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Mediatized House of Schwarzenberg
House of Schwarzenberg
Schwarzenberg (Czech: ze Švarcenberka) is the name of a Frankish and Bohemian aristocratic family. The family was first mentioned in 1172. A branch of the Seinsheim family (the non-Schwarzenberg portion died out in 1958) was created when Erkinger I of Seinsheim acquired the Frankish barony of Schwarzenberg, the castle Schwarzenberg and the title Baron of Schwarzenberg, in 1405-21. At this time, they also possessed some fiefdoms in Bohemia. In 1599 the Schwarzenbergs were elevated to Counts and in 1670 to Princes. The House of Schwarzenberg came into extensive land holdings in Bohemia in 1661 through a marriage alliance with the House of Eggenberg. In the 1670s, they established their primary seat in Bohemia. Until 1918 their primary residence was in Český Krumlov, Bohemia (now in the Czech Republic). 
  In the late 18th century, the House of Schwarzenberg was divided into two titled lines (majorats). The elder line died out in the male line in 1965 with Heinrich Schwarzenberg, the 11th Prince of Schwarzenberg. The second line was established with Prince Karl Philipp of Schwarzenberg at Orlík, Murau and Vienna. Today the two lines are united under the current head of the house, Prince Karl VII of Schwarzenberg, who served as a minister of foreign affairs of the Czech Republic in the cabinet of Mirek Topolanek.

The Family Members of The House of Schwarzenberg

The House of Schwarzenberg produced many military commanders, politicians, church dignitaries (including an Archbishop of Prague), innovators and patrons of the arts. They were related to a number of European aristocratic families, notably to the Lobkowicz (Czech: Lobkovicové) family. By name, notable members are:

  • Johann of Schwarzenberg (1463-1528), Bamberg judge, and friend of Martin Luther
  • Adam, Count of Schwarzenberg (1583-1641), advisor of George William, Elector of Brandenburg
  • Georg Ludwig, Count von Schwarzenberg (1586-1646), Austrian statesman during the Thirty Years War
  • Prince Karl Philipp I of Schwarzenberg (1771-1820), Austrian general and field marshal
  • Prince Felix of Schwarzenberg (1800-1852), Austrian statesman
  • Friedrich Johannes Jacob Celestin von Schwarzenberg (1809-1885), Archbishop of Salzburg and Prague

The Lords of Seinsheim

The House of Seinsheim regarded Erchanger, Duke of Swabia († 917) as their ancestor.

  • Conrad
  • Apollonius d. Ä. († 1311)
  • Hildebrand († 1386)
  • Michael (I.) († 1399)
  • Erkinger (VI.) (* 1362; † 1437) 1409 founded Astheim Charterhouse with his first wife Anna von Bibra, received Schwarzenberg 1420, became baron of Schwarzenberg in 1429 and bought Hohenlandsberg in 1435: All Schwarzenbergs descend from Erkinger and his two wives, Anna von Bibra (+ 1418) and Barbara von Abensberg (+1448).

The Barons of Schwarzenberg

  • 1420-1437: Erkinger I (same as Erkinger VI above)
  • 1437-1469: Michael II
  • 1469-1499: Michael III
  • 1499-1510: Erkinger II
  • 1510-1526: Wilhelm I
  • 1526-1557: Wilhelm II
  • 1557-1599: Adolf, count until 1600

In 1599, the barony was raised to an Imperial county.

The Counts of Schwarzenberg

  • 1599-1600: Adolf, baron since 1557
  • 1600-1641: Adam I
  • 1641-1670: Johann Adolf I
On 14 July 1670, the county was raised to an Princely county and, the following year, to a Princely landgraviate. 

