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The United Kingdom of Great
Britain and Northern Ireland
Part II
2i) Margaret Rose (Glamis Castle 21 Aug 1930-London 9 Feb 2002); m.Westminster Abbey 6 May 1960 (div 1978) Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, cr 1961 Earl of Snowdon (b.London 7 Mar 1930)
1j) David Albert Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley, b.Clarence House 3 Nov 1961 m.St.Margaret's Westminster 8 Oct 1993 Hon.Serena Alleyne Stanhope (b.1 Mar 1970)

1k) Hon.Charles Patrick Inigo Armstrong-Jones, b.London 1 Jul 1999

2k) Hon Margarita Elizabeth Alleyne Armstrong-Jones, b.London 14 May 2002
2j) Lady Sarah Frances Elizabeth Armstrong-Jones, b.Kensington Palace 1 May 1964; m.London 14 Jul 1994 Daniel Chatto (his father's legal name was Tom Sproule, but he used his mother's maiden name, "Chatto" as a stage name; b.London 22 Apr 1957)

1k) Samuel David Benedict Chatto, b.London 28 Jul 1996

2k) Arthur Nathaniel Robert Chatto, b.London 5 Feb 1999
3h) Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary, Pss Royal (York Cottage 25 Apr 1897-Harewood House 28 Mar 1965); m.Westminster Abbey 28 Feb 1922 Henry Lascelles, 6th Earl of Harewood (London 9 Sep 1882-Harewood House 23 May 1947)
4h) Henry William Frederick Albert, cr 1928 Duke of Gloucester, Earl of Ulster and Baron Culloden (York Cottage, Sandringham 31 Mar 1900-Barnwell, Northants 10 Jun 1974); m.Buckingham Palace 6 Nov 1935 Lady Alice Christabel Montagu-Douglas-Scott (London 25 Dec 1901-Kensington Palace 29 Oct 2004)
1i) William Henry Andrew Frederick (Barnet, Herts 18 Dec 1941-k.in flying accident nr Wolverhampton 28 Aug 1972)
2i) Richard Alexander Walter George, Duke of Gloucester, b.Northampton 26 Aug 1944; m.Barnwell, Northants 8 Jul 1972 Birgitte Eva van Deurs (b.Odense, Denmark 20 Jun 1946)
1j) Alexander Patrick Gregers Richard, Earl of Ulster, b.Paddington, London 24 Oct 1974; m.Queen's Chapel, St.James's Palace 22 Jun 2002 Claire Alexandra Booth (b.Sheffield 29 Dec 1977)

1k) Xan Richard Anders, Lord Culloden, b.12 Mar 2007

2k) Cosima Rose Alexandra, b.20 May 2010

2j) Lady Davina Elizabeth Alice Benedikte Windsor, b.Paddington, London 19 Nov 1977; m.Kensington Palace 31 Jul 2004 Gary Christie Lewis (b.Gisborne, New Zealand 15 Aug 1970)

1k) Senna Kowhai Lewis, b.22 Jun 2010

3j) Lady Rose Victoria Birgitte Louise Windsor, b.Paddington, London 1 Mar 1980; m.London 19 Jul 2008 George Gilman (b.1982)

1k) Lyla Beatrix Christabel Gilman, b.30 May 2010
File:George 1st Kent.png 
5h) George Edward Alexander Edmund, cr 1934 Duke of Kent, Earl of St.Andrews and Baron Downpatrick (Sandringham 20 Dec 1902-k.in air accident while on active service at Morven, Caithness 25 Aug 1942); m.Westminster Abbey 29 Nov 1934 Marina Pss of Greece and Denmark (Athens 13 Dec 1906-Kensington Palace 27 Aug 1968)
1i) Edward George Nicholas Paul Patrick, Duke of Kent, b.London 9 Oct 1935; m.York 8 Jun 1961 Katharine Lucy Mary Worsley (b.Hovingham, Yorks 22 Feb 1933)
1j) George Philip Nicholas, Earl of St. Andrews, b.Coppins, Iver, Bucks 26 Jun 1962; m.Leith 9 Jan 1988 Sylvana Palma Tomaselli (b.Placentia, Newfoundland 28 May 1957)

1k) Edward Edmund Maximilian George, Baron Downpatrick, b.Paddington, London 1 Dec 1988

2k) Lady Marina Charlotte Alexandra Katherine Windsor, b.Cambridge 30 Sep 1992

3k) Lady Amelia Sophia Theodora Mary Margaret Windsor, b.Cambridge 24 Aug 1995
2j) Lady Helen Marina Lucy Windsor, b.Coppins, Bucks 28 Apr 1964; m.Windsor 18 Jul 1992 Timothy Verner Taylor (b.Yelverton 8 Aug 1963)

