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Kingdom of the French
Royaume des Français
House of Bourbon-Orleans
The July Monarchy (French: la monarchie de Juillet), officially the Kingdom of the French (French: Royaume des Français), was a period of liberal constitutional monarchy in France under King Louis-Philippe starting with the July Revolution (or Three Glorious Days) of 1830 and ending with the Revolution of 1848. It began with the overthrow of the conservative government of Charles X and his senior line of the House of Bourbon. Louis-Philippe, a member of the traditionally more liberal Orléans branch of the House of Bourbon, proclaimed himself roi des Français ("King of the French") rather than roi de France ("King of France"), emphasizing the popular origins of his reign. The new regime's ideal was explicated by Louis-Philippe's famous statement in January 1831: "We will attempt to remain in a juste milieu (the just middle), in an equal distance from the excesses of popular power and the abuses of royal power. 
The Family Titles and Styles
The members of the Orléanist branch who are not products of morganatic marriages have been accorded the title of Prince or Princess d'Orléans, together with the formal appellation of His or Her Royal Highness, unless other titles are shown and the children of the head and the heir apparent of that line have now been accorded the title Prince or Princess of France together with the formal appellation of His or Her Royal Highness.
The Genealogy of the Royal House  
Louis Philippe, Duc d'Orléans, assumed the throne as LOUIS PHILIPPE, King of the French, after his distant cousin, King Charles X, was ousted in 1830; he himself was ousted during the revolutions of 1848; he was b.at the Palais Royal 6 Oct 1773 and d.at Claremont House, Surrey 26 Aug 1850; m.at Palermo 25 Nov 1809 Maria Amelia Pss of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (Caserta 26 Apr 1782-Claremont House 24 Mar 1866)
1g) Ferdinand Philippe Louis Charles Henri Rosolin, Duc d'Orléans (Palermo 3 Sep 1810-Sablonville 13 Jul 1842); m.Fontainebleau 30 May 1837 Hélène Dss of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (Ludwigslust 24 Jan 1814-Richmond, Surrey 18 May 1858)
1h) Louis Philippe Albert Cte de Paris (Palais de Tuileries 24 Aug 1838-Stowe House, Bucks 8 Sep 1894); m.Kingston-on-Thames 30 May 1864 Maria Isabella Infanta of Spain (1848-1919; below)
1i) Marie Amélie Louise Hélène (York House 28 Sep 1865-Versailles 25 Oct 1951); m.Lisbon 22 May 1886 King Carlos I of Portugal (Lisbon 28 Sep 1863-Lisbon 1 Feb 1908)
2i) Louis Philippe Robert Duc d'Orléans (York House, Twickenham 6 Feb 1869-Palermo 28 Mar 1926); m.Vienna 5 Nov 1896 Maria Dorothea Archdss of Austria (Alcsút 14 Jun 1867-Alcsút 6 Apr 1932)
3i) Hélène Louise Henriette (York House 13 Jun 1871-Castellamare di Stabia 21 Jan 1951); m.1st Kingston-on-Thames 25 Jun 1895 Emanuele Filiberto Pr of Savoy, Duke of Aosta (Genoa 13 Jan 1869-Turin 4 Jul 1931); m.2d Capodimonte Oct 1936 Oddone Campini

4i) Charles (Paris 25 Jan 1875-Paris 7 Jun 1875)
5i) Isabelle Marie Laure Mercédès Ferdinande (Château d'Eu 7 May 1878-Larache, Morocco 21 Apr 1961); m.Twickenham 30 Oct 1899 Pr Jean d'Orléans, Duc de Guise (1874-1940; below)

6i) Jacques Marie Antoine Clément (Château d'Eu 5 Apr 1880-Château d'Eu 22 Jan 1881)

7i) Louise Françoise Marie Laure (Cannes 24 Feb 1882-Seville 18 Apr 1958); m.Wood Norton, Norfolk 16 Nov 1907 Carlo Pr of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Infant of Spain (Gries 10 Nov 1870-Seville 11 Nov 1949)

8i) Ferdinand François Philippe Marie Laurent Duc de Montpensier (Château d'Eu 9 Sep 1884-Château de Randan 30 Jan 1924); m.Château de Randan 20 Aug 1921 Doña Maria Isabel González de Olañeta y Ibarreta Marquesa de Valdeterrazo (Madrid 22 Apr 1895-Madrid 11 Jul 1958)
2h) Robert Philippe Louis Eugène Ferdinand, Duc de Chartres (Palais de Tuileries 9 Nov 1840-Château de St.Firmin 5 Dec 1910); m.Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey 11 Jun 1863 Françoise Pss d'Orléans (Neuilly-sur-Seine 4 Aug 1844-Château de St.Firmin 28 Oct 1925; below)

