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Kingdom of Portugal
Reino de Portugal
The Kingdom of Portugal (Portuguese: Reino de Portugal, Latin: Regnum Portugalliae), or the Kingdom of Portugal and the Algarves (Portuguese: Reino de Portugal e dos Algarves, Latin: Regnum Portugalliae et Algarbia), was Portugal's general designation under the monarchy. The kingdom was located in the west of the Iberian Peninsula, Europe and existed from 1139 to 1910. It was replaced by the Portuguese First Republic after the 5 October 1910 revolution.  The Kingdom of Portugal finds its origins in the County of Portugal (1093-1139). The Portuguese County was a semi-autonomous county of the Kingdom of Leon. Independence from Leon took place in three stages:
  1. The first on July 26, 1139 when Afonso Henriques was acclaimed King of the Portuguese internally.
  2. The second was on October 5 of 1143, when the Kingdom of Leon and the Kingdom of Castile recognized Afonso Henriques as king through the Treaty of Zamora.
  3. The third, on 1179, was the Papal Bull Manifestis Probatum, where Portugal's independence is recognized by the Pope.

Once Portugal was independent, D. Afonso I's descendants, members of the Portuguese House of Burgundy, would rule Portugal until 1383. Even after the change in royal houses, all the monarchs of Portugal were descended from Afonso I, one way or another, through both legitimate and illegitimate links.

Fall of the Monarchy - 5 October 1910 revolution

With the turn of the twentieth century, republicanism would grow in numbers and support in Lisbon among progressive politians and the influential press. However a minority with regard to the rest of the country, this height of republicanism would benefit politically from the Lisbon Regicide on February 1, 1908. When returning from the Ducal Palace at Vila Viçosa, King Carlos I and the Prince Royal Luis Filipe were killed in the Terreiro do Paço, in Lisbon. With the death of the king and his heir, Carlos I's second son would become king as King Manuel II of Portugal. Manuel's reign, however, would be shortlived, ending by force with the 5 October 1910 revolution, sending Manuel into exile in England and giving way to the Portuguese First Republic. 

The List of the Monarchs of Portugal

The Monarchs of Portugal ruled from the establishment of the Kingdom of Portugal, in 1128, to the deposition of the Portuguese monarchy with the 5 October 1910 revolution. Through the nearly 800 years which Portugal was a monarchy, the kings have held various other titles and pretensions. Two Kings of Portugal, Ferdinand I and Afonso V, were also Kings of Galicia. When the Portuguese House of Habsburg came into power, the Kings of Portugal also became the Kings of Spain, Kings of Naples, and various dukes around Europe. The House of Braganza brought numerous titles to the Portuguese Crown, including King of Brazil and then Emperor of Brazil.

After the demise of the Portuguese monarchy, in 1910, the Miguelist branch of the House of Braganza became the pretenders to the throne of Portugal. They have all been acclaimed King of Portugal by their monarchist groups. This is purely symbolic and no one can have a place among the Kings of Portugal unless they were acclaimed by the Portuguese state and parliament. The Portuguese states that the current representative of the House of Braganza, Duarte Pio, Duke of Braganza, is the legitimate successor to the Kings of Portugal, but only recognizes him as Duke of Braganza and not King. The monarchs of Portugal all came from a single ancestor, Afonso I Henriques, but direct lines have sometimes ended. This has led to a variety of royal houses coming to rule Portugal, though all having Portuguese royal lineage. These houses are:

  • The Portuguese House of Burgundy (1143-1383)
  • The House of Aviz (1385 - 1495)
  • The House of Aviz-Beja (1495-1640)
  • The Portuguese House of Habsburg (1580-1640)
  • The House of Braganza (1640-1910)
  • The House of Braganza-Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1853-1910)

Portuguese House of Burgundy (1143-1383)

