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Principality of Liechtenstein
Fürstentum Liechtenstein 
 Liechtenstein, officially the Principality of Liechtenstein is a doubly landlocked alpine country in Central Europe, bordered by Switzerland to the west and south and by Austria to the east. Its area is just over 160 square kilometres (62 sq mi), and it has an estimated population of 35,000. Its capital is Vaduz. The biggest town is Schaan. Liechtenstein has the highest gross domestic product per person in the world when adjusted by purchasing power parity, and has the world's lowest external debt. Liechtenstein also has the second lowest unemployment rate in the world at 1.5% (Monaco is first).

Liechtenstein is the smallest yet the richest (by measure of GDP per capita) German-speaking country in the world and the only country to lie entirely within the Alps. It is known as a principality as it is a constitutional monarchy headed by a prince. Liechtenstein is divided into 11 municipalities. Much of its terrain is mountainous, making it a winter sports destination. Many cultivated fields and small farms characterize its landscape both in the south (Oberland, upper land) and in the north (Unterland, lower land). The country has a strong financial sector located in the capital, Vaduz, and has been identified as a tax haven. It is a member of the European Free Trade Association and part of the European Economic Area, the Schengen Area but not of the European Union.

History of the Principality of Liechtenstein

At one time, the territory was part of the ancient Roman province of Raetia. For centuries this territory, geographically removed from European strategic interests, had little impact on European history. Prior to the reign of its current dynasty, the region was enfeoffed to a line of the counts of Hohenems. The Liechtenstein dynasty, from which the principality takes its name, comes from Castle Liechtenstein in Lower Austria, which the family possessed from at least 1140 until the 13th century, and from 1807 onward. Through the centuries, the dynasty acquired vast tracts of land, predominantly in Moravia, Lower Austria, Silesia, and Styria, though these territories were all held in fief under other more senior feudal lords, particularly under various lines of the Habsburg family, whom several Liechtenstein princes served as close advisers. Thus, without any territory held directly under the Imperial throne, the Liechtenstein dynasty was unable to meet a primary requirement to qualify for a seat in the Imperial diet (parliament), the Reichstag.

The family yearned for the added power a seat in the Imperial government would bring and therefore sought to acquire lands that would be unmittelbar, or held without any feudal personage other than the Holy Roman Emperor having rights on the land. After some time, the family was able to arrange the purchase of the minuscule Herrschaft ("Lordship") of Schellenberg and county of Vaduz (in 1699 and 1712 respectively) from the Hohenems. Tiny Schellenberg and Vaduz had exactly the political status required: no feudal lord other than their comital sovereign and the suzerain Emperor. On 23 January 1719, after the lands had been purchased, Charles VI, Holy Roman Emperor, decreed that Vaduz and Schellenberg were united and elevated the newly formed territory to the dignity of Fürstentum (principality) with the name "Liechtenstein" in honour of "[his] true servant, Anton Florian of Liechtenstein". It was on this date that Liechtenstein became a sovereign member state of the Holy Roman Empire. It is a testament to the pure political expediency of the purchases that the Princes of Liechtenstein did not set foot in their new principality for over 120 years.

As a result of the Napoleonic Wars, by 1806 much of the Holy Roman Empire was under the effective control of French emperor Napoleon I. When the empire was dissolved, this had broad consequences for Liechtenstein: imperial, legal and political mechanisms broke down. The state ceased to owe obligations to any feudal lord beyond its borders. Modern publications generally attribute Liechtenstein's sovereignty to these events. Its prince ceased to owe obligations to any suzerain. From 25 July 1806 when the Confederation of the Rhine was founded, the Prince of Liechtenstein was a member, in fact a vassal of its hegemon, styled protector, the French Emperor Napoleon I, until the dissolution of the confederation on 19 October 1813.

Soon afterward, Liechtenstein joined the German Confederation (20 June 1815 - 24 August 1866) which was presided over by the Emperor of Austria. Then, in 1818, Johann I granted the territory a limited constitution. 1818 also saw the first visit of a member of the house of Liechtenstein, Prince Alois; however, the first visit by a sovereign prince would not occur until 1842.

Developments during the 19th century included:

  • In 1836, the first factory was opened, making ceramics.
  • In 1861, the Savings and Loans Bank was founded, as was the first cotton-weaving mill.
  • Two bridges over the Rhine were built in 1868, and in 1872 a railway line across Liechtenstein was constructed.

20th century

Until the end of World War I, Liechtenstein was closely tied first to the Austrian Empire and later to Austria-Hungary; the ruling princes continued to derive much of their wealth from estates in the Habsburg territories, and they spent much of their time at their two palaces in Vienna. The economic devastation caused by this war forced the country to conclude a customs and monetary union with its other neighbour, Switzerland. Liechtenstein's army was disbanded in 1868 for financial reasons.

At the time of the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it was argued that Liechtenstein, as a fief of the Holy Roman Empire, was no longer bound to the emerging independent state of Austria, since the latter did not consider itself as the legal successor to the empire. This is partly contradicted by the coeval Liechtenstein perception that the dethroned Austro-Hungarian Emperor still maintained an abstract heritage of the Holy Roman Empire. In early 1938, just after the annexation of Austria into Greater Germany, 84 year old Prince Franz I abdicated, naming his 31-year-old third cousin, Prince Franz Joseph, as his successor. His wife Elisabeth von Gutmann, whom he had married in 1929, was a wealthy Jewish woman from Vienna, and local Liechtenstein Nazis had already identified her as their Jewish "problem". Although Liechtenstein had no official Nazi party, a Nazi sympathy movement had been simmering for years within its National Union party.

During World War II, Liechtenstein remained officially neutral, looking to neighboring Switzerland for assistance and guidance, while family treasures within the war zone were taken to Liechtenstein for safekeeping. At the close of the conflict, Czechoslovakia and Poland, acting to seize what they considered to be German possessions, expropriated the entirety of the Liechtenstein dynasty's hereditary lands and possessions in Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia - the princes of Liechtenstein lived in Vienna until the Anschluss of 1938. The expropriations (subject to modern legal dispute at the International Court of Justice) included over 1,600 km2 (618 sq mi) of agricultural and forest land, and several family castles and palaces.

Citizens of Liechtenstein were forbidden to enter Czechoslovakia during the Cold War. More recently the diplomatic conflict revolving around the controversial post-war Beneš decrees resulted in Liechtenstein not sharing international relations with the Czech Republic or Slovakia. Diplomatic relations were established between Liechtenstein and the Czech Republic on 13 July 2009, and with Slovakia on 9 December 2009. Liechtenstein gave asylum to about 500 soldiers of the First Russian National Army (a collaborationist Russian force within the German Wehrmacht) at the close of World War II. About 200 of the group somewhat voluntarily agreed to return to the USSR. They departed in a train to Vienna and nothing was ever heard of them again. The remainder stayed in Liechtenstein for another year, resisting with support of Liechtenstein, further pressure by the Soviet government to participate in the repatriation programme. (In contrast, due to agreements made during the Yalta Conference, the western Allies repatriated Soviet citizens.) Eventually the government of Argentina offered asylum and about a hundred people left. This is commemorated by a monument at the border town of Hinterschellenberg.

In dire financial straits following the war, the Liechtenstein dynasty often resorted to selling family artistic treasures, including the priceless portrait "Ginevra de' Benci" by Leonardo da Vinci, which was purchased by the National Gallery of Art of the United States in 1967. Liechtenstein prospered, however, during the decades following, as it used its low corporate tax rates to draw many companies to the country. The Prince of Liechtenstein is the one of the world's wealthiest Monarchs with an estimated wealth of £ 4 billion. The country's population enjoys one of the world's highest standards of living.

