amalie Landgravine of Hesse-Darmstadt (Prenzlau 20 Jun 1754-Bruchsal 21 Jul 1832)

1d) Katharina Amalie Christiane Luise (Karlsruhe 13 Jul 1776-Bruchsal 26 Oct 1823)
2d) Friederike Karoline Wilhelmine (Karlsruhe 13 Jul 1776-Munich 13 Nov 1841); m.Karlsruhe 9 Mar 1797 King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria (Mannheim 27 May 1756-Nymphenburg 13 Oct 1825)
3d) Luise Marie Auguste (took the name Elisaveta Alexeievna on her Orthodox baptism) (Karlsruhe 24 Jan 1779-Bielev 16 May 1826); m.St.Petersburg 9 Oct 1793 Emperor Alexander I of Russia (St.Petersburg 23 Dec 1777-Taganrog 1 Dec 1825)
4d) Friederike Dorothea Wilhelmine (Karlsruhe 12 Mar 1781-Lausanne 25 Sep 1826); m.Stockholm 31 Oct 1797 King Gustaf IV Adolf of Sweden (Stockholm 1 Nov 1778-St.Gallen 7 Feb 1837)
5d) Marie Elisabeth Wilhelmine (Karlsruhe 7 Sep 1782-Bruchsal 20 Apr 1808); m.Karlsruhe 1 Nov 1802 Wilhelm, Duke of Braunschweig (Braunschweig 9 Oct 1771-k.a.Quatre Bras 16 Jun 1815)

6d) Karl Friedrich (Karlsruhe 13 Sep 1784-Karlsruhe 1 Mar 1785)
7d) KARL Ludwig Friedrich, Grand Duke of Baden (Karlsruhe 8 Jun 1786-Rastatt 8 Dec 1818); m.Paris 8 Apr 1806 Stéphanie de Beauharnais, Princesse Française (Imperial Highness) (Paris 28 Aug 1789-Nice 29 Jan 1860)
1e) Luise Amalie Stephanie (Schwetzingen 5 Jun 1811-Karlsruhe 19 Jul 1854); m.Karlsruhe 9 Nov 1830 (div 1844) Gustaf Pr of Vasa, former Crown Pr of Sweden (Stockholm 9 Nov 1799-Pillnitz 4 Oct 1877)
2e) Josephine Friederike Luise (Mannheim 21 Oct 1813-Sigmaringen 19 Jun 1900); m.Karlsruhe 21 Oct 1834 Karl Anton Fst von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (7 Sep 1811-Sigmaringen 2 Jun 1885)

3e) a son (Karlsruhe 29 Sep 1812-Karlsruhe 16 Oct 1812); a legend later arose that this child was kidnapped and raised as Caspar Hauser

4e) Alexander (Karlsruhe 1 May 1816-Karlsruhe 8 May 1816)

5e) Marie Amalie Elisabeth Karoline (Karlsruhe 11 Oct 1817-Baden-Baden 8 Oct 1888); m.Mannheim 23 Feb 1843 William Douglas-Hamilton, 11th Duke of Hamilton and Brandon (London 19 Feb 1811-Paris 15 Jul 1863)
8d) Wilhelmine Luise (Karlsruhe 10 Sep 1788-Rosenhöhe bei Darmstadt 27 Jan 1836); m.Karlsruhe 19 Jun 1804 Ludwig II, Grand Duke of Hesse and the Rhine (Darmstadt 26 Dec 1777-Darmstadt 16 Jun 1848)
2c) Friedrich (Karlsruhe 29 Aug 1756-Karlsruhe 28 May 1817); m.Usingen 9 Dec 1791 Luise Pss von Nassau-Usingen (Biebrich 16 Aug 1776-Karlsruhe 19 Feb 1829)
3c) LUDWIG I Wilhelm August, Grand Duke of Baden (Karlsruhe 9 Feb 1763-Karlsruhe 30 Mar 1830); he had one illegitimate son by an unknown mother, and three illegitimate children by Katharina Werner [cr Gfn von Gondelsheim and Gfn von Langenstein], listed respectively below:

1d) Ludwig Wilhelm von Steinberg (1797-1871); m.1st 1820 Adelheid Kah (1801-1840); m.2d 1844 Julie Frn Goeler von Ravensburg (1821-1883)

