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Wappen Deutsches Reich - Grossherzogtum Oldenburg.png
Grand Duchy of Oldenburg
Groß Herzogtum Oldenburg
House of Oldenburg
The Duchy of Oldenburg (German: Herzogtum Oldenburg) - named after its capital, the town of Oldenburg - was a state in the north-west of present-day Germany. Oldenburg survived from 1180 until 1810 when it was annexed by First French Empire. It was located near the mouth of the River Weser. Its ruling family, the House of Oldenburg, also came to rule in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Greece and Russia, and the heirs of a junior line of the Greek branch are likely to inherit the thrones of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms after the death or abdication of Queen Elizabeth II.
 The first known count of Oldenburg is Elimar I, Count of Oldenburg (d. 1108). Elimar's ancestors appear as vassals, though sometimes rebellious ones, of the dukes of Saxony; but they attained the dignity of princes of the empire when the emperor Frederick I dismembered the Saxon duchy in 1180. At this time, the county of Delmenhorst formed part of the dominions of the counts of Oldenburg, but afterwards it was on several occasions separated from them to form an apanage for younger branches of the family. This was the case between 1262 and 1447, between 1463 and 1547, and between 1577 and 1617.

During the early part of the 13th century the counts carried on a series of wars with independent, or semi-independent, Frisian princes to the north and west of the county, which resulted in a gradual expansion of the Oldenburgian territory. The free city of Bremen and the bishop of Münster were also frequently at war with the counts of Oldenburg. In 1440, Christian succeeded his father Dietrich, called Fortunatus, as Count of Oldenburg. In 1448 Christian was elected king of Denmark as Christian I, partly based on his maternal descent from previous Danish kings. Although far away from the Danish borders, Oldenburg was now a Danish exclave. The control over the town was left to the king's brothers, who established a short reign of tyranny.


In 1450 Christian became king of Norway and in 1457 king of Sweden; in 1460 he inherited the Duchy of Schleswig and the County of Holstein, an event of high importance for the future history of Oldenburg. In 1454 he handed over Oldenburg to his brother Gerhard (about 1430-99), a wild prince, who was constantly at war with the bishop of Bremen and other neighbors. In 1483, Gerhard was compelled to abdicate in favor of his sons, and he died while on pilgrimage in Spain.


Early in the 16th century Oldenburg was again enlarged at the expense of the Frisians. Protestantism was introduced into the county by Count Anton I (1505-73), who also suppressed the monasteries; however, he remained loyal to Charles V during the Schmalkaldic War, and was able thus to increase his territories, obtaining Delmenhorst in 1547. One of Anton's brothers, Count Christopher of Oldenburg (about 1506-60), won some reputation as a soldier. 
Anton's grandson, Anton Günther (1583-1667), who succeeded in 1603, considered himself the wisest prince who had yet ruled Oldenburg. Jever had been acquired before he became count, but in 1624 he added Kniphausen and Varel to his lands, with which in 1647 Delmenhorst was finally united. By his neutrality during the Thirty Years' War and by donating valuable horses to warlord Count of Tilly, Anton Günther secured for his dominions an immunity from the terrible devastations to which nearly all the other states of Germany were exposed. He also obtained from the emperor the right to levy tolls on vessels passing along the Weser, a lucrative grant which soon formed a material addition to his resources. In 1607 he erected a Renaissance castle. After the death of Anton Günther, Oldenburg fell again under Danish authority.
In 1773 Christian VII of Denmark surrendered Oldenburg to Paul I of Russia and in return Paul gave up to Christian the Duchy of Holstein-Gottorp and his claims on the Duchy of Schleswig and the Duchy of Holstein. At once Paul handed over to his kinsman, Frederick August I, Duke of Oldenburg, the representative of a younger branch of the family, and in 1777 the county was raised to the rank of a duchy. The duke's son William, who succeeded his father in 1785, was a man of weak intellect, and his cousin Peter I, Grand Duke of Oldenburg, acted as administrator and eventually, in 1823, inherited the throne.

By the Reichsdeputationshauptschluss of 1803, Oldenburg acquired the Oldenburger Münsterland and the Bishopric of Lübeck. Between 1810 and 1814, Oldenburg was occupied by Napoleonic France. Its annexation into the French Empire, in 1810, was one of the causes for the diplomatic rift between former allies France and Russia, a dispute that would lead to war in 1812 and eventually to Napoleon's downfall. In 1815 it acquired the Principality of Birkenfeld and in 1829 Oldenburg became a grand duchy. In 1871 Oldenburg joined the German Empire, and in 1918 it became a free state within the Weimar Republic.