1k) Columbus George Donald Taylor, b.London 6 Aug 1994

2k) Cassius Edward Taylor, b.London 26 Dec 1996

3k) Eloise Olivia Katherine Taylor, b.London 2 Mar 2003

4k) Estella Olga Elizabeth Taylor, b.London 21 Dec 2004
3j) Lord Nicholas Charles Edward Jonathan Windsor, b.London 25 Jul 1970; m.(civ) London 19 Oct 2006 (rel) Vatican 4 Nov 2006 Paola Luisa Marica Doimi de Frankopan (b.London 7 Aug 1969)

1k) Albert Louis Philip Edward (b.London 22 Sep 2007)

2k) Leopold Ernest Augustus Guelph (b.London 8 Sep 2009)

2i) Alexandra Helen Elizabeth Olga Christabel, b.London 25 Dec 1936; m.Westminster Abbey 24 Apr 1963 Hon. Sir Angus James Bruce Ogilvy (London 14 Sep 1928-London 26 Dec 2004)

1j) James Robert Bruce Ogilvy, b.Thatched House Lodge, Richmond, 29 Feb 1964; m.Saffron Walden 30 Jul 1988 Julia Caroline Rawlinson (b.Cambridge 28 Oct 1964)

1k) Flora Alexandra Ogilvy, b.Edinburgh 15 Dec 1994

2k) Alexander Charles Ogilvy, b.Edinburgh 12 Nov 1996

2j) Marina Victoria Alexandra Ogilvy, b.Thatched House Lodge 31 Jul 1966; m.Richmond Park, Surrey 2 Feb 1990 (div 1997) Paul Julian Mowatt (b.Hendon 28 Nov 1962)

1k) Zenouska May Mowatt, b.London 26 May 1990

2k) Christian Alexander Mowatt, b.London 4 Jun 1993
3i) Michael George Charles Franklin, b.Coppins 4 Jul 1942; m.(civ) Vienna 30 Jun 1978 (rel, Anglican) Westminster Abbey 30 Oct 1978 (rel, Catholic) London 30 Jul 1978 Marie-Christine Agnes Hedwig Ida Frn von Reibnitz (b.Karlsbad 15 Jan 1945)
1j) Lord Frederick Michael George David Louis Windsor, b.Paddington, London 6 Apr 1979; m.Chapel Royal, Hampton Court Palace 12 Sep 2009 Sophie Lara Winkleman (b.Camden, No London 5 Aug 1981)
2j) Lady Gabriella Marina Alexandra Ophelia Windsor, b.Paddington, London 23 Apr 1981
6h) John Charles Francis (York Cottage 12 Jul 1905-Wood Farm, Wolferton, Norfolk 18 Jan 1919)

3g) Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar, Pss Royal (Marlborough House 20 Feb 1867-London 4 Jan 1931); m.Buckingham Palace 27 Jul 1889 Alexander Duff, Duke of Fife (Edinburgh 10 Nov 1849-Aswan, Egypt 29 Jan 1912)

4g) Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary (Marlborough House 6 Jul 1868-Coppins, Iver, Bucks 3 Dec 1935)

5g) Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria (Marlborough House 26 Nov 1869-London 20 Nov 1938); m.Buckingham Palace 22 Jul 1896 King Haakon VII of Norway (Charlottenlund 3 Aug 1872-Oslo 21 Sep 1957)

6g) Alexander John Charles Albert (Sandringham 6 Apr 1871-Sandringham 7 Apr 1871)

3f) Alice Maud Mary (Buckingham Palace 25 Apr 1843-Darmstadt 14 Dec 1878); m.Osborne House 1 Jul 1862 Ludwig IV, Grand Duke of Hesse and the Rhine (Bessungen 12 Sep 1837-Darmstadt 13 Mar 1892)
4f) ALFRED Ernest Albert Pr of Great Britain and Ireland, Duke of Edinburgh, etc, Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha 22 Aug 1893 (Windsor Castle 6 Aug 1844-Schloß Rosenau 30 Jul 1900); m.St.Petersburg 23 Jan 1874 Marie, Grand Dss of Russia (Tsarskoie Selo 17 Oct 1853-Zürich 25 Oct 1920); for more particulars of him and his children see: Duchy of Saxe Coburg und Gotha

5f) Helena Augusta Victoria (Buckingham Palace 25 May 1846-Schomberg House, London 9 Jun 1923); m.Windsor Castle 5 Jul 1866 Christian Pr of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg (Augustenburg 22 Jan 1831-Schomberg House 28 Oct 1917)

