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Kingdom of Georgia
House of Bagrationi and Imeretinsky
The Bagratides are one of the oldest Royal dynasties in the world, claiming descent from Davit, the biblical hero and slayer of Goliath. The oldest family in the Orthodox Christian world, they established themselves as rulers over Speri (now Ispir), and governors of Samtzkhe and Klarjeti. The Persians appointed members of the family to the office of marzpan (Viceroy) before 628 and the Byzantine Emperors to that of kuropalates in 645. Gaining in power and influence over Kartli, Ashot I become Eristav of Kartli in 809. His great great-grandson, Adarnase II, became King of the Georgians in 888. Different branches of the family held sway over Meshkheti and Javakheti as Pitiakshshs, and over Armenia as Kings.

King Bagrat III expelled the Turks from the Eastern provinces, threw off his allegience to Constantinople and established his rule over the Abkhazis, Kartvelians, Ranians, Kakhetians and the Armenians, unifying all Georgia. Giorgi III, Bagrati's grandson, was the first to assume the title of Shahanshah (King of Kings) and Master of all the East and West. His reign, and that of his successor, his daughter Thamar the Great, are seen as the 'golden age' of Georgian history, the era of empire, diplomatic success, heroic triumphs at arms against the infidel, great learning, cultural, spiritual, and artistic flowering. However, within two reigns the irrepresible westward advance of Mongol power proved too great.

The Great Khan took advantage of a missunderstanding amongst the Georgian nobles to split the power of the dynasty by appointing two rival Kings. Davit VII Ulu Giorgishvili, of the male but illegitimate line, being established as senior ruler in Mtzkheta, in Kartli. Davit VI Narin, representing the legitimate but female line, fleeing to the west to establish his kingdom in Imereti. Almost simultaneously the Mongols encouraged the great magnates and provincial grandees to establish rival centres of power or direct allegience to themselves. Thereafter, the history of Georgia became a continuous and unequal, though often heroic struggle against the forces of Islam, the Persians in the southeast and the Turks in the southwest.

Dissentions and dissagreements within the Royal family had reduced the once powerful kingdom into three, Kartli, Imereti and Kakheti. Although the three kingdoms formally accepted the separation in the 1490s, competition to reunify the kingdom continued between them for another two hundred and fifty years. The eastern kingdoms of Kartli and Kahkheti fell under Persian dominion, while Imereti in the west, succumbed to the Turks. The Persian rulers insisting on appointing the Bagratide kings as their governors or viceroys provided they converted to Islam. The Turks preferred to leave the Kings of Imereti with their religion, but to govern with a heavy hand. These long years of subjugation saw the country devastated and plundered of its wealth and treasures, its churches and monuments raised to the ground, its population removed to far off lands, and its women sold as prized slaves throughout the Muslim world.

Muslim converts amongst the Bagratides and the Georgian nobility, came to play important roles in Persian affairs. Several princesses and noblewomen married into the ruling families of Persia, while their fathers and brothers gained important posts. Georgian men-at-arms and military officers were amongst the most respected in the Persian service, becoming kingmakers, more than once. The weakening of the Safawis and the subsequent contests for power in Persia saw some resurgence of autonomy under King Vakhtang VI of Kartli. He reformed the administration, reasserted central authority, revised the legal code, and erected irrigation works and converted wastelands to cultivation. An enlightened ruler, he introduced humane laws and methods of administration, great scholar, poet, critic, translator and leader of intellectual life during the first quarter of the eighteenth century. However, war with Turkey and the subsequent agreement to divide Georgia between Turkey and Persia forced Vakhtang to flee to Russia in 1724. Given no help but allowed to settle there, he died in the city of Astrakan in 1737. His family and descendants were absorbed into the Russian nobility.

The rise to power of Nadir Shah Afshar in Perisa saw another change in Georgia's fortunes. Nadir Shah desperately wanted allies in his deadly struggles against the Zands. He needed Georgian arms in his wars in Afghanistan and invasions of India. And he needed a bulwark against the growing power of Russia in the north. Consequently, the Georgian King was allowed to reassert his authority, resume open practice of his religion and left pretty much to himself, provided he contributed revenues and provided soldiers. Kartli and Kakheti were reunited and Taimuraz II crowned at Mtzkheta, the first king to undergo the full Christian ceremonial of ancient Georgia for over a century. He reunified the country, reduced the power of the magnates and grandees, restored cathedrals and churches, but remained at constant war with the fierce Muslim tribes, the Lazgis and Daghistanis. He pleaded for help from Empress Elizabeth of Russia, to no avail.

Irakli II, son and successor of King Taimurazi, had been made King of Kakheti under his father in 1744. On his succession, he retained full control over both kingdoms, ruling them with a strong hand. He served under Nadir in Afghanistan and India, and is considered to be a gifted military strategist, who fought forty battles being victorious in most. Taking advantage of continuing dissention in Persia he succeeded in his appeal for Russian aid, negotiating the Treaty of Giorgievsk in 1783. This made Kartli and Khakheti a unitary Russian protectorate, in exchange for Russian military aid against the Turks and Persians. A promise tested but not fulfilled when Aga Muhammad Qajar fell on Tiflis with an army of 35,000. King Irakli and his grandson, King Solomoni II of Imereti were left to defend Georgia alone with forces numbering no more than 3,000. They repulsed the Persians three times, before being reduced to 150 diehards who fled into the mountains with their aged King who refused to negotiate.

King Irakli bided his time in the hills until the Russians eventually relented and sent a large army to drive the Persians out. They again withdrew, leaving the Georgians defenceless against an Aga Muhammed bent on revenge. They were only saved by his assassination at Shusha in 1797. Irakli II died six months later, leaving his throne to his weak, fat, lazy though devout son Giorgi XII. King Irakli, under the influence of his third wife, Queen Darejan, had altered the line of succession in favour of his younger sons. One of Giorgi's first acts on becoming ruler was to secure the Russian Master's agreement to recognise his eldest son as Heir Apparent and successor. This left him facing insurrections led by his half-brothers. Prince Farnavazi allied himself to the fearsome Lazgis and devastated parts of the kingdom. His other brothers, ensconced on the large domains assigned to them by their late father, ignored his authority and fermented rebellion. Devoid of stomach for any contest, the dying ruler was persuaded to resign his kingdom to the Russian Master. This he did in return for the recognition of himself and his own heirs as titular Kings of Georgia. However, while his envoys were in Russia still negotiating the terms of the new treaty, Emperor Paul decided to annex the kingdom outright. He issued a manifesto unilaterally annexing the realm to the Russian crown on 18th January 1801 o.s. The annexation was confirmed by Emperor Alexander I on 12th September 1801 o.s., shortly after Paul's death.

The Russian military detachment sent to put the annexation into effect did not arrive in Tiflis until April 1802. At first the Russians faced considerable opposition, Giorgi's widow, Queen Miriami, arranging for the assassination of the Russian Governor General Lazarev. Soon afterwards, Prince Davit, King Giorgi's Heir Apparent, and several members of the Royal Family were deported to Russia. Prince Aleksandri, meanwhile, threw in his lot with the Persians and joined the colours of Crown Prince Abbas Mirza, harrasing the Russians from across the border for several years thereafter. In 1812 rebels proclaimed as King, Prince Grigori, a son of Prince Ioane, King Giorgi XII's second but favourite son. He was swiftly captured and deported to Russia. Unpurturbed, Prince Aleksandri, raised several further rebellions in the years that followed. The most serious of these being in 1821-1822, when the Osettians revolted but were brutally crushed by the Russians. Gradually, Russian control extended into the remaining Georgian territories, each being annexed one after the other over a period of sixty-five years.