Wappen Deutsches Reich - Grossherzogtum Oldenburg.png

House of Oldenburg

The House of Oldenburg is a North German dynasty and one of Europe's most influential Royal Houses with branches that rule or have ruled in Denmark, Russia, Greece, Norway, Schleswig, Holstein, Oldenburg and Sweden. The current Queen of Denmark, the King of Norway and the ex-King of Greece as well as consorts of Spain, Greece and the United Kingdom belong to this House. It rose to prominence when Count Christian I of Oldenburg was elected King of Denmark in 1448, and of Norway in 1450. The house has occupied the Danish throne ever since. Marriages of medieval counts of Oldenburg had paved the way for their heirs to become kings of various Scandinavian kingdoms. Through marriage with a descendant of King Valdemar I of Sweden and of King Eric IV of Denmark, a claim to Sweden and Denmark was staked, since 1350.


At that time, its competitors were the successors of Margaret I of Denmark. In the 15th century, the Oldenburg heir of that claim married Hedwig of Schauenburg, a descendant of Euphemia of Sweden and Norway and also a descendant of Eric V of Denmark. Since descendants better situated in genealogical charts died out, their son Christian (the abovementioned) became the king of all three kingdoms of the whole Kalmar Union. The House of Mecklenburg was its chief competitor regarding the Northern thrones, and other aspirants included the Duke of Lauenburg. Different Oldenburgine branches have reigned in several countries. The House of Oldenburg was briefly poised to claim the thrones of England and Scotland through the marriage of the Stuart Princess Anne (later Queen) to Prince George of Denmark and Norway; however, following the early death of their only heir, Prince William, Duke of Gloucester, the line of succession passed to the House of Hanover.


Counts of Oldenburg

  • 1101-1108 Elimar I
  • 1108-1143 Elimar II
  • 1143-1168 Christian I the Quarrelsome
  • 1168-1211 Maurice I
  • 1209-1251 Otto I
  • 1211-1251 Christian II
  • 1244-1272 John I
  • 1272-1278 Christian III
  • 1272-1301 Otto II, Count of Oldenburg-Delmenhorst
  • 1278-1305 John II
  • 1302-1323 Christian IV
  • 1305-1345 John III
  • 1331-1356 John IV
  • 1345-1368 Conrad I
  • 1368-1386 Conrad II
  • 1386-1420 Maurice II
  • 1368-1498 Christian V
  • 1398-1423 Christian VI
  • 1423-1440 Dietrich the Lucky
  • 1440-1448 Christian VI, in personal union as Christian I King of Denmark
  • 1448-1483 Gerhard VI "the Quarrelsome"
  • 1483-1498 Adolph, Count of Oldenburg-Delmenhorst
  • 1500-1526 John V
  • 1526-1529 John VI
  • 1526-1529 George
  • 1526-1529 Christopher
  • 1529-1573 Anthony I
  • 1573-1603 John VII
  • 1573-1619 Anthony II, Count of Oldenburg-Delmenhorst
  • 1603-1667 Anthony Günther
  • 1667-1670 Frederick I, in personal union as Frederick III King of Denmark
  • 1670-1699 Christian VIII, in personal union as Christian V King of Denmark
  • 1699-1730 Frederick II, in personal union as Frederick IV King of Denmark
  • 1730-1746 Christian IX, in personal union as Christian VI King of Denmark
  • 1746-1766 Frederick III, in personal union as Frederick V King of Denmark
  • 1766-1773 Christian X, in personal union as Christian VII King of Denmark, ceded the county to the Holstein-Gottorp line
  • 1773 Paul I, ceded the county to his cousin of the Holstein-Gottorp line
  • 1773-1774 Frederick Augustus I (elevated to Duke in 1774), in personal union Prince-Bishop of Lübeck

Dukes of Oldenburg

Frederick Augustus I
1774-6 July 1785
Friedrich August von Oldenburg.jpg20 September 1711
Gottorp, Schleswig
son of Christian August of Holstein-Gottorp and Albertina Frederica
Ulrike Friederike Wilhelmine of Hesse-Kassel
21 November 1752
three children
6 July 1785
aged 73
Peter Frederick William
Wappen Deutsches Reich - Grossherzogtum Oldenburg.png3 January 1754
son of Frederick August I and Ulrike
Never married2 July 1823
Schloss Plön
aged 69
To France in 1810-1813
Peter Frederick William
1813-2 July 1823
Wappen Deutsches Reich - Grossherzogtum Oldenburg.png3 January 1754
son of Frederick Augustus I and Ulrike
Never married2 July 1823
Schloss Plön
aged 69
Peter I Frederick Louis
1823-21 May 1829
Peter I Oldenburg.jpg17 January 1755
nephew of Frederick Augustus I and cousin of William
Frederica of Württemberg
6 June 1781
two children
21 May 1829
aged 74

