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Mediatized House of Wurmbrand
Wurmbrand-Stuppach is an old noble family of Austria, and the name of the County they ruled. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the Counts of Wurmbrand-Stuppach gained notability in wars against the Turks in the Balkans, and Prince Eugene gained fame fighting against the French in the Netherlands. The Counts and Princes of Wurmbrand-Stuppach were highly decorated advisors to the Habsburg Emperors. Wurmbrand-Stuppach was temporarily raised to a Principality in 1607, and was made an Imperial County in 1701. It was mediatised to Austria in 1806.


The Wurmbrand Saga
The founding of the house of Wurmbrand-Stuppach, and the origins of the name, occurred during the Crusades. The Count of Stuppach had disappeared seven years earlier fighting in the Holy Land, and the knights were getting impatient on waiting for his wife and successor to remarry. A lindworm (a mythological two-legged wyvern-like creature) had entered the County and began to terrorise the land. The knights demanded she marry a brave nobleman to fight it.

The Countess asked for four weeks' delay, and when that time had passed she said to the knights "I asked God. He likes my husband to return to me, if he still lives. To my sadness he did not come. Give me still four weeks period." But the people would not have another four weeks delay due to the lindworm, so she instead announced that she would marry whoever slayed the beast.

Silently, the knights left. Those which went to slay the lindworm did not return. One day, a poor farmer was on the Burglach making fences when the lindworm appeared. It lunged at the farmer, which speared the lindworm in the mouth with a stake he was using to build the fences. Other farmers who were nearby saw it, and they carried him to the countess to be married. The wedding lasted a week.


Notable Members of the House of Wurmbrand-Stuppach

Count John William (1670-1750)

After studying at the University of Utrecht, John William was appointed an advisor in 1697. He reorganised the royal advisory, and was responsible for much genealogical work in Austria (Collectanea genealogico historica, ex archivo inclytorum Austriae Inferioris statuum, ut et aliis privatis documentisque originalibus excerpta). His work first appeared in Vienna in 1705, and it earned him the name "the Father of Austrian Genealogy". Later, Count John William reorganised the archives of Lower Austria, and established a system which continued even after a new repertory of nobility. In 1726, he gained a seat and voice in the Franconian Diet in Rothenburg. When the Wittelsbach King Charles Albert of Bavaria gained the Imperial crown in 1742, Count John William retired from service in Bohemia, and only emerged from retirement following Charles's death in 1745 and the restoration of the Habsburgs to the Imperial throne. Count John William died in 1750 and was buried in Vienna. He was married five times; only his third wife, Maria Domininca Gräfin von Starhemberg, mothered a son and heir, Count Gundacker Thomas.

Count Christian Siegmund

He became the treasurer of King Frederick Augustus of Poland and Saxony. In 1704, he entered the service of the Austrian Habsburgs, and fought in the War of Spanish Succession. Captured and imprisoned in Ettlingen in 1707, he gained special favour with Prince Eugene and fought the Turks for the Austrians. In 1716, he fought in the siege of Temesvar with Prince Eugene, and with the cities' fall that year he delivered the tidings of success to Vienna. During the War of Polish Succession he already had the rank of a Field Marshal Lieutenant, and he was an Interim Commandant of the Imperial Army in 1734 in the defence of Grevenberg against the French led by Bellisle. In 1735, he was put in charge of the Imperial Cavalry. Christian Siegmund died without heirs in 1737, and in his will had his extensive fortune returned to Steyersberg.

Count Casimir Henry
Casimir Henry was the brother of Christian Siegmund. During the War of Austrian Succession, he was a cavalry general and served under Khevenhüller. In 1741, he was promoted to a tactical advisor. In 1745, he was the governor of Ath an der Dender in the Netherlands, and vigorously defended it. He died heirless in 1749. 
The Titles and Styles of the Princely House