Solomon II, King of Imereti was persuaded to accept a Russian protectorate in 1804, but fled into Turkish territory when he recived prior warning of a Russian plot to kidnap and deport him to Russia in 1810. Although he crossed the broder several times and fermented several insurrections, he died a broken man, at Trebizond in 1815. Without legitimate issue, he had appointed his cousin, Prince Konstantini, as his Heir Apparent and designated successor. The only son of King Davit II, Konstantini was taken to Russia and commissioned into the Russian army. His descendants and relatives were received into the ranks of the princely houses of the Russian Empire.

Abkhazia was made into a protectorate in 1810, after the Christian son of a previous ruler was persuaded to rebel against his Muslim uncle. The principality was occupied by Russian troops but they tired of their unruly vassal and his unruly subjects, annexing the principality outright in 1864. The Guria accepted Russian protection in 1811. The province enjoyed an autonomous existence under the rule of its own Gureli princes. However, the principality was annexed outright in 1830, after the Regent Princess Sopio allied herself with the Turks in the war of 1828-1829. Svania faired little better than her neighbours and was annexed in 1858, after their quarrelsome Prince, Konstantini, was deposed and executed for opposing Russian encroachment.

Mingrelia, under the Eristavt-Eristavis of the house of Dadiani, perhaps faired best. Having accepted Russian protection in 1803. The dynasty continued to rule until 1867, enjoying a high degree of autonomy denied to other parts of Georgia. However, this ended when Prince Nikoloz abdicated his rights to his Russian overlord. Like his brother rulers, he joined the ranks of the nobility of the Russian Empire.  
Royal Family Titles and Styles
The Sovereign: the titles of the Georgian rulers varied significantly from reign to reign, especially after the country came under Muslim and Russian domination. Nevertherless, the last King to enjoy the traditional titles was Irakli I, as "The Most High King (Mepe-Umaglesi) (reign name), by the will of our Lord, King of Kings (Mepe-Mepeta) of the Abkhazis, Kartvelians, Ranians, Kakhetians and the Armenians, Shirvanshah and Shahanshah and Master of all the East and West", with the style of His Majesty (or His Splendour). The wife of the Sovereign: enjoyed the exact female equivalent of all the titles and styles of her husband. Thus, Irkali I's consort was entitled "The Most High Queen (Dedopali-Umaglesi) (reign name), by the will of our Lord, Queen of Kings (Dedopali-Mepeta) of the Abkhazis, Kartvelians, Ranians, Kakhetians and the Armenians, etc.", with the style of Her Majesty (or Her Splendour). The mother of the Sovereign: The Most High Queen Mother (Codshibrola-Umaglesi), with the style of Her Majesty (or Her Splendour). The sons, grandsons, and male descendants in the male line, including natural issue: The Most Brilliant (Uganatlibulisi) (given name)-batonishvili, i.e. Prince, with the style of His Highness (or His Splendour). The daughters, granddaughters, and female descendants in the male line, including natural issue: The Most Brilliant (Uganatlibulisi) (given name)-batonishvili, i.e. Princess, with the style of Her Highness (or Her Splendour). After Russia extended her protection over the kingdom of Georgia, the Tsar recognised the following styles and titles as of 24th September 1783 o.s.:  The sovereign: The Hereditary Sovereign and Prince, The Most Serene King (Tsar) (reign name), by the will of our Lord, King (Tsar) of Kartli, King of Kakheti, Hereditary Prince of Samtzkhé-Saatabago, Ruling Prince of Kazakh, Borchalo, Shamshadilo, Kak, Shaki, and Shirvan, Prince and Lord of Ganja and Erivan, with the style of His Majesty. The wife of the sovereign: The Most Serene Queen (Tsaritsa) (personal name), by the will of our Lord, Queen (Tsaritsa) of Kartli, etc.", with the style of Her Majesty. The sons of the Sovereign: Prince (Tsarevitch) (given name) (father's name) Grouzinskii, i.e. Prince of Georgia, with the style of His Highness. The daughters of the Sovereign: Princess (Tsarevna) (given name) (father's name) Grouzinskaya, i.e. Princess of Georgia, with the style of Her Highness. All legitimate male descendants of King Irakli II and King Giorgi XII, in the male line: Prince (Kniaz) (given name) (father's name) Grouzinskii, i.e. Prince of Georgia, with the style of His Serene Highness. All legitimate female descendants of King Irakli II and King Giorgi XII, in the male line: Princess (Kniaza) (given name) (father's name) Grouzinskaya, i.e. Princess of Georgia, with the style of Her Serene Highness. More remote princes of the blood or descendants in the natural line, also received the title of Kniaz or Kniaza (given name) (father's name) Bagration, frequently with a territorial or other designation. Bagration Mukhranskii (Bagration of Mukhrani), Bagration-Davidov (Bagration-Davitishvili), etc.
The Genealogy of the Royal House 
Line I

Constantine, Pr Bagration-Moukhransky. last Duke of Muchrani (1782-7 Sep 1842); m.Maria-Charoschan Pss Zedginidze-Guramov (1786-21 Nov 1831)

1a) Ivan (7 Dec 1812-11 Mar 1896); m.1846 Pss Nino Dadian (1816-28 Oct 1886)

1b) Constantine (14 Dec 1838-2 May 1903); m.Elisabeth Pss Palavandishvili (1 Jul 1847-20 Dec 1916)

2a) Irakly (17 Jul 1813-1892); m.1848 Pss Catharine Ivanovna Mkhargrdjeli-Argutashvili (1830-1880)

1b) Warwara (1849-1930)

2b) Sophie (22 Jun 1851-8 Oct 1932); m.28 Apr 1876 Pr Sergei Nikitich Troubetzkoy (22 Jun 1829- St.Petersburg 14 Jun 1899)

3b) Kethevan (1852-1918); m.Pr Alexander Amilakvari (1845-1891)

4b) Pr Alexander Bagration-Moukhransky (Mtchadisdjavari 20 Jul 1853-k.by Bolsheviks at Piatigorsk 30 Oct 1918); m.Tbilisi Oct 1881 Maria Dmitrievna Golovatchev (Tbilisi 11 Oct 1855-Nice 12 Jun 1932)

1c) Nina (Tbilisi 2 Sep 1882-Nice 10 Nov 1972)

2c) George (St.Petersburg 16 Jul 1884-Madrid 29 Sep 1957); m.Tbilisi Jul 1908 Elena Zlotnicky (Tbilisi 29 Mar 1886-Madrid 25 Apr 1979)

1d) Irakly (Tbilisi 21 Mar 1909-Madrid 30 Nov 1977); m.1st (div) Maria Belaiev; m.2d Rome 20 Jun 1940 Css Maria Antonietta Pasquini (San Angelo in Vado 26 Apr 1911-Rome 22 Feb 1944); m.3d San Sabastian 29 Aug 1946 Maria Mercedes de Baviera y de Borbón, Infanta of Spain (Madrid 3 Oct 1911-Madrid 11 Sep 1953); m.4th 19 Oct 1961 Maria del Pilar Pascual y Roig (d.1994)