Reign start
Reign end
Afonso I
  • Portuguese: Afonso I
1109 - 6 December 1185 (aged 76) 25 July 1139 6 December 1185 Founder of the Kingdom of Portugal Borgonha
Sancho I
  • Portuguese: Sancho I
11 November 1154 - 26 March 1212 (aged 57) 6 December 1185 26 March 1212 Son of Afonso I Borgonha
Afonso II
  • Portuguese: Afonso II
23 April 1185 - 25 March 1223 (aged 37) 26 March 1212 25 March 1223 Son of Sancho I Borgonha
Sancho II
  • Portuguese: Sancho II
8 September 1209 - 4 January 1248 (aged 38) 26 March 1223 4 December 1247 Son of Afonso II Borgonha
Afonso III
  • Portuguese: Afonso III
5 May 1210 - 16 February 1279 (aged 68) 4 January 1248 16 February 1279 Son of Afonso II Borgonha
Denis I
  • Portuguese: Dinis I
9 October 1261 - 7 January 1325 (aged 63) 6 February 1279 7 January 1325 Son of Afonso III Borgonha
Afonso IV
  • Portuguese: Afonso IV
8 February 1291 - 28 May 1357 (aged 66) 7 January 1325 28 May 1357 Son of Denis I Borgonha
Peter I
  • Portuguese: Pedro I
19 April 1320 - 18 January 1367 (aged 46) 8 May 1357 18 January 1367 Son Afonso IV Borgonha
Ferdinand I
  • Portuguese: Fernando I
31 October 1345 - 22 October 1383 (aged 37) 18 January 1367 22 October 1383 Son of Peter I Borgonha
 House of Aviz (1385-1495)

The House of Aviz, known as the Joanine Dynasty, succeded the Portuguese House of Burgundy as the reiging house of the Kingdom of Portugal. The house was founded by John I of Portugal, who was the Grand Master of the Order of Aviz.

Reign start
Reign end
John I
  • Portuguese: João I
11 April 1358 - 14 August 1433 (aged 75) 6 April 1385 14 August 1433 Illegitamate son of Peter I Aviz
Edward I
  • Portuguese: Duarte I
31 October 1391 - 9 September 1438 (aged 46) 14 August 1433 9 September 1438 Son of John I Aviz
Afonso V
  • Portuguese: Afonso V
15 January 1432 - 28 August 1481 (aged 49) 13 September 1438
15 November 1477
11 November 1477
28 August 1481
Son of Edward I Aviz
John II
  • Portuguese: João II
3 March 1455 - 25 October 1495 (aged 40) 11 November 1477
28 August 1481
15 November 1477
25 October 1495
Son of Afonso V Aviz

House of Aviz-Beja (1495-1580)

The House of Aviz-Beja, also known as the House of Beja, was the dynasty that ruled Portugal from 1495 to 1580. It was founded when King John II of Portugal died without an heir and the throne of Portugal passed to his cousin, Manuel, Duke of Beja.

Reign start
Reign end
Emmanuel I
  • Portuguese: Manoel I
31 May 1469 - 13 December 1521 (aged 52) 22 April 1500 13 December 1521 Cousin of João II Aviz-Beja
John III
  • Portuguese: João III
7 June 1502 - 11 June 1557 (aged 55) 13 December 1521 11 June 1557 Son of Manuel I Aviz-Beja
Sebastian I
  • Portuguese: Sebastião I
20 January 1554 - c. 4 August 1578 (aged 24) 11 June 1557 4 August 1578 Grandson of John III Aviz-Beja King Sebastian I
Henry I
  • Portuguese: Henrique I
31 January 1512 - 31 January 1580 (aged 68) 4 August 1578 31 January 1580 Son of Manuel I Aviz-Beja King Henry

 House of Habsburg (1580-1640)

The Portuguese House of Habsburg, known as the Philippine Dynasty, is the house that ruled Portugal from 1580 to 1640. The dynasty began with the acclamation of Philip II of Spain as Philip I of Portugal in 1580, officially recognized in 1581 by the Portuguese Cortes of Tomar. Philip I swore to rule Portugal as a kingdom separate from his Spanish domains, under the personal union known as the Iberian Union.

Reign start
Reign end
Philip I
  • Portuguese: Filipe I
21 May 1527 - 13 September 1598 (aged 71) 1581 13 September 1598 Grandson of Manuel I Habsburgo King Philip I
Philip II
  • Portuguese: Filipe II
14 April 1578 - 31 March 1621 (aged 42) 13 September 1598 31 March 1621 Son of Philip I Habsburgo King Philip II
Philip III
  • Portuguese: Filipe II
8 April 1605 - 17 September 1665 (aged 60) 31 March 1621 1 December 1640 Son of Philip II Habsburgo King Philip II

 House of Braganza (1640-1910)

The House of Braganza, known as the Brigantine Dynasty, came to power, in 1640, when John II of Braganza became the reigning house of Portugal and depose the Portuguese House of Habsburg in the Portuguese Restoration War.

