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Kingdom of Spain
Reino de España
Spain, officially the Kingdom of Spain (Spanish: Reino de España), is a sovereign state and a member of the European Union located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. Its mainland is bordered to the south and east by the Mediterranean Sea except for a small land boundary with the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar; to the north and north east by France, Andorra, and the Bay of Biscay; and to the northwest and west by the Atlantic Ocean and Portugal.

Spanish territory also includes the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast, and two autonomous cities in North Africa, Ceuta and Melilla, that border Morocco. Furthermore, the town of Llívia is a Spanish exclave situated inside French territory. With an area of 504,030 square kilometres (194,610 sq mi), it is the second largest country in Western Europe and the European Union after France, and the fourth largest country in Europe after Russia, Ukraine and France.

Because of its location, the territory of Spain was subject to many external influences since prehistoric times and through to its dawn as a country. Spain emerged as a unified country in the 15th century, following the marriage of the Catholic Monarchs and the completion of the reconquest, or Reconquista, of the Iberian peninsula in 1492. Conversely, it has been an important source of influence to other regions, chiefly during the modern era, when it became a global empire that has left a legacy of over 500 million Spanish speakers today, making it the world's second most spoken first language.

Spain is a democracy organised in the form of a parliamentary government under a constitutional monarchy. It is a developed country with the twelfth largest economy in the world by nominal GDP, and very high living standards, including the tenth-highest quality of life index rating in the world, as of 2005. It is a member of the United Nations, European Union, NATO, OECD, and WTO. 

List of the Monarchs of Spain 1516 - Present

House of Habsburg (1516-1700)

Under Joanna and Charles I, the two thrones of Castile and Aragon were finally united under one monarch.

Reign start
Reign end
Charles I
(Carlos I, Charles V of HRE)
24 February 1500 - 21 September 1558 (aged 58) 14 March 1516 16 January 1556
Son of Juana of Castile & Philip I of Castile Habsburg Carlos I of Spain
Philip II
(Felipe II)
  • the Prudent
21 May 1527 - 13 September 1598 (aged 71) 16 January 1556 13 September 1598 Son of Charles I Habsburg  
Philip III
(Felipe III)
  • the Pious
14 April 1578 - 31 March 1621 (aged 42) 13 September 1598 31 March 1621 Son of Philip II Habsburg  
Philip IV
(Philip IV)
8 April 1605 - 17 September 1665 (aged 60) 31 March 1621 17 September 1665 Son of Philip III Habsburg Felipe IV of Spain
Charles II
(Carlos II)
6 November 1661 - 1 November 1700 (aged 38) 17 September 1665 1 November 1700 Son of Philip IV Habsburg Carlos II of Spain

House of Bourbon (1700-1808)

In the year 1700 Charles II died. Charles' will named the 16-year old Philip, the grandson of Charles' sister Maria Theresa of Spain, as his successor. Upon any possible refusal the Crown of Spain would be offered next to Philip's younger brother Charles, duc de Berry, or, next, to Archduke Charles of Austria.

Both claimants, Philip and Charles, had a legal right to the Spanish throne due to the fact that Philip's grandfather, King Louis XIV of France and Charles's father, Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, were sons of Charles' aunts, Anne of Austria and Maria Anna of Austria. Philip had the better claim because his grandmother and great-grandmother were older than Leopold's. However, the Austrian branch claimed that Philip's grandmother had renounced the Spanish throne for herself and her descendants as part of her marriage contract. This was countered by the French branch's claim that it was on the basis of a dowry that had never been paid.

After a long council meeting where the Dauphin spoke up in favour of his son's rights, it was agreed that Philip would ascend the throne. Following this war broke out and Archduke Charles was also proclaimed king of Spain, as Charles III in opposition to Philip V.[4] Charles renounced his claims to the Spanish throne in the Treaty of Rastatt of 1714, but was allowed the continued use of the styles of a Spanish monarch for his lifetime.