The Princes of Schwarzenberg

  • 1670-1683: Johann Adolf I
  • 1683-1703: Ferdinand Wilhelm Eusebius
  • 1703-1732: Adam II Franz Karl, Duke of Krumlov from 1719
  • 1732-1782: Joseph I Adam
  • 1782-1789: Johann I

The Heads of the House of Schwarzenberg

* 1918-1938: Johann II
* 1938-1950: Adolph Schwarzenberg, childless,
adopted Heinrich, Duke of Krumau (†1965),
younger brother of his cousin
* 1950-1979: Joseph III (†1979), cousin of Johann II


* 1918-1986: Karl VI (†1986)

  • 1979-present: Karl VII, son of Karl VI, adopted by Heinrich, both lines reunified
 The Holdings in Bohemia of The Princely House

The Schwarzenberg property in Bohemia included the Duchy of Krumlov, the town of Prachatice and Orlík Castlke. The family also acquired property of the House of Rosenberg (Czech: Rožmberkové). They created ponds, planted forests and introduced new technologies in agriculture. Upon the establishment of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, the possessions of Prince Adolf of Schwarzenberg were seized by the Nazi authorities. He himself managed to flee, while his cousin and heir Duke Heinrich of Krumlov was arrested and deported. After World War II the Czechoslovakian government by law No. 143/1947 from August 13, 1947 (Lex Schwarzenberg) stated that the assets of the Schwarzenberg-Hluboká primogeniture passed to the Land of Bohemia.


The Castles and Palaces of The Princely House

The Schwarzenberg holdings included the following castles:

Schloß Schwarzenberg at Scheinfeld, Franconia
Gimborn Castle in the Rhineland, from 1631 until 1874
Krumlov Castle in Český Krumlov, South Bohemia, held from 1719 to 1947
Hluboká Castle (German: Schloss Frauenberg) in Hluboká nad Vltavou, South Bohemia, acquired by Johann Adolf I of Schwarzenberg in 1661, held until 1947
Vimperk (Winterberg) Castle, South Bohemia
Třeboň Castle, South Bohemia
Orlík Castle in Orlík nad Vltavou, South Bohemia, restored in 1992
Čimelice Castle, South Bohemia
Zvikov Castle, South Bohemia
Schloss Murau, Styria
Palais Schwarzenberg in Prague (until 1947)
Palais Schwarzenberg in Vienna
Palais Salm in Prague (until 1947)
The Schwarzenberg Coat-of-arms

The German noble family of Schwarzenbergs was originally called the Lords of Seinsheim and their proper emblem was a shield with silver and blue stripes. After the conquest of Raab, the Turkish fortress, the emblem was enlarged in 1599 by Adolf zu Schwarzenberg with head of a Turk, his eyes being pecked out by a raven. In 1688, there was another modification of the coat-of-arms which was improved by the symbols of other dominions. Three red spikes in a green field symbolise the Schultz dominion which was annexed to the dominion by Ferdinand zu Schwarzenberg after the marriage with Marie Anna von Schultz. A burning twig symbolises the Brandis dominion. In the heart shield of the coat-of-arms there are emblems of the Schwarzenberg dominions - a tower on a black hill and Kleggau -three golden sheaves. Two golden lions occassionally appear as shield-bearers. The prince's crown above the coat-of-arms symbolises the prince's title.


The Titles of the Head of the Family

  • H.S.H. The Prince of Schwarzenberg, Duke of Krumlov, Count of Sulz, Princely Landgrave of Klettgau 
  • (German: S.D. Fürst von und zu Schwarzenberg, Herzog von Krummau, Graf von Sulz, gefürsteter Landgraf im Klettgau)
The Titles and Styles of the Princely House

The present members of this family bear the title Prince or Princess zu Schwarzenberg together with the formal appellation of His or Her Serene Highness.
The Genealogy of The Princely House

JOHANN ADOLF, cr 1670 Fürst zu Schwarzenberg (Wiebelskirchen 20 Sep 1615-Laxenburg 26 May 1682); m.15 Mar 1644 Maria Justina Gfn von Starhemberg (1608-Wittingau 31 Jan 1681)

1a) Johann Leopold Philipp (Murau 26 Jan 1647-Murau 13 Aug 1647)

2a) Maria Ernestina (Brussels 1649-Vienna 4 Apr 1719); m.Vienna 21 Feb 1666 Johann Christian Fst von Eggenberg (d.Prague 14 Dec 1710)

3a) FERDINAND Wilhelm Eusebius Fürst zu Schwarzenberg (Brussels 23 May 1652-Vienna 22 Oct 1703); m.Langenargen 22 May 1674 Maria Anna Gfn von Sulz, heiress of Kletgau (Tengen 24 Oct 1652-Vienna 18 Jul 1698)