1i) Marie Amélie Françoise Hélène (Morgan House, nr Richmond, Surrey 13 Jan 1865-Copenhagen 4 Dec 1909); m.Château d'Eu 22 Oct 1885 Valdemar Pr of Denmark (Bernstorff 27 Oct 1858-Copenhagen 14 Jan 1939)

2i) Robert Louis Philippe Ferdinand François Marie (Morgan House 10 Jan 1866-Château de St.Firmin 30 May 1885)

3i) Henri Philippe Marie (Morgan House 15 Oct 1867-Saigon 9 Aug 1901)

4i) Marguerite Louise Marie Françoise (Morgan House 25 Jan 1869-Château de la Forest 31 Jan 1940); m.(civ) Paris 22 Apr 1896 (rel) Chantilly 23 Apr 1896 Marie Armand Patrice de Macmahon Duc de Magenta (Outreau 10 Jun 1855-Paris 23 Mar 1927)

5i) Jean Pierre Clément Marie, Duc de Guise; he became head of the Orléanist line upon the death of his cousin Philippe Duc d'Orléans in 1926; he was b.at Paris 4 Sep 1874 and d.at Larache, Morocco 25 Aug 1940; he m.at Twickenham 30 Oct 1899 Isabelle Pss d'Orléans (Château d'Eu 7 May 1878-Larache, Morocco 21 Apr 1961; above)

1j) Isabelle Françoise Hélène Marie (Paris 27 Nov 1900-Neuilly 12 Feb 1983); m.1st Chesnay (civ) 12 Sep 1923 (rel) 15 Sep 1923 Cte Bruno d'Harcourt (Vevey 30 Sep 1899-Casablanca 19 Apr 1930); m.2d Jouy-en-Josas 12 Jul 1934 Pr Pierre Murat (Paris 6 Apr 1900-Rabat 30 Jul 1948)

2j) Françoise Isabelle Louise Marie (Paris 25 Dec 1902-Paris 25 Feb 1953); m.Palermo 11 Feb 1929 Christopher Pr of Greece and Denmark (Pavlovsk 10 Aug 1888-Athens 21 Jan 1940)

3j) Anne Hélène Marie (Château de Nouvion-en-Thiérache 5 Aug 1906-Capo di Sorrento 19 Mar 1986); m.Naples 5 Nov 1927 Amedeo Pr of Savoy, Duke of Aosta (Turin 21 Oct 1898-Nairobi 3 Mar 1942)

4j) Henri Robert Ferdinand Marie Louis Philippe, Comte de Paris (Château Le Nouvion-en-Thiérache 5 Jul 1908-19 Jun 1999); m.Palermo 8 Apr 1931 Isabella Pss of Orléans and Braganza (Château d'Eu 13 Aug 1911-Paris 5 Jul 2003)

1k) Isabelle Marie Laura Victoire, b.Woluwé-Saint-Pierre, Belgium 8 Apr 1932; m.(civ) Louveciennes 9 Sep 1964 (rel) Dreux 10 Sep 1964 Friedrich Karl Gf von Schönborn-Buchheim (b.Schloß Schönborn 30 Mar 1938)

2k) Henri Philippe Pierre Marie, Cte de Clermont et de Mortain; on the death of his father he assumed the title Comte de Paris, and also that of "Duc de France"; b.Woluwe-Saint-Pierre 14 Jun 1933; m.1st Dreux 5 Jul 1957 (div 1984) Marie-Therese Dss of Württemberg, cr 1984 Dss de Montpensier (b.Altshausen 12 Nov 1934); m.2d Bordeaux 31 Oct 1984 (rel) Arcangues 26 Sep 2009 Micaela Cousiño, cr Pss de Joinville (b.Vichy 30 Apr 1938)

1l) Marie Isabelle Marguerite Anne Geneviève, b.Boulogne-sur-Seine 3 Jan 1959; m.(civ) Dreux 22 Jul 1989 (rel) Friedrichshafen 29 Jul 1989 Gundakar Pr von und zu Liechtenstein (b.Vienna 1 Apr 1949)