The List of the Princes of Liechtenstein

Picture Name Prince From Prince Until
1 Prince Karl I of Liechtenstein.jpg Karl I 1608 12 February 1627
2 Karl Eusebius v Liechtenstein.jpg Karl Eusebius 12 February 1627 5 April 1684
(57 years, 53 days)
3 Johann Adam Andreas v Liechtenstein.jpg Hans-Adam I 1699 6 June 1712
4 Joseph Wenzel von Liechtenstein.jpg Joseph Wenzel I 16 June 1712 1718
5 Anton Florian v Liechtenstein.jpg Anton Florian 1718 11 October 1721
6 Josef Johann Adam von Liechtenstein.jpg Joseph Johann Adam 11 October 1721 16 December 1732
(11 years, 66 days)
4 Joseph Wenzel von Liechtenstein.jpg Joseph Wenzel I
(as Regent)
1732 1745
7 Johann Nepomuk Karl von Liechtenstein.jpg Johann Nepomuk Karl 16 December 1732 22 December 1748
(16 years, 6 days)
4 Joseph Wenzel von Liechtenstein.jpg Joseph Wenzel I 22 December 1748 10 February 1772
(23 years, 50 days)
8 Franz Josef I Liechtenstein.jpg Franz Joseph I 10 February 1772 18 August 1781
(9 years, 189 days)
9 Portrait of Alois I of Liechtenstein, Friedrich Ölenhainz (1804).jpg Aloys I 18 August 1781 24 March 1805
(23 years, 218 days)
10 Johann Josef I von Liechtenstein.jpg Johann I Joseph 24 March 1805 20 April 1836
(31 years, 27 days)
11 Portrait of Alois II of Liechtenstein, Friedrich Schilcher (1858).jpg Aloys II 20 April 1836 12 November 1858
(22 years, 206 days)
12 Johann II v Liechtenstein.jpg Johann II 12 November 1858 11 February 1929
(70 years, 91 days)
13 Franz I von Liechtenstein.jpg Franz I 11 February 1929 25 July 1938
(9 years, 164 days)
14 Fürst Franz Josef II..jpg Franz Joseph II 25 July 1938 13 November 1989
(51 years, 111 days)
15 Fürst Hans-Adam II. von und zu Liechtenstein.jpg Hans-Adam II 13 November 1989
(22 years, 193 days)
The Family Titles and Styles
The present members of the family bear the title Prince or Princess von und zu Liechtenstein, together with the formal appellation of His or Her Serene Highness.
The Genealogy of the Princely House
 Emanuel Joseph Johann Pr von und zu Liechtenstein (Vienna 2 Feb 1700-Vienna 15 Jan 1771); m.Vienna 14 Jan 1726 Maria Antonia Gfn von Dietrichstein-Weichselstädt (Graz 10 Sep 1706-Vienna 7 Jan 1777)

1a) FRANZ de Paula JOSEPH I Johann Nepomuk Andreas, succeeded his uncle Joseph Wenzel as Fürst von und zu Liechtenstein 10 Feb 1772 (Milan 19 Nov 1726-Metz 18 Aug 1781); m.Feldsberg 6 Jul 1750 Marie Leopoldine Gfn von Sternberg (Vienna 11 Dec 1733-Feldsberg 27 Jun 1809)

1b) Joseph Franz de Paula Emanuel Philipp Isias (Vienna 6 Jul 1752-Vienna 17 Feb 1754)

2b) Leopoldina Maria Anna Francisca de Paula Adelgunda (Vienna 30 Jan 1754-Frankfurt 16 Oct 1823); m.Feldsberg 1 Sep 1771 Karl Emanuel, Landgrave of Hesse-Rheinfels-Rotenburg (Langenschwalbach 5 Jun 1746-Frankfurt 23 Mar 1812)

3b) Maria Antonia Aloysia Walburga Mechthildis (Vienna 14 Mar 1756-Vienna 1 Dec 1821)

4b) Franz de Paula Joseph (Vienna 19 May 1758-Vienna 15 Aug 1760)

5b) ALOYS I Joseph Johannes Nepomuk Melchior, Fst von und zu Liechtenstein (Vienna 14 May 1759-Vienna 24 Mar 1805); m.Feldsberg 15 Nov 1783 Karoline Gfn von Manderscheid-Blankenheim (Köln 14 Nov 1768-Vienna 11 Jun 1831)

6b) JOHANN I Baptist Joseph Adam Johannes Nepomuk Alois Franz de Paula, Fst von und zu Liechtenstein (Vienna 27 Jun 1760-Vienna 20 Apr 1836); m.Vienna 12 Apr 1792 Josephine Sophie Landgfn zu Fürstenberg-Weitra (Vienna 21 Jun 1776-Vienna 23 Feb 1848)

1c) Maria Leopoldine Josepha Sophia Aemiliana (Vienna 11 Sep 1793-Vienna 28 Jul 1808)

2c) ALOYS II Maria Joseph Johann Baptista Joachim Philipp Nerius, Fst von und zu Liechtenstein (Vienna 25 May 1796-Eisgrub, Moravia 12 Nov 1858); m.Vienna 8 Aug 1831 Franziska Gfn Kinsky von Wchinitz u.Tettau (Vienna 8 Aug 1813-Vienna 5 Feb 1881)

1d) Marie Franziska de Paula Theresia Josepha (Vienna 20 Sep 1834-Vienna 1 Dec 1909); m.Vienna 29 Oct 1860 Ferdinand Gf von Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg (Vienna 27 Jun 1825-Schloß Friedau 12 Dec 1896)

2d) Carolina Maria Josepha Walpurgis Nestoria (Vienna 27 Feb 1836-Vienna 28 Mar 1885); m.Vienna 3 Jun 1855 Alexander Fst von Schönburg-Hartenstein (Vienna 5 Mar 1826-Vienna 1 Oct 1896)

3d) Sophie Marie Gabriele Pia (Vienna 11 Jul 1837-Schloß Fischhorn 25 Sep 1899); m.Vienna 4 May 1863 Karl Fst zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (Haid 21 May 1834-Köln 8 Nov 1921)

4d) Aloysia Maria Gabriela Hyppolita (Eisgrub 13 Aug 1838-Vienna 17 Apr 1920); m.Vienna 22 May 1864 Heinrich Gf von Fünfkirchen (Schloß Fünfkirchen 25 Jan 1830-Vienna 2 Jan 1885)

5d) Ida Maria Lamberta Theresia Franziska de Paula (Eisgrub 17 Sep 1839-Libejic 4 Aug 1921); m.Vienna 4 Jun 1857 Adolf Joseph Pr zu Schwarzenberg (Vienna 18 Mar 1832-Libejic 5 Oct 1914)

6d) JOHANNES II Maria Franz Placidus, Fst von und zu Liechtenstein (Eisgrub 5 Oct 1840-Feldsberg 11 Feb 1929)

7d) Franziska Xaveria Maria David (Vienna 30 Dec 1841-Vienna 13 May 1858)

8d) Henriette Maria Norberta (Schloß Liechtenstein bei Mödling 6 Jun 1843-Schloß Frauenthal 24 Dec 1931); m.Vienna 26 Apr 1865 Alfred Pr von und zu Liechtenstein (1842-1907; below)

9d) Anna Maria Francisca de Paula Leandra (Vienna 26 Feb 1846-Prague 22 Apr 1924); m.Vienna 22 May 1864 Georg Christian Fst von Lobkowitz (Vienna 14 Mar 1835-Prague 22 Dec 1908)

10d) Therese Maria Josepha Martha (Schloß Liechtenstein 28 Jul 1850-Munich 13 Mar 1958); m.Vienna 12 Apr 1882 Arnulf Pr of Bavaria (Munich 6 Jul 1852-Venice 12 Nov 1907)

11d) FRANZ de Paula Maria Karl August, Fst von und zu Liechtenstein (Schloß Liechtenstein 28 Aug 1853-Feldsberg 25 Jul 1938); m.Vienna 22 Jul 1929 Elisabeth von Gutmann (Vienna 8 Jan 1875-Vitznau, Switzerland 28 Sep 1947)

3c) Maria Sophie Josepha (Vienna 5 Sep 1798-Vienna 27 Jun 1869); m.Vienna 4 Aug 1817 Vincenz Gf Esterházy von Galántha (Preßburg 25 Oct 1787-Eisgrub 19 Oct 1835)

4c) Maria Josepha (Vienna 11 Jan 1800-Vienna 14 Jun 1884)

5c) Franz de Paula Joachim Joseph (Vienna 25 Feb 1802-Vienna 31 Mar 1887); m.Vienna 3 Jun 1841 Julie Gfn Potocka (Paris 10 Aug 1818-Vienna 21 May 1895)
1d) Alfred Aloys Eduard (Prague 11 Jun 1842-Schloß Frauenthal 8 Oct 1907); m.Vienna 26 Apr 1865 Henriette Pss von und zu Liechtenstein (1843-1931; above)
1e) Franziska Maria Johanna (Vienna 21 Aug 1866-Schloß Frauenthal 23 Dec 1939)

2e) Franz de Paula Maria (Vienna 24 Jan 1868-Graz 26 Aug 1929)

3e) Julia (b.and d.Vienna 24 Jan 1868)

4e) Aloys Gonzaga Maria Adolf, renounced his succession rights in favor of his son 1923 (Hollenegg 17 Jun 1869-Vaduz 16 Mar 1955); m.Vienna 20 Apr 1903 Elisabeth Amalia, Archdss of Austria (Reichenau 7 Jul 1878-Vaduz 13 Mar 1960)