1b) Maria Josepha Ernestina (19 Mar 1675-5 Jan 1686)

2b) Adolf Ludwig (11 Apr 1676-18 Jul 1690)

3b) Maria Franziska (17 Aug 1677-8 Dec 1731); m.Vienna 15 Feb 1699 Karl Egon Ldgf zu Fürstenberg (k.a.14 Oct 1702)

4b) ADAM Franz Karl Fürst zu Schwarzenberg, Hg von Krumau (Linz 25 Sep 1680-Brandeis a.d.Elbe 11 Jun 1732); m.Vienna 6 Dec 1701 Eleonore Amalie Pss von Lobkowicz (22 Jun 1682-Virnna 5 May 1741)

1c) Maria Anna (Vienna 25 Dec 1706-12 Jan 1755); m.Krumau 18 Mar 1721 Ludwig Georg Simpert Mgve of Baden-Baden (d.22 Oct 1761)

2c) JOSEPH Adam Johann Nepomuk Franz de Paula Joachim Judas Thaddäus Abraham Fürst zu Schwarzenberg (Vienna 15 Dec 1722-Vienna 17 Feb 1782); m.Maria-Schein 22 Aug 1741 Maria Theresia Pss von und zu Liechtenstein (28 Dec 1721-Vienna 19 Jan 1753)

1d) JOHANN Nepomuk Anton Joseph Joachim Prokop Fst zu Schwarzenberg (Postelberg 3 Jul 1742-Frauenberg 5 Nov 1789); m.Schloß Schönbrunn 14 Jul 1768 Marie Eleonore Gfn zu Oettingen-Wallerstein (Wallerstein 22 May 1747-Vienna 25 Dec 1797)

1e) JOSEPH Johann Nepomuk Anton Karl Fst zu Schwarzenberg (Vienna 27 Jun 1769-Frauenberg 19 Dec 1833); m.Château de Heverlé 25 May 1794 Pauline Pss and Dss von Arenberg (Brussels 26 Oct 1774-Paris 1 Jul 1810)

1f) Marie Eleonore Philippine Luise (Vienna 21 Sep 1796-Prague 12 Jun 1848); m.Frauenberg 16 Jun 1817 Alfred Fst zu Windisch-Grätz (Brussels 11 May 1787-Vienna 21 Mar 1862)

2f) Marie Pauline Theresia Eleonore (Vienna 20 Mar 1798-Vienna 18 Jun 1821); m.Frauenberg 16 Jun 1817 Eduard Fst von Schönburg-Hartenstein (11 Oct 1787-16 Nov 1872)

3f) JOHANN ADOLF II Joseph August Friedrich Karl Fst zu Schwarzenberg (Vienna 22 May 1799-Frauenberg 15 Sep 1888); m.Vienna 23 May 1830 Eleonore Pss von und zu Liechtenstein (Vienna 25 Dec 1812-Wittingau 27 Jul 1873)

1g) ADOLF JOSEPH Johann Eduard Fst zu Schwarzenberg (Vienna 18 Mar 1832-Libejic 5 Oct 1914); m.Vienna 4 Jun 1857 Ida Pss von und zu Liechtenstein (Eisgrub 17 Sep 1839-Libejic 4 Aug 1921)

1h) Eleonore Johanna Marie (Seebenstein 24 Jun 1858-Móor 14 Feb 1938); m.Vienna 22 May 1883 Heinrich Gf von Lamberg (Preßburg 16 Jul 1841-Ottenstein 17 Oct 1929)

2h) JOHANN Nepomuk Adolf Maria Hubert Maximin Fst zu Schwarzenberg (Vienna 29 May 1860-Vienna 1 Oct 1938); m.Vienna 27 Aug 1889 Therese Gfn von und zu Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg (Oberwaltersdorf 9 Feb 1870-Neunkirchen 12 Aug 1945)

1i) ADOLF Johann Maria Franz-Joseph Hubertus Agapit Fst zu Schwarzenberg (Frauenberg 18 Aug 1890-Bordighera 27 Feb 1950); m.Schloß Berg 29 Oct 1930 Hilda Pss of Luxemburg and Nassau (Schloß Berg 15 Feb 1897-Schloß Berg 8 Sep 1979)

