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Grand Duchy of Hesse and by the Rhine
Großherzogtum Hessen und bei Rhein 
House of Lorraine-Brabant
The Grand Duchy of Hesse and by Rhine (German: Großherzogtum Hessen und bei Rhein), or, between 1806 and 1816, Grand Duchy of Hesse (German: Großherzogtum Hessen)-as it was also known after 1816-was a member state of the German Confederation from 1806, when the Landgraviate of Hesse-Darmstadt was elevated to a Grand Duchy, until 1918, when all the German monarchies were overthrown. Before 1866, its northern neighbour was its former sister Landgraviate, since 1803 an Electorate, of Hesse-Kassel - for this reason, this state was sometimes colloquially known as Hesse-Darmstadt. 

Due to Hesse-Darmstadt's membership of Napoleon's Confederation of the Rhine, it was forced to cede a considerable amount of territory at the 1815 Congress of Vienna. The territory of the Duchy of Westphalia, which Hesse-Darmstadt received from the 1803 German Mediatisation, was ceded to the Kingdom of Prussia. However, it received some territory on the western bank of the Rhine, including the important federal fortress at Mainz. The Grand Duchy changed its name to the Grand Duchy of Hesse and by Rhine (German: Großherzogtum Hessen und bei Rhein) in 1816.

In 1867, the northern half of the Grand Duchy (Upper Hesse) became a part of the North German Confederation, while the half of the Grand Duchy south of the Main (Starkenburg and Rhenish Hesse) remained outside. In 1871, it became a constituent state of the German Empire. The last Grand Duke, Ernst Ludwig (a grandson of Queen Victoria and brother to Empress Alexandra of Russia), was forced from his throne at the end of World War I, and the state was renamed the People's State of Hesse (Volksstaat Hessen).

The majority of the state combined with Frankfurt am Main, the Waldeck area (Rhine-Province) and the former Prussian province of Hesse-Nassau to form the new state of Hesse following the Second World War. Excepted was the Montabaur district from Hessen-Nassau and that part of Hessen-Darmstadt on the left bank of the Rhine (Rhenish Hesse) became part of the Rhineland-Palatinate state. (Bad) Wimpfen - an exclave of Hessen-Darmstadt - became part of Baden-Württemberg, district.


History of the House of Hesse

The House of Hesse is a European royal dynasty from the region of Hesse, originally and still formally the House of Brabant,The origins of the House of Hesse begin with the marriage of Sophie of Thuringia, daughter of Louis IV, Landgrave of Thuringia and Elizabeth of Hungary with Henry II, Duke of Brabant from the House of Reginar. Sophie was the heiress of Hesse which she passed on to her son, Henry upon her retention of the territory following her partial victory in the War of the Thuringian Succession in which she was one of the belligerents.

Originally the western part of the Landgraviate of Thuringia, in the mid 13th century it was inherited by the younger son of Henry II, Duke of Brabant, and became a distinct political entity. From the late 16th century it was generally divided into several branches, the most important of which were those of Hesse-Kassel (or Hesse-Cassel) and Hesse-Darmstadt. In the early 19th century the Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel was elevated to Elector of Hesse (1803), while the Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt became the Grand Duke of Hesse (1806), later Grand Duke of Hesse and by Rhine. Electoral Hesse (Hesse-Kassel) was annexed by Prussia in 1866, while Grand Ducal Hesse (Hesse-Darmstadt) as lasted until the end of the German monarchies in 1918. Moritz, Landgrave of Hesse is the current (2012) head of the house.

The Branches of the House of Hesse

Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse, died in 1567. Hesse was divided between his four sons, four new lines which arose: Hesse-Darmstadt, Hesse-Kassel, Hesse-Marburg and Hesse-Rheinfels. The line of Hesse-Darmstadt was also part of the morganatic line of the Battenberg family when Prince Alexander of Hesse and by Rhine married to Countess Julia Hauke. The Battenbergs who later settled in England changed that name to Mountbatten after World War I.