Reign start
Reign end
John IV
  • Portuguese: João IV
18 March 1603 - 6 November 1656 (aged 53) 1 December 1640 6 November 1656 Great-great-grandson of Manuel I Braganza
Afonso VI
  • Portuguese: Afonso VI
21 August 1643 - 12 September 1683 (aged 40) 6 November 1656 12 September 1683 Son of John IV Braganza
Peter II
  • Portuguese: Pedro II
April 26, 1648 - December 9, 1706 (aged 58) 6 November 1683 9 December 1706 Son of John IV Braganza
John V
  • Portuguese: João V
October 22, 1689 - July 31, 1750 (aged 60) 9 December 1706 31 July 1750 Son of Peter II Braganza
Joseph I
  • Portuguese: José I
6 June 1714 - 24 February 1777 (age 62) 31 July 1750 24 February 1777 Son of John V Braganza
Peter III
  • Portuguese: Pedro III
July 5, 1717 - May 25, 1786 (aged 68) 24 February 1777 25 May 1786 King-Consort of Mary I
jure uxoris
Mary I
  • Portuguese: Maria I
17 December 1734 - 20 March 1816 (aged 81) 24 February 1777 16 December 1815 Daughter of Joseph I Braganza
John VI
  • Portuguese: João VI
13 May 1767 - 10 March 1826 (aged 58) 20 March 1816 10 March 1826 Son of Mary I Braganza
Peter IV
  • Portuguese: Pedro IV
12 October 1798 - 24 September 1834 (aged 35) 10 March 1826 2 May 1826 Son of John VI Braganza
Mary II
  • Portuguese: Maria II
4 April 1819 - 15 November 1853 (aged 34) 2 May 1826
26 May 1834
23 June 1828
15 November 1853
Daughter of Pedro IV Braganza
Michael I
  • Portuguese: Miguel I
26 October 1802 - 14 November 1866 (aged 64) 26 February 1828 6 May 1834 Son of John VI Braganza
Ferdinand II
  • Portuguese: Fernando II
29 October 1816 - 15 December 1885 (aged 69) 16 September 1837 15 November 1853 King-Consort of Mary II
jure uxoris
Saxe-Coburg and Gotha  
House of Braganza-Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1853-1910)

The House of Braganza-Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is the designation given to the house of the last four Kings of Portugal. The house's existance as is debated, as Portuguese historians and the monarchs themselves styled themselves as members of the House of Braganza and not members of a Saxe-Coburg branch.

Reign start
Reign end
Peter V
  • Portuguese: Pedro V
16 September 1837 - 11 November 1861 (aged 24) 15 November 1853 11 November 1861 Son of Mary II Braganza-Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Louis I
  • Portuguese: Luís I
31 October 1838 - 19 October 1889 (aged 50) 11 November 1861 19 October 1889 Son of Mary II Braganza-Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Charles I
  • Portuguese: Carlos I
28 September 1863 - 1 February 1908 (aged 44) 19 October 1889 1 February 1908 Son of Louis I Braganza-Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Emmanuel II
  • Portuguese: Manuel II
15 November 1889 - 2 July 1932 (aged 42) 1 February 1908 4 October 1910 Son of Charles I Braganza-Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Family Titles and Styles of the Royal House

The present members of this family bear the title Infant or Infanta of Portugal together with the formal appellation of His or Her Royal Highness.
The Genealogy of The Royal House
JOÃO V Francisco Antonio José Bento Bernardo, King of Portugal and the Algarves 9 Dec 1706 (Lisbon 22 Oct 1689-Lisbon 31 Jul 1750); m.by proxy Neuburg 9 Jul 1708 and in person Lisbon 27 Oct 1708 Maria Anna, Archdss of Austria (Linz 7 Sep 1683-Lisbon 14 Aug 1754)

1a) Maria Madalena Josefa Teresa Barbara (Lisbon 4 Dec 1711-Aranjuez 27 Aug 1758); m.Badajoz 20 Jan 1729 King Fernando VI of Spain (Madrid 23 Sep 1713-Villaviciosa 10 Aug 1759)

2a) Pedro, Pr of Brazil (Lisbon 19 Oct 1712-Lisbon 29 Oct 1714)

3a) JOSÉ I Francisco António Inácio Norberto Agostinho, King of Portugal and the Algarves (Lisbon 6 Jun 1714-Lisbon 24 Feb 1777); m.by proxy at Madrid 27 Dec 1727 and in person at Lisbon 31 Mar 1732 Mariana Vitoria, Infanta of Spain (Madrid 31 Jan 1718-Lisbon 15 Jan 1781)

