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Grand Duchy of Tuscany
Granducato di Toscana 
 The Grand Duchy of Tuscany (Italian: Granducato di Toscana, Latin: Magnus Ducatus Etruriae) was a central Italian monarchy that existed, with interruptions, from 1569 to 1859, replacing the Duchy of Florence. The grand duchy's capital was Florence. Before the advent of the House of Lorraine, Tuscany was nominally a state of the Holy Roman Empire until the Peace of Westphalia in 1648.

The grand duchy, initially, was ruled by the House of Medici until its extinction in 1737. Under the Medici, Tuscany thrived. While not as internationally renowned as the old republic, it bore witness to unprecedented economic and military success under Cosimo I and his sons, until the reign of Ferdinando II, whose reign saw the beginning of the state's long economic decline. It peaked under Cosimo III. The Medici's only advancement in the latter days of their existence was their elevation to royalty, by the Holy Roman Emperor, in 1691. The senior branch of the Medici line went extinct in 1737.

Francis Stephen of Lorraine, a cognatic descendant of the Medici, succeeded the family and ascended the throne of his Medicean ancestors. Tuscany was governed by a viceroy, Marc de Beauvau-Craon, for his entire rule. His descendants ruled, and resided in, the grand duchy until 1859, barring one interruption, when Napoleon Bonaparte gave Tuscany to the House of Bourbon-Parma. Following the collapse of the Napoleonic system in 1814, the grand duchy was restored. The United Provinces of Central Italy, a client state of the Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont, annexed Tuscany in 1859. Tuscany was formally annexed to Sardinia in 1860, following a landslide referendum, in which 95% of voters approved. 

List of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany

Medici Grand Dukes of Tuscany, 1569-1737

Name Started Ended Relationship with predecessor(s)
1 Cosimo I 21 Aug 1569 21 Apr 1574  
2 Francesco I 21 Apr 1574 19 Oct 1587 son of Cosimo I
3 Ferdinando I 19 Oct 1587 7 Feb 1609 brother of Francesco I
son of Cosimo I
4 Cosimo II 7 Feb 1609 28 Feb 1621 son of Ferdinando I
5 Ferdinando II 28 Feb 1621 23 May 1670 son of Cosimo II
6 Cosimo III 23 May 1670 31 Oct 1723 son of Ferdinando II
7 Gian Gastone 31 Oct 1723 9 Jul 1737 son of Cosimo III

Habsburg-Lorraine Grand Dukes of Tuscany, 1737-1801

Name Started Ended Relationship with predecessor(s)
8 Francesco II Stefano 12 Jul 1737 18 Aug 1765 great-great-great-grandson of Francesco I
9 Pietro Leopoldo I 18 Aug 1765 22 Jul 1790 second son of Francesco II Stefano
10 Ferdinando III 22 Jul 1790 3 Aug 1801 second son of Pietro Leopoldo I

Bourbon Kings of Etruria, 1801-1807

Name Started Ended Relationship with predecessor(s)
1 Lodovico I 3 Aug 1801 27 May 1803 Grandson of Francisco II Stefano
2 Carlo Lodovico II 27 May 1803 10 Dec 1807 son of Lodovico I

Tuscany was annexed by France, 1807-1814. Napoleon's sister Elisa Bonaparte was given the honorary title of Grand Duchess of Tuscany, but did not actually rule over the region.

Habsburg-Lorraine Grand Dukes of Tuscany, 1814-1860

Name Started Ended Relationship with predecessor(s)
10 Ferdinando III 27 Apr 1814 18 Jun 1824 (restored)
11 Leopoldo II 18 Jun 1824 21 Jul 1859 son of Ferdinando III
12 Ferdinando IV 21 Jul 1859 22 Mar 1860 son of Leopoldo II

Leopoldo II was driven from Tuscany by revolution from 21 February to 12 April 1849, and again on 27 April 1859. He abdicated in favor of his son, Ferdinando IV, on 21 July 1859, but Ferdinando IV was never recognized in Tuscany, and was deposed by the provisional government on 16 August. Tuscany was annexed by Piedmont-Sardinia, on 22 March 1860.

Titular Habsburg-Lorraine claimants, 1860-present

  • Ferdinand IV 1860-1908
  • Joseph Ferdinand 1908-1921
  • Peter Ferdinand 1921-1948
  • Gottfried 1948-1984
  • Leopold Franz 1984-1993
  • Sigismund 1993-Present
The Family Titles and Styles
The members of this family bear the titles Archduke (Archduchess) of Austria, Prince (Princess) of Hungary, Prince (Princess) of Tuscany (Imperial and Royal Highness). Descendants of morganatic marriages, except those granted specific titles such as the Princes von Altenburg, generally bear the title "Graf (Gräfin) von Habsburg-[Lothringen]", or at least the surname "Habsburg". 
 The Genealogy of the Grand Ducal House
Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria, was ceded the Grand Duchy of Tuscany by his father 22 Jul 1790, becoming Grand Duke FERDINANDO III. He was driven out by the French 1799 and dispossessed by the Peace of Lunéville 1801. He was cr Duke and Elector of Salzburg 26 Dec 1802 and exchanged Salzburg for Würzburg 25 Dec 1805. He was Elector of Würzburg from 1805 and Grand Duke of Würzburg from 1806, until he was restored to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany 30 May 1814. He was b.Florence 6 May 1769 and d.Florence 18 Jun 1824. He m.1st by proxy at Naples 15 Aug 1790 and in person at Vienna 19 Sep 1790 Luisa Pss of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (Naples 27 Jul 1773-Vienna 19 Sep 1802). He m.2d Florence 6 May 1821 Maria Pss of Saxony (Dresden 27 Apr 1796-Schloß Brandeis, Bohemia 3 Jan 1865) 

1a) Carolina Ferdinanda Theresia (Florence 2 Aug 1793-Vienna 5 Jan 1802)
2a) Francesco Leopoldo (Florence 15 Dec 1794-Vienna 18 Mar 1800)
3a) LEOPOLDO II Giovanni Giuseppe Francesco Ferdinando Carlo, Grand Duke of Tuscany, abdicated in favor of his son 21 Jul 1859 (Florence 3 Oct 1797-Rome 29 Jan 1870); m.1st by proxy at Dresden 28 Oct 1817 and in person at Florence 16 Nov 1817 Maria Anna Pss of Saxony (Dresden 15 Nov 1799-Pisa 24 Mar 1832); m.2d Naples 7 Jun 1833 Antonietta Pss of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (Palermo 19 Dec 1814-Orth 7 Nov 1898) 

1b) Maria Carolina Augusta Elisabetha Vincentia Giovanna Giuseppa (Florence 19 Nov 1822-Florence 5 Oct 1841)
2b) Augusta Ferdinanda Luisa Maria Giovanna Giuseppa (Florence 1 Apr 1825-Munich 26 Apr 1864); m.Florence 15 Apr 1844 Luitpold Pr of Bavaria (Würzburg 12 Mar 1821-Munich 12 Dec 1912)

3b) Maria Maximiliana Thekla (Florence 9 Jan 1827-Florence 18 May 1834)

4b) Maria Isabella Annunziata Giovanna Giuseppa Umilta Appolonia Philomena Virginia Gabriela (Florence 21 May 1834-Bürgenstock nr Luzern 14 Jul 1901); m.Florence 10 Apr 1850 Francesco Pr of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Cte di Trapani (Naples 13 Aug 1827-Paris 24 Sep 1892)

