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The Non-Sovereign Princely
and Ducal Houses of Europe
Volume III  - AI


Ducal House of Abercorn
House of Hamilton

The members of this family bear the surname Hamilton. The children of the Dukes of Abercorn enjoy the courtesy title "Lord  or Lady" before their Christian names. Of the subsidiary titles above, Marquess of Hamilton is the courtesy title of the heir apparent, and Viscount Strabane that of his heir-apparent.


JAMES Hamilton, 2nd Marquess of Hamilton, 10th Earl of Abercorn, etc, cr 10 Aug 1868 Duke of Abercorn and Marquess of Hamilton (21 Jan 1811-31 Oct 1885); m.Gordon Castle 25 Oct 1832 Lady Louisa Russell (8 Jul 1812-Coates Castle 31 Mar 1905)

1a) Harriet Georgiana Louisa (6 Jul 1834-London 23 Apr 1913); m.10 Apr 1855  Thomas George Anson, 2d Earl of Lichfield (Shugborough, Staffs 15 Aug 1825- London 7 Jan 1892)

2a) Beatrix Frances (London 21 Jul 1835-Lambton Castle 21 Jan 1871); m.London 23 May 1854 George Frederick d'Arcy Lambton, 2d Earl of Durham (Copse Hill, Surrey 5 Sep 1828-London 27 Nov 1879)

3a) Louisa Jane  (Brighton 26 Aug 1836-Dalkeith 16 Mar 1912); m.London 22 Nov 1859 William Henry Walter Montagu-Douglas-Scott, 6th Duke of Buccleuch & Queensberry (Montagu House 9 Sep 1831-5 Nov 1914)

4a) JAMES, 2d Duke of Abercorn, etc (Brighton 24 Aug  1838-3 Jan 1913); m.London 7 Jan 1869 Lady Mary Anna Curzon (London 23 Jul 1848-London 10 May 1929)


1b) JAMES Albert Edward, 3d Duke of Abercorn (London 30 Nov 1869-London 12 Sep 1953); m.London 1 Nov 1894 Lady Rosalind Bingham (London 26 Feb 1869-London 18 Jan 1958)

1c) Mary Cecilia Rhodesia Hamilton (London 21 Jan 1896-5 Sep 1984); m.1st Ottawa 24 May 1917 (div 1930) Robert Orlando Rodolph Kenyon-Slaney (London 13 Jan 1892-14 Jan 1965); m.2d 26 Nov 1930 Sir John Little Gilmour, 2d Bt. (London 5 Jun 1899-Carolside, Harlston, Berwickshire 13 Feb 1977)

2c) Cynthia Eleanor Beatrix (London 16 Aug 1897- Althorp 4 Dec 1972); m.London 26 Feb 1919 Albert Edward John Spencer, 7th Earl Spencer (23 May 1892-Northampton 9 Jun 1975)

3c) Katherine (London 25 Feb 1900-Chichester 28 Apr 1985); m.London 6 Aug 1930 Sir Reginald Henry Seymour (Windsor 1 Aug 1878-London 2 Oct 1938)

4c) JAMES Edward, 4th Duke of Abercorn, etc (London 29 Feb 1904-Omagh 4 Jun 1979); m.London 9 Feb 1928 Lady Mary Crichton (8 Jul 1905-Barons Court 2 Feb 1990)

1d) Moyra Kathleen (b.London 22 Jul 1930); m.St.Columb's Cathedral, Londonderry 12 Nov 1966 Peter Colin Drummond Campbell (b.Lisvarna, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim 24 Oct 1927)

2d) JAMES, 5th Duke of Abercorn, etc (b.London 4 Jul 1934); m.Westminster Abbey 20 Oct 1966 Alexandra Phillips (b.Tucson, Arizona 27 Feb 1946; see Russia)

1e) James Harold Charles, Marquess of Hamilton (b.London 19 Aug 1969); m.Guards Chapel, Wellington Barracks, London 7 May 2004 Tanya Nation (b.30 Apr 1971)

1f) James Alfred Nicholas, Viscount Strabane (b.30 Oct 2005)

2e) Sophia Alexandra (b.London 8 Jun 1973); m.Barons Court 7 Sep 2002 (div) Anthony William Vivian Loyd (b.Guildford, Surrey 12 Sep 1966)