1f) FRANZ JOSEPH II Maria Aloys Alfred Karl Johannes Heinrich Michael Georg Ignaz Benediktus Gerhardus Majella, Fst von und zu Liechtenstein (Schloß Frauenthal 16 Aug 1906-Grabs, Switzerland 13 Nov 1989); m.Vaduz 7 Mar 1943 Georgine Gfn von Wilczek (Graz 24 Oct 1921-Grabs 18 Oct 1989)

1g) HANS-ADAM II Ferdinand Alois Josef Maria Marko d'Aviano Pius, Fst von und zu Liechtenstein (b.Zürich 14 Feb 1945); m.Vaduz 30 Jul 1967 Marie Gfn Kinsky von Wchinitz u.Tettau (b.Prague 14 Apr 1940)

1h) Alois Philipp Maria, Erbprinz von und zu Liechtenstein (b.Zürich 11 Jun 1968); m.Vaduz 3 Jul 1993 Sophie Pss of [& Dss in] Bavaria (b.Munich 28 Oct 1967)

1i) Joseph Wenzel Maximilian Maria (b.London 24 May 1995)

2i) Marie-Caroline Elisabeth Immaculata (b.in Switzerland 17 Oct 1996)

3i) Georg Antonius Constantin Maria (b.Grabs 20 Apr 1999)

4i) Nikolaus Sebastian Alexander Maria (b.Grabs 6 Dec 2000)

2h) Maximilian Nikolaus Maria (b.St.Gallen, Switzerland 16 May 1969); m.Vaduz 21 Jan 2000 (rel) New York 29 Jan 2000 Angela Gisela Brown (b.Bocas del Toro, Panama 3 Feb 1958)

1i) Alfons Constantin Maria (b.London 18 May 2001)

3h) Constantin Ferdinand Maria (b.St.Gallen 15 Mar 1972); m.Vaduz 14 May 1999 (rel) Csicso [Cicov], Slovakia 18 Jul 1999 Maria Gfn Kálnoky de Köröspatak (b.Graz 16 Jul 1975)

1i) Moritz Emanuel Maria (b.New York 27 May 2003)

2i) Georgina Maximiliana Tatiana Maria (b.Vienna 23 Jul 2005)

3i) Benedikt Ferdinand Hubertus Maria (b.Vienna 18 May 2008)

4h) Tatjana Nora Maria (b.St.Gallen 10 Apr 1973); m.Vaduz 5 Jun 1999 Matthias Claus-Just Carl Philipp von Lattorff (b.Graz 25 Mar 1968)

2g) Philipp Erasmus Alois Ferdinand Maria Sebaldus (b.Zürich 19 Aug 1946); m.Brussels 11 Sep 1971 Isabelle Fernande Ghislaine Guillemette Elisabeth de l'Arbre de Malander (b.Renaix 24 Nov 1947)

1h) Alexander (b.Basel 19 May 1972); m.Vaduz 24 Jan 2003 (rel) Salzburg 8 Feb 2003 Astrid Barbara Kohl (b.Regensburg 13 Sep 1968)

1i) Theodora Alexandra Isabella Antonia Nora Marie (b.Chêne-Bougeries, Geneva, Switzerland 20 Nov 2004)

2h) Wenzeslaus (b.Uccle 12 May 1974)

3h) Rudolf Ferdinand (b.Uccle 7 Sep 1975)

3g) Nikolaus Ferdinand Maria Josef Raphael (b.Zürich 24 Oct 1947); m.Luxemburg 20 Mar 1982 Margaretha Pss of Luxemburg, Bourbon-Parma, etc (b.Schloß Betzdorf 15 May 1957)

1h) Leopold Emmanuel, b.and d.Brussels 20 May 1984

2h) Maria Anunciata Astrid Joséphine Veronica (b.Brussels-Uccle 12 May 1985)

3h) Marie-Astrid Nora Margarita Veronica (b.Brussels-Uccle 26 Jun 1987)

4h) Josef-Emanuel Leopold Marie (b.Brussels-Uccle 7 May 1989)

4g) Norberta Elisabeth Maria Assunta Josefine Georgine et omnes sancti (b.Zürich 31 Oct 1950); m.Vaduz 10 Jun 1988 (rel) 11 Jun 1988 Don Vicente Sartorius y Cabeza de Vaca, Marques de Mariño (Madrid 30 Nov 1931-Ibiza 22 Jun 2002)

5g) Franz Josef Wenzeslaus (Wenzel) Georg Maria (Zürich 19 Nov 1962-Vaduz 28 Feb 1991)

2f) Maria Theresia Henriette Aloisia Alfreda Franziska Josepha Julie Adelheid Margarete Annunziata Elisabeth Ignatia Benedikta (Vienna 14 Jan 1908-Funchal, Madeira 30 Sep 1973); m.Vienna 9 Feb 1944 (rel) 12 Feb 1944 Artur Gf Strachwitz v.Gross-Zauche u.Camminetz (Gross-Reichenau 18 Dec 1905-Kautzen 8 Oct 1996)

3f) Karl Alfred Maria Johannes Baptista Heinrich Aloys Georg Hartmann Ignatius Benediktus Franz Joseph Rochus (Schloß Frauenthal 16 Aug 1910-Hainburg 17 Nov 1985); m.Schloß Persenbeug 17 Feb 1949 Agnes Archdss of Austria (Schloß Persenbeug 14 Dec 1928-Vienna 31 Aug 2007)

1g) Dominik Volkmar Hubert Alois Maria Josef Thaddäus Thomas Paulus Karl Ignatius Silverius (Vienna 20 Jun 1950-Vienna 20 Sep 2009); m.Spitz an der Donau 9 Oct 1980 Eva Maria Lösch (Vienna 4 Jul 1943-Vienna 24 Feb 1998)

2g) Andreas Duarte Emanuel Ulrich Benedikt Josef Maria Karl Rafael Ignatius Mathias Paulus (b.Vienna 25 Feb 1952); m.Madrid 29 Sep 1978 Silvia Prieto Figueroa (b.Madrid 2 May 1952)

3g) Gregor Heinrich Augstinus Judas Thaddäus Josef Maria Pius Paulus Antonius Stephan Salvator (b.Vienna 18 Apr 1954)

4g) Alexandra Maria Christina Aloisia Ulrike Henriette Agnes Ignatia Pia Gabriela Anastasia (Vienna 25 Dec 1955-Vienna 27 Feb 1993); m.Vienna 20 Sep 1980 (div 1988) Hans Lovrek (b.Vienna 11 Jan 1955)

5g) Maria Pia Ludovika Ulrika Elisabeth Paschaline Katharina Ignazia Lucia Johanna Josefa (b.Vienna 6 Aug 1960); m.Vienna 4 Aug 1995 Max Alexander Kothbauer (b.30 Mar 1950)

6g) Katharina Maria Christina Henriette Valerie Agnes (b.Vienna 27 Jan 1964); m.1st London 16 Nov 1991 (rel) Vienna 30 Nov 1991 (div 2002) Jeremy Kelton (b.London 21 Oct 1960); m.2d London 3 Dec 2005 Andrew Duncan Gammon (b.15 Jun 1958)

7g) Birgitta Ulrike Rosa Marie Elisabeth Aloisia Hermenegilde (b.Vienna 13 Apr 1967); m.Vaduz 18 Dec 2000 (rel) Schloß Persenbeug 30 Dec 2000 Otto Gf Jankovich-Bésán de Pribér, Vuchin et Duna-Szekcsö (b.Bad Homburg 11 Jan 1967)

4f) Georg Hartmann Maria Josef Franz de Paula Aloys Ignatius Benediktus Martin (Gross-Ullersdorf 11 Nov 1911-Vienna 18 Jan 1998); m.Altshausen 23 Sep 1948 Marie Christine Dss of Württemberg (b.Tübingen 2 Sep 1924)

1g) Margarita Maria Helene Rosa Aloisia Philippine Elisabeth Georgine Josefa Konrada Pia Ignatia (b.Vienna 1 May 1950); m.Einsiedeln, Switzerland 20 Sep 1974 Hans Peter Klien (b.Wolfurt 6 Sep 1946)

2g) Maria Assunta Elisabeth Philippine Rosa Helene Aloisia Georgine Josefa Benedikta Pia Ignatia (b.Vienna 28 Apr 1952); m.Vaduz 24 Apr 1981 (rel) Vienna 9 May 1981 Harald Link (b.Basel 12 Jan 1955)