5b) FERDINANDO IV Salvatore Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Battista Francesco Lodovico Gonzaga Raffaele Ranerio Gennaro, Grand Duke of Tuscany, lost his throne 22 Mar 1860 when Tuscany was annexed to Italy (Florence 10 Jun 1835-Salzburg 17 Jan 1908); m.1st Dresden 24 Nov 1856 Anne Pss of Saxony (Dresden 4 Jan 1836-Naples 10 Feb 1859); m.2d Frohsdorf 11 Jan 1868 Alicia Pss of Bourbon-Parma (Parma 27 Dec 1849-Schwertberg 16 Jan 1935)

1c) Maria Antonietta Leopoldina Annunziata Anna Amalia Giuseppa Giovanna Immacolata Thekla (Florence 10 Jan 1858-Cannes 13 Apr 1883)
2c) Leopold Ferdinand Salvator Marie Joseph Johann Baptist Zenobius Rupprecht Ludwig Karl Jacob Vivian, renounced his titles 29 Dec 1902 and took the name Leopold Wölfling (Salzburg 2 Dec 1868- Berlin 4 Aug 1935); m.1st Veyrier, Switzerland 25 Jul 1903 (div 1907) Wilhelmine Abramovic (Ludenburg 1 May 1877-Geneva 17 May 1910); m.2d Zürich 26 Oct 1907 (div) Maria Ritter (Vienna 4 Mar 1877-19__ [note: I had, from a source I cannot now find, death date of Berlin 21 Jul 1938; however, S. Lavallee points out that: "You have a precise date of death for Maria Ritter (21.07.1938). Woelfling, as we know, died in 1935. In his autobiography "From Archduke to Grocer," he actually mentions Maria Ritter's death in some type of institution during the mid-1920's. He was a bit of an eccentric, so _perhaps_ he was wrong."); m.3d Berlin 4 Dec 1933 Clara Gröger (Güldenboden [Bogaczewo] 6 Oct 1894-Berlingen, Switzerland 24 Jul 1978)

3c) Luise Antoinette Maria Theresia Josepha Johanna Leopoldine Caroline Ferdinande Alice Ernestine, cr Gfn von Montignoso 13 Jul 1903, and called herself Css d'Ysette from 1918 (Salzburg 2 Sep 1870-Ixelles 23 Mar 1947); m.1st Vienna 21 Nov 1891 (div 1903) Crown Pr [later, King] Friedrich August of Saxony (Dresden 25 May 1865-Sibyllenort 18 Feb 1932); m.2d London 25 Sep 1907 Enrico Toselli (Florence 15 Mar 1883-Florence 15 Jan 1926)

4c) JOSEPH FERDINAND Salvator Maria Franz Leopold Anton Albert Johann Baptist Karl Ludwig Rupert Maria Auxilatrix (Salzburg 24 May 1872-Vienna 25 Aug 1942); m.1st (morganatically) Maria Plain 2 May 1921 (div 1928) Rosa Kaltenbrunner (Linz 27 Feb 1878-Salzburg 9 Dec 1929); m.2d (morganatically) Vienna 27 Jan 1929 Gertrud Tomanek, Edle von Beyerfels (Brünn 13 Apr 1902- Salzburg 15 Feb 1997)

1d) Claudia Maria Theresia von Habsburg-Lothringen Pss of Florence (b.Vienna 6 Apr 1930)
2d) Maximilian Franz Joseph Karl Otto Heinrich von Habsburg-Lothringen Pr of Florence (b.Vienna 17 Mar 1932); m.London 3 Sep 1961 DorisWilliams (b.Blundell Sands, Lancs 24 Dec 1929) 

1e) Maria Camilla von Habsburg-Lothringen Pss of Florence (b.Wimbledon 29 May 1962)

5c) PETER FERDINAND Salvator Karl Ludwig Maria Joseph Leopold Anton Rupert Pius Pancraz (Salzburg 12 May 1874-St.Gilgen 8 Nov 1948); m.Cannes 8 Nov 1900 Maria Cristina Pss of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (Cannes 10 Apr 1877-St.Gilgen 4 Oct 1947) 

1d) GOTTFRIED Maria Joseph Peter Ferdinand Hubert Anton Rupert Leopold Heinrich Ignaz Alfons (Linz 14 Mar 1902-Bad Ischl 21 Jan 1984); m.Sárvár (civ) 2 Aug 1938 (rel) 3 Aug 1938 Dorothea Pss of Bavaria (b.Schloß Leutstetten 25 May 1920)

1e) Elisabeth Maria Dorothea Josefa Theresia Ludmilla (b.Schloß Achberg 2 Oct 1939); m.Salzburg 28 Apr 1965 Friedrich Hubert Edler von Braun (b.Regensburg 26 Dec 1934) 

2e) Alice Maria Christine Margarete Antoinetta Josefa Rosa Helene Adelgund Eleonore (b.Schloß Leutstetten 29 Apr 1941); m.Maria Plain bei Salzburg 7 May 1970 Barone Vittorio Manno (b.Cuneo, Italy 31 Jul 1938) 

3e) LEOPOLD FRANZ Peter Ferdinand Maria Joseph Gottfried Georg Karl Otto Rudolf Michael (b.Schloß Leutstetten 25 Oct 1942); m.1st (civ) St.Gilgen 19 Jun 1965 (rel) Menetou-Salon 28 Jul 1965 (div 1981) Laetitia de Belzunce-d'Arenberg (b.Broumana, Lebanon 2 Sep 1941); m.2d 18 Jun 1993 (div 1998) Marta Perez Valverde (b.San Salvador, El Salvador 13 Mar 1947); on this second marriage he renounced his rights as head of the Tuscan Habsburg branch in favor of his elder son 
1f) SIGISMUND Otto Maria Josef Gottfried Heinrich Erik Leopold Ferdinand (b.Lausanne 21 Apr 1966); m.London 11 Sep 1999 Elyssa Edmonstone (b.Glasgow 11 Sep 1973) 
1g) Leopold Amedeo Peter Ferdinand Archibald (b.Glasgow 9 May 2001)
2g) Tatyana Maria Theresia Laetitia Juliet (b.Livingston, Scotland 3 Mar 2003)

3g) Maximilian Stefano Sigismund William Bruce Erik Leopold (b.Livingston, Scotland 27 May 2004)

2f) Guntram Maria Josef (b.Montevideo 21 Jul 1967); m.Cuernavaca, Mexico 13 Apr 1996 (rel) 19 May 1996 Debora de Sola, cr Gfn von Habsburg (b.San Salvador 21 Jan 1970) 

1g) Anna Faustina Gräfin von Habsburg (b.28 Dec 2001)
2g) Tiziano Leopold Graf von Habsburg (b.Montevideo 24 Oct 2004) 

4e) Maria Antoinette Christine Josefa Rosa Margaretha Pia Angela Theresia Gabriele Isabella Ludmilla Zita Ruperta (b.St.Gilgen 16 Sep 1950); m.(civ) St.Gilgen 13 Apr 1974 (rel) Salzburg 29 May 1974 Hans Walter Nattermann, [by adoption] Frhr von Proff zu Irnich (b.Munich 7 Mar 1938) 