1e) Ludwig (1826-1895); m.1851 Valerie Jung (1832-1904)

1f) Wilhelm (1857-1862)

2f) Ludwig (1860-1893)

3f) Erwin (1867-1953); m.1894 (div 1925) Else Frn von Berg (1873-1960)

1g) Erwin (1895-1901)

2g) Bernhard (1909- )

4f) Anna (1851-1926); m.1873 Simon Frhr Moritz von Bethmann (d.1914)

5f) Valerie (1853- )

2e) Adelheid (1824-1844)

3e) Ida (1845-1921); m.1867 Ferdinand Frhr von Hornstein (d.1893)

2d) Luise (1817-1821)

3d) Ludwig Wilhelm August Gf von Gondelsheim und Langenstein (1820-1872)

4d) Louise Gfn von Gondelsheim und Langenstein (1825-1900); m.1848 Karl Israel Gf Douglas (d.1898)

4c) Luise Karoline (Karlsruhe 8 Jan 1767-Karlsruhe 11 Jan 1767)
5c) Karl LEOPOLD Friedrich, Grand Duke of Baden (Karlsruhe 29 Aug 1790-Karlsruhe 24 Apr 1852); m.Karlsruhe 25 Jul 1819 Sophie Pss of Sweden (Stockholm 21 May 1801-Karlsruhe 6 Jul 1865)
1d) Alexandrine Luise Amalie Friederike Elisabeth Sophie (Karlsruhe 6 Dec 1820-Schloß Callenberg 20 Dec 1904); m.Karlsruhe 3 May 1842 Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Gotha 21 Jun 1818-Rheinhardsbrunn 22 Aug 1893)

2d) Ludwig Karl Friedrich Leopold (Karlsruhe 26 Oct 1822-Karlsruhe 16 Nov 1822)
3d) LUDWIG II, Grand Duke of Baden (Karlsruhe 15 Aug 1824-Karlsruhe 22 Jan 1858)
4d) FRIEDRICH I Wilhelm Ludwig, Grand Duke of Baden (Karlsruhe 9 Sep 1826-Mainau 28 Sep 1907); m.Berlin 20 Sep 1856 Luise Pss of Prussia (Berlin 3 Dec 1838-Baden-Baden 23 Apr 1923)
1e) FRIEDRICH II Wilhelm Ludwig Leopold August, Grand Duke of Baden; abdicated Nov 1918 (Karlsruhe 9 Jul 1857-Badenweiler 9 Aug 1928); m.Schloß Hohenburg 20 Sep 1885 Hilda Pss of Nassau, Pss of Luxemburg (Biebrich 5 Nov 1864-Badenweiler 8 Feb 1952)
2e) Sophie Marie Viktoria (Karlsruhe 7 Aug 1862-Rome 4 Apr 1930); m.Karlsruhe 20 Sep 1881 King Gustaf V of Sweden (Drottningholm 16 Jun 1858-Drottningholm 29 Oct 1950)
3e) Ludwig Wilhelm Karl Friedrich Berthold (Baden-Baden 12 Jun 1865-Freiburg 23 Feb 1888)
5d) Ludwig Wilhelm August (Karlsruhe 18 Dec 1829-Karlsruhe 27 Apr 1897); m.St.Petersburg 11 Feb 1863 Pss Maria Romanowsky (St.Petersburg 16 Oct 1841-Karlsruhe 16 Feb 1914)
1e) Sopie Marie Luise Amelie Josephine (Baden-Baden 26 Jul 1865-Baden-Baden 29 Nov 1939); m.Karlsruhe 2 Jul 1889 Friedrich, Duke of Anhalt (Dessau 19 Aug 1856-Schloß Ballenstedt 21 Apr 1918)
2e) MAXIMILIAN Alexander Friedrich Wilhelm, Pr of Baden (Baden-Baden 10 Jul 1867-Konstanz 6 Nov 1929); m. Gmunden 10 Jul 1900 Marie Luise Pss of Hannover, Pss of Great Britain and Ireland (Gmunden 11 Oct 1879-Schloß Salem 31 Jan 1948)
1f) Marie Alexandra Thyra Viktoria Luise Carola Hilda (Schloß Salem 1 Aug 1902-k.in air raid at Frankfurt 29 Jan 1944); m.Schloß Salem 17 Sep 1924 Wolfgang Pr of Hesse (Schloß Rumpenheim 6 Nov 1896-Kronberg 12 Jul 1989)
2f) BERTHOLD Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst August Heinrich Karl, Margrave of Baden (Karlsruhe 24 Feb 1906-nr Spaichingen, Württemberg 27 Oct 1963); m.Baden-Baden 17 Aug 1931 Theodora Pss of Greece and Denmark (Athens 30 May 1906-Konstanz 16 Oct 1969)
1g) Margarita Alice Thyra Viktoria Marie Louise Scholastica, b.Salem 14 Jul 1932; m.Salem (civ) 5 Jun 1957 (rel) 6 Jun 1957 (div 1981) Tomislav Pr of Yugoslavia (Belgrade 9 Jan 1928-Oplenac 12 Jul 2000)
2g) Maximilian (MAX) Andreas Friedrich Gustav Ernst August Bernhard, Margrave of Baden, Herzog von Zähringen, b.Salem 3 Jul 1933; m.(civ) Salem 23 Sep 1966 (rel) Persenbeug 30 Sep 1966 Valerie Archdss of Austria (b.Vienna 23 May 1941)