6f) Louise Caroline Alberta (Buckingham Palace 18 Mar 1848-Kensington Palace 3 Dec 1939); m.Windsor Castle 21 Mar 1871 John Campbell, 9th Duke of Argyll (London 6 Aug 1845-Kent House, Cowes, Isle of Wight 2 May 1914)

7f) Arthur William Patrick Albert, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, etc (Buckingham Palace 1 May 1850-Bagshot Park, Surrey 16 Jan 1942); m.Windsor Castle 13 Mar 1879 Luise Margarete Pss of Prussia (Marmorpalais, Potsdam 25 Jun 1860-Clarence House 14 Mar 1917)

1g) Margaret Victoria Augusta Charlotte Norah (Bagshot Park 15 Jan 1882-Stockholm 1 May 1920); m.Windsor Castle 15 Jun 1905 Gustaf Adolf, Crown Pr of Sweden [later, King Gustaf VI Adolf] (Stockholm 11 Nov 1882-Hälsingborg 15 Sep 1973)

2g) Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert (Windsor Castle 13 Jan 1883-London 12 Sep 1938); m.St.James's Palace 15 Oct 1913 Pss Alexandra, Dss of Fife (East Sheen Lodge, Richmond, Surrey 17 May 1891-London 26 Feb 1959)

1h) Alastair Arthur, Pr of Great Britain, etc, until 1917, after which he was known as Earl of Macduff until he succeeded his grandfather as Duke of Connaught and Strathearn (London 9 Aug 1914-Ottawa 26 Apr 1943)

3g) Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth; in 1919 she renounced her title and was thereafter known as Lady Patricia Ramsay (Buckingham Palace 17 Mar 1886-Ribsden Holt, Windlesham, Surrey 12 Jan 1974); m.Westminster Abbey 27 Feb 1919 Hon. Sir Alexander Ramsay (London 29 May 1881-Ribsden Holt 8 Oct 1972)
8f) Leopold George Duncan Albert, Duke of Albany, etc (Buckingham Palace 7 Apr 1853-Cannes 28 Mar 1884); m.Windsor Castle 27 Apr 1882 Helene Pss zu Waldeck u.Pyrmont (Arolsen 17 Feb 1861-Hinteriss, Tyrol 1 Sep 1922)
1g) Alice Mary Victoria Augusta Pauline (Windsor Castle 25 Feb 1883-Kensington Palace 3 Jan 1981); m.Windsor Castle 10 Feb 1904 Alexander Pr von Teck, cr Earl of Athlone (Kensington Palace 14 Apr 1874-Kensington Palace 16 Jan 1957)
2g) Charles Edward George Albert Pr of Great Britain, Duke of Albany, etc; in 1900 he succeeded his uncle Alfred as Duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, and during the First World War his British titles were stripped from him; for further details on him and his children see: Duchy of Saxe Coburg und Gotha

9f) Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore (Buckingham Palace 14 Apr 1857-Brantridge Park, Balcombe, Sussex 26 Oct 1944); m.Whippingham Church, Isle of Wight 23 Jul 1885 Heinrich Pr von Battenberg (Milan 5 Oct 1858-d.at sea 20 Jan 1896)

6d) Augusta Sophia (Buckingham House 8 Nov 1768-Clarence House 22 Sep 1840)

7d) Elizabeth (Buckingham House 22 May 1770-Frankfurt 10 Jan 1840); m.Buckingham House 7 Apr 1818 Friedrich VI, Landgrave of Hesse-Homburg (Homburg 30 Jul 1769-Homburg 2 Apr 1829)

8d) Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale, etc; in 1837 he succeeded his brother William IV as King of Hannover; during the First World War his descendants were stripped of their British titles, though they continue to use them among their official titles; for more details of him and his descendants see Hannover

9d) Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex, etc (Buckingham House 27 Jan 1773-Kensington Palace 21 Apr 1843); m.1st Rome 4 Apr 1793 and at London 5 Dec 1793 (marriage declared null and void, as being in contravention of the Royal Marriages Act, 1794, though the couple continued to live together as man and wife) Lady Augusta Murray (London 27 Jan 1768-Ramsgate, Kent 4 Mar 1830); m.2d (in contravention of the Royal Marriages Act) London ca 2 May 1831 Lady Cecilia Gore, who took the name Lady Cecilia Underwood 2 Mar 1834, and was cr Dss of Inverness 10 Apr 1840 (b.ca 1785, d.Kensington Palace 1 Aug 1873)

1e) Sir Augustus Frederick d'Este (Essex 13 Jan 1794-Kensington Gore 28 Dec 1848)