3e) Nicholas Edward Claud (b.Omagh, Ulster 5 Jul 1979)

3d) Claud Anthony (b.London 8 Jul 1939); m.Killinchy Presbyterian Church, County Down 17 Apr 1982 Catherine Janet Faulkner 1e) Anna Kathleen (b.23 Aug 1983)

2e) Alexander James (b.8 Jun 1987)

5c) Claud David (London 13 Feb 1907-London 15 Feb 1968); m.London  21 Feb 1946 Genesta Mary Heath (London 5 May 1899-20 Dec 1990)

2b) Claud Penn Alexander (b.and d.Invergarry House 18 Oct 1871) 3b) Charles (b.and d.10 Apr 1874)

4b) Alexandra Phyllis (London 23 Jan 1876-lost at sea, when the  Leinster was torpedoed in the Irish Sea 10 Oct 1918)

5b) Claud Francis (London 25  Oct 1878-25 Dec 1878)

6b) Gladys Mary (Duddingston House, Edinburgh 10 Dec 1880- Dublin 12 Mar 1917); m.London 14 Jan 1902 Ralph Francis Howard, 7th Earl of Wicklow (Southsea 24 Dec 1877-Shelton Abbey, Co Wicklow 11 Oct 1946)

7b) Arthur (20 Aug 1883-k.a.6 Nov 1914)

8b) Claud Nigel (Edinburgh 10 Nov 1889-22 Aug 1975); m.11 Jul1933 Violet Ruby Ashton (d.1984)

5a) Katherine Elizabeth (Barons Court 9 Jan 1840-Mount Edgcumbe 3 Sep 1874); m.
London 26 Oct 1858 William Henry Edgcumbe, 4th Earl of Mount Edgcumbe (London 5 
Nov 1832-Plymouth 25 Sep 1917)

6a) Georgiana Susan (7 Jul 1841-London 23 Mar 1913); m.London 16 Mar 1882 Edward Turnour, 5th Earl Winterton (Shillinglee Park 15 Aug 1837-Shillinglee Park 5 Sep 1907)

7a) Claud John (Bentley Priory, Stanmore,  Middlesex 20 Feb 1843-London 26 Jan 1925); m.London 20 Jul 1878 Carolina 
Chandos-Pole (19 Jul 1857-Richmond, Surrey 21 Sep 1911)

1b) Gilbert Claud (London 21 Apr 1879-London 30 Mar 1943); m.1st 16 May 1911  Enid Awa Elgar (Fernside, Featherston, New Zealand 1890-Sunningdale, Berks 19 Apr 1916); m.2d 29 Nov 1916 Mary Blair (d.Hove 8 Jan 1961)

2b) Ida (London 23 Jul 1883-Nov 1970); m.London 24 Apr 1909 (div 1932) Hugh Duncombe Flower (1878-London 9 Dec 1950)

8a) George Francis (Edinburgh 17 Dec 1845-London 22 Sep 1927); m.28Nov 1871 Lady Maud Lascelles (Yorkshire 26 Nov 1846-London 14 Apr 1938)

1b) Ronald James (Wildernesse, Kent 26 Sep 1872-London 22 Jan 1958); m. London 10 Feb 1915 Florence Marguérite Hannah (d.London 5 Aug 1959)

1c) Maud Sarah (The Hague 4 Apr 1917-London 6 Oct 1995); m.London 4 Nov 1939 (div 1947) Manfred Gf Czernin v.Chudenitz (Berlin 18 Jan 1913-London 6 Oct 1962)

2b) Anthony George (London 17 Dec 1874-London 11 Jul 1936) 3b) Robert Cecil (London 31 Jan 1882-Hemel Hampstead 31 Jul 1947); m.London 30 May 1911 Edith Maud Paley (d.Goring-on-Thames, Oxon 8 Jul 1967)

9a) Albertha Frances Anne (London 29 Jul 1847-London 7 Jan 1932); m.Westminster Abbey 8 Nov 1869 (div 1883) George Charles Spencer-Churchill, Marquess of Blandford [later, 8th Duke of Marlborough] (London 13 May 1844-Blenheim 9 Nov 1892)

10a) Ronald Douglas (17 Mar 1849-Great Malvern 6 Nov 1867)