1b) MARIA I da Glória Francisca Isabel Josefa Antónia Gertrudes Rita Joana, Queen of Portugal and the Algarves (Lisbon 17 Dec 1734-Rio de Janeiro 20 Mar 1816); m.Ajuda nr Lisbon 6 Jun 1760 her uncle, King Pedro III (see below)

2b) Maria Ana Francisca Josefa Antónia Gertrudes Rita Joana (Lisbon 7 Oct 1736-Rio de Janeiro 16 May 1813)

3b) Maria Francisca Dorotea Josefa Antónia Gertrudes Rita Joana Efigénia (Lisbon 21 Nov 1739-Lisbon 14 Jan 1771)

4b) Maria Francisca Benedita Ana Isabel Joana Antónia Laura Inácia Gertrudes Rita Rosa (Lisbon 25 Jul 1746-Lisbon 10 Aug 1829); m.Lisbon 7 Feb 1777 her nephew (and first cousin) José, Pr of Brazil (below)

4a) Carlos (Lisbon 2 May 1716-Cascais 29 Mar 1736)

5a) PEDRO III Clemente Francisco José António, jure uxoris King of Portugal and the Algarves (Lisbon 5 Jul 1717-Lisbon 5 Mar 1786); m.Ajuda nr Lisbon 6 Jun 1760 Queen Maria I of Portugal (see above)

1b) José Francisco Xavier de Paula Domingos António Agostinho Anastácio, Pr of Beira, Pr of Brazil (Lisbon 20 Aug 1761-Lisbon 11 Sep 1788); m.Lisbon 7 Feb 1777 his aunt, Maria Francisca, Infanta of Portugal (see above)

2b) José João Francisco de Paula Domingos António Carlos Cipriano (Lisbon 16 Sep 1763-Lisbon 10 Oct 1763)

3b) JOÃO VI Maria José Francisco Xavier de Paula Luís António Domingos Rafael, King of Portugal and the Algarves, assumed the title Emperor of Brazil, though he gave Brazil to his son, Emperor Pedro I; (Lisbon 13 May 1767-Lisbon 10 Mar 1826); m.by proxy at Madrid 27 Mar 1785 and in person at Lisbon 9 Jun 1785 Carlota Joaquina, Infanta of Spain (Madrid 25 Apr 1775-Queluz 7 Jan 1830)

1c) Maria Teresa Francisca de Assis Antónia Carlota Joana Josefa Xavier de Paula Micaela Rafaela Isabel Gonzaga, Pss of Beira (Queluz 29 Apr 1793-Trieste 17 Jan 1874); m.1st Rio de Janeiro 13 May 1810 Pedro Carlos, Infant of Spain (Aranjuez 18 Jun 1786-Rio de Janeiro 4 Jul 1812); m.2d by proxy at Salzburg 2 Feb 1838 and in person at Azcoitia 20 Oct 1838 Carlos, Infant of Spain (29 Mar 1788-Trieste 10 Mar 1855)

2c) Francisco António, Pr of Beira (Queluz 21 Mar 1795-Lisbon 11 Jun 1801)

3c) Maria Isabel Francisca (Queluz 19 May 1797-Madrid 26 Dec 1818); m.by proxy at Cadiz 4 Sep 1816 and in person at Madrid 29 Sep 1816 her uncle, King Fernando VII of Spain (San Ildefonso 13 Oct 1784-Madrid 29 Sep 1833)

4c) PEDRO IV de Alcántara Francisco António João Carlos Xavier de Paula Miguel Rafael Joaquim José Gonzaga Pascual Cipriano Serafim, King of Portugal and the Algarves from the death of his father until his abdication in favor of his daughter Maria 29 Apr 1826, proclaimed Emperor Pedro I of Brazil 12 Oct 1822 (Queluz 12 Oct 1798-Queluz 24 Sep 1834); m.1st Rio de Janeiro 5 Nov 1817 Marie Leopoldine Archdss of Austria (Vienna 22 Jan 1797-Rio de Janeiro 11 Dec 1826); m.2d Rio de Janeiro 17 Oct 1829 Amelia de Beauharnais (Milan 31 Jul 1812-Lisbon 26 Jan 1873); for all his children except Queen Maria II, see Brazil

