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Principality of Reuss
Fürstentum Reuß ältere Linie
House of Reuss - Elder Line

The Principality of Reuss Elder Line (German: Fürstentum Reuß ältere Linie) was a state in Germany, ruled by members of the House of Reuss. The Counts Reuss of Greiz, Lower- and Upper Greiz (German: Reuß zu Greiz, Untergreiz und Obergreiz), were elevated to princely status in 1778. Its members bore the title Prince Reuss, Elder Line, or Prince Reuss of Greiz. Similarly to the more numerous Reuss Younger Line, the male members of this house were all named "Heinrich", in honour of Heinrich VI who had benefited the family, and were numbered sequentially by birth, rather than by reign, the last series beginning with Heinrich I (born 1693) and ending with Heinrich XXIV (1878-1927).

The Principality of Reuss Elder Line had an area of 317 km² and a population of 71,000 (1905). Its capital was Greiz. In the aftermath of World War I, the territory of the Elder Line was merged with the Junior Line in 1919 as the Republic of Reuss, which was incorporated into the new state of Thuringia in 1919. The Reuss Elder Line died with the death of the childless Heinrich XXIV in 1927, after which its claims were passed to the younger line.

Princes Reuss - Elder Line - 1778-1918

  • Heinrich XI (1778-1800)
  • Heinrich XIII (1800-1817)
  • Heinrich XIX (1817-1836)
  • Heinrich XX (1836-1859)
  • Heinrich XXII (1859-1902)
  • Heinrich XXIV (1902-1918)

Princes post-monarchy

  • Heinrich XXIV (1918-1927)

To Reuss Younger Line on the death of Prince Heinrich XXIV

The Titles and Styles of the Family
This family is legendary for the fact that nearly every male member for centuries was named Heinrich. In modern times the family was divided into two main lines: those descended from Heinrich (1506-1572) and those descended from his brother Heinrich (1530-1572). The former, the Grafen Reuss von Greiz, Untergreiz, and Obergreiz, were elevated to princely status in 1778, and its members bore the title Prince or Princess Reuss, ältere Linie, or, sometimes, Prince or Princess Reuss zu Greiz, together with the fomal appellation of His or Her  Serene Highness. The members of this line were numbered sequentially, the last series beginning with Heinrich I (born 1693) and ending with Heinrich XXIV (1878-1927). The latter line were the Grafen Reuss von Gera, von Schleiz, von Lobenstein, von Köstritz and von Ebersdorf. The members of these branches of this line shared a numbering sequence which began and ended roughly as centuries began and ended. This line achieved princely status in 1806, and its members bore the title Prince or Princess Reuss, jüngere Linie, together with the formal appellation of His or Her Serene Highness, though they sometimes were referred to by their branch names (e.g., Prince Reuss zu Köstritz). The designation "jüngere Linie" was dropped in 1931. The Reuss Family before 1815 was called Reuss von Greiz, Reuss von Gera etc. After 1815 the various lines of the family changed their nobility particle to "zu".
The Genealogy of the Princely House - Elder Line

Heinrich XIV, Vogt von Plauen (ca 1464-Greiz 8 Jun 1535); m.1st by 14 Feb 1506 Anna von Colditz; m.2d Amalie von Mansfeld (d.after 1557)

1a) [by 1st m.] Heinrich XV Reuss zu Untergreiz (1506-Greiz 22 Mar 1572); m.1533 Barbara von Metsch (1507-Greiz 1580)

1b) Heinrich V Reuss zu Greiz (Zwickau 4 Nov 1549-Greiz 9 Oct 1604); m.Waldenburg 25 Nov 1583 Marie von Schönburg-Waldenburg (Waldenburg 29 Aug 1565-Greiz 9 Mar 1628)