2e) Augusta Emma d'Este (London 11 Aug 1801-London 21 May 1866); m.London 13 Aug 1845 Thomas Wilde, Lord Truro (London 7 Jul 1782-London 11 Nov 1855)

10d) Adolphus Frederick, Duke of Cambridge, etc (Buckingham House 24 Feb 1774-Cambridge House, London 8 Jul 1850); m.Kassel 7 May 1818 and at London 1 Jun 1818 Auguste Landgravine of Hesse-Kassel (Kassel 25 Jul 1797-St.James's Palace 6 Apr 1889)

1e) George William Frederick Charles, Duke of Cambridge, etc (Hannover 26 Mar 1819-Gloucester House 17 Mar 1904); m.(in contravention of the Royal Marriages Act) London 8 Jan 1847 Sarah Louise Fairbrother, known as Mrs. Fitzgeorge (London 31 Oct ca 1816-London 12 Jan 1890)

1f) George William Adolphus Fitzgeorge (London 27 Aug 1843-Luzern 2 Sep 1907); m.British Embassy, Paris 28 Nov 1885 Rosa Fredericka Baring (London 9 Mar 1854-Cannes 10 Mar 1927)

1g) Mabel Iris Fitzgeorge (London 23 Sep 1886-London 13 Apr 1976); m.1st St.James's Palace 12 Dec 1912 Robert Shekelton Balfour (Stirling 7 Mar 1869-Salcombe Regis, Devon 1 Nov 1942); m.2d London 12 Aug 1945 Pr Vladimir Galitzine (St.Petersburg 17 Jun 1884-London 13 Jul 1954)

2g) George Daphné Fitzgeorge (London 26 Feb 1889-Castiglione della Pescaia 1 Jun 1954); m.London 9 Dec 1915 (div 1926) George Foster Earle (Cottingham, Yorks 8 Feb 1890-Baggrave Hall, Leics 11 Dec 1965)

3g) George William Frederick Fitzgeorge (London 12 Oct 1891-Tours 10 Jun 1960); m.1st Saltburn, Invergordon 30 Dec 1915 (div 13 Oct 1927) EstherVignon (Menglon, France 12 Jun 1890-Luc-en-Diois 10 Nov 1980); m.2d Paris 5 Jan 1934 (div 5 Jun 1957) France Bellanger (Founex, Switzerland 25 Nov 1911-Paris 17 Feb 1974)

2f) Sir Adolphus Augustus Frederick Fitzgeorge (London 30 Jan 1846-London 17 Dec 1922); m.1st Hessle, Yorks 21 Sep 1875Sophia Jane Holden (Sculcoates, Yorks 2 Apr 1857-London 3 Feb 1920); m.2d London 28 Oct 1920 Margarita Beatrice Watson (Waresley Court 14 Apr 1863-London 26 Feb 1934)

1g) Olga Mary Adelaide Fitzgeorge (St.Martin, Jersey 11 Jun 1877-Rouen 15 Oct 1928); m.1st London 18 Dec 1897 (div 1902) Charles Edward Archibald WatkinsHamilton [later, 5th Bt.] (London 10 Dec 1876-Selsey, Sussex 18 Mar 1939); m.2d London 5 Jan 1905 Robert Charlton Lane (London 26Jan 1873-Havant 23 May 1943)

3f) Augustus Charles Frederick Fitzgeorge (London 12 Jun 1847-London 30 Oct 1933)

2e) Augusta Caroline Charlotte Elizabeth Mary Sophia Louisa (Schloß Montbrillant, nr Hannover 19 Jul 1822-Neustrelitz 4 Dec 1916); m.Buckingham Palace 28 Jun 1843 Friedrich Wilhelm, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (Neustrelitz 17 Oct 1819-Neustrelitz 30 May 1904)

3e) Mary Adelaide Wilhelmina Elizabeth (Hannover 22 Nov 1833-White Lodge, Richmond Park, Surrey 27 Oct 1897); m.Kew 12 Jun 1866 Franz, Duke von Teck (Vienna 27 Aug 1837-White Lodge 20 Jan 1900)

11d) Mary (Queen's House, St.James's 25 Apr 1776-Gloucester House 30 Apr 1857); m.Queen's House 22 Jul 1816 Pr William, Duke of Gloucester (1776-1834; below)

12d) Sophia (London 3 Sep 1777-London 25 Jul 1848)

13d) Octavius (Queen's House, St.James's 23 Feb 1779-Kew Palace 3 May 1783)

14d) Alfred (Windsor Castle 22 Sep 1780-Windsor Castle 20 Aug 1782)