2i) Karl (Frauenberg 8 Jun 1892-Prague 17 Feb 1919)

3i) Ida Huberta Maria Benedikta Theresia Vincenzia Melita (Vienna 10 Mar 1894-Salzburg 4 Jan 1974); m.Frauenberg 4 Sep 1917 Peter Gf Revertera von Salandra (Paris 18 Mar 1893-Helfenberg 19 Apr 1966)

4i) Josephine Gabriele Maria Benedicta Huberta Candida (Protovin 3 Oct 1895-Vienna 14 Oct 1965); m.Frauenberg 23 Oct 1919 Eugen Gf Czernin v.u.zu Chudenitz (Prague 3 Jan 1892-Vienna 16 Jun 1955)

5i) Anna (Frauenberg 23 Sep 1897-Authal bei Zeltweg, Styria 11 Jan 1954)

6i) Edmund, who took the surname "Cernohorsky" 1928 (Frauenberg 23 Sep 1897-d.at sea 25 Dec 1932)

7i) Maria Benedicta Huberta Jerona Lydia (Protovin 27 Mar 1900-Knittelfeld, Styria 6 Mar 1981); m.Vienna 27 Nov 1929 Engelbert Pr von Croÿ (l'Hermitage 9 Nov 1891-Stolzalpe bei Murau 12 Apr 1974)

8i) Therese Maria Ida Benedicta Huberta Stanislava Martina (Protovin 11 Nov 1905-Schweinfurt 6 Apr 1979); m.Schloß Schwarzenberg 30 Apr 1929 Karl Ludwig Frhr v.u.zu Guttenberg (Würzburg 22 May 1902-k.a., declared dear 23 Apr 1945)

3h) Franziska de Paula (Frauenberg 21 Sep 1861-Hort, Hungary 28 Dec 1951); m.Vienna 14 Apr 1880 Nikolaus Gf Esterházy von Galántha (Rome 20 Sep 1855-Csákvár 21 Jan 1925)

4h) Alois (Libejic 23 Jul 1863-3 Mar 1937)

5h) Maria, Abbess of St.Gabriel (Vienna 31 Mar 1865-Vienna 15 Feb 1943)

6h) Felix Medardus Hubert (Libejic 8 Jun 1867-Gustersheim 18 Nov 1946); m.Kleinheubach 15 Jun 1897 Anna Pss zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (Kleinheubach 28 Sep 1873-Vienna 27 Jun 1936)

1i) JOSEPH Maria Adolf Titus Fst zu Schwarzenberg (Preßburg 3 Jan 1900-Vienna 25 Oct 1979)

2i) Sophie (Preßburg 9 Mar 1901-Prague 16 Mar 1915)

3i) Marie (Preßburg 9 Mar 1901-Vienna 16 Mar 1935)

4i) Heinrich Karl Borromäus Maria Franz von Sales, Duke von Krummau (Preßburg 29 Jan 1903-Vienna 18 Jun 1965); m.Kirchdorf 30 Nov 1946 Eleonore Gfn zu Stolberg-Stolberg (Micheldorf 8 Aug 1920-Pöls, Styria 27 Dec 1994)

1j) Elisabeth Regina Gabriela (b.Vienna 1 Oct 1947); m.Pöls (civ) 16 May 1970 (rel) 31 May 1970 Rüdiger von Pezold (b.Würzburg 11 Jul 1941)

5i) Eleonore Maria Annunciata Franziska de Paula Franziska de Assisi Josepha Benedikta Karola Borromäa (Vienna 1 Apr 1904-Vienna 15 Jul 1984)

7h) Georg (Libejic 27 Jul 1867-Marienhof 20 May 1952)

8h) Karl (Libejic 10 Aug 1871-Shanghai 1 Apr 1902)

9h) Therese (Wittingau 13 Apr 1873-Prague 27 Oct 1946)

2g) Marie Leopoldine (Vienna 2 Nov 1833-Prague 8 Feb 1909); m.Vienna 23 Jun 1851 Ernst Gf von Waldstein Hr von Wartenberg (10 Oct 1821-Prague 1 Aug 1904)

