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 British Peerage System
Volume V - Part II


British Peerage: Viscountcies
Coronet, Sixteen silver balls 
Style, The Right Hon. the Viscount (of) __ 
Wife's style, The Right Hon. the Viscountess (of) ___
Children's style, 'The Hon.' before forename and family name

The word viscount, known to be used in English since 1387, comes from Old French visconte (modern French: vicomte), itself from Medieval Latin vicecomitem, accusative of vicecomes, from Late Latin vice- "deputy" + Latin comes (originally "companion; later Roman imperial courtier or trusted appointee, ultimately count). As a rank in British peerage, it was first recorded in 1440, when John Beaumont was created Viscount Beaumont by King Henry VI. The word viscount corresponds in Britain to the Anglo-Saxon shire reeve (root of the non-nobiliary, royal-appointed office of sheriff). Thus early viscounts were originally normally given their titles by the monarch, not hereditary; but soon they too tended to establish hereditary principalities lato sensu (in the wider sense).

A viscount is said to hold a "viscountship" or "viscounty", or (more as the area of his jurisdiction) a "viscountcy". The female equivalent of a viscount is a viscountess. There are approximately 270 viscountships currently extant in the peerages of the British Isles.

* In British practice, the title of a viscount may be either a place name, or a surname, or sometimes, a combination thereof. In any event, the style of a viscount is "The Viscount [X]", or "The Viscount [X] of [Y]". He is addressed as "My Lord". Examples include: The Viscount Falmouth (place name); The Viscount Hardinge (surname); The Viscount Gage of Castle Island (surname of place name); and The Viscount Combermere of Bhurtpore (placename of placename). An exception exists for Viscounts in the peerage of Scotland, who were traditionally styled "The Viscount of [X]", as in: The Viscount of Arbuthnott (surname)-very few maintain this style, instead using the more common version "The Viscount [X]".

A British viscount is addressed in speech as Lord [X], while his wife is Lady [X], and formally styles "The Viscount [X]". The children of a viscount are known as The Honourable [Forename] [Surname].

* A specifically British custom is the use of viscount as a courtesy title for the heir of an earl or marquess. The peer's heir apparent will sometimes be referred to as a viscount, if the second most senior title held by the head of the family is a viscountcy. For example, the eldest son of the Earl Howe is Viscount Curzon, because this is the second most senior title held by the Earl.

A more recent example of the above is with the Earl of Wessex' son, James, who is styled Viscount Severn. More often than not, the eldest son of a British duke enjoys the courtesy title of marquess; with exceptions such as the Dukedom of  Norfolk, which does not hold the secondary title of marquess, so the heir enjoysthe next title down in status, which is that of an earl.

* The son of a marquess or an earl can be referred to as a viscount when the title of viscount is not the second most senior if those above it share their name with the substantive title. For example, the second most senior title of the Marquess of Salisbury is the Earl of Salisbury. The eldest son of the Marquess does not use the title Earl of Salisbury, but rather the next most senior title, Viscount Cranborne. This is because peers sign their name with the name of their title only (e.g., "Salisbury") thus to prevent confusion the heir would not use the title Earl of Salisbury.


List of the 338 Viscountcies within the British Peerage system

CreatedTitle, order of succession, name, etc.Heir
1822IAdare (7th), held by the Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl 
1945UKAddison (4th), William Matthew Wand Addison, b. 1945, s. 1992, m.Hon Paul Wand Addison, b. 1973
1703SAithrie (10th), held by the Marquess of Linlithgow 
1946UKAlanbrooke (3rd), Alan Victor Harold Brooke, b. 1932, s. 1972None
1917UKAlderney (4th), held by the Marquess of Milford Haven 
1946UKAlexander of Tunis (2nd), held by the Earl Alexander of Tunis 
1919UKAllenby (3rd), Michael Jaffray Hynman Allenby, b. 1931, s. 1984, m.Hon Henry Jaffray Hynman Allenby, b. 1968
1911UKAllendale (4th), Wentworth Peter Ismay Beaumont, b. 1948, s. 2002, m.Hon Wentworth Ambrose Ismay Beaumont, b. 1979
1765GBAlthorp (9th), held by the Earl Spencer 
1905UKAlthorp of Great Brington (4th), held by the Earl Spencer 
1861UKAmberley (6th), held by the Earl Russell 
1622EAndover (14th), held by the Earl of Suffolk 
1806UKAnson (7th), held by the Earl of Lichfield 
1642S*Arbuthnott (16th), John Campbell Arbuthnott, b. 1924, s. 1966, m.Master of Arbuthnott, b. 1950
1751IAshbrook (11th), Michael Llowarch Warburton Flower, b. 1935, s. 1995, m.Hon Rowland Francis Warburton Flower, b. 1975
1925UKAsquith (2nd), held by the Earl of Oxford and Asquith 
1917UKAstor (4th), William Waldorf Astor, b. 1951, s. 1966, m.Hon William Waldorf Astor, b. 1979
1622S*Ayr (12th), held by the Marquess of Bute 