2d) Helena Marie Alice Christine Josefa Anna Margareta Madeleine Walburga Blandina Cäcilie Philomena Carmela Ignatia Rita de Cascia (Linz 30 Oct 1903-Tübingen 8 Sep 1924); m.Altshausen 24 Oct 1923 Duke Philipp of Württemberg (Stuttgart 14 Nov 1893-Ravensburg 15 Apr 1975)
3d) Georg Maria Rainer Joseph Peter Hubert Gottfried Eustach Rupert Ignaz (Parsch bei Salzburg 22 Aug 1905-Altshausen 21 Mar 1952); m.St.Gilgen 29 Apr 1936 Marie Valerie Gfn von Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems (Wallsee 28 Jun 1913-8 Jul 2011) 
1e) Guntram Maria Georg Otto Joseph Peter Franz Leopold Karl Gabriel Walpurgis Ludwig (Schloß Weissenberg 19 Aug 1937-Wohlen-Aargau, Switzerland 21 Apr 1944)
2e) Radbot Ferdinand Maria Johann Georg Gottfried Otto Josef Anton Raphael Willibald Linus (b.Muri, Switzerland
23 Sep 1938); m.(morganatically) Croutoy, France 31 Jul 1972 (rel) 4 Aug 1972 Caroline Proust (b.Paris 3 May 1952) 

1f) Leopold Karl Radbot Gregor Gf von Habsburg (b.Vienna 17 Jun 1973); m.Maria Saal 8 Jun 2002 Nina Lenhart-Backhaus (b.Graz 9 Sep 1975) 

1g) Chiara Franziska Marie-Valerie (b.Vienna 9 Mar 2004)

2g) Felix (b.2007)

3g) Georg (b.2009)

2f) Maximilian Karl Maria Radbot Gf von Habsburg (b.Vienna 12 Aug 1976)
3f) Eleonore Katharina Caroline Marie Gfn von Habsburg (b.Vienna 6 Oct 1979); m.2005 Marchese Francesco Pelagello (b.1979) 

3e) Marie Christine Elisabeth Franziska Klementine Helene Rosa Josepha Agnes Walburga Michaela Notgera (Muri 8 Apr 1941-Wohlen 4 Jan 1942)
4e) Walburga Rosa Maria Christine Elisabeth Clementine Helene Caroline Ita Stephania Michaela Appollinaria (b.Muri 23 Jul 1942); m.Ettal, Upper Bavaria 30 Jan 1969 (rel) 17 Feb 1969 Carlos Tasso de Saxe-Coburgo e Braganca (b.Gmunden 16 Jul 1931; see Saxony)

5e) Verena Gertrud Marie Josepha Christine Elisabeth Georgine Walburga Paula Johanna Gabriele Aloysia (Muri 21 Jun 1944-Wohlen 5 Jan 1945)

6e) Johann (b.and d.Muri 27 Dec 1946)

7e) Katharina Maria Christina Josepha Clementine Elisabeth Walburga Theresia Gertrud Georgine Agnes Gabriele (b.Muri 24 Apr 1948); m.Cortona 22 May 1983 Roland Huber (b.Eggelsberg 26 Jun 1950)

8e) Agnes Maria Gertrud Elisabeth Josepha Pia Theresia Walburga Raphaela (b.Muri 20 Apr 1950); m.Salzburg 23 Sep 1976 (rel) 23 Oct 1976 Peter Frhr von Fürstenberg (b.Heppingen 31 Aug 1945)

9e) Georg Maria Otto Josef Leopold Philipp Michael Vitus Augustinus (b.Syrgenstein 28 Aug 1952) 

4d) Rosa Maria Antonie Roberta Josepha Anna Walburga Carmela Ignazia Rita de Cascia (Parsch 22 Sep 1906-Friedrichshafen 17 Sep 1983); n.Friedrichshafen 1 Aug 1928 (Philipp, Duke of Württemberg (Stuttgart 14 Nov 1893-Ravensburg 15 Apr 1975)

6c) Heinrich Ferdinand Salvator Maria Joseph Leopold Karl Ludwig Pius Albert Rupert Katharina von Rici (Salzburg 17 Aug 1878-Salzburg 21 May 1969); m.(morganatically) Munich-Nymphenburg 29 Nov 1919 Karolina Ludescher (Staudach, Tyrol 6 Dec 1883-Salzburg 25 Mar 1981) 

1d) Heinrich Gf von Habsburg-Lothringen (Munich 17 Aug 1908-Mürzzuschlag 13 Jun 1968); m.St.Johann im Pongau 13 May 1939 Helvig Schütte (Copenhagen 10 Feb 1910-St.Andrä im Lavanttal, Styria 26 Mar 1990)

1e) Ulrich Ferdinand Gudmund Gf von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Wolfsberg, Carinthia 3 Oct 1941); m.Pustritz im Lavinttal 29 Oct 1964 Friederika von Klinkowström (b.Vienna 31 Mar 1942)

1f) Eugen Gf von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Vienna 31 Dec 1964); m.Lavanttal 27 May 1995 Gabriele Wetschnig (b.Wolfsberg 22 Mar 1969)

1g) Julia Maria (b.Leoben 6 Sep 1999)
2g) Sara (b.Leoben 6 Apr 2003)

2f) Klemens Gf von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Vienna 28 Aug 1967); m.Lavanttal 12 Oct 1996 Gislinde Angerer (b.8 Sep 1966) 

1g) Anna-Lea Timna (b.Wolfsberg 7 Jul 1996)
2g) Benedikt Ferdinand Lenrad (b.Graz 12 Nov 2000)

3f) Philipp Gf von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Vienna 14 Dec 1968); m.Bettina Drescher (b.1975) 

1g) a dau, b.2004

2e) Helvig Helle von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Wolfsberg 29 Dec 1942); m.Salzburg 25 Aug 1972 (rel) St.Paul im Lavanttal 28 Oct 1972 Andreas Frhr Jordis von Lohausen (b.Graz 21 Sep 1940)

3e) Christoph Heinrich Gf von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Wolfsberg 22 Oct 1944); m.St.Martin bei Freudenberg 19 May 1973 Ebba von Mohrenschildt (b.Schloß Freudenberg 17 Dec 1949)

1f) Dominik Heinrich Reinhold Gf von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Klagenfurt 27 Feb 1974); m.Heidelberg 17 Feb 2007 (rel) St.Andrä im Lavanttal 5 May 2007 Pia Rittinghausen (b.Hamburg 10 Nov 1983)

1g) Pius Dominicus Leopold Maria Maximilian (b.27 Jul 2007)

2g) Hubertus (b.2009)

3g) MaximiliaMarie Annabelle Michaela Ebba Elisabeth (b.2011)

2f) Maximilian Christoph Gf von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Klagenfurt 9 Mar 1975); m.St.Andrä 5 May 2001 Michaela Bobner (b.Wolfsberg 7 Nov 1963) 

1g) Timo von Habsburg-Lothringen, b.Wolfsberg 1 Jun 2000
2g) Matheo von Habsburg-Lothringen, b.Wolfsberg 9 May 2003 

3f) Constantin Oktavian Gf von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Klagenfurt 2 Dec 1976); m.St.Andrä 7 May 2005 Maria-Antonia Gall (b.Vienna 13 Jan 1981)
4f) Ferdinand Karl Gf von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Klagenfurt 1 Feb 1980)
5f) Elmerice Karoline Sidonie Elisabeth Gf von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.St.Veit an der Glan 6 Sep 1984) 

2d) Ottmar von Habsburg-Lothringen (Munich 7 Aug 1910-Salzburg 5 Feb 1988); m.Salzburg 19 Dec 1944 Helene Moser (Altenmarkt bei Salzburg 3 Jul 1920-Salzburg 27 Oct 1994)

1e) Ulrike Margarethe von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Salzburg 29 Dec 1945); m.Salzburg 22 Nov 1969 (div 1997) Luitpold Pr von und zu Liechtenstein (b.Würzburg 11 Apr 1940)
2e) Elisabeth Maria von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Salzburg 20 Jan 1948); m.Mariensee 10 Jul 1971 Stephan Schenker (b.Mariensee 8 Nov 1946) 