1h) Marie Louise Elisabeth Mathilde Theodora Cecilie Sarah Charlotte, b.Salem 3 Jul 1969; m.Salem (civ) 15 Sep 1999 (rel) 25 Sep 1999 Richard Baker (b.Biddeford, Maine 30 Mar 1936)
2h) Bernhard Max Friedrich August Gustav Louis Kraft, Hereditary Pr of Baden, b.Salem 27 May 1970; m.Salem 22 Jun 2001 (rel) 23 Jun 2001 Stephanie Anne Kaul (b.Uelzen 27 Jun 1966)

1i) Leopold Bernhard Max Michael Ernst-August Friedrich Guillaume (b.Ravensburg 18 May 2002)

2i) Friedrich Bernhard Leopold Christian Berthold Christoph (b.Ravensburg 9 Mar 2004)

3i) Karl-Wilhelm Bernhard Max Alexander Ernst-August Heinrich-Donatus Mathias (b.Ravensburg 11 Feb 2006)
3h) Leopold Max Christian Ludwig Clemens Hubert, b.Salem 1 Oct 1971
4h) Michael Max Andreas, b.Salem 11 Mar 1976
3g) Ludwig Wilhelm Georg Ernst Christoph, b.Karlsruhe 16 Mar 1937; m.(civ) Salem 21 Sep 1967 (rel) Wald, Lower Austria 21 Oct 1967 Anna Maria (Marianne) Pss von Auersperg-Breunner (b.Zseliz, Hungary 15 Dec 1943)
1h) Sophie Thyra Josephine Georgine Henriette, b.Heidelberg 8 Jul 1975
2h) Berthold Ernst-August Emich Rainer, b.Heidelberg 8 Oct 1976
3h) Aglaë Margarete Tatiana Mary, b.Heidelberg 3 Mar 1981
6d) Karl Friedrich Gustav Wilhelm Maximilian (Karlsruhe 9 Mar 1832-Karlsruhe 3 Dec 1906); m.(morgantically) Schloß Bauschlott 17 May 1871 Rosalie Luise Frn von Beust, cr 1871 Gfn von Rhena (Karlsruhe 10 Jun 1845-Karlsruhe 15 Oct 1908)

1e) Friedrich Maximilian Alexander Gf von Rhena (Karlsruhe 20 Jan 1877-Bern 19 Nov 1908)
7d) Marie Amalie (Karlsruhe 20 Nov 1834-Waldleiningen 21 Nov 1899); m.Karlsruhe 11 Sep 1858 Ernst Fst zu Leiningen (Amorbach 9 Nov 1830-Amorbach 5 Apr 1904)
8d) Cäcilie Auguste (took the name Olga Feodorovna on her Orthodox baptism) (Karlsruhe 20 Sep 1839-Kharkov 12 Apr 1891); m.St.Petersburg 28 Aug 1857 Michael Nikolaevich, Grand Duke of Russia (Peterhof 25 Oct 1832-Cannes 18 Dec 1909)
6c) Wilhelm Ludwig August (Karlsruhe 8 Apr 1792-Karlsruhe 11 Oct 1859); m.Stuttgart 16 Oct 1830 Elisabeth Dss of Württemberg (Wurzen, Kurland 27 Feb 1802-Karlsruhe 5 Dec 1864)