1d) MARIA II da Glória Joana Carlota Leopoldina Isidora da Cruz Francisca Xavier de Paula Micaela Gabriela Rafaela Luisa Gonzaga, Queen of Portugal and the Algarves on the abdication of her father 29 Apr 1826, but her uncle Miguel was proclaimed king 11 Aug 1828, and a bloody civil war ensued; Maria's armies, led by her father, were victorious and in 1834 Miguel agreed to permanent exile and Maria became again Queen de facto; b.Rio de Janeiro 4 Apr 1819, d.Lisbon 15 Nov 1853; m.1st Lisbon 26 Jan 1835 August Duke of Leuchtenberg, cr Pr of Portugal (Milan 9 Dec 1810-Lisbon 28 Mar 1835); m.2d Lisbon 9 Apr 1836 Ferdinand Pr of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, cr King Consort Fernando II of Portugal 16 Sep 1837 (Vienna 29 Oct 1816-Lisbon 15 Dec 1885)

1e) PEDRO V de Alcántara Maria Fernando Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga Xavier João António Leopoldo Victor Francisco de Assis Júlio Amélio, King of Portugal and the Algarves (Lisbon 16 Sep 1837-Lisbon 11 Nov 1861); m.Lisbon 18 May 1858 Stephanie Pss von Hohenzollern (Dresden 15 Jul 1837-Lisbon 17 Jul 1859)

2e) LUIZ Filipe Maria Fernando Pedro de Alcántara António Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga Xavier Francisco de Assis João Augusto Júlio Volfando, King of Portugal and the Algarves (Lisbon 31 Oct 1838-Cascais 19 Oct 1889); m.Lisbon 6 Oct 1862 Maria Pia Pss of Savoy (Turin 16 Oct 1847-Stupinigi 5 Jul 1911)

1f) CARLOS Fernando Luís Maria Victor Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga Xavier Francisco de Assis José Simão, King of Portugal and the Algarves (Lisbon 28 Sep 1863-assassinated Lisbon 1 Feb 1908); m.Lisbon 22 May 1886 Amélie Pss d'Orléans (Twickenham 28 Sep 1865-Château de Bellevue 25 Oct 1951)

1g) Luiz Filipe Maria Carlos Amélio Fernando Victor Manoel António Lourenço Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga Xavier Francisco de Assis Bento, Crown Pr of Portugal (Lisbon 21 Mar 1887, assassinated with his father 1 Feb 1908)

2g) Maria Ana (b.and d.Villa Vicosa 14 Dec 1887)

3g) MANOEL II Maria Filipe Carlos Amélio Luís Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga Francisco de Assis Eugénio, King of Portugal and the Algarves, lost his thrown by revolution 5 Oct 1910 (Lisbon 15 Nov 1889-Fullwell Park 2 Jul 1932); m.Sigmaringen 4 Sep 1913 Auguste Viktoria Pss von Hohenzollern (Potsdam 19 Aug 1890-Münchhöf 29 Aug 1966)

2f) Afonso Henrique Maria Luís Pedro de Alcántara Carlos Humberto Amadeu Fernando António Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga Xavier Francisco de Assis João Augusto Júlio Volfando Inácio, Duque de Oporto (Ajuda 1 Jul 1865-Naples 21 Feb 1920); m.Madrid 23 Nov 1917 Nevada Hayes Stoody (Ohio 21 Oct 1885-11 Jan 1941)

3e) Maria, b.and d.Lisbon 4 Oct 1840

4e) João Maria Fernando Pedro de Alcántara Miguel Rafael Gabriel Leopoldo Carlos António Gregorio Francisco de Assis Borja Gonzaga Félix, Duque de Beja (Lisbon 16 Mar 1842-Belem 27 Dec 1861)

5e) Maria Ana Fernanda Leopoldina Micaela Rafaela Gabriela Carlota Antónia Júlia Vitória Praxedes Francisca de Assis Gonzaga (Lisbon 21 Jul 1843-Dresden 5 Feb 1884); m.Lisbon 11 May 1859 King Georg of Saxony (Pillnitz 8 Aug 1832-Pillnitz 15 Oct 1904)

6e) Antónia Maria Fernanda Micaela Gabriela Rafaela Francisca de Assis Ana Gonzaga Silvina Júlia Augusta (Lisbon 17 Feb 1845-Sigmaringen 27 Dec 1913); m.Lisbon 12 Sep 1861 Leopold Fst von Hohenzollern (Krauchenwies 27 Sep 1835-Berlin 8 Jun 1905)

7e) Fernando Maria Luís Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga Francisco de Assis António Apollinário (Lisbon 23 Jul 1846-Lisbon 6 Nov 1861)

8e) Augusto Maria Fernando Carlos Miguel Gabriel Rafael Agrícola Francisco de Assis Gonzaga Pedro de Alcántara Loyola, Duque de Coimbra (Lisbon 4 Nov 1847-Lisbon 26 Sep 1889)

