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Thumbnail for version as of 15:16, 7 August 2011 
Mediatized House of Khevenhüller
House of Khevenhüller-Metsch
Khevenhüller is the name of a Carinthian noble family documented there since 1356 which originally came from the Upper Palatinate in Franconia and which later had their principal seat on Landskron Castle. In the 16th century the family split into the two branches of Khevenhüller-Frankenburg, Reichsgrafen (i.e. counts of the realm) since 1593, and Khevenhüller-Hochosterwitz (Reichsgrafen since 1725 and, as Khevenhüller-Metsch, Fürsten (i.e., princes) since 1763. In present-day Carinthia the Khevenhüllers operate the tourist attraction of Hochosterwitz Castle, one of their Renaissance homes. 
The earliest mention of a Khevenhüller is of one Ulreich "dem Chevenhuelaer" 1330, and in Carinthia of one Johann I Khevenhüller, who died in 1356 and was the son-in-law of Richard I von Khünburg and Elisabeth von Himmelberg, both from Carinthia. Johann IV von Khevenhüller zu Aichelberg (b. ca 1420-1462) was the first to hold the family title "of Aichelberg", yet Johann V Khevenhüller (d. 1462), son of Wilhelm II Khevenhüller and Margareta von Auersperg, was Burgrave of Federaun, whereas his son, Augustin Khevenhüller, who died 1516, is referred to as Herr (i.e. Lord) of Hardegg. His mother was one "Miss" von Lindegg, who together with her grandson Sigismund III, Herr Khevenhüller in Hohen-Osterwitz (1507-1558) appears among the ancestors of Prince Charles. Her youngest grandson, Bernard von Khevenhüller (1511-1548) was "Herr auf Sternberg and Hohenwart"; her eldest grandson, Christoph Khevenhüller (1503-1557) was Lord of Aichelberg. 
Christoph Khevenhüller
The steep rise of the House of Khevenhüller in Carinthia began when in 1525 Christoph Khevenhüller (1503 -1557) was appointed castellan of Ortenburg Castle near Spittal an der Drau and married a wealthy burgher's daughter, Elizabeth Mansdorfer. Her wealth enabled him to acquire a number of properties in Carinthia such as the castles of Aichelberg, Ortenburg, Sommeregg, Hochosterwitz and Landskron as well as the iron mine of Eisentratten near Gmünd. Like the majority of the Carinthian Estates Christoph Khevenhüller became a Lutheran Protestant. Of Christoph Khevenhüller's s three sons, Hans, Moritz and Bartlmä, two were politically and economically most successful, thus furthering the rise of the family.
Hans Khevenhüller
Hans Khevenhüller (1538-1606) became the Legate of the Holy Roman Emperor at the Spanish court, an office that he held for 26 years. He was appointed Imperial Chamberlain, was made a Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1587 and a count in 1593, a rank that upon his death passed on to his brother Bartlmä.
Bartlmä Khevenhüller
The activities of Bartlmä Khevenhüller (1539-1613) centred on Carinthia. Styling himself "Freiherr auf Landskron and Wernberg" he made it to Burggrave und Speaker of the Estates, and managed to make the Khevenhüller family one of the wealthiest in the German Reich. He also figured as the head of the Protestants in Carinthia. When in the course of the counter-reformation Emperor Ferdinand II abolished the nobility's religious freedom in the Habsburg lands, the Protestant members of the Khevenhüller family were forced to abandon their possessions in Carinthia and emigrated to Germany in 1628. Among these was also the great-grandmother of Nicolaus Ludwig Reichsgraf von Zinzendorf und Pottendorf of the Moravian Church or Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine. Interrelation with the noble Saxonian Metzsch family began that led to the Khevenhüller-Metsch branch, which later also spread to Spain where as marquesses and dukes they became Grandees of Spain.
Paul Khevenhüller
Being a Protestant Paul Khevenhüller (1593-1655) sided with the Swedish king during the Thirty Years' War lending Gustav Adolf 70 000 Swedish riksdalers to finance the war. After the king's death the Swedish state was incapable of repaying the loan and compensated the lender with the property of Julita Gard in Sodermanland, which remained the residence of his descendants late into the 19th century. 
Notable members of the House of Khevenhüller
  • Ulrich Khevenhüller (b. ca. 1430-1492), youngest son of Hans II Khevenhüller, knight
  • Georg Freiherr von Khevenhüller (1533-1587), "State Captain", i.e. governor of the Duchy of Carinthia.
  • Hans Graf Khevenhüller-Frankenburg (1538-1606), Imperial ambassador to the Spanish Court.
  • Franz Christoph Graf von Khevenhüller-Frankenburg (1588-1650), Imperial ambassador to the Spanish Court
  • Paul Khevenhüller (1593-1655), financier of the Swedish king in the Thirty Years' War
  • Sigmund Friedrich von Khevenhüller (1666-1742), governor of the Duchy of Carinthia, vicegerent of the Duchy of Lower Austria.
  • Ludwig Andreas Khevenhüller Graf von Aichelberg-Frankenburg (1683-1744), Austrian field marshal
  • Johann Joseph Fürst Khevenhüller-Metsch (1706-1776), Lord Great Chamberlain ("Oberstkämmerer") of Maria Theresa
  • Johann Carl Khevenhüller (1839-1905), member of Maximilian I of Mexico's corps of volunteers