3g) Isabelle Maria Helene Carolina Alfreda Josefa Monika Pia Georgine Hemma Henriette Ignatia (b.Vienna 17 May 1954); m.(civ) Munich 23 Feb 1976 (rel) Vienna 28 Feb 1976 Raimund Gf zu Erbach-Fürstenau (b.Heidelberg 2 Apr 1951)

4g) Christoph Alois Maria Ferdinand Josef Philipp Pius Konrad Thaddäus Ruppert Paulus Ignatius (b.Vienna 15 Jan 1958)

5g) Marie Helene Diane Rosa Elisabeth Aloysia Philippine Josefa Gabriella Pia Antonia Ignatia (b.Vienna 8 Sep 1960)

6g) Georgina Maria Agnes Philippine Elisabeth Ignatia (b.Vienna 13 Nov 1962); m.Vaduz 10 Oct 1985 (rel) Friedrichshafen 23 Nov 1985 Clemens Gf von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg (b.Munich 13 Apr 1960)

7g) Michaela Maria Henriette Ulrike Aloysia (b.Vienna 5 Jul 1969); m.Hafling 27 Sep 2008 Alexander Heuken (b.Düsseldorf 1977)

5f) Ulrich Dietmar Maria Franz Ferdinand Karl Alois Josef Ignatius Benediktus Johannes Augustinus (Groß-Ullersdorf 29 Aug 1913-Meran 13 Oct 1978)

6f) Marie Henriette Theresia Aloisa Franziska Sophie Josepha Michaela Adelheid Annunziata Elisabeth Ignatia Benedikta et omnes sancti (Vienna 6 Nov 1914-13 Oct 2011); m.Vienna 23 Aug 1943 (rel) 24 Aug 1943 Peter Gf von Eltz gt Faust von Stromberg (Vienna 28 Oct 1909-Vienna 28 Feb 1992)

7f) Aloys Heinrich Maria Franz Joseph Ferdinand Ignatius Benediktus Liberatus Marko d'Aviano (Vienna 20 Dec 1917-Kalwang, Styria 14 Feb 1967)

8f) Heinrich Hartneid Maria Franz de Paula Johann Alois Joseph Ignatius Benedictus Hilarion (Groß-Ullersdorf 1 Oct 1920-Grabs 29 Nov 1993) m.Vienna 23 Apr 1968 Amalie Gfn Podstatzky-Lichtenstein (b.Olmütz 22 May 1935)

1g) Maria Elisabeth (b.Bern 30 Jun 1969); m.Vaduz 21 May 2004 (rel) Blonay 5 Jun 2004 Gilles Rouvinez (b.Martigny 25 May 1964)

2g) Hubertus Alois (b.Bern 24 May 1971); m.2008/9 Claudia Rüegg

3g) Marie Therese Eleonore (b.Bern 29 Jan 1974)

5e) Maria Theresia Julie (Hollenegg 9 Sep 1871-Schloß Frauenthal 9 Apr 1964)

6e) Johannes Franz Alfred Maria Caspar Melchior Balthasar (Vienna 6 Jan 1873-Hollenegg 3 Sep 1959); m.Budapest 6 Sep 1906 Marie Gfn Andrássy von Czik-Szent-Király u.Krasna-Horka (Budapest 7 Dec 1886-Vienna 14 Dec 1961)

1f) Alfred Géza Johann Dionys Maria Josef (Betlér, Hungary 27 Jun 1907-Frauenthal bei Deutschlandsberg, Styria 28 Dec 1991); m.Schloß Horin 16 Apr 1932 Ludmila Pss von Lobkowicz (Rozdalovice, Bohemia 13 Aug 1908-Graz 11 Jan 1974)

1g) Maria Christina Anna Eleonore Henriette (Graz 2 Feb 1933-27 Feb 2009); m.Hollenegg 2 Jul 1960 (div 1973) Roland de Roys de Lédignan Saint Michel (b.St.Jean, Cap Ferrat 1 Oct 1934)

2g) Franz Géza Johannes Georg Thaddäus Konrad Maria (b.Graz 19 Jan 1935); m.Osteria Grande nr Bologna 14 Jun 1969 Laura Malvezzi Campeggi (Bologna 12 Jan 1941-Frauenthal 6 May 2011)

1h) Laurentia (Graz 14 Feb 1971-Graz 20 Feb 1971)

2h) Alfred Paolo (b.Graz 16 Nov 1972); m.Vaduz 27 May 2005 (rel) Castelvecchio 11 Jun 2005 Alice Stori Deserti (b.Milan 13 Jun 1978)

1i) Emilia Laura (b.Graz 11 Sep 2006)

2i) Franz Cosimo (b.Graz 9 Jan 2009)

3h) Lukas Wolfgang (b.Graz 18 Nov 1974); m.Vaduz 6 Oct 2006 (rel) Beaumont 21 Oct 2006 Nathalie Geneviève Etchart (b.St.Julien-en-Genevois 6 Sep 1972)

1i) Nora Manureva (b.Deutschlandsberg 6 Apr 2008)

4h) Livia Margherita (b.Graz 7 Apr 1977)

3g) Friedrich Emanuel Konrad Thaddäus Maria (Graz 30 Sep 1937-Riegersburg 20 Dec 2010); m.Hollenegg 8 Jan 1972 Annemarie Ortner (b.Gams bei Frauenthal 3 May 1948)

1h) Emanuel Friedrich Eugen Nikolaus (b.Graz 29 Nov 1978); m.Regensburg 4 Aug 2007 Sonja Maria Monschein (b.Regensburg 29 Jan 1982)

1i) Leopold

2h) Ulrich Constantin Wladimir Peter (b.Graz 12 Aug 1983)

4g) Anton Florian Johannes Constantin Konrad Thaddäus (b.Graz 21 Apr 1940); m.St.Stefan im Gailtal 29 Jun 1968 Rosmarie Frn Dreihann-Holenia von Sulzberg am Steinhof (b.Klagenfurt 15 Dec 1943)

1h) Ludmilla Stefanie (b.Geneva 14 Jan 1974); m.Vaduz 7 Apr 1995 (rel) St.Stefan, Gailtal 15 Jul 1995 Christoph Gf Calice (b.Vienna 30 May 1964)

2h) Georg Clemens (b.Männedorf 17 Oct 1977)

2f) Karl Emanuel Johannes Gabriel Maria Josef (Betlér 22 Oct 1908-Grabs, Switzerland 18 Oct 1987)

3f) Johannes Franz de Paula Gabriel Ildefons Felix Klemens Maria Josef (Vienna 18 May 1910-St.Gallen 22 Jan 1975); m.Mariaschein, Bohemia 16 Nov 1936 Karoline Gfn von Ledebur-Wicheln (Krzemusch 23 Mar 1912-Grabs 29 Nov 1996)

1g) Maria Eleonore Elisabeth Johanna (Mährisch-Sternberg 23 Sep 1937-Bruderholz 8 Jun 2002)

2g) Eugen Hartmann Johannes Franz Maria (b.Mährisch-Sternberg 20 Mar 1939); m.Ebenthal 27 Jul 1968 Maria Theresia Gfn von Goëß (b.Ebenthal 24 May 1945)

1h) Johannes Leopold Petrus Maria (b.St.Gallen 28 Jan 1969); m.Vaduz 12 Apr 2001 (rel) Vienna 12 May 2001 Kinga Gfn Károlyi de Nagy-Károly (b.Vienna 1 Oct 1973)

2h) Anna Theodora Maria (b.St.Gallen 28 Nov 1970); m.Moosburg 10 Jun 1993 (rel) 12 Jun 1993 Alexander Gf Kottulinsky (b.Graz 30 Sep 1967)

3h) Marie Ileana Josefa (b.Klagenfurt 20 Jul 1974); m.Vaduz 2 Jun 2000 (rel) Dellach bei Moosburg, Carinthia 10 Jun 2000 Ferdinand Gf v.u.zu Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg (b.Vienna 24 Sep 1970)

4h) Sophie Barbara Maria (b.St.Veit 16 Apr 1984)

3g) Albrecht Johannes Géza Augustinus Wilhelm Maria, took the title Frhr von Landskron 28 Jan 1971 (b.Mährisch-Sternberg 28 May 1940); m.1st Vaduz 3 Sep 1966 (div 1971) Tamara Nyman, cr Frn von Landskron 1966 (b.Suojärvi, Finland 17 Jun 1939); m.2d Las Vegas 24 Jul 1974 Marie-Thérèse (Mylena) Tullio (b.Chevilly-Larue 11 Jan 1940)