1c) Heinrich IV Reuss zu Obergreiz (Dölau 11 Mar 1597-Greiz 25 Aug 1629); m.Arolsen May 1624 Juliane Elisabeth Wild- u.Rheingfin zu Salm-Neufville (Neuviller-sur-Moselle 1602-Schleiz 14 May 1653); for his issue, see Part 1 below

2a) [by 2nd m.] Heinrich XVI Reuss zu Gera (29 Dec 1530-Schleiz 6 Apr 1572); m.1st 1556 Elisabeth Brigitte Gfn von Schwarzburg-Leutenberg (d.Gera 22 Jun 1564); m.2d Zeitz 6 Jan 1566 Dorothea Gfn von Solms-Sonnenwalde (Södel 26 Nov 1547-Gera 18 Sep 1595)

1b) Heinrich (Gera 10 Jun 1572-Gera 3 Dec 1635); m.1st Weikersheim 7 Feb 1594 Magdalene Gfn von Hohenlohe-Langenburg (Neuenstein 28 Dec 1572-Gera 2 Apr 1596); m.2d Rudolstadt 22 May 1597 Magdalene Gfn von Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (Rudolstadt 12 Apr 1580-Gera 22 Apr 1652)

1c) Heinrich III, zu Schleiz (Gera 31 Oct 1603-Karlsbad 12 Jul 1640); m.Gera 10 Jun 1637 Juliane Elisabeth, Wild- und Rheingfin zu Salm-Neufville (Neuviller 1602-Schleiz 14 May 1653)

1d) Heinrich I Reuss zu Schleiz Gf u.Herr von Plauen (Schleiz 26 Mar 1639-Köstritz 18 Mar 1692); m.1st Vienna 9 Feb 1662 Esther Gfn von Hardegg (Schloß Juliusburg 6 Dec 1634-Hof 21 Sep 1676); m.2d Regensburg 22 Oct 1677 Maximiliane Gfn von Hardegg (Thurn 16 Mar 1644-Regensburg 27 Aug 1678); m.3d Asch, Bohemia 16 May 1680 Anna Elisabeth Gfn von Sinzendorf (Preßburg 12 May 1659-Schleiz 8 Oct 1683)

1e) Heinrich XI Reuss zu Schleiz Gf u.Herr von Plauen (Schleiz 22 Apr 1669-Schleiz 28 Jul 1726); m.1st Geilsdorf 1 Sep 1692 Johanna Dorothea Gfn von Tattenbach (Geilsdorf 13 Mar 1675-Oettersdorf 26 Oct 1714); m.2d Langenburg 8 May 1715 Auguste Dorothea Gfn von Hohenlohe-Langenburg (Langenburg 12 Jan 1678-Schleiz 9 May 1740)

1f) Heinrich XII Reuss zu Schleiz (Schleiz 15 May 1716-Kirschkau 25 Jun 1784); m.1st Schönberg 2 Oct 1742 Christine Gfn von Erbach-Schönberg (Schönberg5 May 1721-Schleiz 26 Nov 1769); m.2d Philippseich 13 Jul 1770 Christiane Ferdinande Gfn von Isenburg und Büdingen in Philippseich (Philippseich 24 Aug 1740-Schleiz 7 Dec 1822)

1g) Heinrich XLII, Fst Reuss zu Schleiz (Löhma 27 Feb 1752-Schleiz 17 Apr 1818); m.Kirchberg 10 Jun 1779 Pss Karoline Henriette zu Hohenlohe-Kirchberg (Kirchberg 11 Jun 1761-Schleiz 22 Dec 1849); for his issue see Part 2, below

2e) Heinrich XXIV Reuss zu Köstritz Gf u.Herr von Plauen (Schleiz 26 Jul 1681-Greiz 24 Jul 1748); m.1704 Marie Eleonore Emilie von Promnitz-Dittersbach (Dittersbach 7 May 1688-Köstritz 12 May 1776)