9e) Leopoldo (b.and d.Lisbon 7 May 1849)

10e) Maria da Glória (b.and d.Lisbon 3 Feb 1851)

11e) Eugénio Maria (b.and d.Lisbon 15 Nov 1853)

5c) Maria Francisca de Assis de Maternidade Xavier de Paula de Alcántara Antónia Joaquina Gonzaga Carlota Mónica Senhorinha Soter e Caia (Queluz 22 Apr 1800-Alverstoke Rectory, Hants 4 Sep 1834); m.by proxy at Cadiz 4 Sep 1816 and in person at Madrid 22 Sep 1816 her uncle, Carlos, Infant of Spain (29 Mar 1788-Trieste 10 Mar 1855)

6c) Isabel Maria da Conceição Joana Gualberta Ana Francisca de Assis Xavier de Paula e de Alcántara Antónia Rafaela Micaela Gabriela Gonzaga (Lisbon 4 Jul 1801-Benfica, Lisbon 22 Apr 1876)

7c) Miguel Maria do Patrocinio João Carlos Francisco de Assis Xavier Paula Pedro de Alcántara António Rafael Gabriel Joaquim José Gonzaga Evaristo, de facto King of Portugal 1828-1834 (Lisbon 26 Oct 1802-Jagdschloß Karlshöhe bei Bronnbach 14 Nov 1866); m.Kleinheubach 14 Sep 1851 Adelheid Pss zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (Kleinheubach 3 Apr 1831-Abbaye Ste. Cécile, Apley, Isle of Wight 16 Dec 1909)

1d) Maria das Neves Isabel Eulália Carlota Adelaide Micaela Gabriela Rafaela Gonzaga de Paula de Assis Inès Sofia Romana (Kleinheubach 5 Aug 1852-Vienna 14 Feb 1941); m.Kleinheubach 26 Apr 1871 Alfonso, Infant of Spain, Duque de Saint-Jaime (London 12 Sep 1849-Vienna 29 Sep 1936)

2d) Miguel Maria Carlos Egídio Constantino Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga Francisco de Paula e de Assis Januário, Duque de Bragança (Kleinheubach 19 Sep 1853-Seebenstein 11 Oct 1927); m.1st Regensburg 17 Oct 1877 Elisabeth Pss von Thurn und Taxis (Dresden 28 May 1860-Ödenburg 17 Feb 1881); m.2d Kleinheubach 8 Nov 1893 Marie Therese Pss zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (Rome 4 Jan 1870-Vienna 17 Jan 1935)

1e) Miguel Maximiliano Sebastão Maria, Duque de Viseu; renounced his rights to the throne 21 Jul 1920 (Reichenau 22 Sep 1878-New York 21 Feb 1923); m.Tulloch Castle 15 Sep 1909 Anita Stewart (Elberson, New Jersey 7 Aug 1886-New York 15 Sep 1977)

1f) Isabel (Elisabeth) Maria Teresa Micaela Rafaela Gabriela Nadejda (Nada) de Braganza (London 28 Jun 1910-London 13 Jun 1946); m.1st Capri 16 Aug 1930 (div 1932) Wlodzimierz Dorozynski (b.Libava, Russia 27 Apr 1906); m.2d London 29 Jan 1942 René Millet (London 15 Aug 1910-Paris 9 Apr 1978)

2f) John Miguel Guilherme Aloísio Maria José Rafael Gabriel Francisco de Assis Carlos Henrique António Sebastião Huberto de Braganza (Pippingford, Sussex 7 Sep 1912-West Palm Beach, Florida 12 Mar 1991); m.1st New York 21 May 1948 (div 1953) Winifred Dodge Seyburn (Detroit 1 Apr 1917-Philadelphia 1 Nov 2010); m.2d 15 May 1971 Katherine King (28 Mar 1921-16 Sep 2007)

1g) Michael William de Braganza (b.Long Island 25 Sep 1951); m.Boston, Mass. 27 Sep 1980 Barbara Haliburton Fales (b.Miami 1955)

1h) Miguel Samuel de Braganza (b.Boston 3 Feb 1986)

2h) Annabel Barbara de Braganza (b.Boston 6 May 1989)

3h) Camilla Fales de Braganza (b.Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts 21 Oct 1990)