Reign start
Reign end
Philip V
(Felipe V)
19 December 1683 - 9 July 1746 (aged 62) 16 November 1700 14 January 1724
Great-grandson of Philip IV Bourbon Philip V of Spain
Louis I
(Luis I)
25 August 1707 - 31 August 1724 (aged 17) 14 January 1724 31 August 1724 Son of Philip V Bourbon  
Philip V
19 December 1683 - 9 July 1746 (aged 62) 6 September 1724 9 July 1746 Father of Louis I Bourbon Philip V of Spain
Ferdinand VI
(Fernando VI)
  • the Learnt
23 September 1713 - 10 August 1759 (aged 45) 9 July 1746 10 August 1759 Son of Philip V Bourbon Fernando VI of Spain
Charles III
(Carlos III)
20 January 1716 - 14 December 1788 (aged 72) 10 August 1759 14 December 1788 Son of Philip V Bourbon Carlos III of Spain
Charles IV
(Carlos IV)
11 November 1748 - 20 January 1819 (aged 70) 14 December 1788 19 March 1808
Son of Carlos III Bourbon Charles IV of Spain
Fernand VII
(Fernando VII)
  • the Desired
14 October 1784 - 29 September 1833 (aged 48) 19 March 1808 6 May 1808
Son of Charles IV Bourbon Fernando VII of Spain

House of Bonaparte (1808-1813)

The only monarch from this dynasty was Joseph, imposed by his brother Emperor Napoleon I of France after the kings Charles IV and Ferdinand VII abdicated. The title used by Joseph was King of the Spains and the Indias, by the Grace of God and the Constitution of the State. He was also later given all of the titles of the previous kings. A government in opposition to the French was formed in Cádiz on 25 September 1808, which continued to recognize the imprisoned Ferdinand VII as king. This government was diplomatically recognized as the legitimate Spanish government by Britain and other countries at war with France.

Reign start
Reign end
Joseph Bonaparte
7 January 1768 - 28 July 1844 (aged 76) 6 June 1808 11 December 1813
  Bonaparte José of Spain

House of Bourbon (1813-1868)

Charles IV's eldest son was restored to the throne. Again the title used was king of Castile, Leon, Aragon,... by the Grace of God.

Reign start
Reign end
Ferdinand VII
  • the Desired
14 October 1784 - 29 September 1833 (aged 48) 11 December 1813 29 September 1833 Son of Charles IV Bourbon  
Isabella II
(Isabel II)
10 October 1830 - 10 April 1904 (aged 73) 29 September 1833 30 September 1868
Daughter of Ferdinand VII Bourbon  

House of Savoy (1870-1873)

After the Spanish Revolution of 1868 deposed Isabella II, there was established a provisional government and a regency headed by Francisco Serrano y Domínguez from October 8, 1868 until January 2, 1871, while a new monarch was sought. Amadeo was elected as king and the new title used was King of Spain, by the Grace of God and will of the nation.

Reign start
Reign end
Amadeo I 30 May 1845 - 18 January 1890 (aged 44) 16 November 1870 11 February 1873
elected by Cortes Savoy  

Spanish Republic (1873-1874)

Kingdom of Spain (1874-1931)

House of Bourbon (1874-1931)

Isabella II's eldest son was restored to the throne as she had abdicated in his favour in 1870. Constitutional king of Spain.

Reign start
Reign end
Alfonso XII
  • the Peacemaker
28 November 1857 - 25 November 1885 (aged 27) 29 December 1874 25 November 1885 Son of Isabella II Bourbon Alfonso XII of Spain
Alfonso XIII 17 May 1886 - 28 February 1941 (aged 54) 17 May 1886 14 April 1931
Son of Alfonso XII Bourbon  

Spanish Republic (1931-1939)

Spanish State (1936-1975)

On 1 October 1936 General Francisco Franco was proclaimed Leader of Spain (Spanish: Caudillo de España) in the parts of Spain controlled by the Nationalists (nacionales) after the Spanish Civil War broke out. After the end of war on 1 April 1939 General Franco took control of the whole of Spain. In 1947, Franco proclaimed the restoration of the monarchy, but did not allow the pretender, Juan Carlos, Count of Barcelona, to take the throne. In 1969, Franco declared that Juan Carlos, Prince of Spain, the Count of Barcelona's son, would be his successor. After Franco's death in 1975, Juan Carlos succeeded him as the King of Spain.