1676SBalquhidder (12th), held by the Duke of Atholl 
1781IBangor (8th), William Maxwell David Ward, b. 1948, s. 1993, m.Hon (Edward) Nicholas Ward, b. 1953
1786GBBayham (7th), held by the Marquess Camden 
1925UKBearsted (5th), Nicholas Alan Samuel, b. 1950, s. 1996, m.Hon Harry Richard Samuel, b. 1988
1750GBBeauchamp (9th), held by the Marquess of Hertford 
1784GBBelgrave (9th), held by the Duke of Westminster 
1789IBelmore (8th), held by the Earl Belmore 
1963UKBlakenham (2nd), Michael John Hare, b. 1938, s. 1982, m.Hon Caspar John Hare, b. 1972
1935UKBledisloe (3rd), Christopher Hiley Ludlow Bathurst, b. 1934, s. 1979, m.Hon Rupert Edward Ludlow Bathurst, b. 1964
1712GBBolingbroke (7th), Kenneth Oliver Musgrave St John, b. 1927, s. 1974Hon Henry FitzRoy St John, b. 1957
1815UKBoringdon (6th), held by the Earl of Morley 
1919UKBorodale (3rd), held by the Earl Beatty 
1960UKBoyd of Merton (2nd), Simon Donald Rupert Neville Lennox-Boyd, b. 1939, s. 1983, m.Hon Benjamin Alan Lennox-Boyd, b. 1964
1627IBoyle (15th), held by the Earl of Cork 
1756IBoyle (9th), held by the Earl of Shannon 
1717IBoyne (11th), Gustavus Michael Stucley Hamilton-Russell, b. 1965, s. 1995, m.Hon Richard Gustavus George Hamilton-Russell, b. 1909
1846UKBrackley (6th), held by the Duke of Sutherland 
1929UKBrentford (4th), Crispin William Joynson-Hicks, b. 1933, s. 1983, m.Hon Paul William Joynson-Hicks, b. 1975
1929UKBridgeman (3rd), Robin John Orlando Bridgeman, b. 1930, s. 1982, m.Hon Luke Robinson Orlando Bridgeman, b. 1971
1868UKBridport (4th), Alexander Nelson Hood, b. 1948, s. 1969, m.Hon Peregrine Alexander Nelson Hood, b. 1974
1701S*Briene (13th), held by the Marquess of Lothian 
1925UKBrocas (3rd), held by the Earl Jellicoe 
1952UKBrookeborough (3rd), Alan Henry Brooke, b. 1952, s. 1987, m.Hon Christopher Alan Brooke, b. 1954
1914UKBroome (3rd), held by the Earl Kitchener of Khartoum and of Broome 
1707SBroxmouth (10th), held by the Duke of Roxburghe 
1933UKBuckmaster (4th), Adrian Charles Buckmaster, b. 1949, s. 2007Hon Andrew Nicholas Buckmaster, b. 1980
1697EBury (10th), held by the Earl of Albemarle 