1f) Heinrich IX (Köstritz 15 Sep 1711-Berlin 16 Sep 1780); m.Dorth 7 Jun 1743 Amalie Gfn von Flodrop-Wartensleben (Dorth 17 Mar 1715-Berlin 22 Apr 1787)

1g) Heinrich XLIV (Berlin 20 Apr 1753-Trebschen 3 Jul 1832); m.1st 11 Sep 1783 Wilhelmine Frn von Geuder gt Rabensteiner (Berlin 19 Nov 1755-Berlin 17 Dec 1790); m.2d Valkenburg 12 May 1792 Auguste Riedesel Frn zu Eisenach (Wolfenbüttel 9 Aug 1771-Berlin 21 Nov 1805); for his issue see Part 3A, below

2f) Heinrich XXIII (Köstritz 9 Dec 1722-Köstritz 3 Sep 1787); m.1st Köstritz 13 Feb 1754 Ernestine Gfn von Schönburg-Wechselburg (Wechselburg 2 Dec 1736-Köstritz 10 Dec 1768); m.2d Pölzig 5 Feb 1780 Dorothee Frn von Brandenstein zu Wöhlsdorf (Ranis 7 Dec 1727-Eisenberg 6 Jul 1807)

1g) Heinrich LV (Köstritz 1 Dec 1768-London 9 Apr 1846); m.Herrnhut 11 Jul 1797 Bss Marie Justine de Watteville (Herrnhut 18 Nov 1762-London 11 May 1828)

1h) Heinrich II (Zeist, the Netherlands 31 Mar 1803-Erfurt 29 Jun 1852); m.Castell 4 Aug 1846 Clotilde Gfn zu Castell-Castell (Castell 6 Feb 1821-Leipzig 20 Jan 1860); for his issue see Part 3B, below

2c) Heinrich X Reuss zu Lobenstein (Gera 9 Sep 1621-Lobenstein 25 Jan 1671); m.Schleiz 24 Oct 1647 Marie Sibylle Reuss zu Obergreiz (1625-1675)

1d) Heinrich III Reuss zu Lobenstein, Gf u.Her von Plauen (Lobenstein 16 Dec 1648-Gera 24 May 1710); m.Lobenstein 22 Oct 1673 Marie Christiane Gfn von Leiningen-Westerburg (Westerburg 28 Jan 1650-Lobenstein 19 Nov 1714)

1e) Heinrich XXVI Reuss zu Selbitz (Lobenstein 16 Dec 1681-Selbitz 21 Jun 1730); m.Selbitz 31 Mar 1715 Juliane Rebekka Gfn von Tattenbach (Selbitz 31 Aug 1692-Hof 10 Sep 1739)

1f) Heinrich XXV (Selbitz 14 Mar 1724-Herrnhut 30 Mar 1801); m.Herrnhut 20 Jun 1765 Marie Elisabeth Gfn Reuss zu Ebersdorf (1740-1784)

1g) Heinrich LIV, cr Fst Reuss zu Lobenstein 1806 (Herrnhut 8 Oct 1767-Lobenstein 7 May 1824); m.1st Wernigerode 20 Jun 1803 Marie Gfn zu Stolberg-Wernigerode (Wernigerode 4 May 1774-Hermsdorf 16 Jun 1810); m.2d Mannheim 31 May 1811 Franziska Pss Reuss zu Köstritz (1788-1843)

2d) Heinrich X Reuss zu Ebersdorf, Gf u.Herr von Plauen (Lobenstein 29 Nov 1662-Ebersdorf 10 Jul 1711); m.Laubach 29 Nov 1694 Erdmuthe Benigna Gfn zu Solms-Laubach (Wildenfels 13 Apr 1670-Ebersdorf 14 Sep 1732)

1e) Heinrich XXIX (Ebersdorf 21 Jul 1699-Herrnhaag 22 May 1747); m.Castell 7 Sep 1721 Sofie Theodora Gfn zu Castell-Remlingen (Castell 12 May 1703-Herrnhut 8 Jan 1777)