Kingdom of Spain (1975-present)

House of Bourbon (1975-present)

Alfonso XIII's claim descended (due to his two eldest sons' renunciations) to his third son, Juan Carlos, Count of Barcelona, who was passed over in favour of his eldest son, whose title is King of Spain. The Count of Barcelona renounced his claims in favour of his son in 1977, two years after Franco's death and Juan Carlos's accession.

Reign start
Reign end
Juan Carlos I
5 January 1938 (age 74) 22 November 1975 Incumbent Grandson of Alfonso XIII Bourbon Juan Carlos I of Spain

 The Family Titles and Styles

The children of the Head of this house and of the heir apparent bear the title Infante or Infanta of Spain together with the formal appellation of His or Her Royal Highness, Other members bear various individual titles.
The Genealogy of the Royal House
Philippe of France, Duc d'Anjou, was declared King FELIPE V of Spain 1 Nov 1700, abdicated 15 Jan 1724, resumed 6 Sep 1724, King of Naples and Sicily (Versailles 19 Dec 1683-Buen Retiro, Madrid 9 Jul 1746); m.1st by proxy at Turin 11 Sep 1701 and in person at Figueras 3 Nov 1701 Maria Luisa Pss of Savoy (Turin 17 Sep 1688-Madrid 14 Feb 1714); m.2d by proxy at Parma 16 Sep 1714 and in person at Guadalajara 24 Dec 1714 Elisabetha Farnese Pss of Parma (Parma 25 Oct 1692-Aranjuez 11 Jul 1766)

1a) LUIS Felipe, King of Spain 15 Jan 1724 (Madrid 25 Aug 1707-Madrid 31 Aug 1724); m.Lerma 20 Jan 1722 Louise Elisabeth d'Orléans (Versailles 11 Dec 1709-Paris 16 Jun 1742)

2a) Felipe Luis (Madrid 2 Jul 1709-Madrid 8 Jul 1709)

3a) Felipe Pedro Gabriel (Madrid 7 Jun 1712-Madrid 29 Dec 1719)

4a) FERNANDO VI, King of Spain (Madrid 23 Sep 1713-Villaviciosa 10 Aug 1759); m.Badajoz 20 Jan 1729 Maria, Infanta of Portugal (Lisbon 4 Dec 1711-Aranjuez 27 Aug 1758)

5a) CARLOS III Sebastiano, King of Spain (Madrid 20 Jan 1716-Madrid 14 Dec 1788); m.by proxy at Dresden 9 May 1738 and in person at Gaeta 19 Jun 1738 Maria Amalia Pss of Saxony (Dresden 24 Nov 1724-Buen Retiro 27 Sep 1760)

1b) Maria Isabel Antonieta de Padua Francisca Januaria Francisca de Paula Juana Nepomucena Josefina Onesifora Infanta of Spain (Portici 6 Sep 1740-Naples 1 Nov 1742)

2b) Maria Josefa Antonieta Infanta of Spain (Portici 20 Jan 1742-Naples 3 Apr 1742)

3b) Maria Isabel Infanta of Spain (Naples 30 Apr 1743-Naples 5 Mar 1749)

4b) Maria Josefa Carmela Infanta of Spain (Gaeta 6 Jul 1744-Madrid 8 Dec 1801)

5b) Maria Luisa Infanta of Spain (Portici 24 Nov 1745-Vienna 15 May 1792); m.by proxy at Madrid 16 Feb 1764 and in person at Innsbruck 4 Aug 1765 Emperor Leopold II (Schönbrunn 5 May 1747-Vienna 1 Mar 1792)

6b) Felipe Antonio Januario Pascual Fernando de Paula, Infant of Spain, Duca di Calabria, excluded from the succession due to his imbecility (Portici 13 Jun 1747-Naples 19 Sep 1777)

7b) CARLOS IV Antonio Pascual Francisco Javier Juan Nepomuceno José Januario Serafin Diego, King of Spain (Portici 11 Nov 1748-Naples 19 Jan 1819); m.San Ildefonso 4 Sep 1765 Maria Luisa Pss of Bourbon-Parma (Parma 9 Dec 1751-Rome 2 Jan 1819)

1c) Carlos Clemente Antonio de Padua Januario Pascual José Francisco de Asis Francisco de Paula Luís Vicente Ferrer Rafael Infant of Spain (Escorial 19 Sep 1771-El Pardo 7 Mar 1774)