1939UKCaldecote (3rd), Piers James Hampden Inskip, b. 1947, s. 1999, m.Hon Thomas James Inskip, b. 1985
1797ICaledon (7th), held by the Earl of Caledon 
1622ICallan (11th), held by the Earl of Denbigh 
1784GBCalne and Calstone (9th), held by the Marquess of Lansdowne 
1841UKCampden (5th), held by the Earl of Gainsborough 
1941UKCamrose (4th), Adrian Michael Berry, b. 1937, s. 2001Hon Jonathan William Berry, b. 1940
1761GBCantelupe (11th), held by the Earl De La Warr 
1876UKCarlton (5th), held by the Earl of Wharncliffe 
1776ICarlow (8th), held by the Earl of Portarlington 
1795ICastlereagh (9th), held by the Marquess of Londonderry 
1793ICastle Stuart (8th), held by the Earl Castle Stuart 
1807UKCathcart (7th), held by the Earl Cathcart 
1954UKChandos (3rd), Thomas Orlando Lyttelton, b. 1953, s. 1980, m.Hon Oliver Antony Lyttelton, b. 1986
1665ICharlemont (15th), John Dodd Caulfeild, b. 1966, s. 2001, m.Hon Shane Andrew Caulfeild, b. 1996
1921UKChelmsford (4th), Frederic Corin Piers Thesiger, b. 1962, s. 1999, m.Hon Frederic Thesiger, b. 2006
1800GBChelsea (8th), held by the Earl Cadogan 
1717IChetwynd (10th), Adam Richard John Casson Chetwynd, b. 1935, s. 1965, m.Hon Adam Douglas Chetwynd, b. 1969
1729GBChewton (13th), held by the Earl Waldegrave 
1625IChichester (12th), held by the Marquess of Donegall 
1911UKChilston (4th), Alastair George Akers-Douglas, b. 1946, s. 1982, m.Hon Oliver Ian Akers-Douglas, b. 1973
1661ICholmondeley (11th), held by the Marquess of Cholmondeley 
1902UKChurchill (3rd), Victor George Spencer, b. 1934, s. 1973None
1823UKClancarty (8th), held by the Earl of Clancarty 
1929UKClanfield (3rd), held by the Earl Peel 
1722IClanmaurice (10th), held by the Marquess of Lansdowne 
1766IClanwilliam (7th), held by the Earl of Clanwilliam 
1804UKClive (8th), held by the Earl of Powis 
1718GBCobham (12th), Christopher Charles Lyttelton, b. 1947, s. 2006, m.Hon Oliver Christopher Lyttelton, b. 1976
1837UKCoke (7th), held by the Earl of Leicester 
1902UKColville of Culross (4th), John Mark Alexander Colville, b. 1933, s. 1945, m.Master of Colville, b. 1959
1826UKCombermere (6th), Thomas Robert Wellington Stapleton-Cotton, b. 1969, s. 2000, m.Hon David Peter Dudley Stapleton-Cotton, b. 1932
1789IConyngham (7th), held by the Marquess Conyngham 
1937UKCorvedale (4th), held by the Earl Baldwin of Bewdley 
1917UKCowdray (4th), Michael Orlando Weetman Pearson, b. 1944, s. 1995, m.Hon Peregrine John Dickinson Pearson, b. 1994
1927UKCraigavon (3rd), Janric Fraser Craig, b. 1944, s. 1974None
1604ECranborne (13th), held by the Marquess of Salisbury 
1878UKCranbrook (5th), held by the Earl of Cranbrook 
1801UKCranley (7th), held by the Earl of Onslow 
1899UKCromer (4th), held by the Earl of Cromer 
1850UKCrowhurst (9th), held by the Earl of Cottenham 

1703SDalrymple (14th), held by the Earl of Stair 
1857UKDangan (7th), held by the Earl Cowley 
1723IDarnley (11th), held by the Earl of Darnley 
1943UKDaventry (4th), James Edward FitzRoy Newdegate, b. 1960, s. 2000, m.Hon Humphrey John FitzRoy Newdegate, b. 1995
1937UKDavidson (2nd), John Andrew Davidson, b. 1928, s. 1970, m.Hon Malcolm William Mackenzie Davidson, b. 1934
1919UKDawick (2nd), held by the Earl Haig 
1697EDeerhurst (13th), held by the Earl of Coventry 
1956UKDe L'Isle (2nd), Philip John Algernon Sidney, b. 1945, s. 1991, m.Hon Philip William Edmund Sidney, b. 1985
1776IDe Vesci (7th), Thomas Eustace Vesey, b. 1955, s. 1983, m.Hon Oliver Ivo Vesey, b. 1991
1917UKDevonport (3rd), Terence Kearley, b. 1944, s. 1973Chester Dagley Hugh Kearley, b. 1932
1964UKDilhorne (2nd), John Mervyn Manningham-Buller, b. 1932, s. 1980, m.Hon James Edward Manningham-Buller, b. 1956
1622IDillon (22nd), Henry Benedict Charles Dillon, b. 1973, s. 1982Hon Richard Arthur Lewis Dillon, b. 1948
1785IDoneraile (10th), Richard Allen St Leger, b. 1946, s. 1983, m.Hon Nathaniel Warham Robert St John St Leger, b. 1971
1797IDonoughmore (8th), held by the Earl of Donoughmore 
1680IDowne (12th), Richard Henry Dawnay, b. 1967, s. 2002.Hon Thomas Payan Dawnay, b. 1978
1628SDrumlanrig (14th), held by the Marquess of Queensberry 
1641S*Dudhope (12th), held by the Earl of Dundee 
1723IDuncannon (13th), held by the Earl of Bessborough 
1707S*Dundaff (8th), held by the Duke of Montrose 
1620IDungarvan (16th), held by the Earl of Cork 
1800IDunlo (8th), held by the Earl of Clancarty 
1785IDunluce (9th), held by the Earl of Antrim 
1959UKDunrossil (3rd), Andrew William Reginald Morrison, b. 1953, s. 2000, m.Hon Callum Alasdair Brundage Morrison, b. 1994
1821UKDunwich (6th), held by the Earl of Stradbrooke 
1627S*Dupplin (15th), held by the Earl of Kinnoull 