Grand Dukes of Oldenburg

Paul Frederick Augustus I
1829-27 February 1853
AugustOld.jpg13 July 1783
son of Peter I and Friederike
Adelheid of Anhalt-Bernburg-Schaumburg-Hoym
24 July 1817
two children

Ida of Anhalt-Bernburg-Schaumburg-Hoym
24 June 1825
one child

Cecilia of Sweden
5 May 1831
three children
27 February 1853
aged 69
Nicholas FrederickPeter II
1853-13 June 1900
NicolaasFrederikPeter.jpg8 July 1827
son of Augustus I and Ida
Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg
10 February 1852
two children
13 June 1900
aged 72
Frederick Augustus II [1]
1900-11 November 1918
Frederick Augustus II, Grand Duke of Oldenburg.jpg16 November 1852
son of Peter II and Elisabeth
Elisabeth Anna of Prussia
18 February 1878
two children

Elisabeth of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
24 October 1896
5 children
24 February 1931
aged 78
Titles and Styles of the Grand Ducal House

The present members of this family bear the title Duke or Duchess of Oldenburg together with the formal appellation of His or Her Highness. The head of the family and the heir apparent enjoy the style His Royal Highness.
Genealogy of the Grand Ducal House
Christian Albrecht, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp 10 Aug 1659 (Gottorp 3 Feb 1641-Gottorp 6 Jan 1695); m.Gottorp 24 Oct 1667 Frederika Amalia Pss of Denmark (Copenhagen 11 Apr 1649-Kiel 30 Oct 1704)
1a) Sophie Amalie (Gottorp 19 Jan 1670-Hannover 27 Feb 1710); m.Gottorp 7 Jul 1695 August Wilhelm Hereditary Prince of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel (Wolfenbüttel 8 Mar 1662-Wolfenbüttel 26 Mar 1731)
2a) Friedrich IV, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp (Gottorp 18 Oct 1671-k.a.Clissow, Poland 19 Jul 1702); m.Karlberg 12 May 1698 Hedwig Sophie Auguste Pss of Sweden (Stockholm 26 Jun 1681-Stockholm 22 Dec 1708)
1b) Karl Friedrich, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp (Stockholm 30 Apr 1700-Rolfshagen 18 Jun 1739); m.St.Petersburg 1 Jun 1725 Anna Petrovna, Grand Dss of Russia (Moscow 2 Jan 1708-Kiel 15 May 1728)
1c) Karl Peter Ulrich (1728-1762); succeeded as Emperor Peter III of Russia; for further details see Russia; had he not been declared heir to the Russian throne he probably would have been next in line to succeed his great-aunt, Queen Ulrika Eleonore of Sweden, and her husband, Friedrich of Hesse, King of Sweden, on the Swedish throne on their deaths. Instead, the Swedish throne was inherited by his cousin Adolf Friedrich (see below). His Russian descendants never used, though were entitled to them, the titles Duke of Holstein-Gottorp

3a) Christian August, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp (Gottorp 11 Jan 1673-Eutin 24 Apr 1726); m.Schloß Eutin 3 Sep 1704 Albertine Friederike, Margravine of Baden-Durlach (Karlsburg 3 Jul 1682-Hamburg 22 Dec 1755)

1b) Hedwig Sophie Auguste, Abbess of Herford (Gottorp 9 Oct 1705-Herford 13 Oct 1764)

2b) Karl August, Bp of Lübeck (Gottorp 26 Nov 1706-St.Petersburg 31 May 1727)

3b) Friederike Amalie (Gottorp 12 Jan 1708-Quedlinburg 19 Jan 1732)

4b) Anne (Gottorp 3 Feb 1709-Gräfentonna 2 Feb 1758); m.Hamburg 8 Nov 1742 Wilhelm, Duke of Saxe-Gotha (12 Mar 1701-31 May 1771)

5b) Adolf Friedrich (1710-1771); in 1751 he ascended the Swedish throne; for further details see Sweden
6b) FRIEDRICH AUGUST, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp; in 1773/4 the Tsarevich of Russia ceded to him Oldenburg and Delmenhorst (Gottorp 20 Sep 1711-Oldenburg 6 Jul 1785); m.Kassel 21 Nov 1752 Ulrika Friederike Wilhelmine, Landgravine of Hesse-Kassel (Kassel 31 Oct 1722-Eutin 28 Feb 1787)

1c) Peter Friedrich WILHELM, Duke of Oldenburg (Eutin 3 Jan 1754-Schloß Plön 2 Jul 1823)