11a) Maud Evelyn (London 17 Dec 1850-London 21 Oct 1932); m.Westminster Abbey 8 Nov 1869 Henry Charles Keith Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne (14 Jan 1845-Newtown Anner 3 Jun 1927)

12a) Cosmo (b.and d.Nice 16 Apr 1853)

13a) Frederick Spencer (Brighton 13 Oct 1856-London 11 Aug 1928)

14a) Ernest William (Tunbridge Wells 5 Sep 1858-London 14 Dec 1939); m.London 2 Jun 1891 Pamela Campbell  (Kingston-on-Thames 18 May 1869-London 11 May 1931)

1b) Guy Ernest Frederic (London 11 Nov 1894-suicide, Bovingdon, Herts 23 Nov 1914)

2b) Mary Brenda (London 28 Mar 1897-198_); m.London (civ) 22 Apr 1922 (rel) 1 Jun 1922 Jules Joseph Marcel Alphonse de Riquet de Caraman Pr de Chimay Cte de Caraman (Chimay 22 Jun 1899-Arrow nr Alcester 1 Oct 1973)

3b) Jean Barbara (b.London 6 Sep 1898); m.London 8 Jun 1921 (div 1944)  Sir John William Buchanan-Jardine, 3d Bt. (Edinburgh 7 Mar 1900-5 Nov 1969)

4b) John George Peter (Bovingdon, Herts, 15 Oct [Nov?] 1900-17 Jun 1967); m.25 May 1932 Alexandra Christine Egerton (d.10 Aug 1963)


Ducal House of Abrantes
House of Le Ray

ANDOCHE Junot, Marshal, Duc d'Abrantès (Bussy-le-Grand 23 Oct 1771-29 Jul 1813); m.1800 Laurette Martin de Permond (Montpellier 6 Nov 1784-1828)

1a) Joséphine (2 Jan 1802-Paris 15 Oct 1888); m.Nov 1841 Jacques-Louis Amet

2a)  Constance (12 May 1803-1881); m.1829 Antoine Aubert (1799-1882)

3a) Louis NAPOLÉON Andoche, Duc d'Abrantès (Paris 25 Sep 1807-Neuilly 20 Feb 1851)

4a) Andoche ALFRED Michel, Duc d'Abrantes (Ciudad Rodrigo 25 Nov 1810-k.a.Brescia 19 Jul 1859); m.1st 2 Apr 1845 Elise Lepic (9 Oct 1824-6 Jun 1847); m.2d 10 Jan 1853 Léonie Lepic (19 Jul 1829-17 Aug 1868)

1b) Jeanne Joséphine Marguerite (Paris 22 May 1847-Lasray 21 Mar 1934); m.Paris 16 Sep 1869 Xavier Eugène MAURICE Le Ray, who was cr 4th Duc d'Abrantes in 1869 (Sèvres 15 Jul 1846-Paris 1 Dec 1900)

1c) Eugène Marie ANDOCHE Napoléon, Duc d'Abrantès (Andrésy 1 Jul 1870-St.Cloud 12 Feb 1954); m.Epernay 2 Aug 1899 Nicole de Maigret (Epernay 10 Aug 1878-St.Cloud 24 May 1957)

1d) Jeanne Marie Joséphine Gisèle (Epernay 5 Jul 1900-Joué-en-Charnie 13 Mar 1967); m.Levaré 29 Jun 1921 (rel) Paris 6 Jul 1921 Cte René de Hercé (Montenay 6 Mar 1897-Melun 9 Dec 1974)

2d) Josèphe Marie Agnès Ghislaine (Epernay 17 Sep 1901-Solesmes 14 Dec 1971)

3d) Marthe Josèphe Marie Madeleine (Nice 28 Feb 1906-Paris 4 Sep 1953);  m.Levaré 24 Jan 1935 (rel) Paris 29 Jan 1935 Georges de Surmont (Tourcoing 11 Aug 1901-Paris 13 Apr 1985)

4d) Marie Hélène Jeanne (Epernay 18 Aug 1908-Brienne-le-Château 7 Nov 1991); m.Levaré 6 Oct 1946 (rel) Paris 15 Oct 1946 Georges Rivet de Chaussepierre (Savières 17 Jan 1892-Blives 30 Nov 1973)