1789GBEbrington (8th), held by the Earl Fortescue 
1964UKEccles (2nd), John Dawson Eccles, b. 1931, s. 1999, m.Hon William David Eccles, b. 1960
1860UKEdnam (4th), held by the Earl of Dudley 
1919UKElveden (4th), held by the Earl of Iveagh 
1827UKEmlyn (7th), held by the Earl Cawdor 
1821UKEncombe (5th), held by the Earl of Eldon 
1847UKEnfield (8th), held by the Earl of Strafford 
1776IEnniskillen (7th), held by the Earl of Enniskillen 
1816IEnnismore and Listowel (6th), held by the Earl of Listowel 
1917UKErleigh (4th), held by the Marquess of Reading 
1781IErne (6th), held by the Earl Erne 
1901UKErrington (4th), held by the Earl of Cromer 
1897UKEsher (5th), Christopher Lionel Baliol Brett, b. 1936, s. 2004, m.Hon Matthew Christopher Anthony Brett, b. 1963
1816UKExmouth (10th), Paul Edward Pellew, b. 1940, s. 1970, m.Hon Edward Frances Pellew, b. 1978

1772GBFairford (9th), held by the Marquess of Downshire 
1620S*Falkland (15th), Lucius Edward William Plantagent Carey, b. 1935, s. 1984, m.Master of Falkland, b. 1963
1797IFerard (6th), held by the Viscount Massereene 
1720GBFalmouth (9th), George Hugh Boscawen, b. 1919, s. 1962, m.Hon Evelyn Arthur Hugh Boscawen, b. 1955
1620EFeilding (12th), held by the Earl of Denbigh 
1606S*Fentoun (14th), held by the Earl of Mar & Kellie 
1686S*Fincastle (12th), held by the Earl of Dunmore 
1800GBFitzHarris (7th), held by the Earl of Malmesbury 
1751IFitzmaurice (10th), held by the Marquess of Lansdowne 
1747GBFolestone (9th), held by the Earl of Radnor 
1682S*Formantine (13th), held by the Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair 

1720IGage (8th), Nicolas Gage, b. 1934, s. 1993, m.Hon Henry William Gage, b. 1975
1727IGalway (12th), George Rupert Monckton-Arundell, b. 1922, s. 1980, m.Hon (John) Philip Monckton, b. 1952
1878UKGarmoyle (6th), held by the Earl Cairns 
1703S*Garnock (15th), held by the Earl of Lindsey 
1827IGlandine (6th), held by the Earl of Norbury 
1703SGlenalmond and Glenlyon (11th), held by the Duke of Atholl 
1929UKGlenapp (4th), held by the Earl of Inchcape 
1766IGlerawly (12th), held by the Earl Annesley 
1814UKGordon (10th), held by the Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair 
1478IGormanston (17th), Jenico Nicholas Dudley Preston, b. 1939, s. 1940, w.Hon Jenico Francis Tata Preston, b. 1974
1816IGort (9th), Foley Robert Standish Prendergast Vereker, b. 1951, s. 1995, m.Hon Robert Foley Prendergast Vereker, b. 1993
1900UKGoschen (4th), Giles John Henry Goschen, b. 1965, s. 1977, m.Hon Alexander John Edward Goschen, b. 2001
1785IGosford (8th), held by the Earl of Gosford 
1849UKGough (5th), Shane Hugh Maryon Gough, b. 1941, s. 1951None
1675IGranard (10th), held by the Earl of Granard 
1620IGrandison (16th), held by the Earl of Jersey 
1815UKGranville (6th), held by the Earl Granville 
1801UKGrey de Wilton (8th), held by the Earl of Wilton 
1719IGrimston (10th), held by the Earl of Verulam 
1815UKGrimston (7th), held by the Earl of Verulam 
1945UKGwynedd (3rd), held by the Earl Lloyd George of Dwyfor 