2c) Luise (Eutin 2 Oct 1756-Eutin 31 Jul 1759)

3c) Hedwig Sophie Charlotte (Eutin 22 Mar 1759-Stockholm 20 Jun 1818); m.Stockholm 7 Jul 1774 King Carl XIII of Sweden (Stockholm 7 Oct 1748-Stockholm 5 Feb 1818)

7b) Johanna Elisabeth (Gottorp 24 Oct 1712-Paris 30 May 1760); m.Vechelde 8 Nov 1727 Christian August Fst von Anhalt-Zerbst (29 Nov 1690-16 Mar 1747)

8b) Friederike (2 Jun 1713-1713)

9b) Johanna Elisabeth (b.and d.24 Dec 1714)

10b) Wilhelm Christian August (Hamburg 20 Sep 1716-26 Jun 1719)

11b) Friedrich Konrad [or, Friederike Konradine] (12 Mar 1718-1719)

12b) Georg Ludwig (Hamburg 16 Mar 1719-Hamburg 7 Sep 1763); m.Prökelwitz 1 Jan 1750 Sophie Pss of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Beck (Schlodien 31 Dec 1722-Hamburg 7 Aug 1763)

1c) Friedrich (20 Jul 1751-10 Aug 1752)

2c) Wilhelm (18 Jan 1753-14 Jul 1774)

3c) PETER I Friedrich Ludwig, Duke of Oldenburg on the death of his cousin Wilhelm in 1823, he had actually administered the duchy since 1785 because of Wilhelm's mental disability (Riesenburg 17 Jan 1755-Wiesbaden 21 May 1829); m.Château d'Etupes 26 Jun 1781 Friederike, Dss of Württemberg (Treptow 27 Jul 1765-Eutin 24 Nov 1785)
1d) Paul Friedrich AUGUST, Duke of Oldenburg, became Grand Duke of Oldenburg 28 May 1829 (Rastede 13 Jul 1783-Oldenburg 27 Feb 1853); m.1st Schaumburg 24 Jul 1817 Adelheid Pss von Anhalt-Bernburg-Schaumburg-Hoym (Schaumburg 23 Feb 1800-Oldenburg 13 Sep 1820); m.2d Schaumburg 24 Jun 1825 Ida Pss von Anhalt-Bernburg-Schaumburg-Hoym (Schaumburg 10 Mar 1804-Oldenburg 31 Mar 1828); m.3d Vienna 5 May 1831 Cecilie Pss of Sweden (Stockholm 22 Jun 1807-Oldenburg 27 Jan 1844)

1e) Marie Friederike Amelie (Oldenburg 21 Dec 1818-Bamberg 20 May 1875); m.Oldenburg 22 Nov 1836 Otto Pr of Bavaria, King of Greece (Salzburg 1 Jun 1815-Bamberg 26 Jul 1867)

2e) Elisabeth Marie Friederike (Oldenburg 8 Jun 1820-Pöls 20 Mar 1891); m.Rastede 15 Aug 1855 Maximilian Frhr von Washington (Notzing 2 Aug 1829-Graz 3 Jul 1903)
3e) Nikolaus Friedrich PETER II, Grand Duke of Oldenburg (Oldenburg 7 Aug 1827-Rastede 13 Jun 1900); m.Altenburg 10 Feb 1852 Elisabeth Pss of Saxe-Altenburg (Hildburghausen 26 Mar 1826-Oldenburg 2 Feb 1896)
1f) FRIEDRICH AUGUST, Grand Duke of Oldenburg, renounced the throne 11 Nov 1918 (Oldenburg 16 Nov 1852-Oldenburg 24 Feb 1931); m.1st Berlin 18 Feb 1878 Elisabeth Pss of Prussia (Potsdam 8 Feb 1857-Schloß Adolfseck 28 Aug 1895); m.2d Schwerin 24 Oct 1896 Elisabeth, Dss of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (Ludwigslust 10 Aug 1869-Schaumburg 3 Sep 1955)

1g) Sophie Charlotte (Oldenburg 2 Feb 1879-Westerstede 29 Mar 1964); m.1st Berlin 27 Feb 1906 (div 1926) Eitel Friedrich Pr of Prussia (Marmorpalais 7 Jul 1883-Potsdam 8 Dec 1942); m.2d Rastede 24 Nov 1927 Harald von Hedemann (Köln 22 Sep 1887-Hankhausen-Rastede 12 Jun 1951)

2g) Margarete (Oldenburg 13 Oct 1881-Oldenburg 20 Feb 1882)