3g) Cajus Joseph Walter Soter Prosper (Vienna 23 Apr 1839-Vienna 19 Apr 1841)

4f) Felix Ludwig Johann Nepomuk Friedrich (Krummau 3 Oct 1800-Vienna 5 Apr 1852)

5f) Ludovica Eleonore Franziska Walpurga (Vienna 8 Mar 1803-Ischl 24 Jul 1884); m.Libejic 20 Oct 1823 Eduard Fst von Schönburg-Hartenstein (11 Oct 1787-16 Nov 1872)

6f) Marie Mathilde Therese Eleonore Walburgis Franziska (Vienna 1 Apr 1804-Vienna 3 Nov 1886)

7f) Marie Karoline Antonia Eleonore (Krummau 15 Jan 1806-Vienna 5 May 1875); m.Vienna 27 Jun 1831 Ferdinand Fst Bretzenheim von Regecz (10 Feb 1801-1 Aug 1855)

8f) Maria Anna Bertha Stephanie (Vienna 2 Sep 1807-Salzburg 12 Oct 1883); m.Frauenberg 10 Nov 1827 August Fst von Lobkowicz (15 Mar 1797-17 Mar 1848)

9f) Friedrich Johann Joseph Cölestin, Cardinal 1842, Archbishop of Salzburg 1836, Archbishop of Prague 1850/85 (Vienna 6 Apr 1809-Vienna 27 Mar 1885)

2e) Johann Nepomuk Joseph Karl Urban (25 May 1770-13 Aug 1779)

3e) KARL Philipp Johann Nepomuk Joseph, cr Fürst zu Schwarzenberg (2. Majorat) 1804 (Vienna 15 Apr 1771-Leipzig 15 Oct 1820); m.Vienna 28 Jan 1799 Maria Anna Gfn von Hohenfeld (20 May 1767-Vienna 2 Apr 1848)

1f) FRIEDRICH Karl Fst zu Schwarzenberg (Vienna 30 Sep 1799-Vienna 6 Mar 1870)

2f) Karl Philipp (Vienna 21 Jan 1802-Vienna 25 Jun 1858); m.26 Jul 1823 Josephine Gfn Wratislaw von Mittrowitz (16 Apr 1802-Prague 17 Apr 1881)

1g) KARL Fst zu Schwarzenberg (Prague 5 Jul 1823-Prague 29 Mar 1904); m.Prague 5 Mar 1853 Wilhelmine Pss zu Oettingen-Oettingen u.Oettingen-Wallerstein (Prague 30 Dec 1833-Prague 18 Dec 1910)

1h) Anna Maria Gabriela (Prague 1 May 1854-Vienna 24 Dec 1898); m.Prague 18 May 1874 Franz Gf [Fst 1911[ von Thun u.Hohenstein (Tetschen 2 Sep 1847-Tetschen 1 Nov 1916)

2h) Gabriele Josephine Maria Dionysia (Prague 9 Oct 1856-Schloß Cech 4 Dec 1934); m.Prague 23 May 1882 Franz Gf von Silva-Tarouca (Cech 13 Mar 1858-Brünn 4 Aug 1936)

3h) KARL Friedrich Eduard Emanuel Fst zu Schwarzenberg (Cimelitz 1 Jul 1859-Worlik 4 Oct 1913); m.1st Vienna 20 May 1885 Maria Gfn Kinsky von Wchinitz u.Tettau (Vienna 18 Oct 1866-Wossow 11 May 1889); m.2d Vienna 24 Nov 1891 Ida Gfn Hoyos, Frn zu Stichsenstein (Horn 31 Aug 1870-Vienna 27 Jan 1946)

1i) KARL Friedrich Johann Alfons Ignaz Alexander Fst zu Schwarzenberg (Prague 26 Feb 1886-Vukovár 6 Sep 1914); m.Vienna 5 Feb 1910 Eleonore Gfn von Clam u.Gallas (Friedland, Bohemia 4 Nov 1887-Vienna 31 May 1967)

1j) KARL Friedrich Maria Joseph Johann von Nepomuk Cyrill Method Fst zu Schwarzenberg (Cimelitz 5 Jul 1911-Vienna 9 Apr 1986); m.Prague 30 Jun 1934 Antonie Pss zu Fürstenberg (Brussels 12 Jan 1905-Vienna 24 Dec 1988)

