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Mediatized House of Toerring-Jettenbach
House of Toerring-Jettenbach  

Notable Members of The House of Toerring-Jettenbach

  • Albert Toerring Stone (* 1578; † 1649), Bishop of Regensburg 1613 to 1649
  • Ferdinand I of Toerring-Seefeld (* 1583; † 1622)
  • Anna Maria of Toerring-Seefeld (* 1613; † 1682)
  • Adam Lawrence of Toerring Stone (* 1614; † 1666), Bishop of Regensburg 1663 to 1666
  • Maximilian Ferdinand of Toerring-Seefeld (* 1632; † 1682)
  • Maximilian Cajetan of Toerring-Seefeld (* 1670, † 1752), Hautmann the bodyguard of the Elector Maximilian II Emanuel
  • Philip Joseph of Toerring-Seefeld (* 1680, † 1735), steward of Elector Maximilian II Emanuel
  • Ignaz Felix von Toerring-Jettenbach (* 1682, † 1763), Bavarian Minister and Marshal
  • Max Emanuel of Toerring-Jettenbach (* 1715, † 1773), Privy Council and President of Bavarian Academy of Sciences 1762 to 1768
  • Anton Clemens of Toerring-Seefeld (* 1725, † 1812), Privy Council, Treasurer and Chief Steward
  • August of Toerring-Seefeld (* 1728, † 1802), Electoral officer, and revision rates
  • Maximilian Prokop of Toerring-Jettenbach (* 1739; † 1789), Archbishop of Munich and Freising from 1788-1789, and Regensburg 1787/1789
  • Joseph August of Toerring-Gronsfeld to Jettenbach (* 1753, † 1826), Electoral treasurer and Hofkammerrat, President of the State Council, playwright
  • Clemens Maria von Toerring-Jettenbach (* 1826, † 1891)  
The Titles and Styles of the House

The present members of this family bear the title Graf or Gräfin zu Toerring-Jettenbach together with the formal appellation of His or Her Illustrious Highness.
 The Genealogy of the House
Clemens Gaudenz Theodor Felix Graf von Toerring-Seefeld (18 Mar 1699-10 Mar 1766); m.20 Jul 1721 Lucrezia Maria Angelelli-Malvezzi (4 Feb 1704-30 Sep 1753)

1a) Maximilian Anton Joseph (12 May 1724-31 Aug 1794)

2a) Adelheid Felicitas (12 May 1724-1724)

3a) Anton Klemens (22 Jun 1725-6 Feb 1812); m.14 Sep 1755 Emanuela Maria Josepha Gfn Sedlnitzky (18 Dec 1740-14 Jul 1790)
1b) Maximilian (20 Aug 1756-1 Dec 1759)

2b) Theodor, b.and d.12 Jun 1757

3b) Clemens Anton (29 Sep 1758-Munich 3 Jan 1837); m.Munich 1780 Josepha Gfn von Minucci (6 Feb 1764-Munich 9 Apr 1836)

1c) Joseph Maria (9 Feb 1781-20 Feb 1781)

2c) Maria Amalia (7 Apr 1783-8 Apr 1783)

3c) Josepha Maria Walburga (b.and d.20 Jan 1784)

4c) Adelheid Maria (1787-Schlesslitz 2 Jul 1826); m.18 Mar 1817 Christian Frhr von Sazenhofen (d.19 Dec 1857)

5c) Antonia Maria Josepha (2 Feb 1788-2 Nov 1826); m.Seefeld 13 Jun 1819 Franz Gf von Paumgarten (d.13 Sep 1852)

6c) Josepha (24 Jul 1789-25 Mar 1877); m.7 Feb 1833 Franz von Elsholtz-Blomering (d.22 Jan 1872)

7c) Joseph Konrad Anton (5 Aug 1790-Munich 22 Jun 1847); m.Munich 5 Dec 1819 Maximiliane Frn Lochner von Hüttenbach (7 Jun 1797-11 Mar 1834)

1d) Clemens (Munich 24 Apr 1822-Munich 11 May 1823)

2d) Karoline (Munich 16 Mar 1824-Munich 13 Dec 1847); m.Winhöring 18 Dec 1844 Maximilian Gf von Toerring-Gutenzell (d.Winhöring 30 Apr 1860)