3g) NIKOLAUS Friedrich Wilhelm, Hereditary Grand Duke of Oldenburg (Oldenburg 10 Aug 1897-Rastede 3 Apr 1970); m.1st Arolsen 26 Oct 1921 Helene Pss zu Waldeck und Pyrmont (Arolsen 22 Dec 1899-Rastede 18 Feb 1948); m.2d Güldenstein 20 Sep 1950 Anne-Marie von Schutzbar gt Milchling (Hannover Münden 3 Jul 1903-Rastede 1 Jan 1991)

1h) ANTON-GÜNTHER Friedrich August Josias, Duke of Oldenburg (b.Lensahn 16 Jan 1923); m.Kreuzwertheim 7 Aug 1951 Ameli Pss zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg (b.Frankfurt 4 Mar 1923)

1i) Helene Elisabeth Bathildis Margarete (b.Rastede 3 Aug 1953)

2i) Christian Nikolaus Udo Peter (b.Rastede 1 Feb 1955); m.Bad Segeberg 22 Sep 1987 (rel) Pronstorf 26 Sep 1987 Caroline Gfn zu Rantzau (b.Kiel 10 Apr 1962)

1j) Alexander Paul Hans-Caspar Andreas Daniel Carl Philippe (b.Lübeck 17 Mar 1990)

2j) Philipp Konstantin Wittekind Raimund Clemens Hans-Heinrich (b.Lübeck 28 Dec 1991)

3j) Anton Friedrich Ludwig Jan Vincent (b.Lübeck 9 Jan 1993)

4j) Katharina Bibiane Edwina Isabell (b.Lübeck 20 Feb 1997)

2h) Rixa Elisabeth Bathildis Enna Cecilie (Lensahn 28 Mar 1924-d.after fall from horse nr Lensahn 1 Apr 1939)

3h) Peter Friedrich August Max (b.Lensahn 7 Aug 1926); m.Kreuzwertheim 7 Aug 1951 Gertrud Pss zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg (Langenzell 24 Jan 1926-4 Feb 2011)

1i) Friedrich August (b.Lensahn 26 Sep 1952); m.Nanyuki, Kenya 9 Jan 1982 Belinda Tatham Warter (b.Nairobi 10 Nov 1954)

1j) Anastasia (b.Cambridge 10 Oct 1982)

2j) Alice (b.Cambridge 15 Apr 1986)

3j) Cara (b.Cambridge 14 Jun 1993)

2i) Margarete (b.Lübeck 16 May 1954); m.Lensahn (civ) 27 Jun 1985 (rel) 29 Jun 1985 Philipp Pr von Croy (b.Mülheim 8 Sep 1957)

3i) Nikolaus (b.Lübeck 21 May 1955); m.Lensahn 19 Jun 1982 Anna Dyckerhoff (b.Mühlheim 7 May 1958)

1j) Christoph (b.Hamburg 31 Dec 1985)

2j) Georg (b.Hamburg 29 Jan 1990)

3j) Oscar (b.Hamburg 31 Jan 1991)

4i) Georg-Moritz (b.Lübeck 25 Jun 1957)

4h) Eilika Stephanie Elisabeth Thekla Juliana (b.Lensahn 2 Feb 1928); m.Rastede 10 Aug 1950 Emich Fst zu Leiningen (Coburg 18 Oct 1926-Amorbach 30 Oct 1991)

5h) Egilmar Friedrich Franz Stephan Wilhelm (b.Lensahn 14 Oct 1934)

6h) Friedrich August Wilhelm Christian Ernst (b.Rastede 11 Jan 1936); m.1st Berlin (civ) 3 Dec 1965 (rel) 4 Dec 1965 (div 1989) Marie-Cecile Pss of Prussia (b.Cadinen 28 May 1942); m.2d Rüdenhausen 9 Feb 1991 Donata Gfn zu Castell-Rüdenhausen (b.Rüdenhausen 20 Jun 1950)

1i) Paul Wladimir Nikolaus Louis-Ferdinand Peter Max Karl-Emich (b.Lübeck 16 Aug 1969); m.Wertheim 18 Jan 2001 (rel) Bronnbach an der Tauber 20 Jan 2001 Maria del Pilar Méndez de Vigo y Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (b.Madrid 20 Oct 1970)

1j) Kirill Friedrich-August Jaime Cristobal Hermann Antonius Vincenz Josef Maria (b.Berlin 13 Jun 2002)

2j) Carlos Jakobus Leo Wilfried Josef Maria (b.Eutin 19 Apr 2004)

3j) Paul Marie (b.8 Sep 2005)

4j) Maria Assunta (b.21 Mar 2007)