2l) François Henri Louis Marie, Cte de Clermont, b.Boulogne-sur-Seine 7 Feb 1961

3l) Blanche Elisabeth Rose Marie, b.Ravensburg 10 Sep 1962

4l) Jean Charles Pierre Marie, Duc de Vendôme, "Dauphin de Viennois", b.Boulogne-sur-Seine 19 May 1965; m.(civ) Paris 19 Mar 2009 (rel) Senlis 2 May 2009 Philomena de Tornos y Steinhart (b.Vienna 19 Jun 1977)

1m) Gaston Louis Antoine Marie (b.Paris 19 Nov 2009)

5l) Eudes Thibaut Joseph Marie, Duc d'Angoulême, b.Paris 18 Mar 1968; m.(civ) Dreux 19 Jun 1999 (rel) Antrain 10 Jul 1999 Marie-Liesse de Rohan-Chabot (b.Paris 29 Jun 1969)

1m) Thérèse Isabelle Marie Eléonore (b.Cannes 23 Apr 2001)

2m) Pierre Jean Marie (b.Cannes 6 Aug 2003)

3k) Hélène Astrid Léopoldine Marie, b.Woluwé-Saint-Pierre 17 Sep 1934; m.(civ) Louveciennes 16 Jan 1957 (rel) Dreux 17 Jan 1957 Evrard Gf von Limburg-Stirum (Huldenberg, Brabant 31 Oct 1927-Brussels 5 Mar 2001)

4k) François Gaston Michel Marie, cr posthumously Duc d'Orléans (Manoir d'Anjou 15 Aug 1935-k.a.Taourirt, Algeria 11 Oct 1960)

5k) Anne Marguerite Brigitta Marie, b.Woluwé-Saint-Pierre 4 Dec 1938; m.(civ) Louveciennes 11 May 1965 (rel) Dreux 12 May 1965 Carlos Pr of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Infant of Spain (b.Lausanne 16 Jan 1938)

6k) Diane Françoise Maria da Glória, b.Petrópolis 24 Mar 1940; m.Altshausen (civ) 18 Jul 1960 (rel) 21 Jul 1960 Carl, Duke of Württemberg (b.Friedrichshafen 1 Aug 1936)

7k) Michel Joseph Benoît Marie, Cte d'Evreux, b.Rabat, Morocco 25 Jun 1941; m.(civ) Casablanca 17 Nov 1967 (rel) Ain-Dieb, nr Casablanca 18 Nov 1967 Béatrice Pasquier de Franclieu (b.Neuilly-sur-Seine 24 Oct 1941)

1l) Clothilde Jacqueline Charlotte Marie, b.Casablanca 4 Dec 1968; m.Neuilly-sur-Seine 26 Jun 1993 (rel) Villamanrique de la Condesa 18 Sep 1993 Edouard Crépy (b.Croix 19 Jan 1969)

2l) Adélaïde Jeanne Marie, b.Paris 11 Sep 1971; m.Fontainebleau 27 Apr 2002 (rel) Villamanrique de la Condessa, Seville 1 Jun 2002 Pierre-Louis Dailly (b.Neuilly 28 May 1968)

3l) Charles-Philippe Marie Louis, b.Paris 3 Mar 1973; m.Evora 21 Jun 2008 Diana Alvares Pereira de Melo, Duquesa de Cadaval (b.Geneva 24 Jul 1978)

4l) François Karl Friedrich Bruno Marie, b.Madrid 10 Feb 1982

8k) Jacques Jean Jaroslav Marie, Duc d'Orléans, b.Rabat 25 Jun 1941; m.Ansouis (Vaucluse) (civ) 2 Aug 1969 (rel) 3 Aug 1969 Gersende de Sabran-Pontevès (b.Ansouis 29 Jul 1942)

1l) Diane Marie Thérèse Agathe Hélène Isabelle Laure Rosalyne, b.Neuilly-sur-Seine 24 Jun 1970; m.Paris 6 Sep 2004 Vcte Alexis de Noailles (b.Paris 5 Sep 1952)

2l) Charles-Louis Henri Foulques Benoït Elzéar Jean Marie, Duc de Chartres, b.Neuilly-sur-Seine 11 Jul 1972; m.(civ) Paris 21 Jun 1997 (rel) Skiatos, Greece 28 Jun 1997 Illéana Manos (b.Athens 22 Sep 1970)