1k) Marie Eleonore Anna Anastasia Theresia (b.Prague 11 Apr 1936); m.Vienna 26 Jan 1969 Leopold-Bill von Bredow (b.Potsdam 2 Jan 1933)

2k) KARL JOHANNES Nepomuk Joseph Norbert Friedrich Antonius Wratislaw Menas Fst zu Schwarzenberg, Duke von Krummau (b.Prague 10 Dec 1937); m.Seefeld, Lower Austria 22 Apr 1967 (div 1988) and remarried 25 Jul 2008 Therese Gfn zu Hardegg auf Glatz u.im Machlande (b.Vienna 17 Feb 1940)

1l) Johannes Nepomucenus Andreas Heinrich Joseph Karl Ferdinand Johannes Evangelist die Heiligen Drei Könige Achaz Michael Maria Erbpr zu Schwarzenberg (b.Vienna 13 Dec 1967); m.20 Mar 2010 Diana Orgovanyi-Hanstein (b.1972)

2l) Anna Carolina Antoinette Elisabeth Theresia Olga Adelheid Maria (b.Vienna 16 Dec 1968); m.(civ) London 28 Jul 1997 (rel) Murau 6 Sep 1997 Peter Morgan (b.Wimbledon 10 Apr 1963)

3l) Karl Philipp Ernst Ferdinand Alwig Kilian, took the surname "Prinzhorn" upon adoption by Thomas Prinzhorn 1987/8 (b.Vienna 12 May 1979); m.Altaussee 3 Oct 2009 Anna Gfn v.u.zu Eltz (b.Vienna 25 Jun 1982)

3k) Friedrich Karl Joseph Johannes von Nepomuk Antonius Bartholomäus Felix Judas Thaddäus Conrad von Parzham (b.Prague 24 Aug 1940); m.Zürich 12 Oct 1984 Regula Brigitta Schlegel (b.Zürich 16 Apr 1956)

1l) Marie-Helene Antoinette Teresa Maximiliane (b.Zürich 29 Apr 1987)

2l) Ferdinand Karl Friedrich Johann Nepomuk Jakob Alexius (b.Zürich 17 Jul 1989)

4k) Anna Maria Karoline Ignatia Theresia (b.Prague 31 Jul 1946); m.Vienna (civ) 21 Dec 1979 (rel) 19 Jan 1980 Elmar Frhr von Haxthausen (b.Bökerhof 20 Oct 1925)

2j) Franz Friedrich Maria (Prague 24 Mar 1913-Unzmarkt 9 Mar 1992); m.Unterberkovic 23 May 1944 Amalie Pss von Lobkowicz (b.Unterberkovic 25 Jan 1921)

1k) Ludmila Maria de Victoria Franziska de Paula Eleonore Thadea Leonharda Agnes de Bohemia (b.Prague 25 Jul 1945); m.Salebury 14 Feb 1998 Carl Barton Hess (Chicago 28 Oct 1912-New York 15 Feb 2011)

2k) Isabella Eleonora Maria Franziska Romana Leonharda Thaddäa Sidonia (b.Rome 22 Jun 1946); m.(civ) Gräfelfing 15 Jul 1970 (rel) Vienna 25 Jul 1970 Louis von Harnier Frhr von Regendorf (b.Munich 3 Jul 1938)

3k) Johann (Jan) von Nepomuk Maria Heinrich Franz Leonhard Thaddäus Thomas von Aquin (b.Chicago 19 Feb 1957); m.Unzmarkt 19 Sep 1982 Regina Hogan (b.Milford, Massachusetts 22 Oct 1949)

1l) Alexander Holden (b.Newport, Rhode Island 5 Apr 1984)

2i) Ernst Johann Nepomuk Benedikt Joseph Maria (Wossow 11 Oct 1892-Pisek, Czechoslovakia 18 Dec 1979); m.1st Budapest 19 Feb 1916 (div 1934) Elisabeth Gfn Széchényi von Sárvár-Felsövidék (Vajszka 2 Aug 1895-Erzsébet Tanja 14 Jan 1957); m.2d (civ) Bernarice 12 May 1973 Mathilde Gerber (Stuttgart 22 Jul 1899-St.Margarethen 26 Jan 1999)