2c) Carlota Joaquina Teresa Cayetana Infanta of Spain (Aranjuez 25 Apr 1775-Queluz 7 Jan 1830); m.Lisbon 9 Jun 1785 King João VI of Portugal (Lisbon 13 May 1767-Lisbon 10 Mar 1826)

3c) Maria Luisa Carlota Infanta of Spain (San Ildefonso 11 Sep 1777-San Ildefonso 2 Jul 1782)

4c) Maria Amalia Infanta of Spain (El Pardo 9 Jan 1779-Madrid 22 Jul 1798); m.San Ildefonso 25 Aug 1795 her uncle Infant Antonio of Spain (1755-1817; below)

5c) Carlos Domingo Eusebio Rafael José Antonio Juan Nepomuceno Gabriel Julian Vicente Ferrer Andrès-Avelino Luís Fernando Angel Francisco Pasqual Joaquin Cayetano Ignacio Manuel Raimundo Januario Francisco de Paula Infant of Spain (El Pardo 5 Mar 1780-Aranjuez 11 Jun 1783)

6c) Maria Luisa Josefina Antonieta Infanta of Spain, Dss of Lucca 1815-24 (San Ildefonso 6 Jul 1782-Rome 13 Mar 1824); m.San Ildefonso 25 Aug 1795 Luigi, King of Etruria, Pr of Bourbon-Parma (Piacenza 5 Jul 1773-Florence 27 May 1803)

7c) Carlos Francisco de Paula Domingo Antonio José Raimundo Diego Vicente Ferrer Juan Nepomuceno Isidro Pascual Pedro de Alcantara Fernando Felipe Luís Cayetano Gregorio Joaquin Lorenzo Justiniano Julian Infant of Spain (San Ildefonso 5 Sep 1783-San Ildefonso 11 Nov 1784)

8c) Felipe Francisco de Paula Domingo Antonio José Raimundo Diego Vicente Ferrer Juan Nepomuceno Isidro Pascual Pedro de Alcantara Fernando Felipe Luís Cayetano Gregorio Joaquin Lorenzo Justiniano Julian Infant of Spain (San Ildefonso 5 Sep 1783-San Ildefonso 18 Oct 1784)

9c) FERNANDO VII Maria Francisco de Paula Domingo Vicente Ferrer Antonio José Joaquin Pascual Diego Juan Nepomuceno Januario Francisco Francisco Javier Rafael Miguel Gabriel Calixto Cayetano Fausto Luís Ramón Gregorio Lorenzo Geronimo, King of Spain (Escorial 13 Oct 1784-Madrid 29 Sep 1833); m.1st by proxy at Naples 16 Aug 1802 and in person at Barcelona 6 Oct 1802 Maria Antonia Pss of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (Caserta 14 Dec 1784-Aranjuez 21 May 1806); m.2d by proxy at Cadiz 4 Sep 1816 and in person at Madrid 29 Sep 1816 Isabel Infanta of Portugal (Queluz 29 May 1797-Madrid 26 Dec 1818); m.3d by proxy at Dresden 7 Oct 1819 and in person at Madrid 20 Oct 1819 Josepha Pss of Saxony (Dresden 6 Dec 1803-Aranjuez 17 May 1829); m.4th Madrid 11 Dec 1829 his niece, Maria Cristina Pss of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (Palermo 27 Apr 1806-Le Havre 13 Sep 1878)

1d) Maria Luisa Isabel Infanta of Spain (Madrid 21 Aug 1817-Madrid 9 Jan 1818)

2d) Maria ISABEL II Luisa, Queen of Spain, deposed 30 Sep 1868, and abdicated 25 Jun 1870 (Madrid 10 Oct 1830-Paris 9 Apr 1904); m.Madrid 10 Oct 1846 Francisco Infant of Spain (1822-1902; below)

1e) Fernando, Pr of the Asturias (b.and d.Madrid 11 Jul 1850)

2e) Maria Isabel Francisca de Asis Cristina Francisca de Paula Dominga Infanta of Spain (Madrid 20 Dec 1851-Paris 23 Apr 1931); m.Madrid 13 May 1868 Gaetano Pr of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Cte di Girgenti (Naples 12 Jan 1846-Luzern 26 Nov 1871)