2i) Rixa Marie-Alix Kira Altburg (b.Lübeck 17 Sep 1970)

3i) Bibiane Marie Alexandra Gertrud (b.Oldenburg 24 Jun 1974); m.Meran 22 May 2004 Peter Dorner (b.Wasserburg am Inn 19 Feb 1972)

7h) Altburg Elisabeth Hilda Ingeborg Marie Luise Mathilde (b.Lensahn 14 Oct 1938); m.Rastede 8 Jul 1967 Rüdiger Frhr von Erffa (b.Regensburg 19 Apr 1936)

8h) Huno Friedrich Peter Max (b.Lensahn 3 Jan 1940); m.Rastede 6 Jun 1970 Felicitas-Anita Gfn Schwerin von Krosigk (b.Berlin 5 Jul 1941)

1i) Beatrix Amelie Ehrengard Eilika (b.Lübeck 27 May 1971); m.22 Oct 2010 (rel) Schloß Eutin 23 Oct 2010 Sven Andreas von Storch (b.Osorno, Chile 23 Dec 1970)

2i) Sophie Altburg Marie Cécile Margarete (b.Lübeck 6 Nov 1972); m.Rastede 24 Jun 2004 (rel) 26 Jun 2004 Joseph-Maria von Radowitz (b.Santa Marinella, Rome 29 Jan 1969)

9h) Johann Friedrich Adolf (b.Lensahn 3 Jan 1940); m.Waldsachsen (rel) Schonungen am Main 9 Oct 1971 Ilka Gfn zu Ortenburg (b.Würzburg 29 Jun 1942)

1i) Eilika Helene Jutta Clementine (b.Bad Segeberg 22 Aug 1972); m.Budapest 18 Oct 1997 Georg, Archduke of Austria (b.Starnberg 16 Dec 1964)

2i) Tatjana Ingeborg Altburg Elisabeth Marita (b.Bad Segeberg 11 Nov 1974); m.Eutin 11 Sep 2010 Cte Axel de Chavagnac (b.Paris 7 Jun 1967)

3i) Konstantin Nikolaus Alram Heinrich Hubertus (b.Bad Segeberg 13 Dec 1975)

4g) Friedrich August (Oldenburg 25 Mar 1900-Oldenburg 26 Mar 1900)

5g) Alexandrine (b.and d.Oldenburg 25 Mar 1900)

6g) Ingeborg Alix (Oldenburg 20 Jul 1901-Bienebek, Holstein 10 Jan 1996); m.Rastede 4 Jun 1921 Stephan Pr zu Schaumburg-Lippe (Stadthagen 21 Jun 1891-Kempfenhausen 10 Feb 1965)

7g) Altburg Marie Mathilde Olga (Oldenburg 19 May 1903-Arolsen 16 Jun 2001); m.Rastede 25 Aug 1922 Josias Fst zu Waldeck u.Pyrmont (Arolsen 13 May 1896-Schaumburg 30 Nov 1967)

2f) Georg Ludwig (Rastede 27 Jun 1855-Eutin 30 Nov 1939)

4e) Alexander Friedrich Gustav (Oldenburg 16 Jun 1834-Oldenburg 6 Jun 1835)

5e) Nikolaus Friedrich August (Oldenburg 15 Feb 1836-Oldenburg 30 Apr 1837)

6e) Anton Günther Friedrich Elimar (Oldenburg 23 Jan 1844-Schloß Erlau 17 Oct 1895); m.(morganatically) Vienna 9 Nov 1876 Natalie Frn Vogel von Friesenhof, cr Gfn von Welsburg 25 Apr 1896 (Vienna 8 Apr 1854-Brogyan, Hungary 9 Jan 1937)

1f) Alexandrine Gustave Friederike Gfn von Welsburg (Vienna 11 Oct 1877-Erlaa, nr Vienna 13 Apr 1901)

2f) Gustav Gregor Alexander Gf von Welsburg (Brogyan, Hungary 29 Aug 1878-Agra, nr Lugano, Switzerland 29 Nov 1927);m.Nerir Salburg 15 Apr 1905 Luise Gfn von Hahn (Ulrichshausen 1 Dec 1885-Berlin 17 Apr 1923)

1g) Elimar Albert Leo Luidgardis Georg Gf von Welsburg (Nice 13 Apr 1906-Budapest 31 Aug 1984); m.1st Vienna 17 Apr 1930 (div 1932) Blanka von Tarnoczy (b.Schloß Waldenfels 9 Sep 1912); m.2d Prinsing 21 Nov 1936 Maria Ruth Schalscha von Ehrenfeld (Parchim 2 Mar 1899-27 Oct 1979); m.3d Magda Kormos (Budapest 4 Sep 1906-Budapest 6 Sep 1979); m.4th Budapest 19 Mar 1982 (rel) 8 May 1980 Ilona Tarnoczy (b.Budapest 19 Jul 1909)