1h) Tatjana Helene Frn von Landskron (Neuilly 2 Mar 1965-Zürich 13 Jan 2001); m.1st Speicher bei St.Gallen 1989 (div) Bruno Thurnherr; m.2nd Ali Agca

2h) Albrecht Johannes Christoph Frhr von Landskron (b.Chur 2 Apr 1967)

3h) Lorenza Frn von Landskron; at her marriage she was referred to as Pss von Liechtenstein (b.Neuilly 16 Apr 1973); m.Paris 29 Feb 1996 (rel) 2 Mar 1996 (div or separated) Antonio del Balzo di Presenzano (b.Naples 21 Apr 1961)

4g) Barbara Eleonora Marie (b.Mährisch-Sternberg 9 Jul 1942); m.Paris 2 Nov 1973 Pr Alexander of Yugoslavia (b.White Lodge, Richmond, Surrey 13 Aug 1924)

4f) Constantin Franz Nikolaus Karl Heinrich Dagobert Anton von Padua Ildefons Maria (Vienna 23 Dec 1911-Grabs 28 Mar 2001); m.1st Vienna 18 Mar 1941 (rel) 19 Mar 1941 Maria Elisabeth von Leutzendorff (Branek 23 May 1921-k.in air raid at Vienna 10 Sep 1944); m.2d Vaduz (civ) 21 Dec 1976 (rel) 10 Jan 1977 Helene Gfn Esterházy von Galántha (b.Sárosd 17 May 1921)

1g) Monica Maria Theresia Elisabeth (b.Vienna 8 Apr 1942); m.Rio de Janeiro 25 Nov 1960 (div 1969) André Franz Jordan (b.Lemberg, Poland 10 Sep 1933)

7e) Alfred Roman (Vienna 6 Apr 1875-Waldstein bei Peggau, Styria 25 Oct 1930); m.Munich 19 Feb 1912 Theresia Maria Pss zu Oettingen-Oettingen u.Oettingen-Wallerstein (Munich 1 Jun 1887-Waldstein 29 May 1971)

1f) Maria Benedikta Henriette Therese Gabriele Angela Ildefonsa (Munich 21 Mar 1913-Graz 10 Jan 1992)

2f) Johann Baptist Moritz (Hans-Moritz) Heinrich Alfred Ildefons Benedikt Maria Josef (Waldstein bei Peggau 6 Aug 1914-Tulln 3 Feb 2004); m.(civ) Burgweinting bei Regensburg 1 Nov 1944 (rel) Regensburg 7 Nov 1944 Clotilde Pss von Thurn u.Taxis (Regensburg 30 Nov 1922-Heidenheim an der Brenz 1 Sep 2009)

1g) Diemut Margarete Maria Benedicta Anna (b.Vienna 1 Apr 1949); m.(civ) Vaduz 29 Jun 1982 (rel) Heiligenkreuz, Lower Austria 17 Jul 1982 Ulrich Köstlin (b.Stuttgart 31 Dec 1952)

2g) Gundakar Albert Alfred Petrus (b.Vienna 1 Apr 1949); m.(civ) Dreux 22 Jul 1989 (rel) Friedrichshafen 29 Jul 1989 Pss Marie d'Orléans (b.3 Jan 1959)

1h) Leopoldine Eleonore Therese Marie (b.Vienna 27 Jun 1990)

2h) Marie Immaculee Elisabeth Rose Adelgunde (b.Vienna 15 Dec 1991)

3h) Johann Wenzel Karl Emmeran Bonifatius Maria (b.Vienna 16 Mar 1993)

4h) Margarete Franziska Daria Wilhelmine Marie (b.Vienna 10 Jan 1995)

5h) Gabriel Karl Bonaventura Alfred Valerian Maria (b.Vienna 6 May 1998)

3g) Alfred Heinrich Michael Benedikt Maria (b.Vienna 17 Sep 1951); m.Vaduz 22 Mar 2002 (rel) Schloß Waldstein 6 Apr 2002 Raffaella Ida Sangiorgi (b.Tlemcen, Algeria 12 Dec 1966)

4g) Adelgunde Maria Anna Therese Mafalda Eleonore (b.Vienna 10 Aug 1953)

5g) Karl Emmeran Duarte Johannes Theobald Benedikt (Regensburg 1 Jul 1955)

6g) Maria Eleonore Bernadette Hildegard (b.Vienna 14 Nov 1958)

7g) Hugo Karl August (b.Vienna 20 Feb 1964); m.Neresheim 11 Jul 1998 (div) Anabella Ohlmeier (b.Hamburg 9 Jun 1971)

1h) Maria Aurelia Margarethe Antonia Angela Clotilde, b.Munich 7 Oct 1998

3f) Heinrich Karl Vincenz Maria Benediktus Justinus (Graz 5 Aug 1916-Graz 17 Apr 1991); m.Lignières 12 Sep 1949 Elisabeth, Archdss of Austria (El Pardo 31 May 1922-Graz 7 Jan 1993)

1g) Vincenz Karl Alfred Maria Michael et omnes sancti (Graz 30 Jul 1950-13 Jan 2008); m.1st Paris (civ) 5 Mar 1981 (rel) 7 Mar 1981 (div 1991) Hélène Herminie Marie Hyacinthe de Cossé-Brissac (b.Neuilly-sur-Seine 26 Sep 1960); m.2d Vaduz 20 May 1999 (rel) Venice 19 Jun 1999 Roberta Valeri Manera (b.Milan 12 Feb 1953)

1h) Adelheid Marie Beatrice Zita (b.Vienna 25 Nov 1981); m.31 Jan 2009 Dominik Cornelius Valentin Gerold Eugene Gf Coundenhove-Kalergi (b.London 7 Oct 1973)

2h) Hedwig Maria Beatrice Hermine (b.Vienna 28 Nov 1982); m.Schloß Waldstein 10 May 2008 Cte Olivier Edouard Jean de Quélen (b.Paris 25 Apr 1980)

2g) Michael Karl Alfred Maria Felix Moritz et omnes sancti (b.Graz 10 Oct 1951); m.(civ) Vaduz 31 Jan 1986 (rel) Baden-Baden 8 Feb 1986 Hildegard Berta Peters (b.Mannheim 12 Feb 1948)

1h) Therese Maria (b.Munich 22 Feb 1987)

2h) Gisela Maria (b.Feldkirch 26 Jun 1990)

3g) Charlotte Maria Benedikte Eleonore Adelheid et omnes sancti (b.Graz 3 Jul 1953); m.Waldstein 31 Aug 1979 Pieter van der Byl (Cape Town 11 Nov 1923-Fairfield, So Africa 15 Nov 1999)

4g) Christof Karl Alfred Maria Michael Hugo Ignatius et omnes sancti (b.Graz 11 Apr 1956)

5g) Karl Maria Alfred Michael Georg et omnes sancti (b.Graz 31 Aug 1957)

4f) Eleonore Henriette Maria Josefa Germana Ildefonsa (Waldstein 28 May 1920-Graz 30 May 2008)

8e) Heinrich Aloys Maria Josef (Hollenegg 21 Jun 1877-k.a.Warsaw 16 Aug 1915)

9e) Karl Aloys (Frauenthal 16 Sep 1878-Frauenthal 20 Jun 1955); m.(civ) Stuttgart 31 Mar 1921 (rel) Tegernsee 5 Apr 1921 Elisabeth Pss von Urach Gfn von Württemberg (Schloß Lichtenstein 23 Aug 1894-Frauenthal 13 Oct 1962)

1f) Wilhelm Alfred Heinrich Karl Theodor Otto Gero Maria Josef; he renounced his title 11 Jul 1950 and took the title Graf von Hohenau; he was restored to his titles 28 Oct 1980 (Frauenthal 29 May 1922-Vienna 27 Nov 2006); m.Kitzbühel (civ) 19 Aug (rel) 21 Aug 1950 Emma von Gutmannsthal-Benvenuti (Rain bei Klagenfurt 14 May 1926-Vienna 31 Aug 1984)

1g) Felix Karl Wilhelm Otto Leopold Maria Gf von Hohenau (b.Graz 22 May 1951)

2g) Benedikt Ulrich Edmund Vinzenz Josef Maria Gf von Hohenau (b.Vienna 22 Jan 1953); m.Vienna 22 Sep 1988 Maria Schoisswohl (b.St.Pölten 23 Nov 1958)

3g) Maria Theresia Hemma Elisabeth Felicia Josefa Regina Pss von und zu Liechtenstein (Graz 30 Dec 1953-18 Aug 2011); m.(civ) Kensington 25 Jul 1978 (rel) Vienna 23 Sep 1978 Aurel Edward Dessewffy de Csernek et Tarkö (b.Greta, NSW, Australia 8 Apr 1950)