3e) Albrecht Clemens Gf von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Salzburg 24 Oct 1951); m.Mondsee 18 Jul 1997 Birgit Guttenberg (b.Berndorf 14 May 1960) 
1f) Clemens Roland (b.Salzburg 17 Jul 1992) 

3d) Veronika Gfn von Habsburg-Lothringen (Munich 15 Mar 1912-Salzburg 29 Jun 2001)

7c) Anna Maria Theresia Ferdinanda Adelheid Leopolda Ludovika Antonia Franziska Germana Henriette Hedwig (Lindau 17 Oct 1879-Baden-Baden 30 May 1961); m.Salzburg 12 Feb 1901 Johannes Fst zu Hohenlohe-Bartenstein (Bartenstein 20 Aug 1863-Bartenstein 19 Aug 1921)
8c) Margareta Maria Albertine Alice Ferdinanda Ludovika Antonia Leopolda Roberta Henrika Theresia Eduarda (Salzburg 13 Oct 1881-Schwertberg 30 Apr 1965)

9c) Germana Maria Theresia Antonia Leopolda Ferdinanda Josepha Ludovika Carolina Ehrentraut Prota (Salzburg 11 Sep 1884-Schwertberg 3 Nov 1955)

10c) Agnes Maria Theresia Ferdinanda Alice Antonia Josepha Ludovika Anna Amalie Germana Emanuela (Salzburg 26 Mar 1891-Schwertberg 4 Oct 1945)

11c) Robert Ferdinand Salvator (Salzburg 15 Oct 1885-Salzburg 2 Aug 1895)

6b) Maria Theresia Annunziata Giovanna Giuseppa Luisa Virginia Appolonia Philomena (Florence 29 Jun 1836-Florence 5 Aug 1838)
7b) Maria Cristina Annunziata Luisa Anna Giovanna Giuseppa Agatha Dorothea Philomena (Florence 5 Feb 1838-Florence 1 Sep 1849)

 8b) Karl Salvator Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Battista Filippo Jacopo Gennaro Lodovico Gonzaga Raniero (Florence 30 Apr 1839-Vienna 18 Jan 1892); m.Rome 19 Sep 1861 Immaculata Pss of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (Naples 14 Apr 1844-Vienna 18 Feb 1899) 

1c) Maria Theresia Antoinette Immakulata Josepha Ferdinanda Leopoldine Franziska Caroline Isabella Januaria Aloysia Christine Anna (Alt-Bunzlau 18 Sep 1862-Saybusch 10 May 1933); m.Vienna 28 Feb 1886 Karl Stefan, Archduke of Austria (Groß-Seelowitz 5 Sep 1860-Saybusch 7 Apr 1933)
2c) Leopold Salvator Maria Joseph Ferdinand Franz von Assisi Karl Anton von Padua Johann Baptist Januarius Aloys Gonzaga Ranier Wenzel Gallus (Alt-Bunzlau, Bohemia 15 Oct 1863-Vienna 4 Sep 1931); m.Frohsdorf 24 Oct 1889 Blanca Infanta of Spain (Graz 7 Sep 1868-Viareggio 25 Oct 1949)
1d) Maria de los Dolores Beatrix Carolina Blanca Leopoldina Margaretha Anna Josepha Pia Raphaela Michaela Sixta Stanislava Hieronyma Gregoria Georgia Cäcilia Carmino Barbara (Lemberg 5 May 1891-Viareggio 10 Apr 1974)
2d) Maria Immakulata Carolina Margarita Blanca Leopoldina Beatrix Anna Josepha Raphaela Michaela Stanislava Ignatia Hieronyma Carmino Katharina Petra Cäcilia (Lemberg 9 Sep 1892-Viareggio 3 Sep 1971); m.Rome 14 Jul 1932 Nobile Inigo Neri Serneri (Rome 22 Jul 1891-Viareggio 1 May 1950)

3d) Margarita Raineria Maria Antonia Blanca Leopoldina Beatrix Anna Josepha Raphaela Michaela Stanislava Ignatia Alix Cäcilia (Lemberg 8 May 1894-Rome 21 Jun 1986); m.Schloß Sonnberg 27 Nov 1937 Francesco Marchese Taliani di Marchio (Ascoli Piceno 22 Oct 1887- Rome 16 Mar 1968)

4d) Rainer Karl Leopold Blanka Anton Margarete Beatrix Peter Joseph Raphael Michael Ignaz Stephan (Zagreb 21 Nov 1895-Vienna 25 May 1930)

5d) Leopold Maria Alphons Blanka Karl Anton Beatrix Michael Joseph Peter Ignatz, naturalized in the USA as Leopold Lorraine 1953 (Agram 30 Jan 1897-Mansfield, Connecticut 14 Mar 1958); m.1st (morganatically) Vienna 12 Apr 1919 (div 1931) Dagmar Bss Nicolics-Podrinska (Agram 15 Jul 1898-Lausanne 15 Nov 1967); m.2d (morganatically) 1932 Alice Coburn (New York State 20 Jan 1894-New York 25 Aug 1960) 

1e) Gabrielle Gfn von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Vienna 15 May 1921); m.Aubonne, Switzerland 25 Sep 1948 (rel) 28 Sep 1948 (div 1958) Jan van der Mühll (Riehen nr Basel 17 Nov 1918-Porto Alegre, Brazil 22 Oct 1977)

6d) Maria Antonia Roberta Blanka Leopoldina Beatrix Margarita Karoline Josepha Raphaela Michaela Ignatia Aurelia (Zagreb 13 Jul 1899-Porto Alegre, Brazil 22 Oct 1977); m.1st Barcelona 16 Jul 1924 Ramon Orlandis y Villalonga (Palma de Majorca 24 Dec 1896-Palma de Majorca 10 Nov 1936); m.2d Montevideo, Uruguay 1942 Don Luis Perez Sucre (Buenos Aires 1899-Porto Alegre 1957) 

7d) Anton Maria Franz Leopold Blanka Karl Joseph Ignaz Raphael Michael Margareta Nicetas (Vienna 20 Mar 1901-Salzburg 22 Oct 1987); m.Sinaia 26 Jul 1931 (div 1954) Ileana Pss of Romania (Bucharest 5 Jan 1909-Ellwood City, Pennsylvania 21 Jan 1991)
1e) Stefan (Mödling, Austria 15 Aug 1932-Michigan 12 Nov 1998); m.(morganatically) Milton, Massachusetts 26 Aug 1954 Jerrine Soper (b.Boston 19 Jun 1931) 

1f) Christopher Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Boston 26 Jan 1957); m.1st Mt. Tamalpais, California 2 May 1987 (div 1994) Elizabeth Blanchette [her stepfather's surname; her father's surname was Popejoy] (b.Peoria, Illinois 22 Jan 1967); m.2d Clarkston, Michigan 15 Oct 1994 (div 2001) Catherine Nastase Ripley (b.Pontiac, Michigan 5 Sep 1958)

1g) Saygan Genevieve Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Mill Valley, California 31 Oct 1987)
2g) Stefan Christopher Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Southfield, Michigan 19 Jan 1990)
3g) Maria Antonia Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Commerce, Michigan 1 Oct 1997) 

2f) Ileana Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Detroit 4 Jan 1958); m.Farmington Hills 23 Jun 1979 David Snyder (b.Pontiac, Michigan 18 Nov 1956) 