5d) Marie Louise Micheline Laure (Levaré 21 Dec 1911-Versailles 23 Sep 1999); m.Levaré 14 Mar 1938 (rel) Paris 17 Mar 1938 Jaques Héliot (Grenoble 19 Feb 1912-Plattling 22 Apr 1945)

6d) Jeanne Marie Rose (Levaré 14 Oct 1914-18 Aug 2003); m.Levaré 31 Oct 1933 (rel) Paris 4 Nov 1933 François Escande (Lorient 8 May 1903-k.a.Avesnes-sur-Helpe 17 May 1940)

2c) Maurice Démétrius Alfred, Marquis d'Abrantès (Bailleul 27 Nov 1873-Alençon 15 Sep 1920); m.Paris 18 Oct 1905 (rel) 19 Oct 1905 Hélène de Langsdorff (Paris 12 Jun 1879-New York 11 Feb 1947)

1d) MAURICE Bertrand Andoche, Duc d'Abrantès (Alençon 7 Aug 1906-Marseille 22 Oct 1982); m.1st Chelles 5 Dec 1940 (div 1947) Sylviane Quimfe (b.Chelles 29 Sep 1912); m.2d Nice 1 Jul 1948 Janine Balbi (b.Turin 20 Feb 1904)

2d) Marguerite Laure Hélène (Alençon 16 Nov 1909-18 May 2006); m.Paris 17 Oct 1932 Guy Bès de Berc (St-Germain-en-Laye 6 Sep 1903-Rennes 7 Jul 1983)

3c) Marcel Gabriel Raymond Michel (Bailleul 13 Apr 1880-Mostaganem, Algeria 25 Oct 1949); m.Algiers 24 Mar 1923 Léone Maillard (Epinal 12 May 1896-Marmande 27 Aug 1988)

1d) Marie-Laure Léone (b.Blida, Algeria 1 Jun 1931); m. Mostaganem 5 Jul 1956 Claude Millecam (b.Mostaganem 27 Sep 1931)

2b) Jérôme Napoléon Andoche (16 Jun 1854-10 Mar 1857) 3b) Marguerite Louise Elisabeth (Paris 25 Jan 1856-1919); m.Paris 11 Nov 1883 César Elzéar Léon Vcte Arthaud de La Ferrière (1853-1924)


Ducal House of Albufera
Suchet d 'Albufera

Napolean Marie Joseph Suchet , 6th Duke of Albufera , 6th Count Suchet, Count of Albufera , born 12 March 1923, Paris Heir Emmanuel Louis Jean Maria Suchet , Count of Albufera .


Princely House of Aldobrandini 

The Aldobrandini are a Florentine family whose Roman fortunes were made when Ippolito Aldobrandini became pope under the name Pope Clement VIII. He arranged the marriage that linked the Aldobrandini with the Roman family of Pamphili. Additionally, they were also linked to marriage alliances with the Farnese, since Ranuccio I, duke of Parma, had married Margherita Aldobrandini.

Prince Don Camillo Aldobrandini ,Prince di Meldola , Duke of Carpineto , Duke of Sarsina, Marquess of The Holy Roman Empire , Etc .. Born at Rome 21 March 1945 .


Princely House of Altieri 
Altieri (Extinct in the Male Line)

Paluzzo Pr Altieri Pr di Oriolo, Pr di Aviano, etc (Rome 31 Jul 1760-Rome 10  Jan 1834); m.15 Oct 1793 Maria Anna Gfn von der Lausitz (Siena 20 Oct 1770-Rome 24 Dec 1745)

1a) Clemente Pr Altieri, Pr di Oriolo, etc (Rome 6 Aug 1795-Rome 21 Jun 1873); m.Rome 19 Jan 1817 Donna Vittoria Boncompagni-Ludovisi (Rome 10 Jan 1799-Rome 25 Jan 1840)

1b) Emilio Pr Altieri Pr di Oriolo, etc (Rome 20 Mar 1819-Rome 13 Jan  1900); m.Milan 1 May 1843 Beatrice Ctsa Archinto (Milan 20 Oct 1823-Rome 3 Jan 1899)