3f) Michael Luís Guilherme Maria de Braganza (Berlin 7 Sep 1915-West Palm Beach 19 Feb 1996); m.Miami 18 Nov 1946 Anne Hughson (b.Roanoke, Virginia 16 Nov 1921)

1g) Anita de Braganza (b.Stamford, Connecticut 24 Oct 1947); m.1st Bedford, New York 28 Mar 1968 George Alfred Wardman (b.New York 30 Jan 1946); m.2d 17 Sep 1982 John Jason Stockbridge (b.Kingston, New York 28 Feb 1943)

2g) Michael de Braganza (b.Stamford 5 Oct 1953)

2e) Francisco José Gerardo Maria (Meran 7 Sep 1879-Isle of Ischia, nr Naples 15 Jun 1919)

3e) Maria Teresa Carolina Micaela Ana Josefina Antónia Francisca de Assis e de Paula Brígida Pia Gerardina Severina Inácia Luisa Estanislau Joana Policarpa (Ödenburg 26 Jan 1881-Steinach 17 Jan 1945); m.Regensburg 22 May 1900 Karl Ludwig Pr von Thurn und Taxis (Augsburg 19 Oct 1863-Vienna 15 Jan 1942)

4e) Isabel Maria Alberta Josefa Micaela Gabriela Rafaela Francisca de Paula e de Assis Teresa Adelaide Eulália Sofia Carolina (Kleinheubach 19 Nov 1894-Regensburg 12 Jan 1970); m.Bronnbach 23 Nov 1920 Franz Joseph Fst von Thurn und Taxis (Regensburg 21 Dec 1893-Regensburg 13 Jul 1971)

5e) Maria Benedita Clara Sofia Aloísia Micaela Gabriela Rafaela (Kleinheubach 12 Aug 1896-Seebenstein 6 Apr 1971)

6e) Mafalda Maria Aldegundes Henriqueta (Schloß Ankenstein 14 Oct 1898-Vienna 17 Oct 1918)

7e) Maria Ana Rafaela Micaela Gabriela Lourença (Schloß Fischhorn 3 Sep 1899-Feldafing 23 Jun 1971); m.Schloß Taxis 18 Aug 1921 Karl August Fst von Thurn und Taxis (Garatshausen 23 Jul 1898-Regensburg 26 Apr 1982)

8e) Maria Antónia Micaela Rafaela Gabriela Adelaide Xavier Josefa Expedita Gregória (Viareggio 12 Mar 1903-Watermill, Long Island 6 Feb 1973); m.Seebenstein 13 Jun 1934 (annulled 1954) Ashley Chanler (New York 16 Nov 1905-New York 14 Nov 1994)

9e) Filippa Maria Ana Joana Micaela Rafaela (Schloß Fischhorn 27 Jul 1905-Ferragudo, Portugal 6 Jul 1990)

10e) DUARTE Nuño Fernando Maria Miguel Gabriel Rafael Francisco Xavier Raimundo António, Duque de Bragança (Seebenstein 23 Sep 1907-Lisbon 24 Dec 1976); m.Petrópolis 15 Oct 1942 Maria Francisca Pss of Orleans-Bragança (Château d'Eu 8 Sep 1914-Lisbon 15 Jan 1968)

1f) DUARTE Pio Nuño João Miguel Henrique Pedro Gabriel Rafael, Duque de Bragança (b.Bern 15 May 1945); m.13 May 1995 Isabel Ines de Castro Curvello de Heredia (b.22 Nov 1966)

1g) Afonso de Santa Maria Miguel Gabriel Rafael, Pr de Beira (b.Lisbon 25 Mar 1996)

2g) Maria Francisca Isabel Michaela Gabriella Raphaela Paula (b.3 Mar 1997)

3g) Dinis de Santa Maria Miguel Rafael Gabriel Francisco João, Duque de Oporto (b.25 Nov 1999)

2f) Miguel Rafael Gabriel Xavier Teresa Maria Felix, Duque de Viseu (b.Bern 3 Dec 1946)

3f) Henrique Nuño João Miguel, Duque de Coimbra (b.Bern 6 Nov 1949)

11e) Maria Adelaide Manoela Amélia Micaela Rafaela (b.St.Jean de Luz 31 Jan 1912); m.Vienna 13 Oct 1945 Nicolaas van Uden (Venlo, Netherlands 5 Mar 1921-Lisbon 5 Feb 1991)