1e) George (Rome 22 Feb 1944-Tbilisi 16 Jan 2008); m.1st Nice 11 Mar 1968 (div) Maria de las Mercedes Zornoza y Ponce de Léon (b.Madrid 14 Aug 1942); m.2d Madrid 8 Sep 1982 Nuria Llopis Oliart (b.Barcelona 14 Nov 1953)

1f) Maria Antonieta (b.Madrid 21 Jun 1969); m.1996 Jaime Gaixas

2f) Irakly (b.Madrid 26 Aug 1972)

3f) David (b.Madrid 24 Jun 1976); m.Tbilisi 8 Feb 2009 Pss Anna Bagration-Gruzinsky [Pss of Georgia] (see below)

1g) Giorgi (b.27 Sep 2011)

4f) Gourami (b.Madrid 14 Feb 1985)

2e) Maria Victoria Tamara Elena Antoinetta Paz (b.Madrid 27 Jun 1947); m.1st Madrid 24 Oct 1968 (div 1977) José Luis Blanco y de Briones (Madrid 23 Dec 1935-Harare 22 Jul 1985); m.2d Tomas Ortiz y Valero

3e) Bagrat (b.Madrid 12 Jan 1949); m.1st Madrid 12 Nov 1976 (div) Maria del Carmen Ulloa y Suelves (b.Madrid 6 May 1953); m.2nd Saint-Germain-en-Laye 7 Mar 2009 Mme Françoise Cazaudehore

1f) Juan Jorge (b.Madrid 12 Aug 1977); m.Guadalmina 21 Jun 2003 Florianne del Rio Thorn

2f) Inès (b.Madrid 4 Dec 1980)

2d) Maria (Tbilisi 13 Oct 1911-Tbilisi 10 Aug 1992); m.1st (div) N Smirnov; m.2d (div 1932) Paul Domerstchikov; m.3d Willy Karganov

3d) Leonida (Tbilisi 23 Sep 1914-Madrid 23 May 2010); m.1st Nice 6 Nov 1934 (div 1937) Sumner Moore Kirby (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 5 Sep 1895-d.in concentration camp at Leau bei Bernburg 7 Apr 1945); m.2d Lausanne 13 Aug 1948 Grand Duke Wladimir of Russia (Borga, Finland 30 Aug 1917-Miami 21 Apr 1992)

5b) Grigol (1 Sep 1854-d.young)

6b) Thamar (1855-after 1918); m.Pr Zacharias Alexandrovich Dshordshadze (1847- )

7b) Levan (1862-Tbilisi 1888)

3a) Alexander (15 Aug 1817-25 Aug 1851); m.Anna Pss of Georgia (d.18 Jun 1898)

4a) George (16 Jul 1820-Paris 25 Jan 1876)

5a) Michael (13 Nov 1831-11 May 1907); m.Elisabeth Ivinskya (7 Sep 1833-Moscow 21 Sep 1856)

1b) Alexander Bagration-Moukhransky (Moscow 29 Mar 1856-Versoix, Switzerland 19 Jan 1935); m.Mzkhet 25 May 1879 Pss Nina Tarkhan-Moouravi (Tbilisi 27 Oct 1860-Versoix 28 Jan 1934)

1c) Elisabeth (Tblisi 14 Apr 1880-Verona 8 Apr 1915); m.1st Tblisi 23 Oct 1899 Boris Cheremetev (St.Petersburg 8 Jan 1871-Paris 17 Apr 1952); m.2d 14 Apr 1914 Marco Morozzo della Rocca Marchese di Bianze (Turin 10 May 1881-Roccadebaldi 6 Nov 1945)

2c) Maria (Alkhalkalaki 2 Aug 1882-Tblisi 16 Feb 1893)

3c) Michael (Tblisi 23 Aug 1883-assasinated at Tblisi 1926); m.Tbilisi 1907 Pss Daria Koboulov (1885-Tbilisi 1939)

1d) Irene (Tbilisi 3 Oct 1908-Tbilisi 1918)

2d) Alexander (Warsaw 21 Oct 1909-Tbilisi 6 Aug 1978); m.Nina Ritchkov (19 Dec 1914-1981)

1e) Michael (b.Roustavi 8 Nov 1938); m.Albina Safranov (b.22 May 1944)

1f) Alexander (b.Roustavi 18 Mar 1973)

2f) Irakly (b.Roustavi 13 Feb 1977)

2e) Irene (b.Roustavi 28 Mar 1942); m.Vakhtang Kvatchadze (b.19 Mar 1937)

3d) Nina (1910-Tbilisi 1930)

4d) Elisabeth (b.Tbilisi 31 May 1919); m.Prince Iosef Gergievich Soumbatachvili (1917- )

4c) Anastasia (Alkhalkalaki 30 Jan 1885-1972); m.15 Oct 1905 Vassili Yakovlev (25 Mar 1882-1937)

5c) George (Tbilisi 7 Mar 1886-Wiesbaden 29 Jun 1922); m.St.Petersburg 15 Jan 1912 Olga Sinelnikov (St.Petersburg 9 Jul 1893-Garches 15 Apr 1969)

1d) Alexis (St.Petersburg 1 Jan 1913-Garches 23 Jan 1982); m.Paris 26 Jun 1943 Pss Salome Dadiani (Bakou 22 Dec 1912-Casablanca 9 Jan 1957)

2d) Constantine (St.Petersburg 16 Oct 1915-Tbilisi 13 Apr 1992); m.Villenave d'Ornom 1 Jun 1953 Monique Paulliac (b.Mussidan 2 Dec 1925)

1e) Kethevane (b.Talence 20 Jul 1954); m.Rome 6 Jun 1978 Don Raimundo Pr Orsini (b.Rome 18 Nov 1931)

2e) Alexander (b.Talence 4 Aug 1956)

3d) Michael (Tbilisi 29 Jul 1920-1 Aug 2008); m.Paris 26 Apr 1942 Minodora Khochtaria (Tbilisi 29 Jul 1918-Paris 10 Sep 1985)

1e) Tamara (b.Paris 23 Apr 1950)

6c) Ivan (Alkhalkalaki Jul 1887-Tbilisi 27 Jun 1888)

7c) Constantine (Tbilisi 2 Mar 1889-k.a.Yaroslav 19 May 1915); m.Pavlovsk 24 Aug 1911 Pss Tatiana of Russia (St.Petersburg 23 Jan 1890-Jerusalem 28 Aug 1979)

1d) Theimouraz (Pavlovsk 21 Aug 1912-New York 10 Apr 1992); m.1st Belgrade 27 Oct 1940 Catherine Ratchich (London 4 Jul 1919-Neuilly 20 Dec 1946); m.2d New York 27 Nov 1949 Css Irina Tchernychev-Bezobrazov (b.Neuilly 26 Sep 1926)

2d) Natalia (Yalta 19 Apr 1914-London 26 Aug 1984); m.Sidlow Church, Reigate 22 Apr 1944 Sir Charles Hepburn Johnston (London 11 Mar 1912-London 23 Apr 1986)