3e) Maria Cristina Infanta of Spain (Madrid 5 Jan 1854-Madrid 7 Jan 1854)

4e) ALFONSO XII Francisco de Asis Fernando Pio Juan Maria de la Concepcion Gregorio Pelayo, King of Spain 29 Dec 1874 (Madrid 28 Nov 1857-El Pardo 25 Nov 1885); m.1st Madrid 23 Jan 1878 Mercedes d'Orléans, Infanta of Spain (Madrid 24 Jun 1860-Madrid 26 Jun 1878); m.2d Madrid 29 Nov 1879 Maria Cristina, Archdss of Austria (Groß Seelowitz 21 Jul 1858-Madrid 6 Feb 1929)

1f) Maria de las Mercedes Isabel Teresa Cristina Alfonsa Jacinta Infanta of Spain (Madrid 11 Sep 1880-Madrid 17 Oct 1904); m.Madrid 14 Feb 1901 Carlos Pr of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Infant of Spain (Gries 10 Nov 1870-Seville 11 Nov 1949)

2f) Maria Theresa Isabel Eugenia Patricinio Diega Infanta of Spain (Madrid 12 Nov 1882-Madrid 23 Sep 1912); m.Madrid 12 Jan 1906 Ferdinand Pr of Bavaria, Infant of Spain; he renounced his rights to the Bavarian throne 1914 (Madrid 10 May 1884-Madrid 5 Apr 1958)

1g) Luís Alfonso Fernando Cristino Adalberto Teresa Maria de Guadalupe Santiago Isidro Ramón José Antonio María de la Espectación y Rodos los Santos Infant of Spain, born Pr of Bavaria (Madrid 6 Dec 1906-Madrid 14 May 1983)

2g) José Eugenio Alfonso Fernando Mariano Teresa Antonio Jesús Santiago Isidro Ramón Braulio y Todos los Santos Infant of Spain, born Pr of Bavaria (Madrid 26 Mar 1909-Nice 16 Aug 1966); m.Urrugene, France 25 Jul 1933 Maria de la Asunción (Marisol) Solange Mesia y de Lesseps (London 30 Sep 1911-Madrid 30 Nov 2005)

1h) Maria Cristina Paz Teresa Alfonsa Eugenia Rita y Todos los Santos de Baviera y Mesia (b.Paris 6 Feb 1935); m.Madrid 12 Jul 1967 Juan Manuel de Urquijo y de Morales (San Sebastian 8 Dec 1937-Madrid 9 Oct 2002)

2h) Fernando Juan Luís José Maria Santiago y Todos los Santos de Baviera y Mesia (San Remo 3 Apr 1937-Madrid 15 Mar 1999); m.Biarritz 14 May 1966 (div 197_) Sofia Cecilia Fugarolas y Aris (Barcelona 13 Oct 1941-1 Aug 2005)

1i) Cristina de Baviera y Fugarolas (b.Geneva 7 Feb 1974)

3h) Maria Teresa Luisa Fernanda y Todos los Santos de Baviera y Mesia (b.Madrid 11 Jan 1941); m.Madrid 23 Nov 1963 Alfonso Márquez y Patino, Marques de Castro (San Sebastian 7 Aug 1936-k.in car wreck at Malaga 12 Feb 1994)

4h) Luís Alfonso Fernando Maria Santiago y Todos los Santos de Baviera y Mesia (Madrid 26 Jan 1942-k.in car wreckAlmuncar 4 Dec 1966)

3g) Maria de las Mercedes Teresa Maria de la Paz Ferdinanda Adalberta Cristina Antonia Isidra Raimunda Josefa Jesusa Fausta omnes sancti Francisca Borgias Infanta of Spain, born Pss of Bavaria (Madrid 3 Oct 1911-Madrid 11 Sep 1953); m.San Sebastian 29 Aug 1946 Pr Irakli Bagration-Moukhransky (Tiflis 3 Apr 1909-Madrid 30 Nov 1977)