4g) Stefan Alois Rupert Barnabas Karl Maria Gf von Hohenau, took the surname Heildborgh 16 Jan 1989 (b.Graz 11 Jun 1957); m.Spitz, Austria 25 Aug 1988 (div 1991) Andrea von Kloss (b.Vienna 24 Dec 1958)

5g) Heinrich Christoph Felix Paul Wilhelm Maria Pr von und zu Liechtenstein (b.Graz 20 Nov 1964)

2f) Maria Josepha Henriette Amelie Florestine Zita Franziska Therese Carola Valerie Elisabeth Ludovika (Hollenegg 6 Jul 1923-Marienfeld, Lower Austria 5 May 2005)

3f) Franziska de Paula Henriette Marie Amelie Mechthildis Benedikta Petra de Alcantara (Hollenegg 14 Jun 1930-Keulen 23 Apr 2006); m.Menden 9 Apr 1965 (rel) Hollenegg 29 May 1965 Rochus Gf von Spee (Borken 25 Oct 1925-Köln 30 Aug 1981)

4f) Wolfgang Johannes Baptist Johannes Evangelist Ildefons Franz de Paula Josef Maria (b.Graz 25 Dec 1934); m.(civ) Wang 12 Jul 1970 (rel) Isareck 18 Jul 1970 Gabriele Gfn Basselet de la Rosée (b.Isareck 11 Mar 1949)

1g) Stephanie Elisabeth Eleonore Maria (b.Salzburg 12 Apr 1976)

2g) Leopold Franz Karl Maria (b.Salzburg 21 May 1978); m.Hollenegg 18 Jun 2011 Barbara Wichart

10e) Georg Hartmann Josef Maria Mathäus (Vienna 22 Feb 1880-Hollenegg 14 Apr 1931)

2d) Josefina Marie Juliane (Vienna 22 Apr 1844-Vienna 10 Oct 1854)

3d) Aloys Franz de Paula Maria (Vienna 19 Nov 1846-Vienna 25 Mar 1920); m.1st London 27 Jun 1872 Marie "Mary" Henriette Adelaide Fox (Paris 21 Dec 1850-Schloß Burgstall 26 Dec 1878); m.2d Vienna 20 May 1890 Johanna Elisabeth Maria von Klinkosch (Vienna 13 Aug 1849-Baden nr Vienna 31 Jan 1925)

1e) Sophie Maria Josepha (Berlin 29 Mar 1873-Graz 2 Mar 1947); m.Graz 31 Jul 1897 Franz Ürményi d'Ürmény (Ürmény 14 Jan 1863-Baden nr Vienna 20 Feb 1934)

2e) Julie Margarethe Maria (Schloß Burgstall 20 Jul 1874-Mayerling 3 Jul 1950)

3e) Henriette Maria Josefa (Schloß Burgstall 6 Jul 1875-Pertelstein 21 Apr 1958)

4e) Marie Johanna Franziska (Schloß Burgstall 21 Aug 1877-Vienna 11 Jan 1939); m.Vienna 7 Jun 1902 Franz Gf von Meran (Graz 5 Oct 1868-Bad Aussee 10 Nov 1949)

4d) Heinrich Karl August (Budapest 6 Nov 1853-Vienna 15 Feb 1914)

6c) Karl Borromäus Johann Nepomuk Anton (Vienna 14 Jun 1803-Ischl 12 Oct 1871); m.Graz 10 Sep 1832 Rosalie d'Hemricourt Gfn von Grünne (Vienna 3 Mar 1805-Freiwaldau 20 Apr 1841)

1d) Rudolf (Graz 28 Dec 1833-Burg Pienzenau 23 May 1888); m.1st Vienna 28 May 1859 (div 1877) Klara Gfn Sermage de Szomszédvár (Vienna 19 Sep 1836-Munich 8 Apr 1909); m.2d Klausenburg [Kluj, Romania] 8 Oct 1877 Marie Therese Hedwig Perzel [Stein?] (Liegnitz ca 1846-Wiesbaden 17 May 1921)

1e) Klara Maria Carolina Rudolfina (Vienna 27 Jan 1861-Vienna 8 Nov 1861)

2d) Philipp Karl Alexander (Graz 17 Jul 1837-Vienna 15 Mar 1901); m.1st 12 May 1862 Marianna Ctsa Marcolini-Ferretti (ca 1845-Gut Klenovnik nr Varzadin, Croatia 7 Jun 1864); m.2d Budapest 25 Mar 1879 Franziska Chalupatzky, by adoption Todesco (Vienna 21 Aug 1843-Bad Ischl 1 Oct 1921)

1e) Karl Joseph Camillo Philipp Maria (Gut Klenovnik 27 Sep 1862-Neulengbach 24 Feb 1893)

2e) Joseph Philipp (b.and d.Gut Klenovnik 22 Aug 1863)

3d) Albertine Josepha Antonia (Graz 29 Jun 1838-Vienna 25 Apr 1844)

7c) Klothilda Leopoldina Josepha (Vienna 19 Aug 1804-Vienna 27 Jan 1807)

8c) Henriette (Vienna 1 Apr 1806-Ischl 15 Jun 1886); m.Vienna 1 Oct 1825 Joseph Gf Hunyady von Kethély (Vienna 13 Jan 1801-Vienna 9 Mar 1869)

9c) Friedrich Adalbert (Vienna 22 Sep 1807-Vienna 1 May 1885); m.Schloß Rosegg 15 Sep 1848 Johanna Sophie Christiane Löwe (Oldenburg 24 May 1815-Buda 28 Nov 1866)

10c) Eduard Franz Ludwig (Vienna 22 Feb 1809-Karlsbad 27 Jun 1864); m.Chorostków 15 Oct 1839 Honoria Gfn Choloniewska (Ochlopów 1 Aug 1813-Brünn 1 Sep 1869)

1d) Maria Johann Aloys (Lemberg 25 Jun 1840-Güns 29 Mar 1885); m.Preßburg 26 Nov 1870 Anna Gfn von Degenfeld-Schonburg (Ramholz 13 May 1849-Schwarzach im Pongau 17 Sep 1933)

1e) Friedrich Aloys Johannes Maria (Arad 12 Sep 1871-Rosegg 10 Oct 1959); m.Vienna 14 Oct 1897 Maria Gfn Apponyi de Nagy-Appony (Vienna 24 May 1877-Rosegg 24 Nov 1956)

1f) Aloys Géza Georg Hubert Maria (Vienna 18 Jun 1898-k.a.Buzowka, Russia 19 Feb 1943); m.(civ) Villach 6 Oct 1938 (rel) Würzburg 20 Oct 1938 Hertha-Maria Gfn Wolfskeel von Reichenberg (b.Würzburg 31 Aug 1919)

1g) Luitpold Rudolf Georg Hubertus (b.Würzburg 11 Apr 1940); m.1st Salzburg 22 Nov 1969 (div 1997) Ulrike Gfn von Habsburg (b.Salzburg 29 Dec 1945); m.2nd Griffen 27 Nov 1998 Edith Pelchen (b.26 Jan 1946)

1h) Friedrich Alois Ottmar Heinrich Ferdinand Alfred Maria (Judenburg 18 Oct 1970-Leoben 24 Oct 1970)

2h) Carl Georg Alois Maria (b.Graz 19 Sep 1978)

2g) Maria-Gabrielle (b.Wurzburg 7 Sep 1942); m.Baden nr Vienna 1 Aug 1968 (rel) 2 Aug 1968 Alfons Matthias Brandis (Baden nr Vienna 19 Jul 1922-Salzburg 28 Mar 2001)

2f) Andrea Maria Anna (Vienna 18 Jun 1898-Salzburg 6 Apr 1944); m.Högyész, Hungary 14 Apr 1921 Peter Gf von Ueberacker (Aigen 21 Oct 1895-Weyregg am Attersee 22 Jun 1961)

3f) Alfred Joseph Karl Maria (Preßburg 6 Jun 1900-Klagenfurt 29 Mar 1972); m.Ungarschitz 24 Jun 1928 Polixena Gfn von Collalto und San Salvatore (Teschendorf 16 Oct 1905-Conegliano, Treviso 11 Aug 1984)

1g) Alexander Friedrich Manfred Maria (b.Vienna 14 May 1929); m.Bronnbach an der Tauber 27 Dec 1960 (rel) 7 Jan 1961 Josephine Pss zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (b.Bronnbach 17 May 1937)