1j) Anna Maria Agathe Margarethe (b.Pilsen 28 Jan 1933); m.(civ) St.Margarethen, Switzerland 18 May 1956 (rel) Schwarzenberg 19 May 1956 Adolf Bucher (b.Ehrendorf, Carinthia 19 Nov 1918)

3i) Joseph Adolf (Wossow 18 Jun 1894-27 Jun 1894)

4i) Marie Wilhelmine Eleonore Josepha (Wossow 8 Jun 1896-Pettenbach 13 Dec 1945); m.1st Prague 30 Apr 1921 Ferdinand Gf v.u.zu Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg (Korican 20 Feb 1893-St.Pölten 24 Nov 1932); m.2d Budapest 18 Feb 1938 Andor Pál Somssich de Sáard (Somogysárd 30 Jun 1900-St.Pölten 24 Sep 1963)

5i) Eleonore Maria Anna Josepha Ida (Wossow 15 Aug 1899-Kahlsperg bei Oberalm 21 Mar 1984); m.Prague 28 Jul 1919 Johann Gf von Hartig (Niemes 30 May 1891-Niemes 5 Oct 1935)

6i) Johann von Nepomuk Erkinger Alfred Joseph Peter (Prague 31 Jan 1903-Cittá della Pieve nr Orvieto 26 May 1978); m.Wespelaar, Belgium 1 Sep 1931 Kathleen Vcts de Spoelberch (Brussels 19 May 1905-Cittá della Pieve 26 May 1978)

1j) Karl Erkinger Thaddäus (b.Vienna 8 Apr 1933); m.1st Athens 26 Jul 1962 (div 1975) Elisabeth Constantinides (b.Athens 2 Nov 1943); m.2d (civ) San Casciano 13 Jul 1977 Claudia Gfn u.Hrn zu Brandis (b.Fahlburg 10 May 1949)

1k) Johannes (b.Florence 17 Feb 1963)

2k) Anna Gabriella (b.Athens 14 Sep 1964); m.1st Vienna 5 Sep 1987 (div 1993) Philipp Frhr von Waechter (b.Vienna 18 Oct 1959); m.2d Klagenfurt 3 Jun 1995 Adam Dixon (b.New York 12 Mar 1960)

3k) Alexander Konstantin (b.Athens 28 Aug 1971); m.7 Jul 2001 Annabel Dimitriadi (b.8 Sep 1973)

4k) Gaia Maria (b.Florence 23 Feb 1978); m.Florence 23 Sep 2000 Loïc van Cutsem (b.14 Jul 1975)

5k) Ida Letizia (b.Florence 9 Oct 1980); m.Florence 2 Sep 2006 Baudouin de Troostembergh (b.30 Aug 1980)

2j) Colienne Ida Franziska Kathleen Eleonore Maria (b.Berlin 16 Feb 1937); m.Vienna 16 Sep 1961 Maximilian Joseph Gf von Meran (b.Csákberény 20 Apr 1930)

4h) Ida Maria Albertine (Prague 8 Apr 1861-Prague 2 Feb 1922); m.Prague 2 Sep 1886 Johann Gf Lazansky (d.Manetin 6 Nov 1932)

5h) Friedrich Edmund Marcell (Worlik 30 Oct 1862-Tochovice, Czechoslovakia 2 Oct 1936); m.Prague 2 Jul 1890 Marie Christine Gfn von Schönborn (Malesitz 11 Jun 1872-Schloß Tochowitz 14 Sep 1918)

6h) Maria (Worlik 2 Oct 1869-Bischofteinitz 20 Mar 1931); m.Prague 23 Jan 1895 Ferdinand Erbgf v.u.zu Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg (Oberwaltersdorf 5 Sep 1845-Bischofteinitz 9 Nov 1921)

2g) Gabriele (28 Dec 1825-26 Nov 1843)

3g) Anna Maria (Prague 20 Feb 1830-Prague 11 Feb 1849); m.Prague 14 May 1848 Ernst Gf von Waldstein Hr von Wartenberg (10 Oct 1821-1 Aug 1904)