  • House of Brabant
    • Hesse (1264-1567)
      • Hesse-Darmstadt (1567-1918), became Grand Duchy of Hesse in 1806
        • Hesse-Butzbach (1609-1642)
        • Hesse-Braubach (1609-1651)
        • Hesse-Homburg (1622-1866)
        • Hesse-Itter (1661-1676)
        • Battenberg (1858, morganatic line. Mountbatten since 1917)
      • Hesse-Kassel (1567-1866), became Electorate of Hesse in 1803
        • Hesse-Rotenburg (1627-1834)
        • Hesse-Wanfried (1627-1755)
        • Hesse-Rheinfels (1627-1754)
        • Hesse-Philippsthal (1685-1866)
          • Hesse-Philippsthal-Barchfeld (1721-1866)
      • Hesse-Marburg (1567, divided in 1604 between Hesse-Darmstadt and Hesse-Kassel)
      • Hesse-Rheinfels (1567, divided in 1583 between Hesse-Darmstadt, Hesse-Kassel and Hesse-Marburg)

Hesse-Kassel and its junior lines were annexed by Prussia in 1866; Hesse-Darmstadt became the People's State of Hesse when the monarchy was abolished in 1918. Hesse-Philippsthal died out in the male line in 1925; Hesse-Darmstadt in 1968. Descendants of Hesse-Kassel and Hesse-Philippsthal-Barchfeld are alive to this day.

List of the Princes and Grand Dukes of Hesse-Darmstadt

Hesse-Darmstadt, 1567-1806

Image Name Start term End term Note
Landgraf-Georg-I.-von-Hessen-Darmstadt.png George I
Georg I
31 March 1567 7 February 1596 fourth son of Philip the Magnanimous
L kilian landgraf ludwig 1615.png Louis V
Ludwig V
7 February 1596 27 June 1626 son of George I.
Georg-II-HD.jpg George II
Georg II
27 June 1626 11 June 1661 son of Louis V.
1630 Ludwig.JPG Louis VI
Ludwig VI
11 June 1661 24 April 1678 son of George II
Ludwig-VII-HD.jpg Louis VII
Ludwig VII
24 April 1678 31 August 1678 first son of Louis VI
Landgraf Ernst Ludwig von Hessen-Darmstadt.jpg Ernest Louis
Ernst Ludwig
31 August 1678 12 September 1739 second son of Louis VI
Landgraf Ludwig VIII. von Hessen-Darmstadt.JPG Louis VIII
Ludwig VIII
12 September 1739 17 October 1768 son of Ernest Louis
Ludwig IX von Hessen-Darmstadt.JPG Louis IX
Ludwig IX
17 October 1768 6 April 1790 son of Louis VIII
Ludwig X. (Hessen-Darmstadt).jpg Louis X
Ludwig X
6 April 1790 13 August 1806 son of Louis IX. Became Grand Duke of Hesse 1806.
Grand Dukes of Hesse (-Darmstadt) and by Rhine, 1806-1918
Image Name Start term End term Note
Ludwig X. (Hessen-Darmstadt).jpg Louis I
Ludwig I
13 August 1806 6 April 1830 previously Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt as Louis X from 1790
Luis ii de hesse.jpg Louis II
Ludwig II
6 April 1830 16 June 1848  
LudwigIII-Hessen.jpg Louis III
Ludwig III
16 June 1848 13 June 1877  
Grand Duke Ludwig IV of Hesse-Darmstadt and by Rhine.jpg Louis IV
Ludwig IV
13 June 1877 13 March 1892  
Ernst Ludwig von Hessen 1905 Foto Jacob Hilsdorf.jpeg Ernest Louis
Ernst Ludwig
13 March 1892 9 November 1918  
Heirs of Hesse-Darmstadt 1918-1968
  • Ernest Louis the former Grand Duke, 1918-1937
  • George Donatus 1937
  • Louis 1937-1968
In 1968 the Line of Hesse-Darmstadt became extinct; the last Prince adopted the head of the Hesse-Kassel as his heir

The Family Titles and Styles
The members of this family bore the titles Prince or Princess of Hesse and by the Rhine, together with the formal appellation of His or Her Grand Ducal Highness. The head of the house and his edlest son enjoyed the formal appellation of Royal Highness. 
The Genealogy of the Grand Ducal House 
LUDWIG VIII, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt 12 Sep 1739 (Darmstadt 5 Apr 1691-Darmstadt 17 Oct 1768); m.Philippsruhe 5 Apr 1717 Charlotte Gfn von Hanau-Lichtenberg (Buchsweiler 2 May 1700-Darmstadt 1 Jul 1726)

1a) LUDWIG IX, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt (Darmstadt 15 Dec 1719-Pirmasens 6 Apr 1790); m.1st Zweibrücken 12 Aug 1741 Karoline Pfgfn von Zweibrücken-Birkenfeld (Strassburg 9 Mar 1721-Darmstadt 30 Mar 1774); m.2d (morganatically) Ems 23 Oct 1775 Marie Adélaïde Cheirouze, cr Gfn von Lemberg 23 Oct 1775 (b.Paris ca 1752
1b) Karolina (Buchsweiler 2 Mar 1746-Homburg 18 Sep 1821); m.Darmstadt 27 Sep 1768 Friedrich V, Landgrave of Hesse-Homburg (Homburg 30 Jan 1748-Homburg 20 Jan 1820)