1f) Heinrich XXIV (Ebersdorf 22 Jan 1724-Ebersdorf 13 May 1779); m.Thurnau 28 Jun 1754 Karoline Ernestine Gfn zu Erbach-Schönberg (Gedern 21 Aug 1727-Ebersdorf 22 Apr 1796)

1g) Heinrich XLVI (Ebersdorf 14 May 1755-Ebersdorf 18 Apr 1757)

2g) Auguste Karoline Sophie (Ebersdorf 19 Jan 1757-Coburg 16 Nov 1831); m.Ebersdorf 13 Jun 1777 Duke Franz of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld (1750-1806)

3g) Luise Christine (Ebersdorf 2 Jun 1759-Lobenstein 5 Dec 1840); m.Ebersdorf 1 Jun 1781 Fst Heinrich XLIII Reuss zu Köstritz (1752-1814)

4g) Heinrich LI, cr 1806 Fst Reuss zu Ebersdorf (Ebersdorf 16 May 1761-Ebersdorf 10 Jul 1822); m.Gera 16 Aug 1791 Lusie Gfn von Hoym (Dresden 30 Mar 1772-Ebersdorf 19 Apr 1832)

1h) Karoline Auguste Luise (Ebersdorf 27 Sep 1792-Dresden 29 Nov 1857)

2h) Fst Heinrich LXXII Reuss zu Ebersdorf (Ebersdorf 27 Mar 1797-Dresden 17 Feb 1852)

3h) Sophie Adelheid Henriette (Ebersdorf 28 May 1800-Gera 25 Jul 1880); m.Ebersdorf 18 Apr 1820 Fst Heinrich LXVII Reuss zu Schleiz (1789-1867)

5g) Ernestine Ferdinande (Ebersdorf 28 Apr 1762-Ebersdorf 19 Mar 1763)

6g) Heinrich LIII (Ebersdorf 24 May 1765-Ebersdorf 28 Jun 1770)

7g) Sophie Henriette (Ebersdorf 9 May 1767-Coburg 3 Sep 1801); m.Ebersdorf 4 Jul 1787 Fst Karl von Leiningen-Dagsburg-Hartenburg (1763-Amorbach 1814)

Heinrich IV Reuss zu Obergreiz (Dölau 11 Mar 1597-Greiz 25 Aug 1629); m.Arolsen May 1624 Juliane Elisabeth Wild- u.Rheingfin zu Salm-Neufville (Neuviller-sur-Moselle 1602-Schleiz 14 May 1653)

1a) Marie Sibylle (Greiz 4 Aug 1625-Lobenstein 17 May 1675); m.Schleiz 24 Oct 1647 Heinrich X Reuss zu Lobenstein (1621-1671)

2a) Heinrich I Gf Reuss zu Obergreiz (Greiz 3 May 1627-Greiz 8 Mar 1681); m.1st Schleiz 10 Aug 1648 Sibylle Magdalene Bggfin von Kirchberg (26 Jul 1624-Greiz 24 Feb 1667); m.2d Greiz 21 Apr 1668 Sibylle Juliane Gfn von Schwarzburg-Arnstadt (Arnstadt 20 Jul 1646-Ilsenburg 5 Apr 1698)

1b) Heinrich VI (Greiz 7 Aug 1649-k.a.Szegedin 11 Oct 1697); m.1st Forst, NiederLausitz 29 Jul 1674 Amalie Juliane Gfn Reuss zu Untergreiz (1636-1688); m.2d Leipzig 3 May 1691 Henriette Amalie Frn von Friesen (19 May 1668-Berggiesshübel 2 Aug 1732)

1c) Ferdinande Charlotte (Amsterdam 13 Jun 1675-20 Jul 1723); m.1st Greiz 17 Jun 1697 Franz Gallus Frhr von Racknitz; m.2d 16 Oct 1702 Karl von Noirval