The present members of this family bear the title Graf or Gräfin von Wurmbrand-Stuppach together with the formal appellation of His or Her Illustrious Highesss.
The Genealogy of The Princely House
Heinrich Wilhelm GUNDACCAR Vincenz Ferrerius Franz Xaver Anton von Padua Josef Alois Felix Gf von Wurmbrand-Stuppach (Graz 30 May 1762-Vienna 20 Apr 1847); m.1st Vienna 2 Mar 1794 Maria Josepha Frn von Ledebur-Wicheln (Teplitz 2 Jul 1776-Liblin 16 Jun 1800); m.2d Brünn 7 Apr 1801 Maria Sidonia Frn von Ledebur-Wicheln (Prague 12 Oct 1774-Steinabrunn 28 Apr 1833); m.3d Vienna 2 Feb 1834 Maximiliana Gfn von Wurmbrand (Graz 30 Jan 1770-Vienna 13 Jan 1838)

1a) Josepha (23 Mar 1795-13 Jan 1815)

2a) Franziska de Paula (2 Jan 1797-7 May 1873); m.18 Mar 1824 Ludwig Gf Széchényi von Sárvár-Felsövidék (6 Nov 1781-6 Feb 1855)

3a) Wilhelmine (24 Jun 1798-17 Dec 1854); m.7 Jul 1827 Ludwig Gf Praschma (1794-18 Aug 1830)

4a) Sidonie (2 Jan 1800-26 Feb 1885); m.20 Feb 1827 Anton Gf Fuchs (2 Mar 1786-4 Apr 1860)

5a) Aloysia Franziska Josepha (18 Jan 1802-8 Jan 1870); m.17 Jun 1826 Otto Franz Gf von Fünfkirchen (19 Mar 1800-6 Apr 1872)

6a) Henriette (6 Feb 1803-28 Mar 1832)

7a) Ernst Heinrich Gundaccar Kaspar Gregor Johann Nepomuk Erbgf von Wurmbrand-Stuppach (Vienna 12 Mar 1804-Schwarzau 9 Dec 1846); m.25 Sep 1834 Rosa Gfn Teleki von Szék (Sáromberke 18 Oct 1818-Golßen 30 Jun 1890)

1b) FERDINAND GUNDACCAR Gf von Wurmbrand-Stuppach (Sáromberke 23 Jul 1835-Purkersdorf 22 May 1896); m.Baumgarten 21 Oct 1861 (div 1876) Anna Gabrielle Gfn von Bussy (Ebreichsdorf 20 Feb 1836-Pöchlarn an der Donau 8 Aug 1904)
1c) WILHELM Ernst Maria Friedrich Gundaccar Gf von Wurmbrand-Stuppach (Wels 6 May 1862-nr Wartmannstetten 7 Dec 1927); m.Vienna 27 May 1891 Margarethe von Schenk (Vienna 25 Nov 1872-Prague 19 May 1957)

1d) Huberta Johanna Gabriella Maria (Mauer 24 Jun 1892-Steyersberg 4 Dec 1967); m.Vienna 12 Oct 1918 Hanus Gf von Kolowrat-Krakowsky-Liebsteinsky (Cernikowice 24 Jun 1879-Reichenau 15 Apr 1955)

2d) DEGENHART Adolf Gundaccar Maria Gf von Wurmbrand-Stuppach (Krummnußbaum 17 Jul 1893-Vienna 12 Nov 1965); m.1st Paris 15 May 1926 (div 1936) Lawton Filer (Salt Lake City 1 Mar 1903-Hillsborough, California 30 Dec 1998); m.2d 1956 (div) Hanna Smekalova [an actress under the name "Florence Marly" (Brünn 2 Jun 1919 [1918?]-Los Angeles 9 Nov 1978); m.3d Reno, Nevada 29 Dec 1957 Juliana Galich (d.29 Oct 2010)

1e) Leonora Huberta Maria (New York 11 Apr 1927-Paris 3 Dec 2009); m.1st San Francisco 1947 (div) Robert Miller; m.2d London 21 Dec 1965 Thomas-Alfred Wertheimer Edler von Wertheimstein (Vienna 24 Feb 1922-Paris 5 Sep 2004)

3d) Ernst Ferdinand Wilhelm Maria (Steyersberg 23 May 1897-Steyersberg 13 Oct 1960)

2c) Henriette Emilie Marie (Thalheim 9 Oct 1864-Steyersberg 12 Feb 1920); m.1st Krummnußbaum 9 Oct 1881 (annulled) Friedrich Frhr Bors de Borsod (d.Sarlosvári-Puszta 18 Sep 1909); m.2d Neukloster 12 May 1890 Karl Frhr von Tinti (Schallaburg 25 Sep 1859-Schallaburg 18 May 1914)