2b) Friederike Luise (Prenzlau 16 Oct 1751-Berlin 25 Feb 1805); m.Charlottenburg 14 Jul 1769 King Friedrich Wilhelm II of Prussia (Berlin 25 Sep 1744-Marmorpalais 16 Dec 1797)

3b) LUDWIG X, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt, Grand Duke LUDWIG I of Hesse 13 Aug 1806, Grand Duke of Hesse and the Rhine (Hessen und bei Rhein) 7 Jul 1816 (Prenzlau 14 Jun 1753-Darmstadt 6 Apr 1830); m.Darmstadt 19 Feb 1777 Luise Landgravine of Hesse-Darmstadt (1761-1829; below)

1c) LUDWIG II, Grand Duke of Hesse and the Rhine (Darmstadt 26 Dec 1777-Darmstadt 16 Jun 1848); m.Karlsruhe 19 Jun 1804 Wilhelmine Pss of Baden (Karlsruhe 10 Sep 1788-Rosenhöhe bei Darmstadt 27 Jan 1836)

1d) LUDWIG III, Grand Duke of Hesse and the Rhine (Darmstadt 9 Jun 1806-Seeheim 13 Jun 1877); m.1st Munich 26 Dec 1833 Mathilde Pss of Bavaria (Augsburg 30 Aug 1813-Darmstadt 25 May 1862); m.2d (morganatically) Darmstadt 20 Jun 1868 Magdalene Appel, cr Freifrau von Hochstädten 9 Jun 1868 (Darmstadt 8 Mar 1846-Wiesbaden 19 Dec 1917)

2d) Karl Wilhelm Ludwig (Darmstadt 23 Apr 1809-Darmstadt 20 Mar 1877); m.Berlin 22 Oct 1836 Elisabeth Pss of Prussia (Berlin 18 Jun 1815-Bessungen 21 Mar 1885)

1e) Friedrich Wilhelm LUDWIG IV Karl, Grand Duke of Hesse and the Rhine (Bessungen 12 Sep 1837-Darmstadt 13 Mar 1892); m.1st Osborne House, Isle of Wight 1 Jul 1862 Alice Pss of Great Britain and Ireland, etc (Buckingham Palace 25 Apr 1843-Darmstadt 14 Dec 1878); m.2d Darmstadt 30 Apr 1884 (annulled 1884) Alexandrina Hutten-Czapska, cr Gfn von Romrod (Warsaw 3 Sep 1854-Vevey 8 May 1941)

1f) Victoria Alberta Elisabeth Mathilde Marie (Windsor Castle 5 Apr 1863-Kensington Palace 24 Sep 1950); m.Darmstadt 30 Apr 1884 Louis Pr von Battenberg, Marquess of Milford Haven (below)

2f) Elisabeth Alexandra Louise Alice (Bessungen 1 Nov 1864-Alapaievsk 17 Jul 1918); m.St.Petersburg 15 Jun 1884 Serge, Grand Duke of Russia (Tsarskoie Selo 11 May 1857-Moscow 17 Feb 1905)

3f) Irene Luise Marie Anna (Darmstadt 11 Jul 1866-Schloß Hemmelmark 11 Nov 1953); m.Charlottenburg 24 May 1888 Heinrich Pr of Prussia (Neues Palais 14 Aug 1862-Schloß Hemmelmark 20 Apr 1929)

4f) ERNST LUDWIG Karl Albrecht Wilhelm, Grand Duke of Hesse and the Rhine, lost his throne 9 Nov 1918 (Darmstadt 25 Nov 1868-Schloß Wolfsgarten 9 Oct 1937); m.1st Coburg 19 Apr 1894 (div 1901) Victoria Melita Pss of Great Britain, Ireland and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, etc (Malta 25 Nov 1876-Amorbach 2 Mar 1936); m.2d Darmstadt 2 Feb 1905 Eleonore Pss zu Solms-Hohensolms-Lich (Lich 17 Sep 1871-Steene, nr Ostende 16 Nov 1937)

1g) Elisabeth Marie Alice Victoria (Darmstadt 11 Mar 1895-Skierniewice 6 Nov 1903)

2g) GEORG DONATUS Wilhelm Nikolaus Eduard Heinrich Karl, Hereditary Grand Duke of Hesse and the Rhine (Darmstadt 8 Nov 1906-Steene, nr Ostende 16 Nov 1937); m.Darmstadt (civ) 23 Jan 1931 (rel) 2 Feb 1931 Cecilie Pss of Greece and Denmark (Tatoi 22 Jun 1911-Steene, nr Ostende 16 Nov 1937)