2c) Heinrich I (Dresden 29 Dec 1693-Paris 7 Sep 1714)

3c) Johanna Margarete (Dresden 18 Feb 1695-Dresden 20 Mar 1766); m.Dresden 9 Mar 1713 Erdmann Gf von Redern (1687-11 Jan 1729)

4c) Heinrich II (Dresden 4 Feb 1696-Obergreiz 17 Nov 1722); m.Dresden 22 Oct 1715 Sofie Charlotte Gfn von Bothmer (The Hague Oct 1697-Erbach 14 Sep 1748)

1d) Henriette Erdmuthe Sophie (Greiz 18 Sep 1716-Greiz 18 Feb 1719)

2d) Heinrich VIII (Greiz 5 Jan 1718-Greiz 13 Apr 1719)

3d) Heinrich IX (Greiz 31 Dec 1718-Greiz 17 Mar 1723)

4d) Heinrich X (Greiz 13 Jan 1720-Greiz 26 Aug 1720)

5d) HEINRICH XI, 1778 Fürst Reuss zu Greiz (Obergreiz 18 Mar 1722-Greiz 28 Jun 1800); m.1st Köstritz 4 Apr 1743 Konradine Gfn Reuss zu Köstritz (Köstritz 1719-Schloß Burg 1770); m.2d Frankfurt 25 Oct 1770 Alexandrine Gfn von Leiningen-Heidesheim (Frankfurt 25 Nov 1732-Teichnitz 4 Oct 1809)

1e) Heinrich XII (Köstritz 25 Apr 1744-Greiz 30 Dec 1745)

2e) Amalie Sophie Henriette (Greiz 25 Oct 1745-Greiz 3 Oct 1748)

3e) HEINRICH XIII, Fst Reuss zu Greiz (Greiz 16 Feb 1747-Greiz 29 Jan 1817); m.Kirchheimbolanden 9 Jan 1786 Luise Pss von Nassau-Weilburg (The Hague 28 Sep 1765-Greiz 10 Oct 1837)

1f) Heinrich XVIII (b.and d.Kirchheimbolanden 31 Mar 1787)

2f) HEINRICH XIX Fst Reuss zu Greiz (Offenbach 1 Mar 1790-Greiz 31 Oct 1836); m.Prague 7 Jan 1822 Gasparine Pss de Rohan-Rochefort (Paris 29 Sep 1798-Greiz 27 Jul 1871)

1g) Luise Caroline (Greiz 3 Dec 1822-Ernstbrunn 28 May 1875); m.1st Greiz 8 Mar 1842 Eduard Pr of Saxe-Altenburg (Hildburghausen 3 Jul 1804-Munich 16 May 1852); m.2d Greiz 27 Dec 1854 Heinrich IV Fst Reuss zu Köstritz (1821-1894; below)

2g) Elisabeth Henriette (Greiz 23 Mar 1824-Berlin 7 May 1861); m.Greiz 4 Nov 1844 Karl Egon III Fst zu Fürstenberg (Donaueschingen 4 Mar 1820-Paris 15 Mar 1892)

3f) HEINRICH XX Fst Reuss zu Greiz (Offenbach 29 Jun 1794-Greiz 8 Nov 1859); m.1st Schloß Haid 25 Nov 1834 Sophie Pss zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (Prague 18 Sep 1809-Bubentsch 21 Jul 1838); m.2d Homburg 1 Oct 1839 Karoline, Landgravine of Hesse-Homburg (Homburg 19 Mar 1819-Greiz 18 Jan 1872)

1g) Christiane Hermine Amalie Luise Henriette (Greiz 25 Dec 1840-Droyssig 4 Jan 1890); m.Greiz 29 Apr 1862 Hugo Pr von Schönburg-Waldenburg (Waldenburg 29 Aug 1822-Wiesbaden 9 Jun 1897)