1h) Christian Alfred Carl Manfred Alexander Joseph Maria (b.Klagenfurt 14 Nov 1961); m.(civ) Vaduz 10 Mar 1989 (rel) Maria-Thann 20 May 1989 Marie-Christine Gfn von Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems (b.Ravensburg 2 Jul 1962)

1i) Carolina Maria Josepha Florentine (b.Villach 3 Jun 1990)

2i) Augustinus Maria Alfons Emanuel (b.Basel 20 May 1992)

3i) Johannes Maria Nikolaus Antonius (b.Bern 3 Jul 1995)

4i) Ludmilla Maria Christina Clara (b.Villach 19 Jun 2001)

2h) Stefan Carl Manfred Alfred Alexander Joseph Maria (b.Klagenfurt 14 Nov 1961); m.Vienna 18 Jun 1988 Florentine Gfn von Thun und Hohenstein (b.Vienna 1 Jan 1963)

1i) Lukas Romedio Alexander Alfred Antonius Stephan Maria (b.Zürich 27 Apr 1990)

2i) Konrad Emanuel Josef Michael Franziskus Stephan Maria (b.Frankfurt 15 Feb 1992)

3i) Anna Maria Carolina Christine Sophia Florentine Clara (b.Frankfurt 24 Aug 1994)

4i) Rita Maria Thérèse Alexandra Bettina Marguerite Florentine (b.Klagenfurt 27 Mar 1999)

3h) Emanuel Alexander Pius Friedrich Joseph Franz Maria (b.Klagenfurt 5 May 1964); m.Csicsó [Cicov] 27 May 1995 Alexandra Gfn Kálnoky de Köröspatak (b.Bruck 9 Jun 1966)

1i) Polixena Marie Benedikta Florentine Alexandra Emanuel (b.Klagenfurt 12 Oct 1996)

2i) Josef Maria Alexander Edoardo Ferdinand Emanuel (b.Klagenfurt 15 Dec 1998)

3i) Ilona Maria Josefa Christiana Alexandra Emanuel (b.Villach 20 Jul 2001)

2g) Elisabeth Franziska Anna Thekla Maria Therese Manfreda Leopoldine Juliana Antonia (b.Vienna 17 Jan 1932); m.Rosegg 31 Oct 1964 Ricardo Barone Winspeare Guicciardi (Naples 17 Oct 1912-Depresse, Lecce 15 Jan 2002)

3g) Franz de Paula Alfred Johannes Manfred Maria Theodor et omnes sancti (Vienna 1 Nov 1935-Villach 25 Mar 1987)

4f) Alexander Maria (Göding 20 Sep 1901-Schloß Liechtenstein bei Judenburg 9 Jan 1926)

5f) Aloysia Emanuela Maria (Vienna 23 Jan 1904-Viktring 18 Jul 1993); m.Rosegg 17 Aug 1929 Joseph Ritter von Miller zu Aichholz (Triest 28 May 1897-Klagenfurt 30 Dec 1976)

2e) Eduard Viktor Maria (Laibach 2 Sep 1872-Monte Carlo 8 Mar 1951); m.Wischenau 31 Aug 1898 Olga Gfn von Pückler und Limpurg (Stuttgart 11 Apr 1873-Salzburg 14 Feb 1966)

1f) Johannes Baptist Alois Ferdinand Lucas Anton Josef Maria (Salzburg 18 Oct 1899-Honolulu 5 Nov 1979); m.1st (morganatically) London 29 Jul 1931 (div 1943) Aleene McFarland (Parker County, Texas 25 Jan 1902-Lubbock, Texas 10 Mar 1983; m.2d (morganatically) St.Johns, Arizona 27 Aug 1945 Jean Ann French (Des Moines 12 Oct 1917-Honolulu 28 Jul 2005)

2f) Ferdinand Alois Andreas Josef Anton Maria (Salzburg 18 Jan 1901-Neuilly-sur-Seine 7 Jul 1981); m.1st (morganatically) London 14 Jan 1925 (div 1934) Sheila (Shelagh) Salome Houston Brunner, cr Gfn von Rietberg 5 Dec 1951 (Winnington, Cheshire 6 Feb 1900-Cambridge 6 Nov 1983); m.2d Stockholm 7 Sep 1940 (div by 1948) Brita Christina Nordenskiold (Stockholm 8 Oct 1919-Kristianstad 9 Jun 1971); m.3d East Hampton, New York 21 Aug 1950 (div) Dorothy Haydel (St.Louis, Missouri 29 May 1893-Kitzbühel 11 Apr 1961); m.4th Sucy-en-Brie 19 Dec 1968 Georgette Marie Gérardine Ansay, cr 31 Aug 1975 Pss von und zu Liechtenstein (Lille 8 Sep 1916-Boulogne 5 Nov 2003)

1g) Christopher Richard Francis Gf von Rietberg (London 8 May 1926-Salisbury 15 Nov 2005); m.Nyack, New York 17 Sep 1955 Kathleen Hamilton Mahan (New York 5 Oct 1930-London 6 Nov 1982)

1h) Gabrielle Kathleen Gfn von Rietberg (b.Cambridge 13 Jan 1957); m.Southwark 30 Nov 2000 Paul Anthony Lucas (b.Burnley, Lancs 10 Jul 1966)

2h) Mark Andreas Gf von Rietberg (b.30 Jun 1959); m.Fulham Palace, London 3 Aug 2002 Rachel Catherine McLaren (b.Guildford, Surrey 27 Feb 1972)

1i) Brooke Kathleen Gfn von Rietberg, b.London 18 Apr 2004

2i) Rowan Christopher Gf von Rietberg, b.Kingston-upon-Thames 19 Jun 2006

2g) Ethel Elisabeth Olga Mary Gfn von Rietberg (Soos, Lower Austria 11 Sep 1928-Harrogate 14 Nov 1999); m.1st Cambridge 16 Mar 1953 (div 1961) Klaus Bruno von Brehm (Vienna 27 Oct 1925-10 Jun 2009); m.2d 16 Apr 1968 Richard Douglas Loftus Onslow (Nakuru, Kenya 11 Jan 1928-Harrogate 22 Oct 2005)

3g) Johannes (Hanno) Eduard Bengt Henrik Andreas Maria (Helsingborg 3 Nov 1941-Stockholm 20 Aug 2003); m.Danderyd 11 May 1968 (rel) Stockholm 11 May 1974 Kerstin Lundberg, cr 11 May 1974 Pss von und zu Liechtenstein (b.Stockholm 16 Jun 1939)

1h) Jan Andreas (b.Danderyd, Sweden 21 Aug 1968); m.Vaduz 4 Aug 2000 (rel) Stockholm 12 Aug 2000 Lena Johansson (b.Borg 19 May 1969)

1i) Viktor Oskar Hanno Andreas (b.Sweden 13 Feb 2004)

2i) Tyra Wiola Josefin Lucia Filippini (b.Stockholm 15 Nov 2005)

2h) Max Peder (b.Solna, Sweden 21 Feb 1972); m.Stockholm 30 May 2003 Jaana Tuulikki Pietilä (b.Kannus, Finland 8 Aug 1971)

3f) Ludovika Karoline Sidonie Helene Anna-Maria Assumpta (Salzburg 18 Aug 1902-Salzburg 19 Jan 1903)

4f) Eduarda (Edina) Anna Maria Theresia (Salzburg 16 Oct 1903-Salzburg 13 Jul 2001); m.1st Vienna 12 Jul 1922 Viktor Gf von und zu Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg (Saint-Jean 16 Feb 1895-Hallein 3 Aug 1969); m.2d Maria-Kirchenthal 20 Aug 1975 Alexander Gf zu Pappenheim (Iszka Szent-György 3 Mar 1905-Salzburg 6 Apr 1995)

5f) Marie Gabrielle Olga Anna (Vienna 2 May 1905-Geneva 5 Mar 1999); m.1st Vienna 23 Jun 1925 Franz Gf von Kesselstatt (Grundlsee 17 Jul 1894-Darmstadt 2 Sep 1938); m.2d Föhren 20 Oct 1951 (div 1954) Harrison Day Blair (Sterling, Colorado 18 Nov 1901-New York 27 Feb 1981.