4g) Maria del Pilar Adelgunda Luitpolda Maria de la Paz Teresa Luisa Fernanda Cristina Antonia Isidra Ramona Atocha Maria de las Mercedes Simona de Rojas y Todos los Santos Infanta of Spain, born Pss of Bavaria (Madrid 15 Sep 1912-Madrid 9 May 1918)

3f) ALFONSO XIII León Fernando Maria Jaime Isidro Pascual Antonio, King of Spain, fled the country 14 Apr 1931, abdicated 15 Jan 1941 (Madrid 17 May 1886-Rome 28 Feb 1941); m.Madrid 31 May 1906 Victoria Eugenie Pss von Battenberg (Balmoral 24 Oct 1887-Lausanne 15 Apr 1969)

1g) Alfonso Pio Cristino Eduardo Francisco Guillermo Carlos Enrique Eugenio Fernando Antonio Venancio Infant of Spain, Pr of the Asturias (Madrid 10 May 1907-Miami, Florida 6 Sep 1938); m.1st Ouchy, Switzerland 21 Jun 1933 (div 1937) Edelmira Ocejo y Robato (Sagua-La-Grande, Cuba 5 Mar 1906-Miami 23 May 1994); m.2d Havana 3 Jul 1937 (div 1937) Marta Rocafort y Altazarra (Havana 18 Sep 1913-Miami 4 Feb 1993)

2g) Jaime Luitpold Isabelino Enrique Alejandro Alberto Alfonso Victor Acacio Pedro Pablo Maria Infant of Spain, Duke of Anjou & Segovia, renounced his rights to the Spanish throne 21 Jun 1933 (San Ildefonso 23 Jun 1908-St.Gallen, Switzerland 20 Mar 1975); m.1st Rome 4 Mar 1935 (div 1947) Emanuela de Dampierre (b.Rome 8 Nov 1913); m.2d Innsbruck 3 Aug 1949 Charlotte Tiedemann (Königsberg 2 Jan 1919-Berlin 3 Jul 1979); as senior male by primogeniture of the House of Capet he was considered by many the legitimist claimant to the French throne; for further details of his issue see France

3g) Beatriz Isabel Federica Alfonsa Eugenia Cristina Maria Teresa Bienvenida Ladisláa Infanta of Spain (San Ildefonso 22 Jun 1909-Rome 22 Nov 2002); m.Rome 14 Jan 1935 Alessandro Pr Torlonia di Civitelli Cesi (Rome 7 Dec 1911-Rome 12 May 1986)

4g) Maria Cristina Teresa Alejandra Guadalupe Maria de la Concepción Ildefonsa Vitoria Eugénia Infanta of Spain (Madrid 12 Dec 1911-Madrid 23 Dec 1996); m.Rome 10 Jun 1940 Conte Enrico Marone (Turin 15 Mar 1895-Geneva 23 Oct 1968)

5g) Juan Carlos Teresa Silvestre Alfonso Infant of Spain, Conde de Barcelona (San Ildefonso 20 Jun 1913-Pamplona 1 Apr 1993); m.Rome 12 Oct 1935 Maria de las Mercedes Pss of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (Madrid 23 Dec 1910-Lanzarote, Canary Islands 2 Jan 2000)

1h) Maria del Pilar Alfonsa Juana Vitoria Luisa Ignacia y Todos los Santos Infanta of Spain, Duquesa de Badajoz (b.Cannes 30 Jul 1936); m.Lisbon 6 May 1967 Luís Gomez-Acebo y de Estrada (Madrid 23 Dec 1934-Madrid 9 Mar 1991)

1i) Maria de la Fatima Simonetta Gomez-Acebo y de Borbon, b.Madrid 31 Oct 1968; m.Palma de Majorca 12 Sep 1990 (div) José Miguel Fernandez-Sastron (b.Madrid 14 Jun 1959)

1j) Luis Juan Fernandez y Gomez-Acebo, b.Madrid 23 Sep 1991

2j) Pablo Fernandez y Gomez-Acebo, b.Madrid 4 May 1995

3j) Maria de las Mercedes Fernandez y Gomez-Acebo, b.Madrid 17 Jan 2000

2i) Juan Filiberto Nicolás Gomez-Acebo y de Borbon Vscde de la Torre, b.Madrid 6 Dec 1969