2g) Heinrich XXI (Greiz 11 Feb 1844-Greiz 14 Jun 1844)

3g) HEINRICH XXII Fst Reuss zu Greiz (Greiz 28 Mar 1846-Greiz 19 Apr 1902); m.Bückeburg 8 Oct 1872 Ida Pss zu Schaumburg-Lippe (Bückeburg 28 Jul 1852-Greiz 28 Sep 1891)

1h) HEINRICH XXIV Fst Reuss zu Greiz, renounced the throne 11 Nov 1918 (Greiz 20 Mar 1878-Greiz 13 Oct 1927)

2h) Emma Karoline Hermine Marie (Greiz 17 Jan 1881-Ehrenburg 6 Dec 1961); m.Greiz 14 May 1903 Erich Künigl Gf zu Ehrenburg (Ehrenburg 20 Jun 1880-Bruneck 3 Dec 1930)

3h) Marie Agnes (Greiz 26 Mar 1882-Klagenfurt 1 Nov 1942); m.Greiz 4 Feb 1904 Ferdinand Frhr von Gnagnoni (Altmünster 6 Sep 1878-Klagenfurt 8 Jul 1955)

4h) Karoline Elisabeth Ida (Greiz 13 Jul 1884-Weimar 17 Jan 1905); m.Bückeburg 30 Apr 1903 Wilhelm Ernst, Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (Weimar 10 Jun 1876-Heinrichau 24 Apr 1923)

5h) Hermine (Greiz 17 Dec 1887-Frankfurt an der Oder 7 Aug 1947); m.1st Greiz 7 Jan 1907 Johann Georg Pr von Schoenaich-Carolath (Saabor 11 Sep 1873-Wölfelsgrund 7 Apr 1920); m.2d Doorn 5 Nov 1922 Wilhelm II, Emperor of German (Berlin 27 Jan 1859-Doorn 4 Jun 1941)

6h) Ida Emma Antoinette Charlotte Viktoria (Greiz 4 Sep 1891-Ortenberg 29 Mar 1977); m.Greiz 7 Nov 1911 Christoph Martin Fst zu Stolberg-Rossla (Rossla 1 Apr 1888-Ortenberg 27 Mar 1949)

4g) Heinrich XXIII (Greiz 27 Jun 1848-Greiz 22 Oct 1861)

5g) Marie Henriette Auguste (Greiz 19 Mar 1855-Gettenbach 31 Dec 1909); m.Greiz 20 Jul 1875 Friedrich Gf zu Ysenburg-Büdingen in Meerholz (Meerholz 10 Aug 1847-Meerholz 29 Mar 1889)

4e) Friederike Marie Johanne (Greiz 9 Jul 1748-Prague 14 Jun 1816); m.1st Greiz 8 Jul 1767 (div 1769) Friedrich Ludwig Gf zu Castell-Rüdenhausen (1746-1803); m.2d Kirchberg 7 May 1770 Fst Friedrich zu Hohenlohe-Kirchberg (1732-1796)

5e) Heinrich XIV, Austrian Ambassador to Berlin (Greiz 6 Nov 1749-Berlin 12 Feb 1799); m.Königsbrück Jun 1797 Maria Anna Meyer, "Frau von Eybenberg" (Berlin 1775/6-Vienna 26 Jun 1812)

6e) Heinrich XV (Greiz 22 Feb 1751-Greiz 30 Aug 1825)

7e) Isabella Auguste (Obergreiz 7 Aug 1752-Hachenburg 10 Oct 1824); m.Obergreiz 1 Jun 1771 Georg Bggf von Kirchberg (1751-1777)

8e) Maria Theresia (Greiz 1 Nov 1754-Greiz 28 Sep 1759)

9e) Ernestine Esperance Viktoria (Greiz 20 Jan 1756-Offenbach 2 Dec 1819); m.Greiz 20 Aug 1783 Fst Wolfgang Ernst II zu Isenburg-Birstein (Birstein 1735-Offenbach 1803)