1m) Philippe Jacques Nicolas, b.Buenos Aires 3 Nov 1998

2m) Louise Marie Isabelle, b.Paris 6 Dec 1999

3m) Hélène Sybille Irène, b.Paris 24 Jan 2001

4m) Constantin Foulques Alexandre, b.Paris 15 Feb 2003

5m) Isabelle Roxane Christine, b.Paris 12 May 2005

3l) Foulques Thibaut Robert Jacques Géraud Jean Marie, Duc d'Aumale, Cte d'Eu, b.Paris 9 Jul 1974

9k) Claude Marie Agnès Cathérine, b.Larache, Morocco 11 Dec 1943; m.1st Sintra, Portugal 22 Jul 1964 (div 1982, rel annulled 1987) Amedeo Pr of Savoy, Duke of Aosta (b.Florence 27 Sep 1943); m.2d Port-au-Prince 27 Apr 1982 (div 1996) Arnaldo La Cagnina (b.Rome 26 Jun 1929); m.nr Milan 14 Jun 2006 Enrico Gandolfi (b.Milan 2 Oct 1941)

10k) Jeanne Chantal Alice Clothilde Marie, b.Pamplona 9 Jan 1946; m.Dreux 28 Jul 1972 François Xavier de Sambucy de Sorgue (b.Montmajour 20 Aug 1943)

11k) Thibaut Louis Denis Humbert Marie, Cte de la Marche (Sintra, Portugal 20 Jan 1948-Bamingui, Central Africa 23 Mar 1983); m.(morganatically, according to Orléanist house law) Edinburgh 23 Sep 1972 Marion Gordon-Orr (b.Santiago, Chile 4 Sep 1942)

1l) Robert Benoît Paul Henri James Marie, Cte de la Marche, b.Edinburgh 6 Sep 1976

2l) Louis-Philippe Albert François Marie (Edinburgh 18 Apr 1979-Thoiry [Mantes?] 2 Jan 1980)
2g) Louise Marie Thérèse Charlotte Isabelle (Palermo 3 Apr 1812-Ostende 11 Oct 1850); m.Compiègne 9 Aug 1832 King Léopold I of the Belgians (Coburg 16 Dec 1790-Laeken 10 Dec 1865)
3g) Marie Christine Caroline Adélaïde Françoise Léopoldine (Palermo 12 Apr 1813-Palazzo Vitelli, Pisa 2 Jan 1839); m.Palais de Trianon, Versailles 17 Oct 1837 Alexander, Duke of Württemberg (Riga 20 Dec 1804-Bayreuth 28 Oct 1881)
4g) Louis Charles Philippe Raphael, Duc de Nemours (Palais Royal 25 Oct 1814-Versailles 26 Jun 1896); m.St.Cloud 27 Apr 1840 Viktoria Pss of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Vienna 16 Feb 1822-Claremont House, Surrey 10 Nov 1857)

1h) Louis Philippe Marie Ferdinand Gaston, Cte d'Eu (Neuilly-sur-Seine 28 Apr 1842-d.at sea 28 Aug 1922); m.Rio de Janeiro 15 Oct 1864 Isabel, Pss Imperial of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro 29 Jun 1846-Château d'Eu 14 Nov 1921); for the issue of this marriage see Brazil

2h) Ferdinand Philippe Marie Duc d'Alençon (Neuilly-sur-Seine 12 Jul 1844-Belmont, Wimbledon 29 Jun 1910); m.Possenhofen 28 Sep 1868 Sophie Dss in Bavaria (Possenhofen 22 Feb 1847-Paris 4 May 1897)

1i) Louise Victoire Marie Amélie Sophie (Bushy House, Teddington 9 Jul 1869-Munich 4 Feb 1952); m.Schloß Nymphenburg 15 Apr 1891 Alfons Pr of Bavaria (Munich 24 Jan 1862-Munich 8 Jan 1933)

2i) Philippe Emmanuel Maximilien Marie Eudes Duc de Vendôme (Villa Azwang, Obermais 18 Jan 1872-Cannes 1 Feb 1931); m.Brussels 12 Feb 1896 Henriette Pss of Belgium (Brussels 30 Nov 1870-Sierre, Valais, Switzerland 28 Mar 1948)