3d) Maria Teresa de Imaculada Conceição Fernanda Eulália Leopoldina Adelaide Isabel Carolina Micaela Rafaela Gabriela Francisca de Assis e de Paula Gonzaga Inès Sofie Bartolomea dos Anjos (Kleinheubach 24 Aug 1855-Vienna 12 Feb 1944); m.Kleinheubach 23 Jul 1873 Karl Ludwig, Archduke of Austria (Schönbrunn 30 Jul 1833-Vienna 19 May 1896)

4d) Maria José Beatriz Joana Eulália Leopoldina Adelaide Isabel Carolina Micaela Rafaela Gabriela Francisca de Assis e de Paula Inès Sofia Joaquina Teresa Benedita Bernardina (Bronnbach 19 Mar 1857-Vienna 11 Mar 1943); m.Kleinheubach 29 Apr 1874 Karl Theodor, Duke in Bavaria (Possenhofen 9 Aug 1839-Kreuth 29 Nov 1909)

5d) Adelgundes de Jesus Maria Francisca de Assis e de Paula Adelaide Eulália Leopoldina Carlota Micaela Rafaela Gabriela Gonzaga Inès Isabel Avelina Ana Estanislau Sofia Bernardina, Duquesa de Guimarães (Bronnbach 10 Nov 1858-Gunten 15 Apr 1946); m.Salzburg 15 Oct 1876 Enrico Pr of Bourbon-Parma, Cte di Bardi (Parma 12 Feb 1851-Menton 14 Apr 1905)

6d) Maria Ana do Carmo Henrique Adelaide Joana Carolina Inès Sofia Eulália Leopoldina Isabel Francisca de Assis e de Paula Inácia Gonzaga (Bronnbach 13 Jul 1861-New York 31 Jul 1942); m.Schloß Fischhorn 21 Jun 1893 Guillaume IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg (Biebrich 2 Apr 1852-Colmar-Berg 25 Feb 1912)

7d) Maria Antónia Adelaide Camila Carolina Eulália Leopoldina Sofia Inès Francisca de Assis e de Paula Micaela Rafaela Gabriela Gonzaga Gregória Bernardina Benedita Andrea (Bronnbach 28 Nov 1862-Schloß Colmar-Berg 14 May 1959); m.Schloß Fischhorn 15 Oct 1884 Roberto, Duke of Parma (Florence 9 Jul 1848-Pianore 16 Nov 1907)

8d) [illegitimate] Maria da Assunçao de Bragança (12 Mar 1831-Rome Jul 1897)

8c) Maria da Assunção Ana Joana Josefa Luisa Gonzaga Francisca de Assis Xavier de Paula Joaquina Antónia de Santiago (Queluz 25 Jun 1805-Santarem 7 Jan 1834)

9c) Ana de Jesus Maria Luisa Joaquina Micaela Rafaela Sérvula Antónia Xavier de Paula (Mafra 23 Oct 1806-Rome 22 Jun 1857); m.Queluz 5 Dec 1827 Nuño Jose Severo de Mendoça Rolim de Moura Barreto, Duque de Loulé (Lisbon 6 Nov 1804-Lisbon 22 May 1875)

10c) [illegitimate by Eugenia de Menezes] Eugenia Maria de Menezes (Cadiz 1803-Lisbon 1863); m.Lisbon 1839 William Smith [allegedly an illegitimate son of King George IV of Great Britain] (b.1788)

4b) Maria Ana Vitória Josefa Francisca Xavier de Paula Antonieta Joana Domingas Gabriela (Queluz 15 Dec 1768-Escorial 2 Nov 1788); m.by proxy at Lisbon 12 Apr 1785 and in person at Aranjuez 23 May 1785 Gabriel, Infant of Spain (Naples 12 May 1752-Escorial 23 Nov 1788)

5b) Maria Clementina Francisca Xavier de Paula Ana Josefa Antónia Domingas Feliciana Joana Micaela Julia (Queluz 9 Jun 1774-Lisbon 27 Jun 1776)

6b) Maria Isabel (Queluz 12 Dec 1776-Lisbon 14 Jan 1777)

6a) Alexandre (24 Sep 1723-2 Aug 1728)

7a) [illegitimate] Antonio de Bragança, Grand Inquisitor of Portugal (Lisbon 1 Aug 1714-Lisbon 14 Aug 1800)

8a) [illegitimate] Gasparo de Bragança, Archbishop of Braga, Primate of Spain and Portugal (Lisbon 8 Oct 1716-Braga 18 Jan 1789)

9a) [illegitimate] José de Bragança, Grand Inquisitor of Portugal (Lisbon 8 Sep 1720-Lisbon 31 Aug 1801)

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