Princes of Khevenhüller-Metsch

  • Siegmund Friedrich von Khevenhüller (1666-1742), 1725 Count Khevenhüller; married to I Maria Renata Countess Thannhausen, daughter of Count Ignaz; married to II Ernestina Leopoldina Countess von Orsini und Rosenberg
  • Johann Joseph Khevenhüller-Metsch(1706-1776), son of the former, 1763 Prince von Khevenhüller-Metsch; married to Karolina Maria Augustina Countess von Metsch, daughter of Count Johann Adolf
  • Johann Sigismund Friedrich (1732-1801), son of the former, 2nd Prince von Khevenhüller-Metsch; ∞ I Maria Amalia Susanna, Princess of Liechtenstein, daughter of Prince Emanuel; married to II Marie Josephine Henriette Barbara Countess of Strassoldo, daughter of Vinzenz
  • Karl Maria Joseph Johann Baptist Clemens (1756-1823), son of the former, 3rd Prince von Khevenhüller-Metsch; married to Therese Countess Morzin, daughter of Karl Joseph
  • Franz Maria Johann Joseph Hermann (1762-1837), brother of the former, 4th Prince von Khevenhüller-Metsch; married to I Maria Elisabeth Countess of Kuefstein, daughter of Johann Adam; married to II Maria Josepha Countess of Abensberg and Traun, daughter of Otto; married to III Christina Countess Zichy of Zich and Vasonykeö, daughter of Karl
  • Richard Maria Johann Basil (1813-1877), son of the former, 5th Prince zu Khevenhüller-Metsch; married to Antonia Maria CountessLichnowsky, daughter of Prince Eduard
  • Johannes Franz Karl Eduard Joseph Nemesius (1839-1905), son of the former, 6th Prince zu Khevenhüller-Metsch; married to Eduardine Countess von Clam-Gallas, daughter of Eduard
  • Anton Sigismund Joseph Maria (1873-1945), nephew of the former, until 1918 (abolishment of aristocracy) the 7th Prince zu Khevenhüller-Metsch; married to Gabriele Countess von Mensdorff-Pouilly 

Heads of the Khevenhüller-Metsch Family

  • Anton Sigismund Joseph Maria Khevenhüller-Metsch (1873-1945)
  • Franz Khevenhüller-Metsch (1889-1977), grandnephew of Prince Richard; married to Anna Princess zu Fürstenberg (1894-1928), daughter of Maximilian Egon Prince zu Fürstenberg
  • Maximilian Khevenhüller-Metsch (1919-2010) married to Wilhelmine Gräfin Henckel von Donnersmarck (b. 1932), daughter of Lazarus Graf Henckel von Donnersmarck (1902-1991) and Franziska Gräfin von und zu Eltz (1905-1997)
  • Johannes Khevenhüller-Metsch (b. 1956); married to Donna Camilla Borghese dei Principi di Nettuno (* 1962)