1929UKHailsham (3rd), Douglas Martin Hogg, b. 1945, s. 2001, m.Hon Quintin John Neil Martin Hogg, b. 1973
1866UKHalifax (6th), held by the Earl of Halifax 
1891UKHambleden (4th), William Herbert Smith, b. 1930, s. 1948, m.Hon (William) Henry Bernard Smith, b. 1955
1786GBHamilton (7th), held by the Duke of Abercorn 
1884UKHampden (6th), Anthony David Brand, b. 1937, s. 1975, m.Hon Francis Anthony Brand, b. 1970
1936UKHanworth (3rd), David Stephen Geoffrey Pollock, b. 1946, s. 1996, m.Harold William Charles Pollock, b. 1988
1791IHarberton (11th), Henry Robert Pomeroy, b. 1958, s. 2004, m.Hon Patrick Christopher Pomeroy, b. 1995
1846UKHardinge (7th), Andrew Hartland Hardinge, b. 1960, s. 2004, m.Hon Thomas Henry de Montarville Hardinge, b. 1993
1791IHawarden (9th), Robert Connan Wyndham Leslie Maude, b. 1961, s. 1991, m.Hon Varian John Connan Eustace Maude, b. 1997
1905UKHawkesbury (5th), held by the Earl of Liverpool 
1960UKHead (2nd), Richard Antony Head, b. 1937, s. 1983, m.Hon Henry Julian Head, b. 1980
17623IHeadfort (8th), held by the Marquess of Headfort 
1550EHereford (19th), (Charles) Robert de Bohun Devereux, b. 1975, s. 2004Hon Edward Mark de Breteuil Devereux, b. 1977
1842UKHill (9th), Peter David Raymond Charles Clegg-Hill, b. 1945, s. 2003, m.Hon Paul Andrew Raymond Clegg-Hill, b. 1979
1717IHillsborough (10th), held by the Marquess of Downshire 
1660EHinchinbroke (11th), held by the Earl of Sandwich 
1796GBHood (8th), Henry Lyttelton Alexander Hood, b. 1958, s. 1999, m.Hon Archibald Lyttelton Samuel Hood, b. 1993
1661EHoward of Morpeth (13th), held by the Earl of Carlisle 
1806UKHowick (6th), held by the Earl Grey 
1821UKHutchinson (8th), held by the Earl of Donoughmore 

1629IIkerrin (17th), held by the Earl of Carrick 
1924UKInchcape (4th), held by the Earl of Inchcape 
1784GBIngestre (7th), held by the Earl of Shrewsbury 
1703E*Inverkeithing (7th), held by the Earl of Rosebery 
1672EIpswich (11th), held by the Duke of Grafton 
1905UKIveagh (4th), held by the Earl of Iveagh 

1918UKJellicoe (4th), held by the Earl Jellicoe 
1755IJocelyn (11th), held by the Earl of Roden

1703S*Kelburn (10th), held by the Earl of Glasgow 
1945UKKemsley (3rd), Richard Gomer Berry, b. 1951, s. 1999, m.Hon Luke Gomer Berry, b. 1998
1647IKilcoursie (13th), held by the Earl of Cavan 
1625IKilmorey (18th), held by the Earl of Kilmorey 
1751IKilwarlin (9th), held by the Marquess of Downshire 
1703SKingarth (10th), held by the Marquess of Bute 
1766IKingsborough (11th), held by the Earl of Kingston 
1690S*Kirkaldie (13th), held by the Earl of Leven 
1696SKirkwall (9th), held by the Earl of Orkney 
1902UKKitchener of Khartoum (3rd), held by the Earl Kitchener of Khartoum and of Broome 
1880UKKnebworth (5th), held by the Earl of Lytton 
1911UKKnollys (3rd), David Francis Dudley Knollys, b. 1931, s. 1966, m.Hon Patrick Nicholas Mark Knollys, b. 1962
1895UKKnutsford (6th), Michael Holland-Hibbert, b. 1926, s. 1986, m.Hon Henry Thurstan Holland-Hibbert, b. 1959
1660S*Kinnaird (12th), held by the Earl of Newburgh 