3f) Leopold Edmund Friedrich (Vienna 18 Nov 1803-Worlik 17 Nov 1873)

4e) Anton Johann Nepomuk Joseph Sigmund Florin (3 May 1772-11 May 1775)

5e) Franz de Paula Joseph Johann Nepomuk (Vienna 29 May 1773-Vienna 3 Feb 1789)

6e) Ernst Joseph Johann Nepomuk Franz de Paula Maximus, Bishop of Raab 1819/21 (Vienna 29 May 1773-Vienna 14 Mar 1821)

7e) Franz Johann Nepomuk Joseph August (Vienna 28 Mar 1774-Weinheim 18 Nov 1795)

8e) Marie Karoline Theresia Regina (Vienna 7 Sep 1775-Prague 24 Jan 1816); m.Vienna 2 Aug 1792 Franz Joseph Fst von Lobkowicz (d.16 Dec 1816)

9e) Eleonore Karoline Theresia (Vienna 28 Jan 1777-Vienna 25 Sep 1782)

10e) Maria Elise Theresia Karoline Eleonore (Vienna 11 Sep 1778-Frauenberg 8 Oct 1791)

11e) Maria Theresia Eleonore Charlotte Walburga (Vienna 14 Oct 1780-9 Nov 1870); m.Vienna 25 May 1801 Friedrich Egon Ldgf zu Fürstenberg (Vienna 26 Jan 1774-4 Feb 1856)

12e) Johann Nepomuk Joseph Fürchtegott Bernhard (Vienna 23 Jan 1782-Vienna 12 Aug 1783)

13e) Eleonore Sophie Theresia Walburgis (Vienna 11 Jul 1783-Vienna 6 Nov 1846)

2d) Maria Anna Josepha (Vienna 6 Jan 1744-Penzing 8 Aug 1803); m.Vienna 17 Oct 1764 Friedrich Ludwig Julius Gf von Zinzendorf (d.Virnna 4 Oct 1780)

3d) Joseph Wenzel Johann Nepomuk Emanuel Judas Thaddäus Franz de Paula (Vienna 26 Mar 1745-Graz 18 Sep 1781)

4d) Anton von Padua Johann Nepomuk Franz Xaver Felix (Vienna 11 Apr 1746-Würzburg 7 Mar 1764)

5d) Maria Theresia Katharina Walburgis Apollonia (Vienna 30 Apr 1747-21 Jan 1788); m.Vienna 11 May 1772 Sigmund Rudolf Gf von Goess (d.5 Jul 1796)

6d) Marie Eleonore Sophie Josepha Ludovika Franziska Christiane (Vienna 13 May 1748-Vienna 3 May 1786)

7d) Franz Joseph Friedrich Johann Nepomuk Kahetan Johann Felix (Vienna 8 Aug 1749-Krumau 14 Aug 1750)

8d) Maria Josepha Theresia Agathe (Vienna 24 Oct 1751-Vienna 7 Apr 1755)

9d) Marie Ernestine Theresia Raimunda (Vienna 18 Oct 1752-Vienna 12 Apr 1801); m.25 Jun 1778 Franz Xaver Gf von Auersperg (d.Vienna 9 Jun 1803)

5b) Marie Therese Felizitas (3 Aug 1683-Prague 26 Jan 1685)

6b) Christian (22 Nov 1685- )

7b) Maria Anna Johanna Philippine Notburga Franziska (23 Nov 1688-Prague 27 Sep 1757); m.4 Jun 1708 Leopold Gf von Sternberg (d.14 May 1745)

8b) Johanna Charlotte (18 May 1687-7 Jul 1687)

9b) Maria Johanna Elisabeth Luise (16 Dec 1689-23 Dec 1739); m.16 Nov 1706 Ferdinand August Fst von Lobkowicz (d.3 Oct 1715)

10b) Maria Antonia Johanna Notburga Felizitas (25 Sep 1692-7 Aug 1744); m.16 Jan 1709 Franz Karl Gf von Kolowrat-Liebsteinsky (d.10 May 1753)

4a) Charlotte (1654-1661)

5a) Ludwig Adam (Schwarzenberg 21 Jul 1655-Schwarzenberg 25 Mar 1656)

6a) Polyxena (30 Mar 1658-1659)

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