Spanish branch

  • Don Camilo Ruspoli y Khevenhüller-Metsch, Marescotti-Capizucchi y Liechtenstein, dei Principi Ruspoli (1788-1864), married to Carlota de Godoy, 2nd Duchess of Sueca
  • Don Luigi Ruspoli y Godoy, de Khevenhüller-Metsch y Borbón, dei Principi Ruspoli, 3rd Marquis of Boadilla del Monte (1828-1893),
  • Don Adolfo Ruspoli y Godoy di Bassano, de Khevenhüller-Metsch y Borbón, dei Principi Ruspoli, 2nd Duke of Alcudia (1822-1914),Grandee of Spain First Class. 
The Titles and Styles of the House  
The cadet members of this family bear the title Graf or Gräfin von Khevenhüller-Metsch, the head of the house and hise wife bear the title of Prince and Princess Khevenhuller Metsch with the formal appellation of His and Her Serene Highness. 
The Genealogy of The Princely House

FRANZ Maria Johann Joseph Hermann Fürst von Khevenhüller-Metsch 2 Jun 1823 (Vienna 7 Apr 1762- Frohnsburg, Lower Austria 2 Jul 1837); m.1st Vienna 6 Jul 1791 Maria-Elisabeth Gfn von Kuefstein (Vienna 2 May 1771-St.Pölten 8 Jan 1798); m.2d St.Pölten 16 Apr 1798 Maria Josefa Gfn von Abensperg u.Traun (St.Pölten 23 Nov 1782-St.Pölten 6 Mar 1799); m.3d Oroszvar 15 Jun 1812 his niece Christine Gfn Zichy zu Zich u.Vásonykeö (Vienna 30 Apr 1792-Penzing 20 Jul 1830)

1a) Johann Siegmund Friedrich (10 Jun 1793-20 Apr 1794)

2a) Johann Friedrich Maria Reichard (29 Dec 1794-7 Jul 1795)

3a) Maria Anna Kunigunde (5 Mar 1799-29 Apr 1801)

4a) RICHARD Maria Johannes Basilius Fst von Khevenhüller-Metsch (Talheim, Lower Austria 23 May 1813- Ladendorf 29 Nov 1877); m.Vienna 8 Dec 1836 Antonia Maria Gfn Lichnowsky (Vienna 18 Apr 1818-Vienna 10 Jan 1870)

1b) Ludwig Emanuel (13 Oct 1837-Fronsburg 5 Jan 1838)

2b) Maria Antonie Eleonore Christiane Hedwig (Kammerburg 17 Oct 1838-Vienna 31 Oct 1892); m.Vienna 28 Jun 1862 Rudolf Gf Chotek von Chotkowa u.Wognin (d.Futtak 3 Dec 1903)

3b) Johannes Franz KARL Eduard Joseph Nemesius Fst von Khevenhüller-Metsch (Ladendorf 19 Dec 1839-Riegersburg 11 Sep 1905); m.Vienna 17 Jun 1871 Eduardine Gfn von Clam-Gallas (Prague 3 Nov 1851-Abbazia 2 Aug 1925)

4b) Sigmund Maria (Vienna 31 May 1841-Graz 10 Jul 1879); m.Vienna 5 Oct 1872 Maria Anna Gfn zu Herberstein (Graz 8 Dec 1851-Baden bei Vienna 2 Aug 1921)

1c) Anton SIGISMUND Joseph Maria Fst von Khevenhüller-Metsch (Vienna 26 Jul 1873-Salzburg 8 Nov 1945); m.Vienna 4 Jun 1910 Gabrielle Gfn von Mensdorff-Pouilly (Vienna 12 Feb 1893-Vienna 4 Apr 1972)