3d) Maximilian Konrad (Munich 23 Feb 1828-Seefeld 3 Dec 1876); m.Munich 18 Nov 1851 Mathilde Frn von Gumppenberg (Munich 13 Jun 1828-Seefeld 27 Jul 1875)

8c) Maria Anna (3 Apr 1794-Neuhaus am Inn 29 Oct 1874); m.Seefeld 5 Sep 1810 Johann Nepomuk Gf von Joner-Tettenweiss (d.21 Apr 1856)

9c) Laura (4 Jun 1795-10 Jul 1795)

10c) Kunigunde (17 Oct 1796-Augsburg 21 Sep 1861)

11c) Anton Joseph Clemens, 1824 Gf von Toerring-Minucci (Würzburg 24 Aug 1798-Munich 13 Dec 1846); m.Munich 9 May 1824 Franziska Maria Gfn von Minucci (Munich 14 Dec 1804-Munich 5 Oct 1850)

1d) Josephine (Odelzhausen 6 Jun 1825-Munich 27 Jun 1908); m.Munich 30 Jun 1846 Francis Orlando Henry Bridgeman (d.Munich 4 Oct 1895)

2d) CLEMENS Maria Anton, 1866 Gf zu Toerring-Jettenbach (Odelzhausen 23 Oct 1826-Munich 12 Nov 1891); m.Schloß Ering 31 Jan 1860 Franziska Gfn von Paumgarten (Ering am Inn 29 Sep 1834-Munich 7 Dec 1894)

1e) Gisela (Augsburg 6 Jan 1861-Schloß Egg 13 Jul 1933); m.Munich 18 Apr 1891 Adolf Gf von Hohenthal u.Bergen (Berlin 26 May 1857-Kassel 18 May 1915)
2e) HANS VEIT Gf zu Toerring-Jettenbach (Augsburg 7 Apr 1862-Munich 29 Oct 1929); m.Munich 26 Jul 1898 Sophie, Dss in Bavaria (Possenhofen 22 Feb 1875-Kreuth 4 Sep 1957)

1f) CARL THEODOR Klemans Gf zu Toerring-Jettenbach (Winhöring 22 Sep 1900-Munich 14 May 1967); m.(civ) Munich 9 Jan 1934 (rel) Schloß Seefeld am Pilsensee 10 Jan 1934 Elisabeth Pss of Greece and Denmark (Tatoi 24 May 1904-Munich 11 Jan 1955)

1g) HANS VEIT Kaspar Nikolaus Gf zu Toerring-Jettenbach (b.Munich 11 Jan 1935); m.Bartenstein (civ) 22 Mar 1964 (rel) 20 Apr 1964 Henriette Pss zu Hohenlohe-Bartenstein (b.Bartenstein 23 Aug 1938)

1h) Clarissa Beatrix Eleonore Maria (b.Munich 31 Mar 1965); m.Tulln 8 Jun 1999 (rel) Winhöring 4 Jul 1999 Tassilo Pr von Ratibor u.Corvey, Pr zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst (b.Vienna 23 Oct 1965)

2h) Ignatius Maximilian Karl Veit Erbgf zu Toerring-Jettenbach (b.Munich 30 Mar 1966); m.Milan 14 May 2004 (rel) Cavenago d'Adda, Podi, Italy 15 May 2004 Robinia Viviana Giada Mentasti-Granelli (b.Milan 13 Jan 1976)

1i) Floriana Antonia Carla (b.Milan 5 Mar 2005)

2i) Georgiana Josepha Lavinia (b.Milan 11 Jul 2006)

3i) Elisabeth Ricciarda Valeria (b.Milan 18 Jun 2008)

4i) Elena Inocencia Maria Maximiliana Isabel Rita (b.Munich 28 Dec 2010)

3h) Carl Theodor Ferdinand (b.Munich 17 Feb 1969); m.28 Oct 2009 Natalia Alexeevna Ivanova

1i) Carl-Albrecht (b.Paris 9 Apr 2009)
2g) Helene Marina Elisabeth (b.Winhöring 20 May 1937); m.(civ) Munich 6 Apr 1956 (rel) Schloß Seefeld 10 Apr 1956 Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria (Vienna 6 Dec 1918-Ulm 6 Aug 2004)