1833UKLambton (Disclaimed 1970), held by the Earl of Durham 
1812UKLascelles (7th), held by the Earl of Harewood 
1616S*Lauderdale (17th), held by the Earl of Lauderdale 
1954UKLeathers (3rd), Christopher Graeme Leathers, b. 1941, s. 1996, m.Hon James Frederick Lambert, b. 1969
1747GBLeinster (9th), held by the Duke of Leinster 
1711GBLewisham (10th), held by the Earl of Dartmouth 
1781ILifford (9th), (Edward) James Wingfield Hewitt, b. 1949, s. 1987, m.Hon James Thomas Wingfield Hewitt, b. 1979
1800ILimerick (7th), held by the Earl of Limerick 
1961UKLinley (1st), held by the Earl of Snowdon 
1695ILisburne (11th), held by the Earl of Lisburne 
1701SLochaw and Glenyla (13th), held by the Duke of Argyll 
1794ILoftus (9th), held by the Marquess of Ely 
1921UKLong (4th), Richard Gerard Long, b. 1929, s. 1967, m.Hon James Richard Long, b. 1960
1806ILorton (7th), held by the Earl of Kingston 
1797GBLowther (9th), held by the Earl of Lonsdale 
1628ILumley (13th), held by the Earl of Scarbrough 
1689ELumley (13th), held by the Earl of Scarbrough 
1720GBLymington (10th), held by the Earl of Portsmouth 
1677SLyon (16th), held by the Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne 

1957UKMackintosh of Halifax (3rd), (John) Clive Mackinstosh, b. 1958, s. 1980, m.Hon Thomas Harold George Mackinstosh, b. 1985
1984UKMacmillan of Ovenden (2nd), held by the Earl of Stockton 
1623EMaidstone (17th), held by the Earl of Winchilsea 
1623SMaitland (17th), held by the Earl of Lauderdale 
1661EMalden (11th), held by the Earl of Essex 
1706EMalpas (10th), held by the Marquess of Cholmondeley 
1955UKMalvern (3rd), Ashley Kevin Godfrey Higgins, b. 1949, s. 1978Hon (Martin) James Higgins, b. 1928
1620EMandeville (16th), held by the Duke of Manchester 
1945UKMarchwood (3rd), David George Staveley Penny, b. 1936, s. 1979, w.Hon Peter George Worsley Penny, b. 1965
1942UKMargesson (2nd), Francis Vere Hampden Margesson, b. 1922, s. 1965, m.Hon Richard Francis David Margesson, b. 1960
1801UKMarsham (8th), held by the Earl of Romney 
1781IMayo (11th), held by the Earl of Mayo 
1660IMassereene (14th), John David Clotworthy Whyte-Melville Foster Skeffington, b. 1940, s. 1992, m.Hon Charles Clotworthy Whyte-Melville Foster Skeffington, b. 1973
1813UKMelgund (7th), held by the Earl of Minto 
1802UKMelville (9th), Robert David Ross Dundas, b. 1937, s. 1971, m.Hon Robert Henry Kirkpatrick Dundas, b. 1984
1911UKMentmore (3rd), held by the Earl of Rosebery 
1916UKMersey (5th), Edward John Hallam Bingham, b. 1966, s. 2006, m.Hon David Edward Hugh Bingham, b. 1936
1805UKMerton (9th), held by the Earl Nelson 
1717IMidleton (12th), Alan Henry Brodrick, b. 1949, s. 1988, m.Hon Ashley Rupert Brodrick, b. 1980
1962UKMills (3rd), Christopher Philip Roger Mills, b. 1956, s. 1988, m.None
1716IMolesworth (12th), Robert Bysse Kelham Molesworth, b. 1959, s. 1997Hon William John Charles Molesworth, b. 1960
1801IMonck (7th), Charles Stanley Monck, b. 1953, s. 1982Hon George Stanley Monck, b. 1957
1957UKMonckton of Brenchley (3rd), Christopher Walter Monckton, b. 1952, s. 2006, m.Hon Timothy David Robert Monckton, b. 1955
1946UKMontgomery of Alamein (2nd), David Bernard Montgomery, b. 1928, s. 1976, m.Hon Henry David Montgomery, b. 1954
1621IMoore (14th), held by the Earl of Drogheda 
1946UKMountbatten of Burma (2nd in line), held by the Countess Mountbatten of Burma 
1797IMount Charles (7th), held by the Marquess Conyngham 
1816IMount-Earl (7th), held by the Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl 
1781GBMount Edgcumbe and Valletort (8th), held by the Earl of Mount Edgecumbe 
1550IMountgarret (18th), Piers James Richard Butler, b. 1961, s. 2004, m.Hon Edmund Henry Richard Butler, b. 1962
1796GBMountjoy (7th), held by the Marquess of Bute 