1d) Maria Anna Ida Leopoldine (Vienna 16 Jun 1911-Riegersburg 6 Jan 1989); m.Dresden 15 May 1939 Gotthard Gf Pilati von Thassul zu Daxberg (Warmbrunn 19 Jul 1906-Riegersburg 22 Sep 1969)

1e) Gabrielle Gfn Pilati von Thassul zu Daxberg, b.Sagan 1941; m.Mariazell 1959 (div 1982) Zsigmond Gellerdi Vargha (b.Budapest 1936)

1f) Zsigmond Gellerdi Vargha (Heidelberg 1960-Riegersburg 1983)

2f) Christiana Gellerdi Vargha, b.Munich 1961

2e) Beatrix Gfn Pilati von Thassul zu Daxberg (Berlin 1942-Heidelberg 1975)

3e) Gotthard Gf Pilati von Thassul zu Daxberg, b.Salzburg 1945; m.1st Rottach-Egern 1972 (div 1979) Kristina Paul (b.Eisenach 1948); m.2d Mespelbrunn 1986 Francesca Filo di Torre Santa Susanna (b.Naples 1946)

1f) Tassilo Gf Pilati von Thassul zu Daxberg, b.Munich 1973

2f) Octavian Gf Pilati von Thassul zu Daxberg, b.Vienna 1989

2d) Leopoldine Gabrielle Maria (b.Vienna 23 Feb 1913); m.Berlin 11 Feb 1941 Max Huck (Jästersheim 22 Aug 1910-Graz 19 Feb 1978)

1e) Max-Eduard Huck, b.Breslau 1944; m.Marina Gfn von Thurn und Valsassina-Como-Vercelli (b.Palfau 1947)

2e) Sigismond-Ernst Huck, b.Göttingen 1946; m.Brigitte Hajek (b.1953)

3e) Marie Antoinette Huck, b.1948; m.1972 Pr Ferdinand von Croy (b.1940)

3d) Ida Gabrielle Antonia (Vienna 4 Jun 1914-Fronsburg 7 Sep 1985); m.Dresden (civ) 1 Feb 1935 (rel) 2 Feb 1935 Joseph Frhr von dem Bongart (Paffendorf 7 Apr 1909-Fronsburg 9 Oct 1988)

4d) Gabrielle Sigismunde Marie-Anna Leopoldine Ida Antonia Josefa (Luzern 1 Nov 1925-Vienna 12 Nov 1979); m.Salzburg 2 Jul 1953 Rudolf Melichar (b.Berlin 22 Jun 1929)

1e) Ferdinand Melichar

2e) Elisabeth Melichar

2c) Gabriele (Fronsburg 15 Nov 1874-Baden bei Vienna 12 Sep 1896); m.Vienna 29 May 1895 Franz Gf von Harrach (Traunkirchen 26 Jul 1870-Iglau, Moravia 14 May 1937)

3c) Maria Theresia Gabrielle Leontine (Graz 29 Dec 1877-Paris 8 Aug 1968); m.Baden bei Vienna 3 Jul 1900 Karl Gf von Rumerskirch (Vienna 19 Nov 1867-Kitzbühel 24 May 1947)

4c) Edina Antonia Maria Anna Josepha (Graz 13 Mar 1879-Vienna 23 Jun 1958); m.1st Baden bei Vienna 18 Sep 1902 Rudolf Gf Grundemann von Falkenberg (Haindorf 11 Apr 1874-Vienna 19 May 1908); m.2d Vienna 6 Aug 1910 Kasimir Tarnoczy von Alsó-Lelócz u.Jezernicze (d.Lelocz, Slovakia 31 Aug 1944)

5b) Leontine Antonie Marie (Vienna 28 Feb 1843-Strobl 9 Aug 1914); m.1st Vienna 23 May 1860 Maximilian Egon I Fst zu Fürstenberg (Donaueschingen 29 Mar 1822-Lána bei Pürglitz 27 Jul 1873); m.2d Prague 31 May 1875 Emil Egon Pr zu Fürstenberg (Donaueschingen 12 Sep 1825-Leontinenschloß bei Pürglitz 15 May 1899)