1h) Alexander Thankmar Paul Franz Maria Anton Gf von Welsburg (b.Brodány, Slovakia 7 Feb 1938); m.Vienna 8 Jul 1961Gerti Kabilka (b.Brno 9 Jan 1940)

1i) Nicolette Anna Maria Nathalie Gfn von Welsburg (b.Vienna 15 May 1967); m.Purkersdorf 3 Jul 1987 Martin Kolm (b.Vienna 5 Oct 1964)

2h) Christian Alois Percey Gf von Welsburg (b.Brodány 4 Mar 1939); m.1st Vienna 25 Aug 1966 (div 1968) Camilla Maria Louise Wessely (b.Vienna 5 Jan 1946); m.2d Vienna 13 May 1985 Elisabeth Ulinski [Durstmüller?; natural daughter of Herbert Husa and Gertrude Ulinski] (b.Vienna 5 Mar 1953)

2g) Alexander Anton Gustav Adolf Gf von Welsburg (Woolas Hall 17 Apr 1908-Berlin [shot by SS] 29 Apr 1945)

3g) Alexandra Noël Therese Emily Gfn von Welsburg (La Tour, nr Vevey, Switzerland 25 Dec 1910-Eutin 4 Dec 1985); m.Basedow 25 Jun 1937 Jürgen von Schalburg (b.Schildfeld 22 Jul 1907)

4g) Percy Frederick Gf von Welsburg (Reygate 11 Feb 1913-Penzance 4 Aug 1994); m.1st Berlin 12 Sep 1940 (div 1965) Ingeborg von Kusserow (b.Wollstein 28 Jan 1919); m.2d London 20 Jul 1970 Sabine Barrère (b.Paris 15 Oct 1942)

1h) Patrick Hubert Gfn von Welsburg (b.Berlin 13 Jul 1943); m.London 21 Jun 1965 Maryann Pigott (b.Wimbledon 24 Dec 1938)

1i) Colette Meryl Gfn von Welsburg (b.London 6 Jun 1975)

2i) Meredith Brook Gfn von Welsburg (b.London 6 Jun 1975)

2h) Nathalie Gfn von Welsburg (b.London 4 Oct 1972); m.London 2 Dec 1995 Milan Danilovic (b.Belgrade 10 Mar 1968)

2d) Peter Friedrich Georg (Oldenburg 9 May 1784-Twer 27 Dec 1812); m.St.Petersburg 30 Apr 1809 Catherine, Grand Dss of Russia (Tsarskoie Selo 21 May 1788-Stuttgart 9 Jan 1819)

1e) Friedrich Paul Alexander (Pavlovsk 30 Aug 1810-Oldenburg 16 Nov 1829)

2e) Konstantin Friedrich Peter (Jaroslaw 26 Aug 1812-St.Petersburg 14 May 1881); m.Biebrich 23 Apr 1837 Therese Pss von Nassau-Weilburg (Weilburg 17 Apr 1815-Prague 8 Dec 1871)

1f) Alexandra Friederike Wilhelmine (St.Petersburg 2 Jun 1838-Kiev 25 Apr 1900); m.St.Petersburg 5 Feb 1856 Nicholas, Grand Duke of Russia (Tsarskoie Selo 8 Aug 1831-Aloupka, Crimea 25 Apr 1891)

2f) Nikolaus Friedrich August (St.Petersburg 9 May 1840-Geneva 20 Jan 1886); m.Schtscheniatino, Russia 29 May 1863 Maria Bulatzelly, cr Gfn von Osternburg 13 Jul 1863 (Kharkov 8 Jul 1845-Paris 10 Mar 1907)

1g) Alexandra Gfn von Osternburg (Geneva 7 Jun 1864-Paris 23 Jul 1952); m.Funchal, Madeira 8 Jun 1885 Paul Verola (Nice 13 Jul 1863-Cavalaire, France 11 Apr 1931)

2g) Peter Gf von Osternburg (Cologny, nr Geneva 7 May 1866-Lublin 6 Jan 1868)

3g) Olga Gfn von Osternburg (Bialystok 13 May 1868-Bialystok 26 Sep 1869)

4g) Vera Gfn von Osternburg (St.Petersburg 4 Jun 1871-Paris 5 Dec 1888)

3f) Marie Friederike Cäcilie (St.Petersburg 27 Feb 1842-St.Petersburg 11 Jan 1843)