3f) Peter Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Detroit 19 Feb 1959); m.1st Farmington Hills, Michigan 27 Jun 1981 (div 1985) Shari Reid(b.Highland Park, Michigan 1 Sep 1960); m.2d Union Lake, Michigan 17 Jun 1989 Lauren Klaus (b.Detroit 9 May 1956); they have three adopted children

4f) Constanza Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Detroit 2 Oct 1960); m.1st Franklin, Michigan 16 Jan 1987 (div 1995) Mark Matheson (b.Grosse Point 15 Feb 1958); m.2d Marietta GA 8 Nov 1997 Michael Dale Bain (b.Rockwood, Tennessee 4 Jan 1962)

5f) Anton Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Detroit 7 Nov 1964); m.Hiram, Ohio 5 Oct 1991 Ashley Byrd Carrell (Nashville, Tennessee 23 Aug 1966-24 Oct 2002) 
2e) Marie Ileana (Mödling 18 Dec 1933-d.in air crash Rio de Janeiro 11 Jan 1959); m.Vienna 7 Dec 1957 Jaroslav Gf Kottulinsky (Graz 3 Jan 1917-d.in air crash with his wife 11 Jan 1959)
3e) Alexandra (b.Sonnberg 21 May 1935); m.1st (civ) Mondsee 31 Aug 1962 (rel) Salzburg 3 Sep 1962 (div 1972, annulled 1973) Eugen Eberhard, Duke of Württemberg (b.Carlsruhe 2 Nov 1930); m.2d (civ) Mondsee 22 Aug 1973 (rel) Salzburg 29 Dec 1973 Viktor Frhr von Baillou (b.Vienna 27 Jun 1931)
4e) Dominic (b.Sonnberg 4 Jul 1937); m.1st (morganatically) Houston 11 Jun 1960 (div 1999) Engel von Voss (Houston 31 Mar 1937-Vienna 27 Sep 2010); m.2d North Salem, New York 14 Aug 1999 Emmanuela (Nella) Mlynarski (b.Afula, Israel 14 Jan 1948) 

1f) Sandor Gf von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Vienna 13 Feb 1965); m.Berndorf 15 May 2000 (div 22 Dec 2009) Priska Vilcsek (b.Hofheim, Taunus 18 Mar 1959); m.2nd 2010 (rel) Vienna 19 Nov 2011 Herta Öfferl

1g) Constantin Gf von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Vienna 11 Jul 2000) 

2f) Gregor Gf von Habsburg-Lothringen (b.Vienna 20 Nov 1968); m.Los Angeles 13 Aug 2011 Jacquelyn Frisco 

5e) Maria Magdalena (b.Sonnberg 2 Oct 1939); m.Mondsee (civ) 27 Aug (rel) 29 Aug 1959 Hans Frhr von Holzhausen (b.Windischgarsten 1 Sep 1929) 

6e) Elisabeth (b.Sonnberg 15 Jan 1942); m.Mondsee 3 Aug 1964 Friedrich Sandhofer (b.Salzburg 1 Aug 1934) 

8d) Assunta Alice Ferdinandine Blanca Leopoldina Margaretha Beatrix Josepha Raphaela Michaela Philomena (Vienna 10 Aug 1902-San Antonio TX 24 Jan 1993); m.Ouchy, nr Lausanne 17 Sep 1939 [16 Mar 1939?] (div 1950) Joseph Hopfinger (Boryslaw, Galicia 14 Apr 1905-Charleston, South Carolina 23 Aug 1992) 

9d) Franz Josef Karl Leopold Blanka Adelgunde Ignatius Raphael Michael Vero (Vienna 4 Feb 1905-Hernstein 9 May 1975); m.1st (morganatically) London 22 Jul 1937 (div) Maria Aloisa Baumer (Vienna 30 Mar 1906-Vienna 9 Mar 1987); m.2d (morganatically) Zürich 21 Jan 1962 Maria Elena Seunig, Cdsa de Basus (Triest 7 Sep 1925-Baden nr Vienna 20 Aug 1994) 

1e) Patricia Federica Maria Valeria Nella Gfn von Habsburg (b.Vienna 23 Apr 1963)

10d) Karl Pius Maria Adelgonde Blanka Leopold Ignaz Raphael Michael Salvator Kyrill Angelus Barbara (Vienna 4 Dec 1909-Barcelona 24 Dec 1953); m.(morganatically) Vienna 10 May 1938 (div 1950) Christa Satzger de Bálványos (Vienna 4 Dec 1914-New York 26 Oct 2001) 
1e) Alejandra Blanca Gfn von Habsburg (b.Viareggio 20 Jan 1941); m.Barcelona 1 Feb 1960 Jose Riera y de Leyva (b.Almeria 13 Nov 1934) 

2e) Maria Immaculada Pia Gfn von Habsburg (b.Barcelona 3 Jul 1945); m.Great Falls, Virginia 18 Dec 1969 John Howard Dobkin (b.Hartford, Connecticut 19 Feb 1942)

3c) Franz Salvator Maria Joseph Ferdinand Karl Leopold Anton von Padua Johann Baptist Januarius Aloys Gonzaga Rainer Benedikt Bernhard (Alt-Münster 21 Aug 1866-Vienna 20 Apr 1939); m.1st Ischl 31 Jul 1890 Maria Valerie, Archdss of Austria (Ofen 22 Apr 1868-Schloß Wallsee 6 Sep 1924); m.2d (morganatically) Vienna 28 Apr 1934 Melanie Frn von Riesenfels (Seisenegg, Lower Austria 20 Sep 1898-Amstetten 10 Nov 1984)
1d) Elisabeth Franziska Marie Karoline Ignatia (Vienna 27 Jan 1892-Schloß Syrgenstein 29 Jan 1930); m.Niederwallsee 19 Sep 1912 Georg Gf von Waldburg-Zeil (Hohenems 7 Jan 1878- Schloß Syrgenstein 26 Oct 1955)
2d) Franz Karl Salvator Marie Joseph Ignaz (Lichtenegg 17 Feb 1893-Wallsee 10 Dec 1918)

3d) Hubert Salvator Rainer Maria Joseph Ignatius (Lichtenegg 30 Apr 1894-Schloß Persenbeug 24 Mar 1971); m.Anholt (civ) 25 Nov 1926 (rel) 26 Nov 1926 Rosemary Pss zu Salm-Salm (Potsdam 13 Apr 1904-Persenbeug 3 May 2001)

1e) Friedrich Salvator Franz Carl Rainer Gabriel Mathäus Vincentius Hubert Maria Joseph Ignatius (Vienna 27 Nov 1927-Amstetten 26 Mar 1999); m.Vienna (civ) 13 Jun 1955 (rel) 18 Jun 1955 Margarete Gfn Kálnoky von Köröspatak (b.Csicsó 13 May 1926) 
1f) Leopold Salvator Hubert Maria Rainer Judas Thaddäus Alexander Maximilian Stephan Franziskus Pius Alois (b.Vienna 16 Oct 1956)
2f) Marie Bernadette Christa Agnes Josepha Raphaela (b.Vienna 10 Feb 1958); m.(civ) Salzburg 24 Jun 1983 (rel) Schloß Persenbeug 9 Jul 1983 Rupert Wolff (b.Salzburg 16 May 1957) 

3f) Alexander Salvator Maria Joseph Raphael Pius (b.Vienna 12 Apr 1959); m.Niederfladnitz 5 Jun 1993 Marie Gabriele Gfn von Waldstein (b.Vienna 14 Sep 1969)
1g) Annabella Maria Kofi Marielle (b.Vienna 5 Sep 1997)
2g) Tara Maria Mariella (b.Amstetten 6 Feb 2000)