8c) Cyril (Tbilisi 5 Feb 1898-Tbilisi 17 Feb 1898)

Line II

Pr David Bagration-Moukhransky (1793-22 May 1878); m.Pss Sofia Solomonovna Mkhargrdjeli-Argutashvili (d.1834)

1a) Vakhtang (8 Oct 1817-Tbilisi 22 Aug 1902)

2a) Nikolay (16 Jul 1822-Novgorod 29 Jan 1885); m.Anna Diodorovna Trubnikov (d.Novgorod 20 Feb 1896)

1b) Nikolay (30 Oct 1861-Novgorod 24 Sep 1902)

2b) Sofia (1863-1927); m.Viktor Semyonovich Zenkevich

3b) Vera (1866-1932); m. Oscar Hederstierna

4b) Diodor (1873-Samara 1935); m.1st Xenia Dmitrievna Scott (d.1930); m.2d Anna Korybut-Daszkiewicz; all children from the 1st marriage

1c) Dmitry (1901-executed Magadan 1937); m.Nina Anatolievna Zhebunyov (1906-Bishkek Jan 1945)

1d) Georgy, b.Leningrad 29 Feb 1932; m.Ludmila Shabedinovna Ajimolayev (b.Leningrad 19 Jul 1937)

1e) Dmitry, b.26 Oct 1971; m.Kiev 25 Oct 2003 (div) Karina Kharysova (b.Kiev 25 Jan 1978)

2c) Natalia; m.Dmitry Maslovsky

3a) Estate (11 Jan 1830-12 Mar 1908); m.Anna Bakhtchalov (15 Feb 1853- )

1b) George (1877-1928); m.Zinaida Vasilievna Moroco Bykov

1c) Theimouraz (b.Tbilisi 11 Jun 1915); m.Newport, Rhode Island 4 Jun 1942 Sylvia Gallo y Palacio

1d) George (b.Newport 5 Feb 1950)

2c) Tamara (1909-1991)

2b) Sophia (Tblisi 1876-New York 22 Nov 1956); m.Pr Constantine Nikolaevich Ratishvili (1886- )

3b) Tamara (Tbilisi 27 Dec 1894- ); m.1st (div) Pr Nicholas Sidamon-Eristov (1888- ); m.2d Tblisi 27 Dec 1919 Norman Ogden Whitehouse (1886- )

4a) Demetre (1833-1839)

Line III

Pr Alexander Bagrationi-Muchraneli (1864-1897); m.Euphemia Tulashvili (1866-d.before 1931)

1a) Vladimir (1894-1969); m.Mariam Gomelauri (1895-1962)

1b) Otar (1918-1988); m.Nino Vadachkoria (b.1922)

1c) Vladimir, b.1947; m.Kethevan Beridze (b.1947)

1d) Nino, b.1971; m.Lasha Panjakidze (b.1962)

2d) Otar, b.1973

2c) Lia, b.1957; m.1st (div) Evgeny Asatiani (b.1956); m.2d 1994 Teimuraz Pichkhaia (b.1954)

2b) Lia (1916-1931)

2a) Kethevan (1892-1984); m.Iesse Karangozishvili (1879-1949)

Line IV

Pr Demetre Bagrationi-Muchraneli (1842-ca 1884); m.Nina Glurdjidze

1a) Giorgi (1870-1933); m.Nino Saginashvili

1b) Demetre (1892-1960); m.1st Pss Tekle Bagrationi-Davitishvili (1891-1975); m.2d Mariam Djishiashvili (1909-1987)

1c) [by 2d m.] Mariam, b.1947; m.1st (div) Givi Chkhartiashvili (b.1938); m.2d Levan Kurkhashvili (b.1945)

2b) Konstantine (1894-1963); m.Liubov Fiodorovna Tsikhiseli (1899-1984)

1c) Medea, b.1922; m.Viktor Vasilievich Pavlov (1920-1961)

2c) Rusudan, b.1926; m.Georgy Alexandrovich Mazurin (1924-1974)

3b) Nina (1899-1986); m.Valerian Minasievich Bakradze (1901-1971)

2a) Vano (1872-1905); m.Pss Elene Ratishvili (d.1930)

1b) Thamar (1899- ); m. N Tugushi

Line V

Pr Nikolaoz Bagrationi-Muchraneli (1807-1864); m.Pss Thamar Djordjadze (1813-1878)

1a) Salome (1825- ); m.Pr Archil Bagration of Muchrani (1824-d.before 1862)

2a) Erekle (1833-1857)

3a) Giorgi (1834-1884); m.Kethevan Alexi-Meskhishvili (1845-1905)

1b) Levan (1863-1901); m.Pss Anastasia Tsereteli

1c) Simon (1895-1924); m.Pss Nina Bagrationi-Davitishvili (1897-1969)

2b) Pr Nicholas Bagration-Moukhransky (1866-Tbilisi 9 May 1933); m.1902 Anna Boutchkichvili (3 Apr 1883-1959)

1c) Natalia (Tbilisi 27 Nov 1903-Draveil 28 Sep 1979); m.Paris 26 Sep 1931 Jean Eugène Marie Victor Tourangin (Paris 11 Dec 1885-Boulogne-sur-Seine 24 May 1977)

2c) George (d.young)

3c) Roussoudane (Tbilisi 15 May 1906-1986); m.Vanno Tchikvaidze (1900-1979)

4c) Alexander (Tbilisi 15 May 1908-Paris 21 Jun 1934)

1d) Constantine, d.early 1990s; m.1st Olivia Bristow; m.2d N Vanderbilt

1e) [by 2d m.] Alexander, b.early 1980s

5c) Irene (Tbilisi 30 Apr 1916-1 Jul 2000)

3b) Ivan (1868-1889)

4b) Mikhail (1872-1942); m.Varvara Spiridonovna Simonich

1c) Olga (1903-1928)

2c) Nina (1906-1924)

3c) Irakly (1910-1940); m.Irina Roinishvili (1911-1989)

1d) Medea, b.1938; m.Peter Nikolaievich Djanezashvili (b.1939)

4c) Konstantine (1915-1926)

5b) Alexander (1873-1892)

6b) David (1877-1940); m.Ekaterina Fiodorovna Enehelm (1878-1963)

1c) Nina (1905-1965); m.Nikolay Yevstafievich Zedgenidze

2c) Liudmila (1907-1927)

3c) Leonid, b.Tbilisi 30 Aug 1909; m.1st (div) Kethevan Kamkamidze (1909-1979); m.2d Galina Nikolaievna Liashchenko (1920-1988)

1d) Iya, b.1941; m.Pr Nikolay Evgenievich Amiredjibi (b.1939)

2d) Irina, president of Bagrationi Fund (Moscow), b.19 Dec 1945; m.Evgeny Viktorovich Maievsky (1944-Moscow 23 Apr 2008)

4c) Kethevan (1914-1963)

7b) Tamara (1881-1960); m.Pr Mikhail Davidovich Chavchavadze (1873-1918)

4a) Martha (1836- ); m.Pr Revaz Eristavi of Ksani (1814- )

5a) Alexander (1838-1841)

6a) Anna (1839-1913); m.Platon Ioseliani (1809-1875)