1j) Marie Louise Ferdinande Charlotte Henriette (Neuilly-sur-Seine 31 Dec 1896-New York 8 Mar 1973); m.1st Neuilly-sur-Seine 12 Jan 1916 (div 1925, rel annulled 1926) Filippo Pr of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (Cannes 10 Dec 1885-St.John's, New Brunswick 9 Mar 1949); m.2d Chichester 12 Dec 1928 Walter Kingsland (New York 23 Apr 1888-New York 20 Jul 1961)

2j) Sophie Joséphine Louise Marie Immaculée (Neuilly-sur-Seine 19 Oct 1898-Château de Tourron 9 Oct 1928)

3j) Geneviève Marie Jeanne Françoise Chantal Monique Louise Alberte Joséphine Gabrielle Emmanuelle Henriette (Neuilly-sur-Seine 21 Sep 1901-Rio de Janeiro 22 Aug 1983); m.Neuilly-sur-Seine 2 Jul 1923 Antoine Marquis de Chaponay (Paris 30 Jan 1893-Rabat 9 Sep 1956)

4j) Charles Philippe Emmanuel Ferdinand Louis Gérard Joseph Marie Ghislain Baudoin Christophe Raphaél Antoine Expédit Henri Duc de Nemours, de Vendôme et d'Alençon (Neuilly-sur-Seine 4 Apr 1905-Neuilly-sur-Seine 10 Mar 1970); m.Paris 24 Sep 1928 Margaret Watson (Richmond, Virginia 22 Feb 1899-Bayonne 27 Dec 1993)

3h) Marguerite Adélaide Marie (Pavillon Marsan, Palais de Tuileries 16 Feb 1846-Paris 25 Oct 1893); m.Chantilly 15 Jan 1872 Pr Wladislaw Czartoryski (Warsaw 3 Jul 1828-Boulogne-sur-Mer 23 Jun 1894)

4h) Blanche Marie Amélie Caroline Louise Victoire (Claremont House 28 Oct 1857-Paris 4 Feb 1932)

5g) Françoise Louise Caroline (Twickenham 28 Mar 1816-Neuilly-sur-Seine 20 May 1818)
6g) Marie Clémentine Léopoldine Clotilde (Neuilly-sur-Seine 3 Jun 1817-Vienna 16 Feb 1907); m.St.Cloud 20 Apr 1843 August Pr of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Vienna 13 Jun 1818-Schloß Ebenthal 26 Jul 1881)
7g) François Ferdinand Philippe Louis Marie Pr de Joinville (Neuilly-sur-Seine 14 Aug 1818-Paris 16 Jun 1900); m.Rio de Janeiro 1 May 1843 Francisca Pss of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro 2 Aug 1824-Paris 27 Mar 1898)

1h) Françoise Marie Amélie (Neuilly-sur-Seine 4 Aug 1844-Château de St.Firmin 28 Oct 1925); m.Kingston-on-Thames 11 Jun 1863 Robert Duc de Chartres (1840-1910; above)

2h) Pierre Philippe Jean Marie Duc de Penthièvre (St.Cloud 4 Nov 1845-Paris 17 Jul 1919)
8g) Charles Ferdinand Philippe Emmanuel Duc de Penthièvre (Palais Royal 1 Jan 1820-Neuilly-sur-Seine 25 Jul 1828)
9g) Henri Eugène Philippe Emmanuel Duc d'Aumale (Palais Royal 16 Jan 1822-Zucco, nr Palermo 7 May 1897); m.Naples 25 Nov 1844 Maria Carolina Pss of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (Vienna 26 Apr 1822-Twickenham 6 Dec 1869)

1h) Louis Philippe Marie Léopold Pr de Condé (St.Cloud 15 Nov 1845-Sydney 24 May 1866)

2h) Henri Léopold Philippe Marie Duc de Guise (St.Cloud 11 Sep 1847-St.Cloud 10 Oct 1847)

3h) François Paul Duc de Guis (Palermo 11 Jan 1852-Twickenham 15 Apr 1852)

4h) François Louis Philippe Marie Duc de Guise (Twickenham 5 Jan 1854-Paris 25 Jul 1872)
10g) Antoine Marie Philippe Louis, Duc de Montpensier, cr Infant of Spain 1859 (Neuilly-sur-Seine 31 Jul 1824-Sanlúcar de Barrameda 4 Feb 1890); m.Madrid 10 Oct 1846 Luisa Infanta of Spain (Madrid 30 Jan 1832-Seville 2 Feb 1897); their children were Infants of Spain, and are included in the article Spain 

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