1h) Ludwig Ernst Andreas (Darmstadt 25 Oct 1931-Steene, nr Ostende 16 Nov 1937)

2h) Alexander Georg Karl Heinrich (Darmstadt 14 Apr 1933-Steene, nr Ostende 16 Nov 1937)

3h) Johanna Marina Eleonore (Schloß Wolfsgarten 20 Sep 1936-Darmstadt 14 Jun 1939)

3g) LUDWIG Hermann Alexander Chlodwig (Darmstadt 20 Nov 1908-Frankfurt 30 May 1968); m.London 17 Nov 1937 Hon. Margaret Campbell Geddes (Dublin 18 Mar 1913-Schloß Wolfsgarten 26 Jan 1997)

5f) Friedrich Wilhelm August Victor Leopold Ludwig (Darmstadt 7 Oct 1870-Darmstadt 29 May 1873)

6f) Victoria Alix Helena Louise Beatrice, took the name Alexandra Feodorovna on her Orthodox baptism (Darmstadt 6 Jun 1872-Ekaterinburg 17 Jul 1918); m.St.Petersburg 26 Nov 1894 Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia (St.Petersburg 18 May 1868-Ekaterinburg 17 Jul 1918)

7f) Marie Victoria Feodore Leopoldine (Darmstadt 24 May 1874-Darmstadt 16 Nov 1878)

2e) Heinrich Ludwig Wilhelm Adalbert Waldemar Alexander (Bessungen 28 Nov 1838-Munich 16 Sep 1900); m.1st (morganatically) Darmstadt 28 Feb 1878 Caroline Willich gen. von Pöllnitz, cr Freifrau von Nidda 28 Feb 1878 (Butzbach 5 Nov 1848-Trier 6 Jan 1879); m.2d (morganatically) Darmstadt 20 Sep 1892 Emilie Hrzic de Topuska, cr Freifrau von Dornberg 14 Sep 1895 (Karlstadt 6 May 1868-Munich 23 Feb 1961)

1f) Karl Ludwig Wilhelm Georg Elimar, cr Gf von Nidda 28 Nov 1883 (Trier 4 Jan 1879-Ahrweiler 11 Jun 1920)

2f) Carl Ludwig Wilhelm Elimar Simeon Belimir Alexander Frhr von Dornberg (Munich 3 Aug 1893-nr Obersdorf [or, Riezlern, Allgäu] 1 May 1917)

3e) Maria Anna Wilhelmine Elisabeth Mathilde (Darmstadt 25 May 1843-Schwerin 16 Apr 1865); m.Darmstadt 12 May 1864 Friedrich Franz II Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (Ludwigslust 28 Feb 1823-Schwerin 15 Apr 1883)

4e) Wilhelm Ludwig Friedrich Georg Emil Philipp Gustav Ferdinand (Bessungen 16 Nov 1845-Schloß Rosenhöhe bei Darmstadt 24 May 1900); m.(morganatically) Lorry, nr Metz 24 Feb 1884 Josephine Bender, cr Frau von Lichtenberg 15 Apr 1884 (Darmstadt 11 Aug 1857-Darmstadt 24 Feb 1942)

1f) Gottfried Ludwig Joseph Wilhelm von Lichtenberg (Darmstadt 19 Nov 1877-k.a.nr Esternay 6 Sep 1914); m.Darmstadt 20 Jul 1901 Elisabeth Müller (Darmstadt 9 Feb 1880-Berlin 5 Feb 1961)

1g) Gottfried Wilhelm Joseph Ludwig von Lichtenberg (Mainz 18 Oct 1902-Frankfurt 17 Jan 1958); m.Berlin 4 May 1942 Sylvia Traute Knispel (b.Königsberg 12 Mar 1921)

1h) Alexandra von Lichtenberg (b.Tegernsee 29 Apr 1946); m.Frankfurt 1 Jul 1971 Rainer de Neufville

3d) Amalia Elisabeth Luise Karoline Friederike Wilhelmine (Darmstadt 20 May 1821-Lausanne 27 May 1826)

4d) Alexander Ludwig Georg Friedrich Emil (Darmstadt 15 Jul 1823-Darmstadt 15 Dec 1888); m.(morganatically) Breslau 28 Oct 1851 Julie von Hauke, cr Gfn von Battenberg 5 Nov 1851 and Pss von Battenberg (Serene Highness) 26 Dec 1858 (Warsaw 12 Nov 1825-Schloß Heiligenberg 19 Sep 1895)