2f) Marie José Antonia Franziska Elisabeth Gabriele Gisela (Seefeld 16 Jun 1902-Buch am Ammersee 18 Jun 1988); m.Munich 9 Apr 1927 Anton Woerner (Aschaffenberg 5 Feb 1893-Buch 23 Jul 1975)

3f) Hans Heribert Wilhelm Veit Adolf (Winhöring 25 Dec 1903-Murnau 16 Mar 1977); m.1st (morganatically) Munich (civ) 19 Oct 1938 (rel) 20 Oct 1938 (div 1947) Victoria Lindpaintner (Frankfurt 13 Feb 1918-Tegernsee 29 Apr 1965); m.2d Oberalting-Seefeld 10 Dec 1947 Maria Immaculata Frn Waldbott von Bassenheim (b.Harmas-Hutta, Hungary 27 Jul 1921)

1g) Alice Maria Immaculata Sophie Isabella (b.Munich 5 Jun 1949)

2g) Maria Josefa (Marie-José) Gabriele Stefania Antonie (b.Munich 27 Oct 1950)

3g) Hans-Caspar Heribert Veit Friedrich (b.Munich 22 Jul 1953); m.Zeil (civ) 30 Apr 1980 (rel) 23 May 1980 Elisabeth Gfn von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg (b.Glashütte bei Wengen 6 Jan 1954)

1h) Maria Antonia Sophie Immaculata (b.Munich 22 Jun 1981); m.Kloster Andechs 31 May 2008 Felix Gf v.Spiegel zum Diesenberg-Hanxleden (b.Munich 10 Jan 1975)

2h) Eleonore Gabriele Isabelle (b.Toronto 16 Feb 1984)

3h) Fernanda Maria Alice (b.Munich 17 Dec 1985)

4h) Cajetan Anton Gaudenz Tassilo (b.Munich 22 Dec 1986)

5h) Georg Clemens Friedrich (b.Munich 3 Nov 1989)

4g) Maximilian-Gaudenz Karl Ludwig Wilhelm (Munich 29 Jan 1955-Krautheim 6 Jan 1997)

5g) Sophie Maria Antonia Eleonore (b.Munich 26 Mar 1957)

3e) Anna (Arco 11 Oct 1863-Arco 26 Feb 1888); m.Seefeld 27 Oct 1886 Henning Gf von Arnim (d.Kissingen 20 Aug 1910)

3d) Wilhelmine (Odelzhausen 16 Dec 1827-23 Feb 1880); m.27 Feb 1849 James Frhr von Erskine (d.Pörnbach 4 Jun 1904)

4d) Maximilian (Odelzhausen 23 Feb 1829-Strassburg 16 Mar 1895)

5d) Konstantin (Odelzhausen 17 May 1830-Crailsheim 29 Oct 1898); m.Ludwigsburg 12 Sep 1874 Ida Danzer (21 Jul 1830-1876)

6d) Theodelinde Josepha Anna Franziska (18 Jun 1832-16 Feb 1833)

7d) Maria Theresia Wilhelmina Tusnelda Franziska (1 Aug 1834-6 Jun 1835)

8d) Joseph (Odelzhausen 21 Jul 1836-Aibling 27 May 1879); m.Stettin 23 Feb 1874 Elisabeth Heyse (Stettin 24 May 1856-Berlin 13 Jul 1878)

1e) Franziska (Neu-Ulm 26 Nov 1874-Salzburg 8 Jun 1960); m.Frankfurt 26 Oct 1903 Alfred Gf von Bylandt (d.15 Apr 1942)

4b) Ignaz Franz (13 Oct 1759-1759)

5b) Antonia Maria (29 Nov 1761-Liebenstein, Bohemia 20 Oct 1814); m.23 Jan 1785 Klemens August Gf von Holnstein aus Bayern (d.20 Oct 1814)

6b) Maria Mechtildis (10 Oct 1765-Munich 9 Dec 1804)

4a) Adelheid Felicitas (20 Jan 1728-Munich 2 Oct 1812)

5a) Joseph Anton (1732-1733)

6a) Maria Mecthildis Antonia Theresia Franziska (5 Apr 1734-10 Oct 1764); m.Munich 7 Mar 1753 Joseph Ferdinand Gf von Salern (d.7 Dec 1805)

7a) Clemens Maximilian, b.and d.1740

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