6b) Rudolf Ladislaus Johann Joseph Maria (Vienna 18 Jun 1844-Vienna 20 Oct 1910)

5a) Albig Maria Johann Karl (Schloß Talheim 19 Nov 1814-Graz 14 Sep 1896); m.Preßburg 29 Apr 1865 Franziska Gfn Esterházy von Galántha (19 Jan 1831-Graz 12 Jul 1925)

6a) Eduard (28 Feb 1816-10 Mar 1816)

7a) Othmar Maria Johann Saturnis (St.Pölten 29 Nov 1819-Teplitz 23 May 1890); m.Vienna 12 Jan 1850 Leontine Marie Caroline Frn Kreß von Kressenstein (Preßburg 16 Nov 1822-Vienna 10 Apr 1907)

1b) Caroline Olga Maria Antonia (Budapest 10 Nov 1850-Reichenau 3 Sep 1932); m.Vienna 27 Nov 1875 Zdenko Gf von Kolowrat-Krakowsky-Liebsteinsky (d.Pellendorf 24 Oct 1892)

2b) Alfred Karl Felix Franz Leopold Othmar Maria (Budapest 25 Jul 1852-Osterwitz 23 Dec 1911); m.Vienna 27 Nov 1888 Melanie Gfn Erdödy von Monoyorókerék u.Monoszló (Vienna 3 May 1861-Schloß Nieder-Osterwitz 7 May 1954)

1c) FRANZ Eduard Joseph Adam Othmar Leopold Hubertus Maria Fst von Khevenhüller-Metsch (Vienna 3 Dec 1889-Niederosterwitz 31 Jan 1977); m.Schloß Heiligenberg 16 Aug 1913 Anna Pss zu Fürstenberg (Lána 19 Mar 1894-Freiburg 19 Aug 1928)

1d) Irma Maximiliane Franziska Melanie Anna Eduardine Stefania (Donaueschingen 3 Aug 1914-Niederosterwitz 17 Jun 1954); m.Madrid 26 Feb 1941 Silvio Scherz (Villach 3 Aug 1908-Granada 28 Mar 1973)

2d) Melanie Irma Maximiliane Egona (Schönborn 18 Oct 1915-Vienna 24 Oct 1991); m.Osterwitz 12 Jun 1951 Peter Gf Draskovich von Trakostjan (Sellye 2 Apr 1916-Vienna 9 Dec 1993)

3d) MAX Alfred Bartholomäus Friedrich Anton Franz Eduard Joachim Anna Maria Schnee Oswald Hubertus Fst von Khevenhüller-Metsch (b.Schloß Heiligenberg 5 Aug 1919); m.Munich 19 Jan 1956 Wilhelmine Gfn Henckel von Donnersmarck (b.Naklo 16 Mar 1932)

1e) Maria Johannes Franz Xaver Lazarus Maximilian Felix Hubertus Erbpr von Khevenhüller-Metsch (b.Lugano-Sorengo 20 Nov 1956); m.Rome 3 Jul 1986 Donna Camilla Borghese dei Principi di Nettuno (b.Rome 1 Jan 1962)

1f) Francesca Lydia Maria (b.Rome 21 Apr 1988)

2f) Helena Flavia Lauretana (b.Rome 10 Dec 1989)

3f) Sophie Maria Gabriela (b.Rome 28 Feb 1992)

4f) Cecilie Maria Caterina (b.Rome 29 Mar 1997)

2e) Maria Bartholomäus Lazarus Maximilian Hubertus (b.Lugano-Sorengo 1 Jan 1958); m.(civ) Comillas, Spain (rel) Roiz, Santander 2 Jul 1988 Cristina Sanchez de Movellán y Garcia Ogara (b.San Sebastian 22 Aug 1962)

1f) Ludwig Andreas (b.Las Palmas 5 Nov 1988)

2f) Clara Alexandra (b.Madrid 26 Oct 1990)