1e) Marie Caroline Pss von Battenberg (Geneva 15 Jul 1852-Schönberg 20 Jun 1923); m.Darmstadt 29 Apr 1871 Gustav Fst zu Erbach-Schönberg (Schönberg 17 Aug 1840-Darmstadt 29 Jan 1908)

2e) Ludwig Alexander Pr von Battenberg, renounced his German titles and assumed the surname Mountbatten 1 Jul 1917, cr Marquess of Milford Haven, etc 20 Jun 1917 (Graz 24 May 1854-London 11 Sep 1921); m.Darmstadt 30 Apr 1884 Victoria Alberta Pss of Hesse and the Rhine (above)

1f) Victoria Alice Elisabeth Julie Marie Pss von Battenberg (Windsor Castle 25 Feb 1885-Buckingham Palace 5 Dec 1969); m.Darmstadt 7 Oct 1903 Andrew Pr of Greece and Denmark (Athens 2 Feb 1882-Monte Carlo 3 Dec 1944)

2f) Louise Alexandra Marie Irene Pss von Battenberg, later Lady Louise Mountbatten (Heiligenberg 13 Jul 1889-Stockholm 7 Mar 1965); m.St.James's Palace 3 Nov 1923 King Gustaf VI Adolf of Sweden (Stockholm 11 Nov 1882-Helsingborg 15 Sep 1973)

3f) George Louis Victor Henry Serge Pr von Battenberg, 2d Marquess of Milford Haven (Darmstadt 6 Nov 1892-London 8 Apr 1938); m.London 15 Nov 1916 Nadejda Css de Torby (Cannes 28 Mar 1896-Cannes 22 Jan 1963)

1g) David Michael Mountbatten, 3d Marquess of Milford Haven (Edinburgh 12 May 1919-London 14 Apr 1970); m.1st Washington 4 Feb 1950 (div 1954) Romaine Dahlgren Pierce (Biltmore, North Carolina 17 Jul 1923-New York 15 Feb 1975); m.2d London 17 Nov 1960 Janet Mercedes Bryce (b.Hamilton, Bermuda 29 Sep 1937)

1h) George Ivar Louis Mountbatten, 4th Marquess of Milford Haven (b.London 6 Jun 1961); m.1st London 8 Mar 1989 (div 1996) Sarah Georgina Walker (b.London 17 Nov 1961); m.2d Nantucket 20 Aug 1997 Clare Husted Steel (b.New York 2 Sep 1960; her sister, Louise, is married to Don Ludovico del Balzo dei Duchi di Presenzano)

1i) Lady Tatiana Helen Georgia Mountbatten (b.London 16 Apr 1990)

2i) Henry David Louis Mountbatten, Earl of Medina (b.London 19 Oct 1991)

2h ) Lord Ivar Alexander Michael Mountbatten (b.London 9 Mar 1963); m.Clare, Suffolk 23 Apr 1994 Penelope Anne Vere Thompson (b.Salisbury 17 Mar 1966)

1i) Ella Louise Georgina Mountbatten (b.Cambridge 20 Mar 1996)

2i) Alexandra Nada Victoria Mountbatten (b.Bridwell Park 8 May 1998)

3i) Louise Xenia Rose Mountbatten (b.Bridwell Park 30 Jul 2002)

2g) Lady Tatiana Elizabeth Mountbatten (Edinburgh 16 Dec 1917-Northampton 15 May 1988)

4f) Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Pr von Battenberg, later Lord Louis Mountbatten, cr Viscount Mountbatten of Burma 23 Aug 1946, cr Earl Mountbatten of Burma, etc 28 Oct 1947 (Windsor 25 Jun 1900-assassinated off the coast of Ireland 27 Aug 1979); m.London 18 Jul 1922 Hon. Edwina Ashley (London 28 Nov 1901-Jesselton, British North Borneo 21 Feb 1960)

1g) Patricia Edwina Victoria Mountbatten, 2d Countess Mountbatten of Burma (b.London 14 Feb 1924); m.Romsey Abbey 26 Oct 1946 John Ulick Knatchbull, 7th Lord Brabourne (London 9 Nov 1924-Ashford, Kent 22 Sep 2005)

1h) Norton Louis Philip Knatchbull, Lord Romsey, 8th Lord Brabourne, b.London 8 Oct 1947; m.Romsey Abbey 20 Oct 1979 Penelope Eastwood (b.London 16 Apr 1953)

1i) Hon. Nicholas Louis Charles Norton Knatchbull, b.London 15 May 1981

2i) Hon. Alexandra Victoria Edwina Diana Knatchbull, b.London 5 Dec 1982

3i) Hon. Leonora Louise Marie Elizabeth Knatchbull (London 25 Jun 1986-London 22 Oct 1991)