3g) Constantin Salvator Maria Raphael Alexander (b.Amstetten 4 Jan 2002)

4g) Paul Salvator (b.Vienna 4 Nov 2003)

4f) Katharina Mathilde Aloisia Maria Elisabeth Raphaela (b.Rorregg 1 Nov 1960); m.(civ) London 9 Apr 1988 (rel) Schloß Persenbeug 18 Jun 1988 Niall Brooks (b.Neuchâtel, Switzerland 7 Jan 1960) 

2e) Agnes Christina Franziska Karoline Theresia Raphaela Johanna Magdalena Huberta Josepha Ignatia (Schloß Persenbeug 14 Dec 1928-Vienna 31 Aug 2007); m.Schloß Persenbeug 17 Feb 1949 Karl Alfred Pr von und zu Liechtenstein (Frauenthal 16 Aug 1910-Hainburg 17 Nov 1985)
3e) Maria Margaretha Elisabeth Franziska Josepha Valeria Emanuela Michaela Philippa Rosa Huberta Ignatia (b.Vienna 29 Jan 1930)

4e) Maria Ludovica (Marie Roland) Isabella Alfonsa Anna Thadea Ferdinanda Katharina Huberta Marie Josepha Ignatia (Schloß Persenbeug 31 Jan 1931-Vienna 17 Apr 1999)

5e) Marie Adelheid (Alix) Theodora Antonia Bartholomea Leopolda Amalia Mathilde Markus d'Aviano Huberta Josepha Ignatia (b.Schloß Persenbeug 28 Jul 1933)

6e) Elisabeth Mathilde Karoline Alberta Jacobea Martina Helena Lucia Maria Josepha Huberta Ignatia (Schloß Persenbeug 18 Mar 1935-k.in a car crash at Ybbs 9 Oct 1998); m.Schloß Persenbeug 6 Jul 1959 Heinrich Pr von Auersperg (b.Ainödt 21 May 1931)

7e) Andreas Salvator Gabriel Gottfried Petrus Paulus Augustinus Severinus Maria Josephus Hubertus Ignatius (b.Schloß Persenbeug 28 Apr 1936); m.1st San Lorenzo de Escorial 22 Apr 1986 (div; annulled 2002) Maria Espinosa de los Monteros y Rosillo (b.Madrid 13 Jan 1953); m.2d 29 Jan 2001 (rel) Madrid 15 Feb 2003 Valerie Gfn Podstatzky-Lichtenstein (b.Grieskirchen 12 Jan 1967) 

1f) Thaddäus Salvator (b.Vienna 30 Mar 2001)
2f) Casimir Salvator (b.Vienna 27 Jul 2003)

3f) Alicia Beatrice Esperanza Rosemary Lydia Sofia Benedicta (b.Vienna 15 Feb 2005)

8e) Josepha Hedwig Georgia Henrietta Barbara Agathe Stephana Mathia Koloman Maria Huberta Ignatia (b.Schloß Persenbeug 2 Sep 1937); m.Schloß Persenbeug 3 Sep 1969 Clemens Gf von Waldstein-Wartenberg (Vienna 17 Jun 1935-Horn 20 Apr 1996) 

9e) Valerie Isabelle Marie Anna Alfonsa Desideria Brigitte Sophia Thomasia Huberta Josepha Ignatia (b.Vienna 23 May 1941); m.(civ) Salem 23 Sep 1966 (rel) Schloß Persenbeug 30 Sep 1966 Maximilian, Margrave of Baden (b.Salem 3 Jul 1933)

10e) Marie Alberta Dominika Benedikta Dorothea Felicitas Beatrix Simon Josephat Huberta Josepha Ignatia (b.Schloß Persenbeug 1 Jun 1944); m.Schloß Persenbeug 10 May 1969 Alexander Frhr von Kottwitz-Erdödy (b.Göttingen 24 Sep 1943)

11e) Markus Emanuel Salvator Franziskus de Paula Stanislaus Gregorius Josephat Florian Maria Joseph Hubert Ignatius (b.Schloß Persenbeug 2 Apr 1946); m.(morganatically) (civ) Vienna 30 Dec 1982 (rel) Stift Wilhering, Upper Austria 25 Feb 1983 Hildegard (Hilde) Maria Jungmayr (b.Linz 6 Aug 1955)

1f) Valentin Salvator Markus Gf von Habsburg (b.Salzburg 30 Jul 1983)
2f) Maximilian Salvator Gf von Habsburg (b.Salzburg 28 Dec 1984)
3f) Magdalena Maria Sophie Rosemary Gfn von Habsburg (b.Salzburg 7 Mar 1987) 

12e) Johann Maximilian Salvator Benedictus Ambrosius Pius Lukas Wolfgang Maria Joseph Hubert Ignatius (b.Schloß Persenbeug 18 Sep 1947); m.(morganatically) Altmünster 28 May 1977 Annemarie Stummer (b.Gmunden 15 Jun 1950)

1f) Caroline Anna Maria Michaela Gfn von Habsburg (Bad Ischl 12 Feb 1978-Traunkirchen 10 Mar 2007)
2f) Stephanie Rosa Marie Christine Gfn von Habsburg (b.Bad Ischl 10 Jul 1979); m.2006 Nikolaus von Halbgebauer (b.Vienna 8 Apr 1968)
3f) Isabelle Johanna Maria Margarethe Gfn von Habsburg (b.Bad Ischl 3 Nov 1981) 

13e) Michael Salvator Konrad Johannes Aloisius Franziskus Xaverius Barnabas Antonius Maria Josephus Hubertus Ignatius (b.Schloß Persenbeug 2 May 1949); m.Persenbeug 12 Nov 1992 (rel) Bad Ischl 21 Nov 1992 Eva Antonia von Hofmann (b.Linz 25 Feb 1961)

1f) Maria-Christina Carmen Manuela Michaela Rosemarie Almudena Theodora Therese Esther Rocio (b.Vienna 9 Nov 1997)

4d) Hedwig Maria Immakulata Michaela Ignatia (Ischl 24 Sep 1896-Hall, Tyrol 1 Nov 1970) m.Schloß Wallsee 24 Apr 1918 Bernhard Gf zu Stolberg-Stolberg (Mankato, Minnesota 20 Jan 1881-Hall 22 Sep 1952)
5d) Theodor Salvator (Schloß Wallsee 9 Oct 1899-Amstetten 8 Apr 1978); m.Schloß Zeil 28 Jul 1926 Maria Theresa Gfn von Waldburg zu Zeil u.Trauchburg (Neutrauchburg 18 Oct 1901-Munich 17 Jul 1967) 

1e) Franz Salvator (b.Schloß Wallsee 10 Sep 1927); m.26 Apr 1962 Anna Amelie Pss von Schönburg-Waldenburg (Frankfurt an der Oder 22 Jan 1936-Frankenmarkt, Upper Austria 7 Oct 1966); m.2d Wallsee 2 May 1980 Hedwig von Lichem-Löwenburg (Innsbruck 12 Mar 1938-Schloß Wallsee 28 Oct 2000)

1f) Margaretha Valerie (b.Amstetten 10 Feb 1981); m.Maria Taferl 4 Aug 2001 Andreas Baumgartner (b.Scheibbs 4 Nov 1977)

2f) Marie-Valerie (b.Amstetten 16 Mar 1982); m.2005 Martin Josef Wagner (b.1982)