1c) Vittoria Anna Maria (Rome 20 Mar 1844-30 Oct 1919); m.Rome 25 Apr 1866 Cte Giovanni Revedin Marchese di San Martino (Venice 2 Feb 1837-Florence 24 Jan 1911)

2c) Paolo Giuseppe Ange Pr Altieri Pr di Oriolo, etc (Rome 17 Nov 1849-Rome 4 Jan 1901); m.Monaco 2 Feb 1874 Mathilde Pss von Urach (Stuttgart 14 Jan 1854-Bad Möders 13 Jul 1907)

1d) Theodolinda Carlotta Florestina Maria Giuseppina Guglielma (Rome 5 Nov 1876-Rome 21 Sep 1947); m.Rome 20 Jun 1897 Francesco di Napoli-Rampolla [or, Napoli Barresi Bellacera], Pr di Bonfornello (Palermo 24 Oct 1871-Polizzi 
Generosa 6 Nov 1938)

2d) Clemente (Rome 9 Dec 1877-Rome 21 Jan 1886)

3d) Ludovico Pio Maria Laurentius Giovanni Pr Altieri, Pr di Oriolo, etc (Rome  27 Dec 1878- Rome 6 Jun 1955); m.Rome 18 Sep 1916 Emilia Belestra (Rome 7 Oct 1888-Rome 19 Jul 1967)

4d) Maria Augusta Guglielma Anna Giuseppina (Rome 31 Oct 1880-193_); m.Rome 10 Jan 1916 Marchese Roberto Pallovicino (Florence 14 Aug 1870-Arezzano 10 Sep 1937)

5d) Guglielmo Carlo Maria Giuseppe Ignacio (Rome 5 Apr 1884-Strada Arezzo 8 Jun 1894)

6d) Marc'Antonio (Oriolo Romano 5Oct 1886-Civitavecchio 10 Dec 1886)

7d) Camilla (Rome 3 Dec 1889-Rome 4 Sep  1971); m.Rome 12 Feb 1917 Ct Pasolino Pasolini Dall'Onda (Ravenna 11 Jan 1876-Ravenna 2 Dec 1933)

8d) Marc'Antonio (Rome 2 May 1891-Cecina 7 Jun 1919); m.Frida Gallotti

3c) Cristina Anna Maria (Rome 12 Apr 1852-Rome 16 Jun 1930); m.Rome 2 Feb 1873 Girolamo Theodoli Marchese di Sambuci dei Marchesi di San Vito e Pisoniano (Rome 25 Dec 1846-Rome 28 May 1926)

4c) Maria Anna (Rome 20 Jan 1856-La Sforzesca 5 Dec 1927); m.Rome 6 Oct 1878 Alessandro Cte Rocca Saporiti Marchese della Sforzesca (20 Apr 1850-La Sforzesca 9 Dec 1927)

5c) Laura (Rome 29 Jan 1858-Rome 4 May 1892); m.Rome 6 Jul 1884 Ugo Pr Boncompagni-Ludovisi Duca di Sora (1856-1935)

2b) Livia (12 Jun 1820-25 Nov 1886); m.24 Nov 1839 Cte Girolamo di Colloredo Mels Marchese di Santa Sofia (Udine 1809-Recanati 20 Sep 1882)

3b) Chiara (Rome 18 Jan 1824-Rome 12 Feb 1888); m.Rome 29 Sep 1843 Pr e Marchese Matteo Antici-Mattei Duca di Giove (Rome 15 Sep 1805-Rome 4 Oct 1883)

4b) Lorenzo Maria Giuseppe (Rome 28  Mar 1829-Gattaiola 31 Jan 1899); m.Lucca 2 Dec 1876 Pss Olga Cantacuzene (Odessa 25 Nov 1843-Gattaiola Feb 1929)

1c) Ludovica (Lucca 30 Oct 1877-Gattaiola 6 Oct 1938); m.1st Lucca 1 Apr 1894  (div 1898) Girolamo Codroipo (1865- ); m.2d Lucca 31 Jul 1904 Margherito Guidotti (17 Dec 1881-San Remo 17 Mar 1956)

5b) Teresa (16 Feb 1835-Rome 5 Oct 1887); m.25 Jun 1835 Marchese Francesco Patrizi Naro Montoro (Rome 4 Aug 1826-Nocera Umbra 22 Jul 1905)