2h) Hon.Michael John Ulick Knatchbull, b.London 24 May 1950; m.1st Warwick 1 Jun 1985 (div 1997) Melissa Clare Owen (b.Birmingham 12 Nov 1960); m.2d Ashford, Kent 6 Mar 1999 (div 2006) Mrs Susan Penelope Jane Henderson, née Coates (b.Blackpool 23 Oct 1959)

1i) Kelly Louise Doreen Knatchbull, b.London 30 Mar 1988

2i) Savannah Knatchbull, b.London 20 Jul 2001

3h) Lady Joanna Edwina Doreen Knatchbull, b.London 5 Mar 1955; m.1st Ashford, Kent 3 Nov 1984 (div 1995) Baron Hubert Pernot de Breuil (Neuilly-sur-Seine 2 Feb 1956-6 Sep 2004); m.2d London 19 Nov 1995 Azriel Zuckerman (b.Bucharest 18 Jan 1943)

1i) Bss Eleuthera Roselyne Patricia Pernot de Breuil, b.New York City 13 May 1986

2i) Alexander Azriel John David Zuckerman, b.London 5 Oct 2002

4h) Lady Amanda Patricia Victoria Kntachbull, b.London 26 Jun 1957; m.Ashford, Kent 31 Oct 1987 Charles Vincent Ellingworth (b.Leicester 7 Feb 1957)

1i) Luke John William Ellingworth, b.London 27 Jan 1991

2i) Joseph William Vincent Ellingworth, b.Salisbury 2 Dec 1992

3i) Louis Charles Nicholas Ellingworth, b.Salisbury 25 Oct 1995

5h) Hon.Philip Wyndham Ashley Knatchbull, b.London 2 Dec 1961; m.1st Mersham, Kent 16 Mar 1991 (div) Mrs Atalanta Vereker, née Cowan (b.London 20 Jun 1962); m.2d London 29 Jun 2002 Mrs Wendy Amanda Wills, née Leach (b.Welwyn Garden City 20 Jul 1966)

1i) Daisy Isadora Louise Knatchbull, b.London 5 Oct 1992

2i) Frederick Michael Hubert Knatchbull, b.London 6 Jun 2003

3i) John Robin Rocky Knatchbull, b.17 Jul 2004

6h) Hon.Nicholas Timothy Charles Knatchbull, b.London 18 Nov 1964, murdered off the coast of Ireland 27 Aug 1979

7h) Hon.Timothy Nicholas Sean Knatchbull, b.London 18 Nov 1964; m.Winchester Cathedral 11 Jul 1998 Isabella Norman (b.London 9 Jan 1971)

1i) Amber Diana Patricia Knatchbull, b.Washington 3 Jan 2000

2i) Milo Columbus John Knatchbull, b.Washington 26 Feb 2001

3i) Ludovic David Nicholas Knatchbull, b.London 15 Sep 2003

4i) Isla Selina Edwina Knatchbull, b.23 Nov 2005

5i) Willa Victoria Agatha Knatchbull, b.19 Nov 2008

2g) Lady Pamela Carmen Louise Mountbatten (b.Barcelona 19 Apr 1929); m.Romsey Abbey 13 Jan 1960 David Nightingale Hicks (Little Coggeshall, Essex 25 Mar 1929-The Grove, Brightwell Baldwin, Oxon 29 Mar 1998)

1h) Edwina Victoria Louise Hicks, b.London 24 Dec 1961; m.Oxford 24 Mar 1984 Jeremy Alexander Rothwell Brudenell (b.London 2 Apr 1960)

1i) Maddison May Brudenell, b.London 16 May 1994

2i) Jordan Anne Brudenell, b.London 1 Jul 1995

3i) Rowan Michael David Brudenell, b.Oxford 21 Feb 2001

2h) Ashley Louis David Hicks, b.London 18 Jul 1963; m.Wheatley, Oxon 18 Oct 1990 Allegra Marina Tondato (b.Turin 20 May 1960)

1i) Angelica Margherita Edwina Hicks, b.London 16 Sep 1992

2i) Ambrosia Maria Elizabeth Hicks, b.London 23 Jan 1997

3h) India Amanda Caroline Hicks, b.London 5 Sep 1967; she has children by David Flint Wood (b.London 2 Mar 1961):