7a) Makrina (1842-1919); m.Alexander Buchkiashvili (1825-1902)

Line VI

Erekle II, king of Kacheti 1744-62, king of united Georgia 1762-98 (Telavi 7 Nov 1720-Telavi 11 Jan 1798); m.1st 1739 Pss Kethevan Mkheidze (d.1744); m.2d 1745 Pss Ana Abashidze (1730-Tbilisi 6 Dec 1749); m.3d 1750 Pss Darejan Dadiani (20 Jul 1734-St. Petersburg 8 Nov 1808)

1a) Vakhtang, duke of Aragvi 1747 (1742-Tbilisi 1 Feb 1756); m.Kethevan of Muchrani (20 Feb 1744-04 Mar 1808)

2a) Giorgi XII, the last king of Georgia 1798-1800 (10 Oct 1746-Tbilisi 28 Dec 1800); m.1st 1766 Pss Kethevan Andronikashvili, allegedly from a cadet branch of the Komnenoi family (1754-Tbilisi 23 Apr 1782); m.2d 13 Jul 1783 Pss Mariam Tsitsishvili (Tbilisi 9 Apr 1768-Moscow 30 Mar 1850)

1b) David (XII), Regent of Georgia (1800-01) (Tbilisi 1 Jul 1767-St. Petersburg 25 May 1819); m.Tbilisi 9 Jan 1800 Pss Elena Abamelik (Tbilisi 21 May 1770-St. Petersburg 20 May 1836)

2b) Ioani, Head of the Royal Family of Georgia (1819-39) (Tbilisi 16 May 1768-St. Petersburg 15 Feb 1839); m.1787 Pss Kethevan Tsereteli (1772-Sachkeri 10 Dec 1832)

1c) Pr Grigol of Georgia, subcolonel, proclaimed king of Georgia 1812 (Astrakhan Jul 1789-St. Petersburg 21 Sep 1830); m.28 Jan 1824 Varvara Fyodorovna Bukrinsky (Tbilisi 10 Dec 1810-St. Petersburg 29 Nov 1876)

1d) Pr Ioani of Georgia, Head of the Royal Family of Georgia (1839-80) (24 Jun 1826-St. Petersburg 15 Sep 1880); m.15 Sep 1850 Css Ekaterina Pavlovna Pahlen

2d) Pss Kethevan of Georgia (1830-1891); m.1849 Pr Mikeli Sumbatashvili (5 Feb 1822-23 Sep 1886)

3b) Varvara (Tbilisi 1769-Tbilisi 1801); m.1784 Pr Svimon Andronikashvili (d.1819)

4b) Sopio (Tbilisi 1770-Tbilisi 28 Sep 1840); m.1792 Pr Luarsab Tarhan-Mouravi (d.1812)

5b) Nino (Tbilisi 15 Apr 1772-St. Petersburg 30 May 1847); m.1791 Grigol I of Mingrelia [Megreli] (d.Muri 23 Oct 1804)

6b) Bagrat, chamberlain 1818, senator 1821 (8 May 1776-St. Petersburg 8 May 1841); m.Pss Kethevan Cholokashvili (1781-St. Petersburg 30 Jun 1831)

1c) Pss Varvara of Georgia (1804-1870); m.17 Jul 1820 Pr Demetre Orbeliani (29 Jun 1798-24 Sep 1868)

2c) Pr Nikolaoz of Georgia (1810-1833)

3c) Pr David of Georgia, Head of the Royal Family of Georgia (1880-88) (30 Apr 1819-Moscow 24 Sep 1888); m.Anna Alexeievna Mazurin (Moscow 11 Jan 1824-Moscow 10 Aug 1866)

1d) Pr Spiridone of Georgia (1860-1861)

4c) Pr Alexander of Georgia (1820-1865); m.1st 1851 (div) Pss Elene Tarhan-Mouravi (7 Jul 1831-Tbilisi 1903); 2m. Pss Kethevan Andronikashvili; all children from the 1st marriage

1d) Pr Ilia of Georgia (13 Sep 1854-Batumi 4 Aug 1885)

2d) Pr Petre of Georgia, chamberlain, Head of the Royal Family of Georgia (1888-1922) (26 Apr 1857-3 Feb 1922); m.Pss Thamar Dekanozishvili (1897-1977)

1e) Pr Konstantin of Georgia, head of the Royal Family of Georgia 1922-1939 (1915-1939)

2e) Pr Petre of Georgia, prominent poet, Head of the Royal Family of Georgia 1939-84 (28 Mar 1920-13 Aug 1984); m.1939 (div) Kethevan Siradze (b.9 Apr 1915); m.2d Liya Mgeladze (b.19 Aug 1926)

1f) Pss Dali of Georgia, b.Tbilisi 17 Oct 1939; m.1st Bruno Babunashvili (15 Nov 1938-1993); m.2d Zurab Kurashvili (b.14 May 1950)

2f) Pss Mzevinar of Georgia, b.15 Sep 1945

3f) Pr Nugzar of Georgia, director of Tbilisi theatre of cinema artists, Head of the Royal Family of Georgia from 1984, b.Tbilisi 25 Aug 1950; m.10 Feb 1971 Leila Kipiani (b.Tbilisi 16 Jul 1947)

1g) Pss Anna of Georgia, b.Tbilisi 1 Nov 1976; m.1st (div) Grigoriy Malania; m.2nd Tbilisi 8 Feb 2009 Pr David Bagration-Moukhransky (see above)

2g) Pss Maya of Georgia, b.Tbilisi 2 Jan 1978; m.Nikolai Chichinadze

3d) Pr Giorgi of Georgia (25 Apr 1858-1922)

4d) Pr Mikeli of Georgia (10 Feb 1860-Tbilisi 1935); m.Pss Sofia Sumbatashvili (24 Sep 1869-4 Oct 1943)

1e) Pr Alexander of Georgia (1894-Toulon 18 Nov 1931); m.Tbilisi 21 Jan 1920 Pss Mariam Tumanishvili (18 Jul 1892-Nice 24 Jan 1943)

2e) Pss Elene of Georgia (6 Apr 1896-8 Jun 1966); m.1895 Pr Iesse Tsereteli (16 Mar 1894-1924)

3e) Pr Elizbar of Georgia (1900-1926)

4e) Pss Nino of Georgia (1900-16 Jun 1974); m.1st (div 1923) Pr Peter Mkheidze (21 Dec 1892-1972); m.2d 1923 Vano Gvelesiani

7b) Ripsime (1776/9-Tbilisi 27 May 1847); m.1784 Pr Demetre Cholokashvili (d.14 Apr 1804)

8b) Gaiane (27 Sep 1780-22 Jul 1820); m.1794 Pr Giorgi Eristavi of Ksani (1760-03 Nov 1863)

9b) Teimuraz, honorary fellow of the Imperial Academy of Sciences (Telavi 23 Apr 1782-St. Petersburg 25 Oct 1846); m.1800 Pss Elene Amilakvari (Gori 8 Sep 1766-St. Petersburg 2 Jan 1827)

10b) Mikeli (Tbilisi 1783-St. Petersburg 21 Nov 1862); m. Ekaterina Pavlovna

11b) Jebrail (13 Aug 1788-St. Petersburg 29 Feb 1812)