1784GBNevill (10th), held by the Marquess of Abergavenny 
1815UKNewport (7th), held by the Earl of Bradford 
1822INewry and Morne (6th), held by the Earl of Kilmorey 
1682S*Nith, Tortholwald and Ross (11th), held by the Duke of Buccleuch 
1812UKNormanby (6th), held by the Marquess of Normnaby 
1791INorthland (8th), held by the Earl of Ranfurly 
1952UKNorwich (2nd), John Julius Cooper, b. 1929, s. 1954, m.Hon Jason Charles Duff Bede Cooper, b. 1959

1838UKOckham (5th), held by the Earl of Lovelace 
1651S*Oxfuird (14th), Ian Arthur Alexander Makgill, b. 1969, s. 2003Hon Robert Edward George Makgill, b. 1969

1721GBParker (9th), held by the Earl of Macclesfield 
1697S*Peebles (8th), held by the Earl of Wemyss 
1723IPerceval (12th), held by the Earl of Egmont 
1742GBPetersham (11th), held by the Earl of Harrington 
1766IPollington (8th), held by the Earl of Mexborough 
1873UKPortman (10th), Christopher Edward Berkeley Portman, b. 1958, s. 1999, m.Hon Luke Oliver Berkeley Portman, b. 1984
1743IPowerscourt (10th), Mervyn Niall Wingfield, b. 1935, s. 1973, m.Hon (Mervyn) Anthony Wingfield, b. 1963
1955UKPrestwood (3rd), held by the Earl Attlee 

1915UKQuenington (3rd), held by the Earl St Aldwyn 

1916UKReading (4th), held by the Marquess of Reading 
1701SReidhaven (13th), held by the Earl of Seafield 
1900UKRidley (4th), Matthew White Ridley, b. 1925, s. 1964, m.Hon Matthew White Ridley, b. 1958
1960UKRochdale (2nd), St John Durival Kemp, b. 1938, s. 1993, m.Hon Jonathan Hugo Durival Kemp, b. 1961
1700S*Rosebery (7th), held by the Earl of Rosebery 
1919UKRothermere (4th), Harold Jonathan Esmond Vere Harmsworth, b. 1967, s. 1998, m.Hon Vere Richard Jonathan Harold Harmsworth, b. 1994
1754GBRoyston (10th), held by the Earl of Hardwicke 
1937UKRunciman of Doxford (3rd), Walter Garrison Runciman, b. 1934, s. 1989, m.Hon David Walter Runciman, b. 1967
1945UKRuthven of Canberra (2nd), held by the Earl of Gowrie 