6f) Louisanne Marie (Schloß Lichtenstein nr Judenburg 8 Nov 1907-Münster 16 Apr 1994); m.Alfter 22 Sep 1943 Maximilian Gf von Galen (Beversunderen 30 Apr 1892-Hiltrup 13 Feb 1960)

2d) Maria Josepha Cölestine Melanie Sophie (25 Feb 1844-Cracow 8 Jan 1858)

11c) August (Vienna 22 Apr 1810-Vienna 27 May 1824)

12c) Ida Leopoldine Sophie Marie Josephine Franziska (Eisgrub 12 Sep 1811-Vienna 27 Jun 1884); m.Vienna 30 Jul 1832 Karl Fst Paar (Brieg 6 Jan 1806-Vienna 17 Jan 1881)

13c) Rudolf Maria Franz Placidus (Vienna 5 Oct 1816-Vicenza 19 Jun 1848)

7b) Philipp Joseph Aloys Martinianus (Vienna 2 Jul 1762-Vienna 18 May 1802)

8b) Maria Josepha Hermenegilde (Vienna 13 Apr 1768-Hütteldorf 8 Aug 1845); m.Vienna 15 Sep 1783 Nikolaus Fst Esterházy von Galántha (Vienna 12 Dec 1765-Como 24 Nov 1833)

2a) Karl (Karl Borromäus) Michael Joseph (Vienna 29 Sep 1730-Vienna 21 Feb 1789); m.Vienna 30 Mar 1761 Marie Eleonore Pss zu Oettingen-Oettingen u.Oettingen-Spielberg (Oettingen 7 Jul 1745-Vienna 26 Nov 1812)

1b) Maria Josepha Eleonore Nicolaus (Vienna 4 Dec 1763-Vienna 23 Sep 1833); m.Vienna 29 Jan 1782 Johann Nepomuck Gf von Harrach zu Rohrau u.Thannhausen (Vienna 17 May 1756-Vienna 11 Apr 1829)

2b) Karl Joseph Emanuel Albinus (Vienna 2 Mar 1765-k.in duel Vienna 24 Dec 1795); m.Vienna 28 Sep 1789 Marianne Josepha Gfn von Khevenhüller-Metsch (Vienna 19 Nov 1770-Vienna 10 Aug 1849)

1c) Karl Joseph Franz Xaver Johannes Capistranus (Vienna 23 Oct 1790-Vienna 7 Apr 1865); m.Vienna 21 Aug 1819 Franziska Gfn von Wrbna-Freudenthal (Vienna 8 Dec 1799-Schloß Dornau 6 Jul 1863)

1d) Anna Theresia Franziska Ludovika Josepha Caroline (Vienna 25 Aug 1820-Vienna 17 Mar 1908); m.17 Jul 1841 Ferdinand Fst von und zu Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg (Vienna 11 Jun 1803-Vienna 31 Mar 1859)

2d) Theresia Marianna Franziska Caroline Thaddäa (Vienna 28 Oct 1822-Milan 4 Nov 1824)

3d) Maria Eleonora Josepha Franziska Marianne (Vienna 1 Oct 1825-Großwardein 3 May 1827)

4d) Karl Rudolf Fst zu Liechtenstein, Karlischer Linie 18 Apr 1861 (Großwardein 19 Apr 1827-Vienna 16 Jan 1899)

5d) Maria Anna Josepha Carolina Franziska Theresia Agnatia (Vienna 30 Jul 1828-Vienna 15 Feb 1830)

6d) Maria Elisabeth Caroline Franziska Stanislausa (Vienna 13 Nov 1832-Vienna 14 Mar 1894); m.Vienna 12 Jun 1858 Hugo Fst u.Altgf zu Salm-Reifferscheidt-Raitz (Prague 9 Nov 1832-Vienna 12 May 1890)

7d) Franziska Xaveria Marianna Elisabeth Wolfganga (Vienna 30 Oct 1833-Schloß Hacking, Vienna 5 Jun 1894); m.Vienna 14 Aug 1865 Joseph Pr and Duke von Arenberg (Enghien 8 Aug 1833-Schloß Hacking 3 Oct 1896)

8d) Maria Josepha Elisabeth Theresia Karolina Januaria (Vienna 19 Sep 1835-Winarz 11 Jun 1905); m.Vienna 5 Apr 1856 Ferdinand Bonaventura Fst Kinsky von Wchinitz u.Tettau (Vienna 22 Oct 1834-Hermanmestetz 2 Jan 1904)

9d) Rudolf Eugen Cresantius Ferdinand Karl Fst zu Liechtenstein, Karlischer Linie (Vienna 18 Apr 1838-Mährisch-Kromau 15 Dec 1908)

2c) Leopold Carl Joseph Willibald (Vienna 7 Jul 1792-Prague 20 Oct 1800)

3c) Maria Eleonore Josepha Theresia Anna Agnes (Vienna 21 Jan 1795-Vienna 1 May 1795)

3b) Joseph Wenzel Franz Anastasius (Vienna 21 Aug 1767-Vienna 30 Jul 1842)

4b) Emanuel Joseph Kaspar Melchior Balthasar (Vienna 6 Jan 1770-Vienna 20 Feb 1773)

5b) Moritz Joseph Johann Baptist Viktor (Vienna 21 Jul 1775-Vienna 24 Mar 1819); m.Eisenstadt 13 Apr 1806 Marie Leopoldine Pss Esterházy von Galántha (Vienna 31 Jan 1788-Liebeschitz 6 Sep 1846)

1c) Nikolaus Paul Joseph Gabriel Moritz Karl Franz Zolestin (Vienna 6 Apr 1807-Vienna 8 May 1808)

2c) Maria Aloisia Leopoldine Eleonora Gabriela Josepha (Vienna 31 Dec 1808-Vienna 24 May 1871); m.Vienna 9 Sep 1826 Ferdinand Joseph Fst von Lobkowitz (Oberhellabrunn 13 Apr 1797-Vienna 18 Dec 1868)

3c) Moritz (Aug/Sep 1810-Hütteldorf 6 Jun 1811)

4c) Maria Eleonora Josepha Emanuele Karoline Gabriele Franziska (Vienna 26 Dec 1812-Wittingau 27 Jul 1873); m.Vienna 23 May 1830 Johann Adolf Fst zu Schwarzenberg (Vienna 22 May 1799-Frauenberg 15 Sep 1888)

5c) Maria Leopoldine Carolina Francisca Patrizia Eleonora Josepha (Vienna 4 Nov 1815-Frischau 8 Sep 1899); m.Vienna 6 May 1837 Ludwig Pr von Lobkowitz (Vienna 30 Nov 1807-Groß-Meseritsch 3 Sep 1882)

 6b) Franz de Paula Joseph Alois Crispin (Vienna 26 Oct 1776-d.Brussels 27 Jun 1794 of wounds received in battle on 23 June)

7b) Aloys Gonzaga Joseph Franz de Paula Theodor (Vienna 1 Apr 1780-Prague 4 Nov 1833)

3a) Philipp Joseph Franz Maria (Vienna 8 Sep 1731-k.a.Prague 6 May 1757)

4a) Emanuel Joseph Bartholomäus Antonis (Vienna 24 Aug 1732-Vienna 20 Dec 1738)

5a) Johann Joseph Simplicius (Vienna 2 Mar 1734-Vienna 18 Feb 1781)

6a) Anton Joseph Johannes Achatius (Vienna 22 Jun 1735-Vienna 6 May 1737)

7a) Joseph Wenzel Ladislaus (Vienna 28 Jun 1736-Vienna 20 Mar 1739)

8a) Maria Amalia Susanna (Vienna 11 Aug 1737-Milan 20 Oct 1787); m.Vienna 25 Feb 1754 Siegmund Fst von Khevenhüller-Metsch (Vienna 23 Feb 1732-Klagenfurt 15 Jun 1801)

9a) Maria Anna Theresia (Vienna 15 Oct 1738-Vienna 29 May 1814); m.Mährisch-Kromau 23 May 1754 Emanuel Philibert Gf von Waldstein (Vienna 2 Feb 1731-Trebitsch 22 May 1775)

10a) Franziska Xaveria Maria (Vienna 27 Nov 1739-Vienna 17 May 1821); m.Feldsberg 6 Aug 1755 Charles Joseph Lamoral Fst von Ligne (Brussels 23 May 1735-Vienna 13 Dec 1814)

11a) Maria Christina Anna (Vienna 1 Sep 1741-Vienna 30 Apr 1819); m.Vienna 18 May 1761 Franz Ferdinand Gf Kinsky von Wchinitz u.Tettau (Vienna 8 Dec 1738-7 Apr 1806)

12a) Maria Theresia Anna (Vienna 1 Sep 1741-Vienna 30 Jun 1766); m.Vienna 24 Apr 1763 Karl Hieronymus Gf Pálffy ab Erdöd (Vienna 1 Oct 1735-Vienna 25 May 1816)

13a) Josef Leopold Sebastian Emanuel (Vienna 21 Jan 1743-Gaya 31 Dec 1771)

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