2e) Theresa Monika Valerie Elisabeth Ludovika Walburga Anna (b.Schloß Wallsee 9 Jan 1931); m.Schloß Wallsee 17 Oct 1955 Rasso Pr of Bavaria (Leutstetten 24 May 1926-Tutzing 12 Sep 2011)
3e) Maria Immakulata Mathilde Elisabeth Gabriele Walburga Huberta (b.Schloß Wallsee 7 Dec 1933); m.(civ) Koslar 14 May 1959 (rel) Wallsee 9 Jun 1959 Reinhart Gf von und zu Hoensbroech (Kellenberg 15 Oct 1926-Eschweiler 8 Jun 2005)

4e) Carl Salvator Otto Maximilian Johannes Maria (b.Schloß Wallsee 23 Jun 1936); m.Uttenheim 25 Jul 1970 Edith Wenzl Frn von Sternbach (b.Bruneck 10 Jun 1943)

1f) Matthias Josef (b.Linz 30 Apr 1971); m.1st Seitenstetten 26 Mar 1995 (rel) 11 May 1996 (div 1998) Sabine Binder (b.Vienna 23 Mar 1973); m.2d Vienna 10 Sep 1999 (rel) 23 Sep 1999 [2000?] Eva Anderle (b.Vienna 16 Mar 1968)

1g) Nikolaus Petrus Salvator Gf v.Habsburg (b.Vienna 5 Aug 2000)
2g) Jakob Gf von Habsburg (b.Vienna 22 Sep 2001)

3g) Klara Gfn von Habsburg (b.Vienna 24 Jul 2005)

4g) Martin Gf von Habsburg (b.Feb 2011)

2f) Hedwig Walburga (b.Linz 31 Aug 1972); m.Seitenstetten 9 Sep 1995 Georg Feldscher (b.Vienna 26 Aug 1968)

3f) Johannes Florian (b.Linz 10 Feb 1974) ; m.1 May 2010 Katharina Lieselotte Riedl-Riedenstein (b.Vienna 5 Aug 1976)

4f) Bernhard Wolfgang (b.Linz 11 Jun 1977)

5f) Veronika Anna (b.Linz 3 Jan 1982); m.Jul 2011 Ulrich Gf von Mamming (b.Bozen 14 Dec 1982)

6f) Benedikt Stephan (b.Linz 16 Sep 1983) 

6d) Gertrud Maria Gisela Elisabeth Ignatia (Schloß Wallsee 19 Nov 1900-Ravensburg 20 Dec 1962); m.Bad Ischl 29 Dec 1931 Georg Gf von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg (Hohenems 7 Jan 1878-Syrgenstein 26 Oct 1955)
7d) Maria Elisabeth Therese Philomena Ignatia (Schloß Wallsee 19 Nov 1901-Innsbruck 29 Dec 1936)

8d) Clemens Salvator Leopold Benedikt Antonius Maria Joseph Ignatius; he assumed the title Prinz von Altenburg 2 Apr 1931, and this title was confirmed on him and his children 15 Dec 1949 (Schloß Wallsee 6 Oct 1904-Salzburg 20 Aug 1974); m.Vienna 20 Feb 1930 Elisabeth Gfn Rességuier de Miremont (Niszko, Galicia 28 Oct 1906-Salzburg 9 Jul 2000)

1e) Maria Valerie Christiane Elisabeth Clementine Franziska Josepha Marcella Pss von Altenburg (b.Vienna 16 Jan 1931); m.(civ) St.Gilgen 19 Jul 1959 (rel) Unterach am Attersee 20 Jul 1959 Mario Gf von Ledebur-Wicheln (b.St.Moritz 28 Jul 1931) 

2e) Clemens Maria Franz Salvator Friedrich Christian Joseph Johannes a Mata Pr von Altenburg (b.Vienna 8 Feb 1932); m.(civ) St.Gilgen 16 Oct 1964 (rel) Unterach 17 Oct 1964 Laurence Costa de Beauregard (b.Neuilly 3 Jun 1942) 
1f) Philipp Maria Paul Pr von Altenburg (b.Salzburg 15 Mar 1966)
2f) Henriette Marie Caroline Pss von Altenburg (b.Salzburg 16 Nov 1972); m.Salzburg 6 Nov 1998 (rel) Salzburg-Aigen 7 Nov 1998 Cte Guillaume Antoine Louis du Bessey de Contenson (b.Paris 16 May 1969) 

3e) Georg Adam Maria Friedrich Leopold Joseph Michael Pr von Altenburg (b.Vienna 23 Sep 1933); m.Salzburg 9 Feb 1963 (rel) St.Gilgen 17 Feb 1963 Maria Roswitha Wickl (b.Prague 2 Mar 1941)

1f) Georg Aegidius Clemens Ferdinand Maria von Altenburg (Salzburg 4 Jan 1964-20 Apr 2004)
2f) Maria Katharina Elisabeth Barbara Louise Josefine Carola Felicitas Pss von Altenburg (b.Vienna 7 May 1967); m.St.Gilgen [or, Wolfgangsee, Salzburg] 9 Jun 1993 (rel) 12 Jun 1993 Ivo von Deskovic (b.Klosterneuburg 5 Oct 1962) 

3f) Stephan Georg Max Joseph Aegidius Ferdinand Maria Pr von Altenburg (b.Salzburg 20 Aug 1971); m.Frohnleiten 6 May 2000 (rel) 24 Jun 2000 Katharina Frn Mayr v.Melnhof-Saurau (b.Vienna 19 Mar 1974) 
1g) Maria-Elisabeth Pss von Altenburg (b.Vienna 24 Mar 2001)
2g) Theresita Pss von Altenburg (b.Vienna 23 Jul 2003) 

4e) Peter Friedrich Christian Clemens Maria Leopold Joseph Matthäus Pr von Altenburg (Vienna 18 Sep 1935-9 Dec 2008); m.(civ) Retz 30 Sep 1965 (rel) Nieder-Fladnitz 2 Oct 1965 Juliane Gfn von Waldstein-Forni (b.Buchberg am Kamp 22 May 1940)

1f) Friedrich Eugen Clemens Petrus Maria Pr von Altenburg (b.Munich 9 Jul 1966); m.Hadersdorf am Kamp 16 Jun 2000 (rel) Etsdorf am Kamp, Lower Austria 8 Jul 2000 Gabriele Maria Alice Alse Christine Irene Antonia Gfn von Walterskirchen (b.Vienna 7 Oct 1965)

1g) Emanuel Pr von Altenburg, b.Vienna 25 Mar 2002
2g) Philippa Pss von Altenburg, b.Vienna 10 Jun 2003

3g) Marie Christine Pss von Altenburg, b.Vienna 15 Sep 2004

4g) Sophie Pss von Altenburg, b.Vienna 19 Jul 2006

5g) Nikolaus (b.2008) 

2f) Hemma Juliane Maria Elisabeth Clementine Pss von Altenburg (b.Munich 22 May 1969); m.Vienna 29 Jul 1996 (rel) Graz 14 Sep 1996 Nikolaus August Franz Anton Maria Gf Ségur-Eltz (b.Vienna 19 Nov 1963)

3f) Leopold Maximilian Vinzenz Petrus Maria Pr von Altenburg (b.Graz 17 Mar 1971); m.2007 Juliane Zschau (b.1972)

1g) Emilia Danilea Ambrosia Juliane (b.Berlin 20 Mar 2008)

2g) Antonia (b.2009)

4f) Franziska Christiane Maria Elisabeth Juliane Pss von Altenburg (b.Graz 17 May 1972)
5f) Maria Elisabeth Luise Juliane Pss von Altenburg (b.Graz 5 Dec 1973) 