15d) Amelia (The Lodge, Windsor 7 Aug 1783-Augusta Lodge, Windsor 2 Nov 1810)

3c) Edward Augustus, Duke of York and Albany, etc (Norfolk House 14 Mar 1739-Monaco 17 Sep 1767)

4c) Elizabeth Caroline (Norfolk House 30 Dec 1740-Kew Palace 4 Sep 1759)

5c) William Henry, Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh, etc (Leicester House 14 Nov 1743-Gloucester House 25 Aug 1805); m.London 6 Sep 1766 Maria Walpole, Dowager Css Waldegrave (3 Jul 1739-Brompton 23 Aug 1807)

1d) Sophia Matilda (Gloucester House 29 May 1773-Ranger's House, Blackheath 29 Nov 1844)

2d) Caroline Augusta Maria (Gloucester House 24 Jun 1774-Gloucester House 14 Mar 1775)

3d) William Frederick, Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh, etc (Rome 15 Jan 1776-Bagshot Park, Surrey 30 Nov 1834); m.Queen's House, St.James's 22 Jul 1816 Pss Mary of Great Britain (1776-1857; above)

4d) [illegitimate by Lady Almeria Carpenter] Louisa Maria La Coast (d.Bossal 10 Feb 1835); m.Norwich 29 Dec 1803 Godfrey Bosvile-Macdonald, 3d Lord Macdonald of Slate (Edinburgh 14 Oct 1775-Bridlington 13 Oct 1832)

6c) Henry Frederick, Duke of Cumberland and Strathearn, etc (Leicester House 27 Oct 1745-Cumberland House 18 Sep 1790); m.London 2 Oct 1771 Lady Anne Luttrell (London 24 Jan 1743-Trieste 28 Dec 1808)

7c) Louisa Anne (Leicester House 8 Mar 1749-Carlton House 13 May 1768)

8c) Frederick William (Leicester House 13 May 1750-Leicester House 29 Dec 1765)

9c) Caroline Matilda (Leicester House 11 Jul 1751-Celle 10 May 1775); m.by proxy at St.James's Palace 1 Oct 1766 and in person at Christiansborg 8 Nov 1766 King Christian VII of Denmark (Copenhagen 29 Jan 1749-Rendsborg 13 Mar 1808)

2b) Anne, Pss Royal (Hannover 2 Nov 1709-The Hague 12 Jan 1759); m.St.James's Palace 25 Mar 1734 Willem IV Fst von Nassau-Dietz-Orange (Leeuwarden 1 Sep 1711-The Hague 22 Oct 1751)

3b) Amelia Sophia Eleanor (Herrenhausen 10 Jun [Jul?] 1711-London 31 Oct 1786)

4b) Caroline Elizabeth (Hannover 10 Jun 1713-St.James's Palace 28 Dec 1757)

5b) George William (St.James's Palace 2 Nov 1717-Kensington Palace 6 Feb 1718)

6b) William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland, etc (Leicester House 15 Apr 1721-London 31 Oct 1765)

1c) [illegitimate] Wybrow Flora Davey; m.Edinburgh 16 May 1788 William Suckling (27 Apr 1762-1833)

7b) Mary (Leicester House 22 Feb 1723-Hanau 14 Jan 1772); m.by proxy at St.James's Palace 8 May 1740 and in person at Kassel 28 Jun 1740 Friedrich II Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel (Kassel 14 Aug 1720-Schloß Weissenstein 31 Oct 1785)

8b) Louisa (Leicester House 7 Dec 1724-Christiansborg 8 Dec 1751); m.by proxy at Hannover 30 Oct 1743 and in person at Altona 11 Dec 1743 King Frederik V of Denmark and Norway (Copenhagen 31 Mar 1723-Christiansborg 14 Jan 1766)

2a) Sophia Dorothea (Hannover 16 Mar 1687-Monbijou, nr Berlin 28 Jun 1757); m.Berlin 17 Nov 1706 King Friedrich Wilhelm I of Prussia (Berlin 15 Aug 1688-Berlin 31 May 1740)

[King George I had 3 illegitimate daughters by Ermengarde Melusina von der Schulenberg, cr Dss of Kendal (1667-1743)]:

3a) Melusina, Countess of Walsingham (1693-16 Sep 1778) m.Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield

4a) Margarete Gfn von Oeynhausen (19 Apr 1698-8 Apr 1726); m.30 Sep 1721 Albert Wolfgang Gf zu Schaumburg-Lippe (8 May 1699-24 Sep 1748)

5a) Anna Louise Sophie von der Schulenburg, Graefin von Delitz (1692-1773); m.1707 (div 1722) Ernst August von dem Bussche-Ippenburg (1681-1761)

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