3i) Bruno Alejandro Gomez-Acebo y de Borbon, b.Madrid 15 Jun 1971; m.Madrid 5 Oct 2002 Bárbara Cano y de la Plaza (b.Madrid 20 Mar 1972)

1j) Alejandro Juan Gomez-Acebo y Cano (b.Madrid 5 Nov 2004)

2j) Guillermo Gomez-Acebo y Cano (b.Madrid 23 Nov 2005)

3j) Alvaro Gomez-Acebo y Cano (b.Madrid 30 May 2011)

4i) Luis Beltran Ataulfo Gomez-Acebo y de Borbon, b.Madrid 20 May 1973; m.La Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia 18 Sep 2004 Laura Ponte Martinez (b.Vigo 9 Jun 1973)

1j) Luis Felipe Gomez-Acebo y Ponte (b.Madrid 1 Jul 2005)

2j) Laura, b.Madrid 1 Jul 2006

5i) Fernando Umberto Gomez-Acebo y de Borbon, b.Madrid 13 Sep 1974; m.Madrid 27 Nov 2004 (div) Mónica Fernán Luque

2h) JUAN CARLOS Alfonso Victor Maria, King of Spain 22 Nov 1975 (b.Rome 5 Jan 1938); m.Athens 14 May 1962 Sophia Pss of Greece and Denmark (b.Psychiko 2 Nov 1938)

1i) Elena Maria Isabella Dominica Infanta of Spain, Duquesa de Lugo (b.Madrid 20 Dec 1963); m.Seville 18 March 1995 (div 2010) Jaime de Marichalar y Sáenz de Tejada (b.Pamplona 7 Apr 1963)

1j) Felipe Juan Froilán de Todos los Santos Marichalar y de Borbón, b.Madrid 17 Jul 1998

2j) Victoria Federica Marichalar y de Borbón, b.Madrid 9 Sep 2000

2i) Cristina Friederika Victoria Antonia Infanta of Spain Duquesa de Palma de Majorca (b.Madrid 13 Jun 1965); m.Barcelona 4 Oct 1997 Iñaki Urdangarin Liebert (b.Zumárraga 15 Jan 1968)

1j) Juan Valentin de todos los Santos Urdangarín y de Borbón, b.Barcelona 29 Sep 1999

2j) Pablo Nicolás Urdangarín y de Borbón, b.Barcelon 6 Dec 2000

3j) Miguel Urdangarín y de Borbón, b.Barcelona 30 Apr 2002

4j) Irene Urdangarín y de Borbón, b.Barcelona 5 Jun 2005

3i) Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso et omnes sancti Infant of Spain, Pr of the Asturias (b.Madrid 30 Jan 1968); m.Madrid 22 May 2004 Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano (b.Oviedo 15 Sep 1972)

1j) Leonor Infanta of Spain (b.Madrid 31 Oct 2005)

2j) Sofia Infanta of Spain (b.Madrid 29 Apr 2007)

3h) Margarita Maria de la Victoria Esperanza Jacoba Felicidad omnes Sancti Infanta of Spain, Duquesa de Soria y Hernani (b.Rome 6 Mar 1939); m.Estoril 12 Oct 1972 Don Carlos Zurita y Delgado (b.Malaga 9 Oct 1943)

1i) Don Alfonso Juan Carlos Zurita y de Borbon, b.Madrid 9 Aug 1973

2i) Dona Maria Sofia Emilia Carmen Zurita y de Borbon, b.Madrid 16 Sep 1975

4h) Alfonso Cristino Teresa Angel Francisco de Asis y Todos los Santos Infant of Spain (Rome 3 Oct 1941-k.by accidental gunshot at Estoril 29 Mar 1956)

6g) Gonzalo Manuel Maria Bernardo Narciso Alfonso Mauricio Infant of Spain (Madrid 24 Oct 1914-Krumpendorf, Austria 13 Aug 1934)

7g) [by Carmen Ruiz y Moragas (1898-1936)] Maria Teresa Ruiz Moragas (1925-1965); m.Arnaldo de Burgessier

8g) [by Carmen Ruiz y Moragas] Leandro Alfonso Fernandez-Moragas, later, Borbón Ruiz, b.1929; m.1st 1952 Rosario Vidal y de Barnola (d.1992); m.2d 1982 Concepción de Mora y Ruiz à issue