1d) Wilhelmine Pauline Henriette Leopoldine Sophie Amalie Maximiliane (Karlsruhe 7 May 1833-Karlsruhe 7 Aug 1834)
2d) Sophie Pauline Henriette Marie Amalie Luise (Karlsruhe 7 Aug 1834-Karlsruhe 6 Apr 1904); m.Karlsruhe 9 Nov 1858 Woldemar Pr zur Lippe (Detmold 18 Apr 1824-Detmold 20 Mar 1895)

3d) Pauline Sophie Elisabeth Marie (Karlsruhe 18 Dec 1835-Karlsruhe 15 May 1891)
4d) Leopoldine Wilhelmine Pauline Amalie Maximiliane (Karlsruhe 22 Feb 1837-Strassburg 23 Dec 1903); m.Karlsruhe 24 Sep 1862 Hermann Fst zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (Langenburg 31 Aug 1832-Langenburg 9 Mar 1913)

7c) Friedrich Alexander Frhr von Hochberg (Karlsruhe 10 Jun 1793-Karlsruhe 18 Jun 1793)
8c) Amalie Christine Karoline (Karlsruhe 26 Jan 1795-Karlsruhe 14 Sep 1869); m.Karlsruhe 19 Apr 1818 Karl Egon II Fst zu Fürstenberg (Prague 28 Oct 1796-Ischl 22 Oct 1854)
9c) Maximilian Friedrich Johann Ernst (Triesdorf 8 Dec 1796-Karlsruhe 6 Mar 1882)

1d) [illegitimate] Ernestine Friederike Wilhelmine von Neuenfels; m.N Bevilaqua

10c) [illegitimate by Elise Barbara Schlutter] Karl Friedrich Hermann von Freystedt (18 Dec 1749-20 Dec 1795); m.Sophie Götz (d.19 Jun 1824)

1d) Karl Friedrich Hermann Frhr von Freystedt (11 Dec 1776-28 Aug 1851); m.18 Jan 1807 Louise Julie Hauchecorne (14 May 1781-6 Jan 1867)

1e) Heinrich Gustav (1 Sep 1809-8 May 1885); m.1st 3 Sep 1833 Aloyse de Blonay (2 Mar 1813-14 Jun 1837); m.2d 27 Jul 1839 Mathilde Frn von Mentzingen (24 Dec 1818-5 Jun 1894)

1f) Hermann (25 Jul 1836-1 Jun 1842)

2f) Leopold (14 Sep 1840-30 Jan 1917); m.6 Nov 1877 Olga Gfn von Zeppelin (27 Nov 1846-18 Apr 1920)

3f) Bertha (16 Jul 1834-1898); m.31 May 1860 Cde Olympe Aguado (d.1894)

4f) Emma (21 May 1837-1915); m.18 Jul 1866 Amédée Roux (d.31 Jul 1876)

2e) Hermine Karoline Luise (Karlsruhe 8 Jan 1808-Munizngen 21 Jan 1892); m.Karlsruhe 12 Apr 1834 Karl Theodor Gf von Kageneck (Freiburg 14 Feb 1803-Freiburg 14 Jan 1859)

2d) Friederike; m.Baron Friedrich Christoph von Bühler (d.1833)

3d) Karoline (2 Feb 1776-29 Apr 1862)

4d) Auguste (12 Aug 1780-27 Jan 1861); m.2 Jan 1808 Ferdinand Frhr von Degenfeld (d.1 Jan 1858)

5d) Wilhelmine (10 Jun 1783-18 Jan 1881); m.1806 Karl Heinrich Frhr von Fahnenberg (d.16 Mar 1840)

6d) Luise (Jun 1785-18 Jan 1833); m.Friedrich Frhr von Baumbach (d.29 Dec 1828)

2b) Wilhelm Ludwig (Karlsruhe 14 Jan 1732-Karlsruhe 17 Dec 1788); m.(morgantically) Karlsruhe 13 Apr 1788 Wilhelmine Christiane Schortmann (Balingen 31 Dec 1740-Mühlburg 10 Mar 1804); they had issue, born before the marriage, who bore the surname "von Seldeneck"