1906UKSt Aldwyn (3rd), held by the Earl St Aldwyn 
1885UKSt Cyres (5th), held by the Earl of Iddesleigh 
1918UKSt Davids (3rd), Colwyn Jestyn John Philipps, b. 1939, s. 1991, m.Hon Rhodri Colwyn Philipps, b. 1966
1716GBSt John (8th), held by the Viscount Bolingbroke 
1801GBSt Vincent (8th), Edward Robert James Jervis, b. 1951, s. 2006, m.Hon James Richard Anthony Jermyn, b. 1982
1937UKSamuel (3rd), David Herbert Samuel, b. 1922, s. 1978, m.Hon Dan Judah Samuel, b. 1925
1809UKSandon (7th), held by the Earl of Harrowby 
1821UKSavernake (8th), held by the Marquess of Ailesbury 
1911UKScarsdale (4th), Peter Ghislain Nathaniel Curzon, b. 1949, s. 2000, m.Hon David James Nathaniel Curzon, b. 1958
1698SSeafield (13th), held by the Earl of Seafield 
1823UKSeaham (6th), held by the Marquess of Londoncerry 
1905UKSelby (6th), Christopher Rolf Thomas Gully, b. 1993, s. 2001Hon (James) Edward Hugh Grey Gully, b. 1945
1999UKSevern (1st), held by HRH the Earl of Wessex 
1805UKSidmouth (8th), Jeremy Francis Addington, b. 1947, s. 2005, m.Hon John Addington, b. 1990
1940UKSimon (3rd), Jan David Simon, b. 1940, s. 1993, m.None
1816ISlane (7th), held by the Marquess Conyngham 
1960UKSlim (2nd), John Douglas Slim, b. 1927, s. 1970, m.Hon Mark William Rawdon Simon, b. 1960
1800ISomerton (6th), held by the Earl of Normanton 
1954UKSoulbury (3rd), Peter Edward Ramsbotham, b. 1919, s. 2004, w.Hon Oliver Peter Ramsbotham, b. 1943
1776ISouthwell (7th), (Pyers) Anthony Joseph Southwell, b. 1930, s. 1960, m.Hon Richard Andrew Pyers Southwell, b. 1956
1761GBSpencer (9th), held by the Earl Spencer 
1690S*Stair (15th), held by the Earl of Stair 
1717GBStanhope of Mahon (8th), held by the Earl of Harrington 
1942UKStansgate (Disclaimed for life 1963), Rt Hon Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn MP, b. 1925, s. 1960, m.Hon Stephen Michael Wedgwood Benn, b. 1951
1938UKStonehaven (4th), held by the Earl of Kintore 
1762IStopford (9th), held by the Earl of Courtown 
1621SStormont (13th), held by the Earl of Mansfield 
1701IStrabane (9th), held by the Duke of Abercorn 
1686S*Strathallan (12th), held by the Earl of Perth 
1959UKStuart of Findhorn (3rd), (James) Dominic Stuart, b. 1948, s. 1999, m.Hon Andrew Moray Stuart, b. 1957
1758ISudley (9th), held by the Earl of Arran 
1935UKSwinton (3rd), held by the Earl of Swinton 

1711GBTamworth (13th), held by the Earl Ferrers 
1861UKTarbat (5th), held by the Earl of Cromartie 
1957UKTenby (3rd), William Lloyd George, b. 1927, s. 1982, m.Hon Gwilym Lloyd George, b. 1962
1952UKThurso (3rd), John Archibald Sinclair, b. 1953, s. 1995, m.Hon James Alexander Robin Sinclair, b. 1984
1898UKTiverton (4th), held by the Earl of Halsbury 
1721GBTorrington (11th), Timothy Howard St George Byng, b. 1943, s. 1961, m.John Launcelot Cranmer-Byng, b. 1919
1682ETownshend (10th), held by the Marquess Townshend 
1922UKTraprain (5th), held by the Earl of Balfour 
1936UKTrenchard (3rd), Hugh Trenchard, b. 1951, s. 1987, m.Hon Alexander Thomas Trenchard, b. 1978
1746GBTrentham (9th), held by the Duke of Sutherland 
1766ITurnour (8th), held by the Earl Winterton 

Tyrone (9th), held by the Marquess of Waterford

1801UKUffington (9th), held by the Earl of Craven 
1921UKUllswater (2nd), Nicholas James Christopher Lowther, b. 1942, s. 1949, mHon Benjamin James Lowther, b. 1975

1621IValentia (15th), Richard John Dighton Annesley, b. 1929, s. 1983, m.Hon Francis William Dighton Annesley, b. 1959
1691EVilliers (13th), held by the Earl of Jersey 

1956UKWalberton (3rd), held by the Earl of Woolton 
1694S*Walden (14th), held by the Marquess of Tweeddale 
1952UKWaverley (3rd), John Desmond Forbes Anderson, b. 1949, s. 1990None
1938UKWeir (3rd), William Kenneth James Weir, b. 1933, s. 1975, m.Hon James William Hartland Weir, b. 1965
1760IWellesley (12th), held by the Duke of Wellington 
1809UKWellington (8th), held by the Duke of Wellington 
1768IWestport (13th), held by the Marquess of Sligo 
1682EWeymouth (10th), held by the Marquess of Bath 
1918UKWimborne (4th), Ivor Mervyn Vigors Guest, b. 1968, s. 1993Hon Julian John Guest, b. 1945
1905UKWindsor (3rd), held by the Earl of Plymouth 
1882UKWolmer (4th), held by the Earl of Selborne 
1689EWoodstock (12th), held by the Earl of Portland 
1953UKWoolton (3rd), held by the Earl of Woolton 
1923UKYounger of Leckie (5th), James Edward George Younger, b. 1955, s. 2003, m.Hon Alexander William George Younger, b. 1999

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