2a) Augusto (9 May 1797-12 Oct 1860) 3a) Ludovico,  Cardinal, Archbishop of Albano (Rome 17 Jul 1805-11 Aug 1867)



Princely House of Amilakhvari
Amilakhvari (Extinct in the Male Line)

The Amilkhvari ( Georgian: ამილახვარი ) was a noble house of Georgia which rose to prominence in the fifteenth century and held a large fiefdom in central Georgia until the Imperial Russian annexation of the country in 1801. Subsequently, the family was received among the princes (knyaz) of the Empire under the name of Amilakhvarov (Russian: Амилахваровы, Амилохваровы , 1825) and Amilakhvari ( Амилахвари, 1850 ).


Princely House of Angera
House of Vitaliani

Don Giberto Borromeo Arese , Prince of Angera , Marquess of Angera, Count of Arona , Count of Maccagno , Etc.. Born at Milan 21 November 1932 . Heir Count Don Vitaliano .


Princely House of Antici Mattei Di Giove

Matteo Pr Antici-Mattei, Duca di Giove (Rome 15 Sep 1805-Rome 4 Oct 1883); m.Rome 29 Sep 1843 Donna Chiara Altieri dei Principi di Oriolo (Rome 18 Jan 1824-Rome 12 Feb 1888)

1a) Tommaso Filippo Maria Pr Antici-Mattei, Duca di Giove (Rome 19 Sep 1844-Rome 30 Apr 1915); m.Rome 12 Nov 1868 Donna Carlotta Gallaratti-Scotti dei Principi di Molfetta (Milan 9 Nov 1850-Rome 19 Apr 1930)

1b) Ludovico Maria Pr Antici-Mattei, Duca di Giove (Rome 30 Mar 1870-Recanati 5 Jan 1957)

2b) Giovanna Francesca (Rome 16 Feb 1883-Rome 10 Mar 1970)

 3b) Clotilde Maria Giuseppina (Recanati 25 Sep 1886-Rome 19 Jul 1973); m.Rome 20 Jan 1916 Marchese Giacomo Serlupi Crescenzi (Rome 24 Mar 1893-Rome 14 Aug 1971)

4b) Guido Pr Antici-Mattei, Duca di Giove (Rome 19 Jan 1889-Rome 15 Feb 1960); m.Rome 5 Feb 1921 Julia Gfn Némes von Hidvég (Berlin 19 Sep 1894-Rome Apr 1992)

1c) Anna Maria Pia Albertina Giuseppina Carla Gabriella Tommasina (b.Rome 19 Feb 1922); m.Recanati 14 Sep 1950 Ambrosio Marchese Spinola (Civitella d'Arno 6 Aug 1911-Rome 16 Dec 1972)

2c) Maria Teresa Giuseppina Ludovica Gabriella (Rome 29 Mar 1929-Oria 5 Jul 2007); m.Recanati 23 Sep 1953 Gennaro Cte Martini Carissimo di Castel d'Oria (Rome 27 May 1926-Rome 24 Oct 2001)

3c) Carla Maria Gemma Giuseppina Clotilde Gabriella Ernesta Paolina Teresa Rita Veronica (b.Rome 30 Jun 1933); m.Recanati 24 Sep 1960 Cte Gaetano Carotti (b.Falconara 7 Nov 1924)

5b) Chiara (Recanati 24 Sep 1892-Rome 11 Apr 1929)

2a) Filippo Marchese e Conte Antici-Mattei (Rome Dec 1848-Rome 11 Aug 1879); m.Rome 18__ Lorenza Toti (d.10 Oct 1888)

1b) Luigi (Rome 27 Apr 1873-Rome 4 Mar 1948); m.Rome 19 Jul 1899  Adele Bonacci (Rome 16 Jan 1856-Rome 24 Aug 1940)

2b) Maria (Rome  11 May 1876-19__); m.Rome 21 Jul 1897 Giuseppe Masi


Princely House of Ardeck
Extinct in the Male Line


Princely House of Ardore
House of Riario Sforza

Don Nicola Riario Sforza , Prince of Ardore, Marquess of Corleto , Duke 
of San Paolo, etc.. Born at Trieste December 1934, Heir Don Giovanni .

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