12b) Thamar (Tbilisi 13 Aug 1788-Voronezh 29 Jul 1850)

13b) Elizbar, colonel (2 Sep 1790-Moscow 18 Jul 1854); m.Moscow 1827 Anastasia Grigorievna Obolonsky (Moscow 25 Sep 1805-Moscow 3 Mar 1885)

1c) Pss Anna (Moscow 1828-5 Oct 1905); m.Pr David Chavchavadze (15 Aug 1817-15 Nov 1884)

2c) Pss Varvara (1831-18 Mar 1884); m.1st 1852 Pr Elizbar Orbeliani (1817-k.a.8 Dec 1853); m.2d N Nestel

3c) Pss Gaiane (1832-Moscow 5 Jun 1903)

4c) Pr Peter (1833-17 Sep 1855)

5c) Pr Grigory of Georgia (15 Nov 1833-Voronezh 18 Sep 1899); m.23 Apr 1867? Olga Dmitrievna Frolov (1844-Moscow 10 Nov 1902)

1d) Pss Elisaveta (6 Aug 1862-6 Mar 1871)

2d) Pr Alexander of Georgia, colonel (25 Mar 1866-executed Riazan 1917)

3d) Pr Ilia of Georgia (20 Apr 1867-1948); m.9 Feb 1889 Elisaveta Alexeievna Bezobrazov (d.St. Petersburg 1920)

1e) Pss Maria of Georgia, d.5 Nov 1907

4d) Pr Peter of Georgia (13 Apr 1868-1922); m.Evgenia Alexeievna Pershin (1891-1977)

1e) Pr Peter of Georgia, sea captain, b.1916; m.Raisa Sergeievna Jasinska-Malecka (1923-Moscow 1987)

1f) Pr Evgeny of Georgia, b.1947; m.Alexandra Parkhun

2f) Pss Marina of Georgia, b.1950

3f) Pss Ekaterina of Georgia, b.1956; m.Sergey Vladimirovich Platonov

5d) Pss Anastasia (15 Jun 1871- ); m.Ivan Simchenko (d.1917)

6d) Pss Tamara (Tbilisi 30 Oct 1874- ); m.Alexander Vladimirovich Islavin (23 May 1870-Novorossiysk 21 Jan 1936)

7d) Pss Nina (30 Oct 1876-1895)

6c) Pss Elisaveta (6 Mar 1836-d.before 1898); m.1857 Arkady Dmitrievich

7c) Pr Dmitry (1839-k.a.Kacheti 7 Jul 1860)

8c) Pss Olga (1840-Moscow 18 Jul 1913)

9c) Pss Vera (Tbilisi 1842-Vladikavkaz 4 May 1860); m.Tbilisi 4 May 1860 Pr Nikolay Ivanovich Svyatopolk-Mirsky (Miastkow 5 Jul 1833-15 Jul 1898), Ataman of the Don Cossacks

10c) Pr Nikolay of Georgia, governor of Vilnius 1899 (17 Aug 1844-24 Oct 1916); m.1868 Maria Mikhailovna Katenin (d.23 Oct 1910)

1d) Pss Maria (1 Jun 1869-7 Oct 1901); m.1898 Andrey Alexeievich Tregubov (6 Oct 1869-Oryol 15 Jan 1935)

2d) Pss Nadezhda (6 Sep 1871-Warsaw 30 Oct 1901); m.1st (div) Pr Ivan Nikolaievich Meshchersky (1861- ); m.2d Alexey Mikhailovich Kauffman-Turkestansky (15 Nov 1861-Paris 25 Jul 1934)

3d) Pr Ilia of Georgia (1 Apr 1874-14 Mar 1879)

4d) Pss Anastasia (23 Jan 1880-1936)

5d) Pr Mikhail of Georgia (28 Nov 1886- ); m.21 Apr 1920 Maria Ivanovna Brzozowska (1899- )

11c) Pss Alexandra, d.24 Jan 1909

12c) Pss Nadezhda, d.New York 1930; m.Mikhail Alexandrovich Pisarev

14b) Okropir (Telavi 24 Jun 1795-Moscow 30 Nov 1857); m.Css Anna Pavlovna Kutaisov (1800-Moscow 23 Jan 1868)

1c) Pr Pavel of Georgia (26 Apr 1835-Moscow 12 Feb 1875); m.8 Feb 1861 Pss Anastasia Nikolaievna Dolgorukov

1d) Pr Georgy of Georgia (16 May 1862-Elets 3 Nov 1916)

2d) Pr Konstantin of Georgia (1871-Moscow 1916)

2c) Pss Anna of Georgia, d.18 Jun 1898; m.1st Pr Alexander Bagration of Muchrani (15 Aug 1817-25 Aug 1851); m.2d Marchese Alexandro degli Albizzi

15b) Erekle (Tbilisi 1797-Moscow 1859)

16b) Ana (Tbilisi 1800-St. Petersburg 26 May 1850); m.1st Pr Estate Abashidze; m.2d Pr David Tsereteli

3a) Thamar (11 Jul 1749-Tbilisi 4 Aug 1786); m.1762 Pr David Orbeliani (11 Jan 1739-Tbilisi 29 May 1796)

4a) Elene (1753-Tbilisi 7 Jun 1786); m.1st 1770 Archil of Imereti (d.6 Oct 1775); m.2d 1785 Pr Zakhari Andronikashvili (1740-1802)

5a) Mariam (1755-8 Nov 1828); m.1777 Pr David Tsitsishvili (1749-1792)

6a) Levan (Telavi 1 Feb 1756-assassinated Vedjuni 5 Feb 1781); m.1774 Pss Nino Andronikashvili (15 Nov 1766-d.after 1816)

7a) Iulon, duke of Ksani 1790-1801 (Telavi 4 Jun 1760-St.Petersburg 23 Aug 1816); m.28 Jul 1778 Pss Salome Amilakvari (13 May 1766-St.Petersburg 2 Feb 1827)

1b) Pr Levan of Georgia (1786-k.a.Petretsikhe Oct 1812)

2b) Pr Luarsab of Georgia (29 Sep 1789-St. Petersburg 23 Dec 1850)

3b) Pss Thamar of Georgia (1792-St. Petersburg 6 Oct 1857)

4b) Pr Demetre of Georgia (11 Apr 1803-St. Petersburg 14 Jan 1845)

8a) Vakhtang, duke of Aragvi 1782-1801 (Telavi 22 Jun 1761-St.Petersburg 28 Oct 1814); m.1st Pss Tsulukidze; m.2d 1784 Pss Mariam Andronikashvili (1769-Tbilisi 27 Sep 1837)

9a) Teimuraz, catholicos of Georgia as Antoni II 1788-1811 (Telavi 8 Jan 1762-Nizhny Novgorod 2 Dec 1827)

10a) Anastasia (Tbilisi 3 Nov 1763-St. Petersburg 17 Jan 1838); m.12 Nov 1797 Pr Revaz Eristavi of Ksani (d.1814)

11a) Kethevan (1764-Tbilisi 5 Jul 1840); m.ca 1781 Vano I of Muchrani (1755-1801)

12a) Mirian, general-major 1798 (Tbilisi 19 Aug 1767-St. Petersburg 15 Oct 1834); m.St. Petersburg 22 Apr 1814 Pss Maria Alexandrovna Khilkov (17 Jun 1788-St. Petersburg 31 May 1815)