10e) Heinrich XVI (Greiz 30 Aug 1759-Greiz 13 Dec 1753)

11e) Heinrich XVII (Greiz 25 May 1761-Giessen 27 Feb 1807); m.Neuwied 14 Sep 1805 Babette Benigna von Wenz zum Lahnstein (Trier 8 Mar 1775-Koblenz 20 Dec 1838)

1f) Isabelle von Wenz zum Lahnstein (Giessen 19 Dec 1806-Jakobsberger Hof, nr Boppard 7 Sep 1886); m.Koblenz 26 Jan 1830 Philipp Sommer (Koblenz 1791-Gondorf 30 Dec 1867)

2b) Elisabeth Dorothea (Greiz 15 Apr 1651-Greiz 19 Mar 1665)

3b) Magdalene Christine (Greiz 3 Aug 1652-Dölau 18 Dec 1697); m.Greiz 26 Jul 1688 Ldgve Philipp Ludwig of Hesse-Wiesenburg (1620-1689)

4b) Heinrich VII (Greiz 10 Dec 1653-Greiz 23 Jun 1676)

5b) Margarete Sofie (Greiz 7 Jan 1655-Greiz 4 Dec 1698); m.Greiz 21 Aug 1698 Johann Georg Frhr von Racknitz

6b) Marie Juliane (Greiz 4 Feb 1656-Greiz 18 Feb 1686)

7b) Heinrich VIII (31 Jan 1657-Pfullendorf 21 Jan 1675)

8b) Heinrich IX (Greiz 12 Aug 1658-12 Jan 1678)

9b) Heinrich X (Greiz 7 Aug 1659-Pfullendorf 30 Jan 1675)

10b) Heinrich XI (4 Oct 1665-Greiz 6 Feb 1669)

11b) Henriette Charlotte (Greiz 29 Oct 1666-Greiz 13 Sep 1668)

12b) Heinrich XII (Greiz 17 Jun 1669-Greiz 7 Oct 1678)

13b) Sofie Juliane (Greiz 25 Dec 1670-Greiz 23 Aug 1696); m.1688 Heinrich VIII Gf Reuss zu Lobenstein (1652-1711)

14b) Klara Dorothea Henriette (Greiz 24 Nov 1671-Greiz 6 May 1698)

15b) Elisabeth Dorothea (Greiz 9 Sep 1673-Ilsenburg 4 May 1698)

16b) Heinrich XIII (Greiz 2 Jan 1676-Greiz 29 Sep 1690)

17b) Heinrich XVI (Arnstadt 3 Nov 1678-Greiz 24 Apr 1698)

18b) Christiane Eleonore (Greiz 13 Mar 1677-Greiz 7 May 1698)

3a) Heinrich II (Greiz 16 Aug 1628-Greiz 15 Sep 1628)

4a) Agnes Elisabeth (Greiz 30 Sep 1629-Wechselburg 21 Jun 1675); m.Rochsburg 30 Nov 1645 Christian von Schönburg-Penig (1589-1664)

HEINRICH XLII, Fst Reuss zu Schleiz (Löhma 27 Feb 1752-Schleiz 17 Apr 1818); m.Kirchberg 10 Jun 1779 Pss Karoline Henriette zu Hohenlohe-Kirchberg (Kirchberg 11 Jun 1761-Schleiz 22 Dec 1849)

1a) Christine Philippine Luise (Schleiz 9 Sep 1781-Schleiz 30 Sep 1866)

2a) Heinrich LVIII (Schleiz 28 Nov 1782-Schleiz 28 Nov 1783)

3a) Christine Friederike Karoline (Schleiz 16 Mar 1784-Schleiz 11 Jul 1785)

4a) HEINRICH LXII Fst Reuss zu Schleiz (Schleiz 31 May 1785-Schleiz 19 Jun 1854)