3c) Ernst Gundackar Victor (16 Mar 1866-12 Jan 1924); m.5 Feb 1894 Elisabeth Pss von Schönburg-Waldenburg (27 Apr 1864-1 Feb 1949)

4c) Margarethe Josephine Gabriele (Thalheim 31 Jul 1870-Vienna 22 Dec 1938); m.1st Krummnußbaum 20 Feb 1888 Arthur Frhr von Tinti (Schallaburg 3 Sep 1862-Pöchlarn 23 Sep 1917); m.2d Vienna 12 Jan 1919 Raoul von Kummer (d.Vienna 18 Dec 1933)

2b) Hermann (27 Jul 1836-13 Oct 1901); m.8 Jan 1870 Maria Anna Gfn Somssich de Saard (29 May 1844-ca 1932)

3b) Ernst (4 Feb 1838-17 Apr 1917); m.6 Jul 1869 Stephanie von Vrabely (26 Dec 1849-16 Feb 1919)

4b) Adelheid (21 Oct 1840-24 May 1925); m.12 Mar 1860 Otto Baron Vay de Vaya (d.1 Mar 1921)

5b) Ehrenreich (27 Oct 1842-25 Feb 1918)

6b) Rosa (Vienna 28 Mar 1844-Breslau 3 May 1916); m.Golßen 6 May 1867 Johann Georg Gf von Saurma-Sterzendorf, Frhr von und zu der Jeltsch (Sterzendorf 22 Jul 1842-Breslau 22 Dec 1910)

8a) Heinrich (10 Jul 1805-16 Mar 1806)

9a) Johann Wilhelm (Liblin 6 Sep 1806-Laibach 8 Sep 1884); m.Schloß Mieschitz 16 Nov 1834 Bertha Gfn von Nostitz-Rieneck (Prague 3 Jan 1816-Laibach 8 Sep 1888)

1b) Franz Hellwig Heinrich (15 Aug 1837-6 May 1897); m.17 Oct 1868 Theresa Stella Frn McNavin O'Kelly (6 Feb 1844-4 Dec 1908)

1c) Maria Anna Viktoria (11 Jul 1869-1 Sep 1945)

2b) Hugo Aloys Wilhelm (21 Apr 1839-19 Oct 1904); m.27 jan 1886 Marie Bedocs de Torodfa et Telekes (21 Jan 1847-8 Jul 1922)

1c) Paula Maria Klara (Laibach 25 Nov 1878-Vienna 7 Jan 1942); m.Preßburg 15 Nov 1899 (div 1920) Andreas Gf Pálffy von Erdöd (Lupinjak 13 Nov 1873-1947)

3b) Leo Anton Johann Nepomuk (12 Sep 1840-29 Aug 1903)

4b) Otto Johann Nepomuk Wilhelm (29 May 1842-Australia 1 Jun 1894); m.Ethel Potten

5b) Sidonia Franziska (3 Oct 1844-2 May 1845)

6b) Bertha Antonia Caroline Wilhelmine Philippina (26 May 1848-Nov 1910); m.5 Aug 1873 Franz Schlegel

7b) Wilhelmine Ludowika Bertha (6 Feb 1848-25 Apr 1935)

8b) Erwein Wilhelm Hugo (Liblin 26 Sep 1849-Waltendorf 6 Dec 1924); m.Eperjes 21 Jun 1906 Eva Vay de Ibrányi (Jenke, Hungary 22 May 1867-Graz 27 Dec 1950)

9b) Robert Karl Erwein (22 Jul 1851-28 Jan 1911)

10b) Paul (Brughier, Tyrol 18 Jun 1853-Vienna 10 Dec 1927); m.Schönegg, Styria 6 Nov 1882 Flora Edle von Pongratz (Laibach 16 May 1861-Vienna 24 Aug 1950)

1c) Wilhelm (Laibach 29 Aug 1884-k.a.Bobowa, Galicia 14 Dec 1914); m.Vienna 11 Feb 1908 Irma Edle von Pongratz (Pernegg 21 May 1886-19__)

1d) Marie (3 Dec 1908-1941)