13a) Alexander (Tbilisi 1770-Tabriz 1844); m.Jerevan 1825 Maria Isakovna Agamalov (Jerevan 12 Aug 1808-St. Petersburg 7 Oct 1882)

1b) Erekle of Georgia, colonel (Jerevan 18 Aug 1826-Paris 27 Apr 1882); m.1867 Pss Thamar Chavchavadze (Tbilisi 1852-Tbilisi 1933)

1c) Pss Elizabed of Georgia (Tbilisi 27 Oct 1870-Tbilisi 25 Nov 1942); m.1898 Pr Mamuka Orbeliani (13 Mar 1873-1924)

2c) Pss Kethevan of Georgia (Tbilisi 13 Feb 1872-1917); m.Pr Vano Ratishvili (1869-1958)

14a) Ekaterina (11 Jul 1774-Georgievsk 4 Aug 1818); m.1793 Pr Giorgi Cholokashvili (1773-10 Nov 1820)

15a) Tekle (1776-11 Mar 1846); m.Tbilisi 7 Sep 1800 Pr Vakhtang Orbeliani (1769-k.a. 1 Mar 1812)

16a) Farnaoz (Tbilisi 14 Feb 1777-St. Petersburg 30 Mar 1852); m.1795 Pss Anna Eristavi of Ksani (1771-St. Petersburg 26 May 1850)

1b) Pss Salome of Georgia (1797-St. Petersburg 20 Aug 1860)

2b) Pss Elene of Georgia (1799-Tsarskoye Selo 7 Jul 1867)

3b) Pss Elizabed of Georgia (4 Oct 1801-St. Petersburg 21 Dec 1819)

4b) Pss Nino of Georgia (28 Sep 1802-St. Petersburg 1 Sep 1829); m.1822 Pr Alexander Dadiani (1800-1865)

Line VII

Giorgi VI, King of Imereti 1703-20 (1691-murdered 27 Feb 1720); m.1st 1703 (div 1714) Rodami of Kartli; m.2d Mar 1714 Thamar of Racha (d.1715); m.3d 1716 Thamar of Guria (executed 1742)

1a) Alexander V, King of Imereti 1720-52 (1704-1752); 1m.1st Mariam of Megreli (d.1731); m.2d Pss Thamar Abashidze

1b) [by 1st m.] Narin-David, d.ca 1749

2b) [by 1st m.] Rodami, d.1770; m.1732 Mamia IV of Guria (ca 1717-1778)

3b) [by 2d m.] Solomon I the Great, king of Imereti 1752-84 (1735-Kutaisi 23 Apr 1784); m.1st Pss Tinatin Shervashidze; m.2d ca 1752 Pss Mariam Dadiani (d.1778); m.3d Pss Gulkan Tsulukidze (1730-1800)

1c) [by 1st m.] David, d.young

2c) Darejan (1755-Moscow 24 Jan 1827); m.1768 Pr Kaihosro Abashidze (d.1805)

3c) Mariam (1759-26 Aug 1845); m.Pr Elisbar Eristavi of Ksani (1738-26 Aug 1813)

4c) Alexander (1760-Oct 1780); m.1st 3 Jan 1777 a dau of Giorgi XII of Georgia; m.2d 1778 a dau of Pr Evgeni Abashidze; m.3d 1779 Pss Darejan Tsulukidze

1d) [illegitimate] Giorgi (1778-St. Petersburg 20 Nov 1807); m.1795 Pss Darejan Shervashidze (1779-16 Jan 1816)

1e) Pr Alexander Bagration of Imereti, general of cavalry (1796-St. Petersburg 5 Feb 1862)

2e) Pr Dmitry Bagration of Imereti, general-major (1799-6 Nov 1845); m.1842 Css Olga Valerianovna Strzemie-Strojnowska (1824-27 Apr 1835)

1f) Alexander (St. Petersburg 29 Jul 1843-Nervi 17 Nov 1880); m.Lidia Alexandrovna Rozanov

1g) Olga (25 Jan 1876-fl 1901)

2g) Alexander (Aug 1879-fl 1901)

2f) Dmitry (1846-24 Jun 1885)

4b) Iosseb, catholicos of Georgia 1767-76 (1739-13 May 1776)

5b) Bagrat (1741-1800); m.Pss Mariam Eristavi of Guria (1741-31 Aug 1820)

1c) David (1761-k.a.1 Sep 1820); m.ca 1776 Pss Darejan Eristavi of Racha

1d) Mzehatun (1803-1820)

2d) Pr Vano Bagration (1810-9 May 1869); m.Pss Elisaveta Tsereteli

1e) Alexander (2 Jan 1851-7 Feb 1895); m.Pss Niditora Tsulukidze (15 May 1850-1924)

1f) Thamar (1883-1888)

2f) David (20 Aug 1894-1937); m.1914 Pss Kethevan Machabeli (30 Apr 1892-11 Sep 1981)

1g) Nino, professor, President of the Bagration Society (31 Jan 1915-Mar 2009); m.28 Jan 1944 Pr Avtandil Djaparidze (24 Jun 1914-11 Dec 1959)

3d) Mariam (1812- ); m.Pr Ivan Eristavi of Racha

4d) Pr Teimuraz Bagration, subcolonel (1816-d.after 1853)

5d) Ekaterina (1819- ); m.Pr Nikolay Eristavi of Guria

2c) [illegitimate] Svimon (1771- )

1d) Rostom Bagrationi (ca 1791-fl 1840); m. Pss Elizabed Mkheidze (1794-1862)

1e) Svimon (1810-fl 1850); m.Pss Tatia Tsereteli (1813- )

1f) Rostom (21 Feb 1845- ); m.Natalia Konstantinovna Pagava (1856- )

1g) Svimon (1874-1951)

1h) Thamar, b.1909

2g) Grigol (1885-1937)

1h) Alexander (1918-1940)

2h) Erekle, b.1925; m. Zenaida Maskharashvili (b.1926)

1i) Nargisa, b.1946; m. Pr Djemal Tsereteli

2i) David, b.1948; m. Irina Kobakhidze

1j) Kethevan, b.1979

2j) Thamar, b.1980

3j) Erekle, b.1982

3i) Maya, b.1953; m. Pr Nikolay Avalishvili

6b) [by 2d m.] Archil, d.6 Oct 1775; m.1770 Elena of Kacheti (1753-Tbilisi 17 Jun 1786)

1c) Varvara (1771-ca 1815); m.Pr David Tsulukidze (d.1 May 1820)

2c) Solomon II, the last king of Imereti 1789-1810 (1772-Trebizond 7 Dec 1815); m.1st 1787 Pss Anna Orbeliani; m.2d 1791 Mariam of Megreli (1783-St. Petersburg 18 Mar 1841)

3c) Mariam (1775-Tbilisi 10 Oct 1854); m.1st Pr Levan Dadiani (7 Mar 1774-Moscow 1847); m.2d ca 1810 Pr Malhaz Andronikashvili (1773-10 Sep 1822)

4c) [illegitimate] Mamuka; m. dau of Pr David Abashidze

1d) Archil (1815-ca 1840)