5a) Heinrich LXV (Schleiz 10 Apr 1788-Schleiz 19 Aug 1790)

6a) HEINRICH LXVII Fst Reuss zu Schleiz (Schleiz 20 Oct 1789-Gera 11 Jul 1867); m.Ebersdorf 18 Apr 1820 Adelheid Pss Reuss zu Ebersdorf (Ebersdorf 28 May 1800-Gera 25 Jul 1880)

1b) Heinrich V (Gera 4 Dec 1821-Coburg 24 Mar 1834)

2b) Anna Karoline Luise Adelheid (Gera 16 Dec 1822-Rudolstadt 1 Apr 1902); m.Schleiz 7 Mar 1843 Adolf Pr zu Bentheim-Tecklenburg (7 May 1804-Rudolstadt 3 Sep 1874)

3b) Elisabeth (Gera 8 Jun 1824-Coburg 17 Dec 1833)

4b) Heinrich VIII (Gera 21 Jan 1827-Gera 17 Feb 1828)

5b) Heinrich XI (Gera 18 Nov 1828-Gera 6 Mar 1830)

6b) HEINRICH XIV Fst Reuss zu Schleiz (Coburg 28 May 1832-Schleiz 29 Mar 1913); m.1st Carlsruhe, Silesia 6 Feb 1858 Agnes, Dss of Württemberg (Carlsruhe 13 Oct 1835-Osterstein 10 Jul 1886); m.2d (morganatically) Leipzig 14 Feb 1890 Friederike Graetz, cr Frau von Saalburg 28 May 1890 (Frankfurt 28 Feb 1851-Dresden 22 May 1907)

1c) HEINRICH XXVII Fst Reuss zu Schleiz, ceased to reign 11 Nov 1918 (Gera 10 Nov 1858-Gera 21 Nov 1928); m.Langenburg 11 Nov 1884 Elise Pss zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (Langenburg 4 Sep 1864-Gera 18 Mar 1929)

1d) Viktoria-Feodora Agnes Leopoldine Elisabeth (Potsdam 21 Apr 1889-Rostock 18 Dec 1918); m.Gera 24 Apr 1917 Adolf Friedrich, Duke of Mecklenburg (Schwerin 10 Oct 1873-Eutin 5 Aug 1969)

2d) Luise Adelheid Ida Helene Wilhelmine (Ebersdorf 17 Jul 1890-Ebersdorf 12 Aug 1951)

3d) Heinrich XL (Gera 17 Sep 1891-Gera 4 Nov 1891)

4d) Heinrich XLIII (Ebersdorf 25 Jul 1893-Gera 13 May 1912)

5d) HEINRICH XLV Fst Reuss zu Schleiz (Ebersdorf 13 May 1895-missing 1945, declared dead 5 Jan 1962)

2c) Elisabeth Adelheid Helene Philippine (Gera 27 Oct 1859-Schloß Hungen 23 Feb 1951); m.Gera 17 Nov 1887 Hermann Pr zu Solms-Braunfels (Düsseldorf 8 Oct 1845-Schloß Braunfels 30 Aug 1900)

3c) Heinrich, cr Frhr von Saalburg 21 Sep 1914 (Leipzig 4 Nov 1875-Lunden, Holstein 23 Feb 1954); m.Hamburg 23 Apr 1924 Margarethe Groenwoldt (Hamburg 9 Feb 1893-Hamburg 24 Jul 1965)

7b) Heinrich XVI (Coburg 2 Aug 1835-Coburg 4 Apr 1836)

8b) Marie Karoline Adelheid (Coburg 12 Apr 1837-Gera 18 May 1840)

7a) Heinrich LXVIII (Schleiz 4 Jul 1791-Schleiz 12 Aug 1792)

8a) Heinrich LXXI (Schleiz 7 Aug 1793-Schleiz 29 Jan 1794)

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