4f) Alexander Friedrich Konstantin, granted style of Imperial Highness in Russia 10 Jun 1914 (St.Petersburg 2 Jun 1844-Biarritz 6 Sep 1932); m.St. Petersburg 19 Jan 1868 Pss Eugenia Romanovsky, Dss von Leuchtenberg (St.Petersburg 1 Apr 1845-Biarritz 4 May 1925)

1g) Peter Friedrich Georg (St.Petersburg 21 Nov 1868-Biarritz 11 Mar 1924); m.1st Gatchina 21 Jul 1901 (annulled 1916) Olga Alexandrovna, Grand Dss of Russia (Peterhof 13 Jun 1882-Toronto 24 Nov 1960); m.2d Biarritz 3 May 1922 Olga Ratkova-Rognova (St.Petersburg 1 Nov 1878-Sidi-Abdallah, Morocco 7 Mar 1953)

5f) Katharine Friederike Pauline (St.Petersburg 21 Jan 1846-Römerbad, Styria 23 Jun 1866)

6f) Georg Friedrich Alexander (St.Petersburg 17 Apr 1848-St.Petersburg 17 Mar 1871)

7f) Konstantin Friedrich Peter (St.Petersburg 9 May 1850-Nice 18 Mar 1906); m.(morganatically) Koutais, Caucasus 20 Oct 1882 Aggripina Djaparidze, cr Gfn von Zarnekau 20 Oct 1882 (Ratscha 25 Oct 1855-Kislovodsk 18 Oct 1926)

1g) Alexandra Gfn von Zarnekau (Koutais 10 May 1883-Paris 28 May 1957); m.1st Nice 11 Feb 1900 (div 1908) Pr George Yurievsky (St.Petersburg 12 May 1872-Marburg 13 Sep 1913); m.2d Paris 17 Oct 1908 Leo Narishkin (Dec 1876-Jean les Pins, France 4 Apr 1931)

2g) Catherine Gfn von Zarnekau (Koutais 16 Sep 1884-Paris 24 Dec 1962); m.1st Moscow 1907 Ivan von Ploën (1878-Paris 1955); m.2d Alexandre Tonne; m.3d N Chomitchevski

3g) Nicholas Gf von Zarnekau (Koutais 7 Mar 1886-Cambo-les-Bains 21 Jan 1976); m.1st Tsarskoie-Selo Oct 1917 (div 1930) Marianne Pistohlkors [daughter of Pss Paley] (St.Petersburg 30 Oct 1890-New York 14 May 1976); m.2d Bellevue, France 8 Jun 1935 Adrienne Haristay (Urt, France 18 Aug 1889-Biarritz 10 Jul 1985)

4g) Alexei Gf von Zarnekau (Koutais 16 Jul 1887-murdered by Bolsheviks at St.Petersburg 16 Sep 1918); m.Sep 1918 Anna Behrs (8 Aug 1892-New York 21 Oct 1959)

5g) Peter Gf von Zarnekau (Koutais 26 May 1889-Paris 1 Nov 1961); m.1st St.Petersburg 24 Oct 1914 Pss Tamara Schervachidze (Batum, Russia 20 Nov 1896-Leysin, Switzerland 27 Feb 1931); m.2d Paris 8 Jul 1934 Alexandra Annenkova (Peterhof 25 Jun 1905-Cannes 8 Jan 1985)

1h) Constantine Gf von Zarnekau (St.Petersburg 23 May 1916-Sarcelles 24 May 1977); m.Paris 10 May 1947 Marcelle Tricot (b.Sermoyer, France 17 Jan 1922)

1i) Peter Gf von Zarnekau (b.Paris 20 Nov 1948); m.1st Villiers-le-Bel 25 Nov 1967 (div 1975) Marie Josephine Anastasi (b.Tunis 3 Nov 1951); m.2d Paris 5 Mar 1977 Anne Caumont (b.Paris 12 Mar 1950)

1j) Nicholas Gf von Zarnekau, b.Villiers-le-Bel 4 Jun 1968

2h) Nina Gfn von Zarnekau, b.Gagry, Russia 16 Jul 1919

6g) Nina Gfn von Zarnekau (Koutais 13 Aug 1892-Kislovodsk 1922)

8f) Therese Friederike Olga (St.Petersburg 30 Mar 1852-St.Petersburg 19 Apr 1883); m.Stuttgart 12 May 1879 Duke George von Leuchtenberg (St.Petersburg 29 Feb 1852-Paris 3 May 1912)

4a) Marie Elisabeth, Abbess of Quedlinburg (Hamburg 21 Mar 1678-Quedlinburg 17 Jul 1755)

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