2d) Flora Maria Oskar Pauline Wilhelmine (Friedau 18 May 1911-1994/5 (bur Aubing, nr Munich 9 Jan 1995); m.1st Friedau 1 Jun 1933 (div 1936) Eduard Bláha Edler von Olbor; m.2d Berlin-Steglitz 8 Aug 1940 (div 1947) Friedrich-Wilhelm Voigt (Harburg 14 Feb 1908-Munich 19 May 1985)

2c) Paul (Vienna 24 Jun 1891-Wiener Neustadt 7 Sep 1962); m.Vienna 8 Feb 1943 Donna Blanca Massimo dei Principi di Roviano (Rome 16 Apr 1906-Frohsdorf 22 Jan 1999)

1d) ERNST GUNDACCAR Maria Rudolf Gf von Wurmbrand-Stuppach (b.Wiener Neustadt 1 Jun 1946); m.Schwarzau am Steinfeld 12 Apr 1969 Elisabeth Kahofer (b.Aspang 18 Jul 1947)

1e) Maria de las Mercedes Blanca (b.Neunkirchen 18 Aug 1969); m.Bad Erlach 28 Oct 2006 [28 Aug 2006?] Christoph Gerhold (b.Baden bei Wien 13 Feb 1971)

2e) Helmwig Paul Ernst (b.Neunkirchen 23 Dec 1970)

3e) Gundaccar Ernst Robert (b.Neunkirchen 21 Dec 1977)

4e) Paul Rüdiger Friedrich (Neunkirchen 31 Dec 1984-Walpersbach 16 Apr 2004)

11b) Maria Immakulata Karoline Elisabeth Bertha Waltrude Monika (11 Apr 1855-15 Oct 1881); m.17 Nov 1880 Ladislaus Markovics von Csernek

10a) Ferdinand Heinrich August Kaspar Eduard Josef (Vienna 15 Oct 1807-Ischl 25 May 1886); m.1st Vienna 29 Oct 1833 Aloysia Gfn Széchényi von Sárvár-Felsövidék (Ödenburg 21 Aug 1807-Vienna 3 Mar 1842); m.2d Vienna 16 Jul 1846 Alexandrine Gfn Amadé de Várkony (8 Jul 1816-Salzburg 5 Dec 1894)

1b) Heinrich Gundaccar Franz von Paula Alois Ferdinand (Prestitz 5 Dec 1834-Graz 4 Mar 1887); m.Vienna 17 Mar 1862 Eugenie Gfn von Schönborn-Buchheim (Szarvas 11 Feb 1841-Graz 4 May 1885)

1c) Gundaccar Ferdinand Karl Heinrich (Vienna 23 Feb 1863-Vienna 20 Apr 1933); m.Geneva 19 Jun 1910 Margarete Spitzer (Vienna 5 Aug 1886-19__)

2c) Friedrich Karl Heinrich Eugen (Graz 22 Feb 1865-Vienna 1 Feb 1938); m.Prague 14 Jun 1892 Oktavia Frn von Menßhengen (Cracow 13 Nov 1864-Vienna 28 Mar 1951)

1d) Christiane Eugenie Adele Maria Johanna (Klattau 23 Oct 1894-Vienna 20 Sep 1979); m.Vienna 3 Jun 1916 (div) Wilhelm von Zimburg Edler von Reinerz (Mährisch Weißkirchen 25 Apr 1891-Wesermünde 6 Jan 1939)

2d) Irma Theresia Eugenie Adele Ignatia (Prague 30 Jan 1898-Vienna 18 Oct 1989); m.1st Vienna 14 Jun 1921 (div 1934) John Livingston; m.2d Vienna 21 Aug 1937 Adrian Rotter (Neuhof, Bohemia 7 Oct 1897-Vienna 12 Apr 1967)

3d) Friedrich Karl Gundaker Maria (Kolomea 6 Mar 1904-Vienna 24 Jun 1997); m.1st Vienna 14 Apr 1929 (div 1938) Claire Stevens; m.2d Saltsjöbaden, Sweden 3 Aug 1939 (div 1945) Mignon Frn von Berg (Vienna 10 Nov 1917-Paris 28 Nov 1958); m.3d 1 Jun 1947 Marianna Hirmann (b.Prague 13 Sep 1919)

1e) Johann Friedrich (Vienna 20 Jul 1931-Arezzo 6 Aug 1993); m.1957 Adriana Colle