1c) Wilhelm Ludwig von Seldeneck (Karlsruhe-Mühlburg 14 Jan 1766-Karlsruhe-Mühlburg 10 Jan 1827); m.1795 Auguste Frn von Bothmer (Bayreuth 15 Jun 1774-Gengenbach 3 May 1835)

1d) Wilhelm (Stuttgart 14 Feb 1796-Karlsruhe 29 Sep 1874); m.Oberrimsingen 1819 Franziska Frn von Falkenstein (Oberrimsingen 1798-Karlsruhe-Mühlburg 10 Aug 1869)

1e) Wilhelm (Karlsruhe 15 Sep 1823-Karlsruhe 10 Dec 1863); m.1st Weil am Rhein 1847 Jenny Forcart (Bâle 1830-Bâle 21 May 1851); m.2d Mauren 18 May 1861 Julie Brandt von Lindau, cr Frfrau von Seldeneck 1893 (Koblenz 1 Apr 1831-Karlsruhe 16 Mar 1918)

1f) Wilhelm Rudolf Frhr von Seldeneck (Karlsruhe-Mühlburg 18 Mar 1849-Karlsruhe 3 Mar 1925); m.Karlsruhe 4 Mar 1872 Emma Rüdt von Collenberg (Strasburg 21 Jan 1851-Karlsruhe 2 Mar 1914)

1g) Wilhelm, b.and d.Karlsruhe 1876

2g) Hans Wilhelm (Karlsruhe 25 Feb 1878-Reichenbach 6 Nov 1934); m.1st Rotterdam 24 Nov 1905 (div 1908) Josephine Ellen Horstmann (Rotterdam 24 Nov 1885-The Hague 21 Nov 1970); m.2d Überlingen 14 Sep 1923 Claudine von Luschka (Karlsruhe 5 Apr 1891-Karlsruhe 27 Apr 1965)

3g) Rolf (Karlsruhe 3 Dec 1890-k.a.in Kurland 24 Jan 1917)

4g) Jenny (Karlsruhe 2 Apr 1873-Potsdam 1 Mar 1944); m.Karlsruhe 20 Jul 1893 Karl von Borcke (d.1945)

5g) Elsa (Karlsruhe 14 Feb 1875-Bollschweil 11 Dec 1941); m.Karlsruhe 5 May 1896 Max Frhr von Holzing-Berstett (d.9 Sep 1936)

6g) Hertha (Karlsruhe 6 Aug 1881-Karlsruhe 4 Feb 1963); m.Karlsruhe 16 Jun 1906 Louis Jay (Clifton 3 Mar 1862-Orselina 14 Mar 1933)

2f) Luise Frn von Seldeneck (Karlsruhe 19 Mar 1862-Neukirch 11 Nov 1939); m.Karlsruhe 14 Oct 1886 Siegfried Frhr von Zedlitz und Neukirch (Tiefhartmannsdorf 3 Apr 1852-Liegnitz 22 Aug 1922)

3f) Helene (Karlsruhe 7 Oct 1863-Köln 13 Jul 1938); m.Karlsruhe 24 Oct 1887 Max von Fabeck (d.16 Dec 1916)

2e) Leopold (Karlsruhe-Mühlburg 29 Jul 1826-Philadelphia 31 Dec 1907); m.Philadelphia 3 Jul 1865 Anna Mathilda Wood (Philadelphia 2 Mar 1844-Philadelphia 24 Feb 1925)

1f) Leopold (Mount Vernon 26 Oct 1866-Philadelphia 7 May 1937); m.Wayne, Pennsylvania 2 Jun 1903 Adelaide Wood (Philadelphia 20 Jul 1870-Elkins Park PA 7 Jul 1957)

1g) Leopold Wood (Wayne PA 29 Oct 1905-Philadelphia 24 Mar 1995); m.Glenside PA 16 Jul 1938 Madeleine Clay (Philadelphia 27 Jul 1907-Philadelphia 3 Mar 1984)

1h) Leopold Wood (Abington PA 31 Aug 1940- ); m.Windsor, Connecticut 23 Jun 1962 Priscilla Case à issue