1i) Felix Austen Flint Wood, b.Miami 23 May 1997

2i) Amory John Flint Wood, b.25 Jun 1999

3i) Conrad Lorenzo Flint Wood, b.Miami 25 Apr 2003

4i) Domino Carmen Flint Wood, b.17 Dec 2007

3e) Alexander Joseph Pr von Battenberg (1857-1893); he was reigning Pr of Bulgaria 1879-1886; see Bulgaria

4e) Henry Maurice Pr von Battenberg (granted style Royal Highness by Queen Victoria 23 Jul 1885) (Milan 5 Oct 1858-d.at sea 20 Jan 1896); m.Whippingham Church, Isle of Wight 23 Jul 1885 Beatrice Pss of Great Britain and Ireland, etc (Buckingham Palace 14 Apr 1857-Brantridge Park 26 Oct 1944)

1f) Alexander Albert Pr von Battenberg, he renounced his German titles 1917, and he took the surname Mountbatten and was cr Marquess of Carisbrooke, etc 18 Jul 1917 (Windsor 23 Nov 1886-London 23 Feb 1960); m.London 19 Jul 1917 Lady Irene Denison (London 4 Jul 1890-London 16 Jul 1956)

1g) Lady Iris Victoria Beatrice Grace Mountbatten (London 13 Jan 1920-Toronto 1 Sep 1982); m.1st Haywards Heath, Sussex 15 Feb 1941 (div 1946) Hamilton O'Malley (Farnborough, Hants 18 Oct 1910-1989); m.2d Pound Ridge NY 5 May 1957 (div 1957) Michael Bryan (Byhalia, Mississippi 9 Aug 1916-Glendale, California 20 Aug 1972); m.3d Toronto 11 Dec 1965 (separated 1966) William Kemp (Toronto 10 Jul 1921-Toronto 12 Dec 1991)

2f) Victoria Eugénie Julia Ena, granted the style Royal Highness 3 Apr 1906 (Balmoral 24 Oct 1887-Lausanne 15 Apr 1969);m.Madrid 31 May 1906 King Alfonso XIII of Spain (Madrid 17 May 1886-Rome 28 Feb 1941)

3f) Leopold Arthur Louis Pr von Battenberg, later Lord Leopold Mountbatten (Windsor 21 May 1889-Kensington Palace 23 Apr 1922)

4f) Maurice Victor Donald Pr von Battenberg (Balmoral 3 Oct 1891-k.a.Sonneneck 27 Oct 1914)

5e) Franz Joseph (Padua 24 Sep 1861-Schaffhausen, Switzerland 31 Jul 1924); m.Cetinje 18 May 1897 Anna Pss of Montenegro (Cetinje 18 Aug 1874-Territet, Switzerland 22 Apr 1971)

5d) Maximiliane Wilhelmine Auguste Sophie Marie (Darmstadt 8 Aug 1824-St.Petersburg 3 Jun 1880); m.St.Petersburg 28 Apr 1841 Emperor Alexander II of Russia (Moscow 29 Apr 1818-St.Petersburg 13 Mar 1881)

2c) Luise Karoline Theodora Amalie (Darmstadt 16 Jan 1779-Köthen 18 Apr 1811); m.Darmstadt 27 Jul 1800 Ludwig Pr of Anhalt-Köthen (Köthen 25 Sep 1778-Köthen 16 Sep 1802)

3c) Ludwig Georg Karl Friedrich (Darmstadt 31 Aug 1780-Darmstadt 17 Apr 1856); m.(morganatically) Potritsan 29 Jan 1804 (div 1827) Caroline Gfn Török de Szendrö, cr Freifrau von Menden 29 Jan 1804, cr Gfn von Nidda 1 May 1808, cr Pss von Nidda 14 Jun 1821 (23 Apr 1786-Rome 28 Oct 1862)

1d) Luise Charlotte Georgine Wilhelmine, cr Pss von Nidda 14 Jun 1821 (Lampenheim 11 Nov 1804-Florence 30 Jan 1833); m.11 Aug 1829 Luca Bourbon Marchese del Monte Santa Maria (24 Aug 1808- )

4c) Friedrich August Karl (Darmstadt 14 May 1788-Paris 16 Mar 1867)

5c) Emil Maximilian Leopold (Darmstadt 3 Sep 1790-Baden-Baden 30 Apr 1856)

6c) Ferdinand Gustav Wilhelm Friedrich (Darmstadt 18 Dec 1791-Braunschweig 30 Jan 1806)

4b) Friederike Amalie (Prenzlau 20 Jun 1754-Bruchsal 21 Jul 1832); m.Darmstadt 15 Jul 1774 Karl Ludwig Hereditary Pr of Baden (Karlsruhe 14 Feb 1755-Arboga, Sweden 16 Dec 1801)