1f) Giovanna (b.Cortina d'Ampezzo 5 Dec 1957)

2f) Federico Giovanni (b.Paris 22 Oct 1964)

2e) Ernst Gundaccar (1 Jun 1946-19__)

3e) Marie-Theresia (16 Jan 1956-18 May 1962)

3c) Karl Erwin Gundaccar (Sonnberg 30 May 1866-Kaposvár 22 Jan 1942); m.1st Prague 10 Jun 1895 (annulled 1916) Caroline Gfn von Nostitz-Rieneck (Prague 29 Jan 1876-Petronell 6 Jan 1950); m.2d Salzburg 22 Jan 1925 (div 1941) Charlotte Bornemann (Copenhagen 20 Jun 1898-Svendborg ca 1975)

4c) Anna (Vienna 23 Apr 1868-Prague 2 Mar 1938); m.Prague 17 Jun 1889 Johann Nepomuck Gf von Schönborn (Prague 3 Apr 1864-Prague 7 Jun 1912)

5c) Henriette (Sep 1869-2 Mar 1871)

6c) Ferdinand (Preßburg 12 Apr 1879-Vienna 20 Dec 1933); m.Vienna 9 Mar 1909 (div 1918) May Baltazzi (Napajedl 9 Mar 1885-Monte Carlo Oct 1981)

1d) Maria Anna Paula Ferdinandine (Vienna 3 Feb 1914-Monte Carlo 29 Apr 2003); m.1st New York 20 Feb 1934 (div 1935) Clendenin Ryan (New York 1905-New York 12 Sep 1957); m.2d Preßburg 19 Nov 1935 (div 1937) Franz de Paula Gf Pálffy von Erdöd (Vienna 12 Feb 1890-Munich 11 Oct 1968); m.3d Budapest 5 Mar 1938 (div 1944) Thomas Gf Esterházy von Galántha (Tata 25 Dec 1901-Schruns 6 Dec 1964); m.4th Ödenburg 20 Sep 1944 (div 1949) Sigismund Gf Berchtold (Buchlau 14 Apr 1900-Vienna 20 Jul 1979); m.5th Chicago 1949 (div 1951) William Deering Davis (b.Chicago); m.6th London 12 Jun 1954 (div) Árpád Plesch (Budapest 25 Mar 1889-London 16 Nov 1974)

2d) Sophia Maria Mathilde Eugenia (Vienna 8 Mar 1917-Munich 2 Jul 1996); m.Munich 25 Nov 1940 (div 1958) Reinhard Henschel (b.Kassel 29 Jun 1910)

2b) Ludwig Georg Ferdinand Maria (2 Feb 1836-6 Jun 1878)

3b) Ladislaus Gundaccar Gregor Alois (Josefstadt 9 May 1838-Graz 26 Mar 1901); m.1st Töscheldorf 28 Aug 1871 Wilhelmine Frn von Dieckmann-Secherau (Guttaring 24 Aug 1853-Graz 26 Feb 1885); m.2d Graz 8 May 1886 Therese Frn von Wenckheim (Preßburg 4 Mar 1853-Horn 15 Sep 1941)

1c) Ferdinandine Edeltraut (Töscheldorf 23 Jun 1872-Graz 2 Jan 1954); m.Graz 19 Feb 1898 Johann Gf Pálffy von Erdöd (Retzhof 10 Oct 1872-Graz 11 May 1953)

2c) Adalberta (2 Aug 1873-24 Feb 1945); m.14 Feb 1901 Maximilian Frhr Kübeck von Kübau (8 Jun 1868-26 Feb 1945)

3c) Heinrich Gundaccar Adelheid (11 Oct 1878-7 Oct 1897)

4c) Alexandrine Theodora (17 Dec 1883-1 Jan 1929); m.27 Sep 1906 Gustav Leopold Frhr von Menßhengen (18 Mar 1877- )

4b) Franziska Sidonia Henriette Barbara (6 Oct 1839-12 Dec 1921); m.15 Sep 1863 (div 1886) Richard Gf Sermage (27 Aug 1831-4 Jan 1903) 11a) Heinrich Hieronymus Andreas Franz Salesius Joseph (30 Sep 1809-ca 1878)

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