2h) George Clay (Abington PA 8 Dec 1941- ); m.St. Paul 8 Apr 1972 Judith Metcalfe à issue

2g) William Wood (Elkins Park, Philadelphia 25 Oct 1908-Fort Myers 3 Feb 1978); m.Jenkintown PA 30 Nov 1932 Alice Dean Small (Clear Lake 24 Aug 1912-Martha's Vineyard 17 Aug 1991)

1h) William Wood, b.Jenkintown PA 23 Mar 1939; m.Rocky Mount VA 3 Jun 1969 Frances Draper (Martinsville VA 12 Feb 1942- ) à issue

2h) Roger, b.Jenkintown 30 Mar 1941; m.Richmond VA 24 Jun 1967 Judith Crowel (New Rochelle NY 12 Feb 1945- ) à issue

3h) Paul, b.Philadelphia 14 Jun 1945; m.Waynesboro VA 3 Apr 1971 Brenda Mae Judd à issue

4h) Alice Lee (Rydal PA 8 Jun 1934-18 Feb 2006); m.Harrisonburg VA 6 Apr 1957 Walter Flora (Roanoke VA 13 May 1929-)

3e) Friedrich August Heinrich (Bruchsal 4 Mar 1827-Bruchsal 5 Nov 1829)

4e) Maximilian (Karlsruhe 30 Jun 1831-Pettau 12 Jan 1912); m.1st Preßburg 4 Oct 1860 Creszentia Gfn Zichy (Dioszegh 8 Aug 1836-Budapest 28 Apr 1881); m.2d Budapest 5 Jul 1884 Anna Gfn zu Königsegg-Rothenfels (Budapest 19 May 1849-Pettau 6 Jan 1936)

1f) Wilhelm (Gengenbach 16 Jan 1864-Budapest 23 Sep 1909); m.Budapest 1900 Ilona von Houchard (1865- )

2f) Fanny, a nun (Preßburg 1 Feb 1862-Mária-Besnyö 1952)

3f) Maria, a nun (Salzburg 5 May 1865-Budapest Oct 1949)

4f) Johanna (Kassau 1 Feb 1868-Budapest 17 Jan 1957); m.Budapest 14 Nov 1891 Istvan Fiáth de Eörményes (d.3 Sep 1920)

5e) Elisabeth Amalie (Karlsruhe 6 Oct 1818-Karlsruhe 24 Oct 1818)

6e) Auguste (Karlsruhe 15 Oct 1821-Karlsruhe 17 Jun 1880); m.Karlsruhe 24 Sep 1838 Ernst Frhr Goeler von Ravensburg (d.1850)

7e) Sophie (Karlsruhe-Mühlburg 27 May 1825-Karlsruhe 4 Oct 1904); m.Karlsruhe 9 Feb 1850 Fritz von Geusau (d.1880)

8e) Luise (Karlsruhe 15 Aug 1834-Illenau 13 May 1879); m.Karlsruhe 15 Feb 1862 Friedrich Gf von Grote (d.1892)

2d) Karl Friedrich (Karlsruhe-Mühlburg 31 Jul 1797-Karlsruhe 4 Jun 1861)

3d) Friedrich August (Karlsruhe-Mühlburg 21 Sep 1798-Karlsruhe 7 Apr 1800)

4d) Friedrich (Karlsruhe 22 Nov 1799-Gengenbach 16 Mar 1874); m.Seelbach 18 Feb 1836 Marie Edle von Schmidt zu Dautenstein (Seelbach 14 Apr 1808-Fussbach 28 Apr 1872)

1e) Karl (Lahr 10 Jan 1837-Freiburg 26 May 1916); m.Freiburg 2 Dec 1873 Maria Fuchs (Freiburg 11 Jun 1853-Freiburg 12 Jan 1937)

2e) Rudolf (Lahr 30 Dec 1840-Freiburg 14 Dec 1909); m.Ettenheimmünster 30 Jun 1881 Louise Singler (Freiburg 11 Jun 1863-Freiburg 22 Apr 1943)

3e) Marie (Lahr 20 Feb 1839-Freiburg 30 Dec 1901); m.Lahr 4 Oct 1864 Otto Haas (Karlsruhe 17 Oct 1830-Achern 27 May 1903)

4e) Camille (Lahr 6 Jun 1845-Freiburg 22 Jul 1910)