3f) Gabriele Cristina (b.Madrid 2 Jan 1993)

4f) Philipp Paul (b.Hong Kong 6 Jul 1998)

3e) Maria Karl Maximilian Georg Hubertus (b.Lugano-Sorengo 11 Mar 1959); m.Ossiach 5 Sep 1992 Lelia Gailly de Taurines (b.Neuilly-sur-Seine 28 Aug 1968)

1f) Maria Maximilian Johannes Christoph Alain (b.Klagenfurt 24 Sep 1993)

2f) Maria Franz Christoph Karl (b.Mistelbach 26 Mar 1995)

3f) Maria Sigismund Friedrich Georg Rudolf (b.Mistelbach 30 Dec 1997)

4f) Maria-Victoria Laura Christine Manuela Anna Viola (b.Klagenfurt 7 Jul 2000)

4e) Georg Christoph Heinrich Hubertus (b.Madrid 24 Sep 1960); m.Castell 22 Aug 1993 Stephanie Gfn zu Castell-Castell (b.Castell 26 Sep 1966)

1f) Hemma Marie Louise Franziska (b.Vienna 17 Jul 1994)

2f) Teresa Marie Johanna Sophie Leopoldine (b.Frankfurt 16 Jan 1996)

3f) Marie Elisabeth Gustav Pilar (b.Frankfurt 27 Aug 1998)

4f) Paula Marie Carline Anna (b.Frankfurt 11 Oct 2003)

5e) Maria Melanie Anna Teresa (b.Madrid 22 Apr 1967); m.Möckmühl 7 Jun 1993 (rel) Osterwitz 19 Jun 1993 Hubertus Gf von Waldburg zu Wolfegg u.Waldersee (b.Möckmühl 15 May 1964)

6e) Maria Isabel Francisca Caroline (b.Madrid 30 Mar 1972); m.St.Georgen am Längsee 17 Apr 2004 Florian Gf v.Hartig (b.Vienna 24 Apr 1965)

4d) Helene Maria Anna Franziska (b.Vienna 4 Apr 1921); m.1st St.Georg am Lingsee 14 Aug 1953 (rel) Hochosterwitz 15 Aug 1953 Konstantin Pr of Bavaria (Munich 15 Aug 1920- Hechingen 30 Jul 1969); m.2d (civ) Munich 16 Nov 1970 (rel) Innsbruck 21 Nov 1970 Eugen Pr of Bavaria (Munich 16 Jul 1925-Grasse 1 Jan 1997)

2c) Georg Albig Joseph Anton Adam Hubertus Maria (Vienna 14 Mar 1891-Friesach 14 Jan 1980)

3c) Antoinette Olga Alexandrine Leontine Helene Klothilde Josepha Ignazia Maria (Vienna 6 Apr 1897-Coihayque, Chile 22 Apr 1986); m.1st Prague 8 Aug 1927 Bohuslav Gf von Kolowrat-Krakowsky-Liebsteinsky (Reichenau 11 Oct 1876-Prague 26 Aug 1934); m.2d Solnitz 17 May 1939 Wilhelm Jaroslav Gf von Kolowrat-Krakowsky-Liebsteinsky (Reichenau 14 Mar 1888-Coihayque 11 Dec 1965)

3b) Karl Emmanuel Johann Maria (St.Pölten 5 Jan 1854-Genoa 5 Mar 1910); m.Corfu 14 Sep 1893 Maria Botti-Vrachliotti (Corfu 3 Jan 1873-Baden bei Vienna 4 Jul 1961)

1c) Eleonore (4 Oct 1895-27 Nov 1896)

2c) Ottmar (Beirut 7 Oct 1897-Vienna 6 Nov 1916)

4b) Robert (22 Aug 1856-30 Jul 1858)

5b) Otmar (22 Jul 1857-1858)

8a) Marie Hedwig Segune (31 Aug 1823-Türnitz 9 Feb 1876); m.28 Apr 1856 Hermann Gf Locatelli (d.22 Oct 1877)

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