5e) Christoph Theodor Johannes Leopold Joseph Maria Vitalis Pr von Altenburg (Wallsee 28 Apr 1937-Australia Aug 2008); m.Mona, New SouthWales 7 Feb 1970 Kirsty Mackay (b.Braidwood, NSW 8 Nov 1946)

1f) Sebastian Christoph Pr von Altenburg (b.Perth, Australia 9 Jul 1971); m.Sydney 28 Sep 1997 Megan Elizabeth Rees (b.Sydney 24 Nov 1971)

1g) Henry Jock Pr v.Altenburg (b.Katherine, Australia 5 Jun 2000)
2g) Anna Matilda Pss v.Altenburg (b.29 Jan 2002)

3g) Campel Pr v.Altenburg (b.23 Oct 2004)

2f) Matilda Elisabeth Pss von Altenburg (b.Canberra 12 Nov 1975)
3f) Francesca Kirsty Pss von Altenburg (b.Canberra 4 Apr 1979) 

6e) Elisabeth Christiane Maria Walburga Anna Magdalena Pss von Altenburg (b.Vienna 11 Dec 1938)
7e) Franz Josef Georg Clemens Maria Leopold Salvator Pr von Altenburg (b.Ischl 15 Mar 1941); m.Klagenfurt 3 May 1969 Christa Frn von Härdtl (b.St.Veit an der Glan, Carinthia 29 Jan 1945) 

1f) Maria Caecilia Elisabeth Therese Margarete Pss von Altenburg (b.Gmunden 2 Apr 1970); m.Neukirchen 22 Oct 2011 Peter Putschek
2f) Augustin Franz Josef Maria Clemens Georg Salvator Pr von Altenburg (Gmunden 27 Oct 1971-Vienna 22 Jul 2006)

3f) Amalia Maria Elisabeth Pss von Altenburg (b.Vöcklabrück 13 Jan 1979) ; m.Neukirchen 16 Aug 2003 Nikzad Ziai (b.Teheran 27 Jul 1972)

4f) Elisabeth Maria Caecilia Amalia Katharina Pss von Altenburg (b.Vöcklabrück 9 Jun 1983) 

8e) Nikolaus Gottfried Salvator Maria Joseph Leopold Johannes Vianney Pr von Altenburg (b.Ischl 22 May 1942); m.1st Salzburg 28 Apr 1973 (div 2000) Suzanne Robinow (b.Washington 9 Nov 1946); m.2d Salzburg 5 Apr 2005 Brigitte Frn v.Waechter (b.Vienna 28 Mar 1956)

1f) Florian Max Pr von Altenburg (b.Munich 17 Jan 1974); m.New York 10 May 2007 Maike Rosa Pollack (b.Berkeley, California 26 Jun 1976)

2f) Anna Elisabeth Pss von Altenburg (b.Salzburg 28 Mar 1977); m.Pierre Reboul 

9e) Johannes Maria Karl Salvator Leopold Ignatius Florian von Altenburg (b.Gmunden 21 Jan 1949); m.Vienna 26 Aug 1978 Eugenie Fundulus (b.Vienna 22 Sep 1953) 
1f) Maria Agnes Pss von Altenburg (b.Vienna 15 Jun 1979); m.17 Jun 2006 Nikolaus von Einem (b.Berlin 25 Aug 1975)
2f) Maria Josepha Pss von Altenburg (b.Vienna 20 Mar 1981); m.2007 (rel) 23 Aug 2008 Sebastian Frhr v.Eltz-Rübenach (b.29 Jun 1973)

3f) Clara Maria Johanna Pss von Altenburg (b.Vienna 19 Sep 1983)

4f) Franz Clemens Pr von Altenburg (b.Vienna 25 Sep 1985)

9d) Mathilde Maria Antonia Ignatia (Ischl 9 Aug 1906-Salzburg 18 Oct 1991); m.Hall 9 Apr 1947 Ernst Hefel (Schruns 25 Nov 1888-Salzburg 21 Mar 1974)
10d) Agnes (b.and d.Ischl 26 Jun 1911)

4c) Carolina Maria Immakulata Josepha Ferdinanda Therese Leopoldine Antoinette Franziska Isabella Luise Januaria Christine Benedikta Laurencia Justiniana (Alt-Münster 5 Sep 1869-Budapest 12 May 1945); m.Vienna 30 May 1894 August Leopold Pr of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Rio de Janeiro 6 Dec 1867-Schladming 11 Oct 1922)
5c) Albrecht Salvator Marie Joseph Ferdinand Karl Anton Johannes Xaver Aloys Rainer Klemens Roman (Alt-Bunzlau 22 Nov 1871-Bolzano 27 Feb 1896)

6c) Marie Antoinette Immakulata Josepha Ferdinanda Theresia Leopoldine Franziska Karoline Isabella Januaria Luise Christine Appolonie (Vienna 18 Apr 1874-Arco 14 Jan 1891)

7c) Maria Immakulata Rainera Josepha Ferdinande Theresia Leopoldine Antoinette Henriette Franziska Karoline Aloysia Januaria Christine Philomena Rosalia (Baden bei Wien 3 Sep 1878- Schloß Altshausen 25 Nov 1968); m.Vienna 29 Oct 1900 Robert, Duke of Württemberg (Meran 14 Jan 1873-Schloß Altshausen 12 Apr 1947)

8c) Rainer Salvator Maria Joseph Ferdinand Leopold Karl Anton von Padua Franz von Assisi Johann Baptist Xaver Aloys Gonzaga Stephan Protomartyr Alexander (Vienna 27 Feb 1880-Arco 4 May 1889)

9c) Henriette Maria Immakulata Adelgunde Josepha Ferdinande Theresia Leopoldine Franziska Karoline Isabella Januaria Luise Christine Eleonore (Vienna 20 Feb 1884-Traunkirchen 13 Aug 1886)

10c) Ferdinand Salvator Franz von Assisi Anton von Padua Johann Baptist Xaver Aloys Gonzaga Rainer Erasmus (Baden bei Wien 2 Jun 1888-Traunkirchen 28 Jul 1891)

9b) Maria Anna Carolina Annunziata Giovanna Giuseppa Gabriela Teresa Margherita Philomena (Florence 9 Jun 1840-Florence 13 Aug 1841)
10b) Raineri Salvator Maria Gaetano Giuseppe Giovanni Filippo Jacopo Antonius Zanobi Lodovico Gonzaga (Florence 1 May 1842-Florence 14 Aug 1844)

11b) Maria Luisa Annunziata Anna Giovanna Giuseppa Antonietta Philomena Appolonia Tomassa (Florence 31 Oct 1845-Hanau 27 Aug 1917); m.Schloß Brandeis 31 May 1865 Karl Fst zu Isenburg und Büdingen (Birstein 29 Jul 1838-Schlackenwerth 4 Apr 1899)

12b) Ludwig Salvator Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Battista Dominicus Raineri Ferdinando Carl Zenobius Antonin (Florence 4 Aug 1847-Schloß Brandeis 12 Oct 1915)

13b) Giovanni Nepomuceno Salvator Maria Giuseppe Giovanni Ferdinando Baldassare Lodovico Carl Zenobius Antonin (Florence 25 Nov 1852-presumed lost at sea 1890, though some believe he survived and settled in Patagonia) 

4a) Maria Luisa Giuseppa Cristina Rosa (Florence 30 Aug 1799-Florence 15 Jun 1857)
5a) Maria Teresa Francesca Giuseppa Giovanna Benedicta (Vienna 21 Mar 1801-Turin 12 Jan 1855); m.Florence 30 Sep 1817 King Carlo Alberto of Sardinia (Paris 29 Oct 1798-Oporto 28 Jul 1849)

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