5b) Wilhelmine, took the name Natalia Alexeievna on her Orthodox baptism (Prenzlau 25 Jun 1755-St.Petersburg 26 Apr 1776); m.St.Petersburg 10 Oct 1773 Grand Duke Paul [later, Emperor] of Russia (St.Petersburg 1 Oct 1754-St.Petersburg 23 Mar 1801)

6b) Luise Auguste (Berlin 30 Jan 1757-Weimar 14 Feb 1830); m.Karlsruhe 3 Oct 1775 Karl August, Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar (Weimar 3 Sep 1757-Graditz 14 Jun 1828)

7b) Friedrich (Buchsweiler 10 Jun 1759-Darmstadt 11 Mar 1802)

8b) Christian (Buchsweiler 25 Nov 1763-Darmstadt 17 Apr 1830)

2a) Charlotte Wilhelmine Friederike (Darmstadt 8 Oct 1720-Darmstadt 25 Feb 1721)

3a) Georg Wilhelm (Darmstadt 11 Jul 1722-Darmstadt 21 Jun 1782); m.Heidesheim 6 Mar 1748 Luise Gfn zu Leiningen-Heidesheim (Heidesheim 16 Mar 1729-Neustrelitz 11 Mar 1818)

1b) Ludwig Georg Karl (Darmstadt 27 Mar 1749-Darmstadt 26 Oct 1823); m.(morganatically) Heilbronn 26 Jan 1788 Friederike Schmidt, cr Freifrau von Hessenheim 25 Mar 1793 (Heilbronn 24 Feb 1751-Heilbronn 10 Sep 1803)

2b) Georg Friedrich Wilhelm (Darmstadt 15 Jun 1750-Darmstadt 2 Jul 1750)

3b) Friederike Karoline Luise (Darmstadt 20 Aug 1752-Hannover 22 May 1782); m.Darmstadt 18 Sep 1768 Karl II, Duke [later, Grand Duke] of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (Mirow 10 Oct 1741-Neustrelitz 6 Nov 1816)

4b) Georg Karl (Darmstadt 14 Jun 1754-Neustrelitz 28 Jan 1830)

5b) Charlotte Wilhelmine Christiane Marie (Darmstadt 5 Nov 1755-Hannover 12 Dec 1785); m.Darmstadt 28 Sep 1784 Karl II, Duke [later, Grand Duke] of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (Mirow 10 Oct 1741-Neustrelitz 6 Nov 1816)

6b) Karl Wilhelm Georg (Darmstadt 16 May 1757-Darmstadt 15 Aug 1795)

7b) Friedrich Georg August (Darmstadt 21 Jul 1759-Groß-Gerau 19 May 1808); m.(morganatically) Griesheim 4 Sep 1788 Karoline Luise Salome Seitz, cr Frau von Friedrich (Darmstadt 24 Jun 1768-Darmstadt 20 Jun 1812)

1c) Ferdinand August, cr Frhr von Friedrich 6 Aug 1827 (Griesheim 29 Mar 1800-Darmstadt 27 Jan 1879); m.Würzburg 10 Jul 1826 Anna Werr (Münnerstadt 26 Jun 1804-Würzburg 13 Nov 1844)

1d) Agnes Franziska Ferdinande Frn von Friedrich (Darmstadt 16 Feb 1828-Bucharest 30 Oct 1889); m.Miltenberg 6 Apr 1847 Arwied Frhr von Witzleben (Lauzun 18 Sep 1823-Mainz 21 Jan 1883)

8b) Luise Henriette Karoline (Darmstadt 15 Feb 1761-Auerbach 24 Oct 1829); m.Darmstadt 19 Feb 1777 Ludwig I, Grand Duke of Hesse and the Rhine (above)

9b) Marie Wilhelmine Auguste (Darmstadt 14 Apr 1765-Rohrbach am Neckar 30 Mar 1796); m.Darmstadt 30 Sep 1785 Maximilian Josef Duke von Zweibrücken [later, King of Bavaria] (Mannheim 27 May 1756-Schloß Nymphenburg 13 Oct 1825)

4a) Karoline Luise (Darmstadt 11 Jul 1723-Paris 8 Apr 1783); m.Darmstadt 28 Jan 1751 Karl Friedrich Margrave of Baden-Durlach [later, Grand Duke of Baden] (Karlsruhe 22 Nov 1728-Karlsruhe 10 Jun 1811)

5a) Luise Auguste Magdalene (Darmstadt 16 Mar 1725-Darmstadt 13 May 1742)

6a) Johann Friedrich Karl (Darmstadt 7 May 1726-Darmstadt 25 Jan 1746)

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