5d) Ludwig Karl (Karlsruhe 11 Nov 1800-Karlsruhe 30 Mar 1865); m.Bruchsal 21 Apr 1836 Fanny Kirch (Bruchsal 3 Jul 1816-Karlsruhe 17 Dec 1898)

1e) Ludwig (Bruchsal 20 Jan 1837-Karlsruhe 24 Jul 1880)

2e) Fritz (Bruchsal 22 Jul 1839- )

3e) Wilhelm (Bruchsal 18 Apr 1850-Soekaboenni, Java 2 Sep 1898)

4e) Elise (Bruchsal 13 Jun 1838-Karlsruhe 2 Jul 1909); m.Bruchsal 28 May 1874 (div) Friedrich Pellissier (Bruchsal 8 Jul 1837-Bruchsal 22 Mar 1919)

5e) Auguste (Bruchsal 27 Sep 1843-Karlsruhe 26 Apr 1915)

6d) August Wilhelm Christian (Karlsruhe 20 Dec 1801-Mahlberg 7 Jan 1848); m.Diersburg 22 Sep 1836 Karoline Frn Roeder von Diersburg (Braunschweig 20 May 1808-Karlsruhe 30 Nov 1893)

1e) Philipp (1837- )

2e) Wilhelm (1840- )

3e) Karl (Messkirch 28 Aug 1842-Karlsruhe 31 Mar 1854)

4e) Ida (St.Blasien 27 Dec 1839-Berlin 30 Nov 1896); m.Karlsruhe 10 Sep 1863 Karl Le Beau

5e) Luise (1842- )

7d) Adolf (Karlsruhe 22 Feb 1802-Winnental 9 Jan 1842); m.Karlsruhe 14 Apr 1832 Marie Berckmüller (Karlsruhe 9 Dec 1813-Karlsruhe 11 Mar 1852)

1e) Mathilde (Karlsruhe 20 Jun 1834-Achern 15 Feb 1919)

2e) Hermine (Karlsruhe 15 Oct 1835-Mauer 7 Apr 1870); m.Karlsruhe 10 May 1864 Karl Frhr Goeler von Ravensburg (d.1889)

3e) Adolfine Franziska (Karlsruhe 13 Sep 1839-Karlsruhe 23 Sep 1840)

8d) Heinrich (Karlsruhe-Mühlburg 13 Dec 1804-Baden-Baden 28 Dec 1876); m.Beuern 1 Feb 1831 Anna Marie Mayer (Bruchsal 3 Apr 1800-Baden-Baden 30 Dec 1867)

1e) Eduard (Schwetzingen 13 Nov 1831-Baden-Baden 3 May 1886); m.Baden-Baden 23 Oct 1865 (div 1874) Katharina Affrossimova (St.Petersburg 21 Nov 1838-Alschanka, Russia 1905?)

1f) Joassaf (Karlsruhe 22 Aug 1866- )

2f) Sofija (Karlsruhe 27 Oct 1869- )

3f) Marija (Karlsruhe 5 Feb 1871- )

4f) Anna (Karlsruhe 5 Feb 1871-Karlsruhe 25 Jul 1871)

2e) Wilhelm (Baden-Baden 27 Jun 1833- )

3e) Charlotte (Gengenbach 4 Jan 1835-Baden-Baden 2 Jun 1927); m.1st Mannheim 23 Nov 1854 Johann Unger Edler von Löwenberg (d.1858); m.2d Gengenbach 19 Mar 1863 Karl Friedrich Brumm (Yverdon 11 Aug 1817-Baden-Baden 19 Jul 1881)

4e) Fanny (Achern 25 Apr 1844-Achern 27 Mar 1845)

9d) Bernhard (Karlsruhe-Mühlburg 17 Feb 1806-Illenau 21 Oct 1842)

10d) Rudolf (Karlsruhe-Mühlburg 17 Apr 1807-Illenau 25 Oct 1867)

2c) Louise von Seldeneck (Karlsruhe-Mühlburg 31 Oct 1763-Munich 15 Feb 1824); m.Karlsruhe 18 Oct 1784 Frederic Camill, Marquis de Montperny (d.1822)

3a) Auguste Magdalene (Carlsburg 13 Nov 1706-Bâle 25 Aug 1709)

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