2d) Mariam (1805- ); m. Pr Giorgi Mkheidze

3d) Tekla (1817- ); m.Pr Levan Tsulukidze (1813-d.after 1843)

7b) [by 2d m.] Horeshan; m.Pr Zurab Tsereteli (d.28 Jan 1823)

8b) [illegitimate] Mariam, fl 1779; m. Giorgi V of Guria (fl 1744)

2a) Mamuka, anti-king of Imereti 1746-49, executed 1749; m.Dec 1732 Darejan of Megreli

1b) Teimuraz, anti-king of Imereti 1766-68, d.Turkey 1783; m.Anna of Racha

1c) David, d.Turkey 1815

3a) [by 1st m.] Thamar; m.1735 Pr David Abashidze (d.Sep 1740)

4a) [by 1st m.] Tuta; m.1st 1735 Mahmud-Beg; m.2d 1738 Pr Papuna Chichua

5a) Giorgi VII, king of Imereti 1741-42 (1718-1778); m.Mzehatun of Megreli

1b) Rostom, fl 1746, d.young

2b) David II, king of Imereti 1784-89 (1755-Akaltsikhi 1 Nov 1795); m.Pss Anna Orbeliani (17 Jul 1765-Moscow 4 Jan 1832)

1c) Pr Konstantine Imeretinsky, general-major (1789-Moscow 3 May 1844); m.1st 1809 Pss Anastasia Abashidze (19 Aug 1796-15 Sep 1821); m.2d 22 Sep 1822 Css Maria Theresa Lopez del Damago; m.3d Ekaterina Sergeievna Strakhov (d.22 Oct 1875)

1d) [by 1st m.] Nino; m.Pr Vano Andronikashvili (1796-19 Sep 1868), general of cavalry, governor of Tbilisi, etc.

2d) Giorgi (26 Apr 1809-St. Petersburg 1 Sep 1819)

3d) Konstantin (13 Jun 1824-15 Dec 1885); m.1st 1846 Anna Mikhailovna Kotlyarevsky; m.2d Nadezhda Ivanovna Rubets (16 Sep 1839- )

1e) Mikhail (1843-1892); m.11 May 1869 Css Olga Fyodorovna Mengden (1852-1911)

1f) Nino (21 Mar 1870-Paris 8 Jul 1952); m.1st St. Petersburg 9 Oct 1893 (div 1897) Vladimir Vladimirovich Molostvov (Kazan 15 May 1860-Irkutsk 1921); m.2d Alexander Alexandrovich Likhachov (d.1915); m.3d 1919 André Lambert (d.Paris 1951)

2f) George (Moscow 29 May 1872-Los Angeles 26 Mar 1932); m.1896 Lydia Klimov (Moscow 19 Apr 1880-Besse-sur-Isole 20 Feb 1956)

1g) George (Tsarskoie Selo 16 May 1897-Cheltenham 24 Mar 1972); m.1st London 28 Oct 1925 (div 1932) Avril Joy Mullins (27 Apr 1910-Mexico 28 Nov 1978); m.2d London 17 Jul 1933 Margaret Venetia Nancy Strong (Hammerwood, Sussex 1 Dec 1912-Cheltenham 16 Oct 1990)

2g) Constantine (Vichnevetz Palace 18 Aug 1898-London 20 Nov 1978); m.Romina Lorraine (d.London 5/6 Nov 1974)

3g) Michael (St.Petersburg 27 Jan 1900-Nice 14 Apr 1975); m.London 10 Dec 1925 Margaret Stella Wright (The Hayes, Swanwick, Derbyshire 14 Sep 1899-Menton 12 Nov 1986; great-aunt of the Duchess of York)

1h) Tamara (b.Menton 6 Dec 1926); m.1st London 21 Jul 1945 (div 1967) Thomas Mervyn Smith Dorrien Smith (Ashlyns Park 12 May 1913-Tresco Abbey 5 Dec 1973); m.2d London 13 Jul 1967 (div 1984) Charles Towneley Strachey, 4th Lord O'Hagan (b.6 Sep 1945)

2h) Natalia (b.Menton 28 Jul 1930); m.Trecso 15 May 1957 Terence James Grey (Felixstowe 14 Sep 1895-Monaco 5 Jan 1986)

3h) Nadejda (b.Newmarket 5 Feb 1941); m.Geneva 19 Oct 1963 (div 1995) Karl-Heinrich Ebel (b.Dömitz 13 Apr 1932)

3f) Thamar (16 Aug 1873-30 Oct 1954); m.1897 Mikhail Alexandrovich Ponomaryov (Tver 29 May 1868-Yakutsk 28 Dec 1913)

4f) Alexander (1875-St. Petersburg 22 Jul 1906)

1g) Giorgi (20 Dec 1904- )

2e) Nikolay (1848-1897)

3e) Vladimir (1850-1902); m.Emilia Alexandrovna Znaczko-Jaworski (13 Jan 1866-d.after 1913)

1f) Thamar (Odessa 19 Dec 1889-St. Petersburg 31 Dec 1917); m.8 Apr 1912 Alexander Nikolaievich Frolov (28 Jan 1882-Paris 26 May 1946)

4e) Maria (1857-1925); m.1st (div) Konstantin Stepanovich Shilovsky (30 Dec 1848-3 Jun 1893); m.2d Mikhail Alexandrovich Ostrogradsky (22 May 1857-1914)

4d) Nikolay, general-lieutenant (11 Jan 1831-24 Oct 1894); m.1st 1859 Maria Elpidiforovna Zurov (23 Mar 1840-14 May 1860); m.2d 5 May 1889 Ekaterina Alexandrovna Volotsky (25 Jan 1885-13 Dec 1927)

1e) Ekaterina (29 Apr 1860-26 Apr 1862)

2e) Alexander, general of infantry 1896, member of the State Council 1892, governor of Warsaw 1896 (24 Sep 1837- St. Petersburg 17 Nov 1900); m.Css Anna Alexandrovna Mordvinov (26 Oct 1841-1914)

2c) [illegitimate] Rostom, d.1822; m. Pss Mariam Mikeladze

1d) Pr Vakhtang Bagration-Davidov, fl 1846; m. Pss Dona Lordkipanidze

1e) Anastazia (1817-d.after 1866); m. Pr Demetre Nijaradze (1813-d.after 1866)

2d) Pr Tariel Bagration-Davidov, fl 1843; m. Pss Despina Gurieli (1820-1 Jan 1865)

3d) Darejan; m. 1814 Pr Spiridone Nijaradze (1795- )

4d) Mariam (1790-27 Mar 1863); m. Pr Bejan Tsereteli (1790-11 Nov 1847)

3c) Elizabed (1775-3 Feb 1829); m. Pr Svimon Tsereteli (fl 1829)

4c) Mariam (1781-ca 1833); m. Pr Svimon Shervashidze

5c) Anastazia; m.before 1810 Pr David Agiashvili

3b) Elene (1745-1810); m. Pr Giorgi Chkheidze

4b) Mzehatun (1748-1810); m.Pr Papua Tsereteli (1740-12 Nov 1790)

5b) Darejan (1757- ); m. Pr Svimon Abashidze

6b) Anuka (1758-1810); m. Pr Petre Chkheidze

6a) [by 3d m.] Anuka; m.ca 1726 Zaal of Guria

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