9g) [by Mélanie de Gaufridy de Dortan, though some sources say that Roger was son of Mélanie's husband, Philippe Levêque de Vilmorin (1872-1917)] Roger Levêque de Vilmorin (Paris 12 Sep 1905 Verrières-le-Buisson 20 Jul 1980), m.1st Nice 16 Jan 1926 Pauline Roissard de Bellet (Paris 31 Mar 1892 Nice 4 Aug 1940); m.2nd 12 Feb 1945 Edith Lowther (1906- ) à issue

10g) [by Béatrice Noon] Juana Alfonsa Milan y Quinones de Leon (Paris 19 Apr 1916-Madrid 16 May 2005)

5e) Maria de la Concepción Francisca de Asis Isabel Luisa Antonia de Padua Estefania Maria del Olvido Filomena Francisca de Paula Infanta of Spain (Madrid 26 Dec 1859-Madrid 21 Oct 1861)

6e) Maria del Pilar Berenguela Isabel Francisca de Asis Cristina Sebastiana Gabriela Francisca Caraciola Saturnina Infanta of Spain (Madrid 4 Jun 1861-Escoriaza 5 Aug 1879)

7e) Maria de la Paz Juana Amelia Adalberta Francisca de Paula Juana Bautista Isabel Francisca de Asis Infanta of Spain (Madrid 23 Jun 1862-Schloß Nymphenburg 4 Dec 1946); m.Madrid 2 Apr 1883 Ludwig Ferdinand Pr of Bavaria (Madrid 22 Oct 1859-Nymphenburg 23 Nov 1949)

8e) Maria Eulalia Francisca de Asis Margarita Roberta Isabel Francisca de Paula Cristina Maria de la Piedad Infanta of Spain (Madrid 12 Feb 1864-Irun 8 Mar 1958); m.Madrid 6 Mar 1886 Antonio d'Orléans, Duque de Galliera (Seville 23 Feb 1866-Paris 24 Dec 1930)

9e) Francisco de Asis Leopoldo Infant of Spain (Madrid 24 Jan 1866-Madrid 14 Feb 1866)

3d) Maria Luisa Fernanda Infanta of Spain (Madrid 30 Jan 1832-Seville 2 Feb 1897); m.Madrid 10 Oct 1846 Antoine d'Orléans Duc de Montpensier, Infant of Spain (Neuilly 31 Jul 1824-Sanlucar de Barrameda 4 Feb 1890); as their issue were considered at least in part to belong to the Spanish Royal House, they are included in this article

1e) Maria Isabel Francisca de Asis Antonia Luisa Fernanda Cristina Amelia Filipa Adelaida Josefa Elena Enriquetta Carolina Justina Rufina Gasparina Melchiora Baltasara Matea Infanta of Spain (Seville 21 Sep 1848-Villamanrique de la Condesa 23 Apr 1919); m.Kingston-on-Thames 30 May 1864 Pr Philippe d'Orléans, Cte de Paris (1838-1894)

2e) Maria Amelia Luisa Enriquetta Infanta of Spain (Seville 28 Aug 1851-Seville 11 Nov 1870)

3e) Maria Cristina Francisca de Paula Antonieta Infanta of Spain (Seville 29 Oct 1852-Seville 28 Apr 1879)

4e) Maria de la Regla Francisca de Asis Antonia Luisa Fernanda Infanta of Spain (Seville 9 Oct 1856-Seville 25 Jul 1861)

5e) Fernando Maria Enrique Carlos Infant of Spain (Sanlúcar de Barrameda 29 May 1859-d.nr Orléans 3 Dec 1873)

6e) Maria de las Mercedes Isabel Francisca de Asis Antonia Luisa Fernanda Infanta of Spain (Madrid 24 Jun 1860-Madrid 26 Jun 1878); m.Madrid 23 Jan 1878 King Alfonso XII of Spain (Madrid 28 Nov 1857-El Pardo 25 Nov 1885)

7e) Felipe Raymundo Maria Infant of Spain (Seville 12 May 1862-Seville 13 Feb 1864)

8e) Antonio Maria Luís Felipe Juan Florencio Infant of Spain, Duca di Galliera (Seville 23 Feb 1866-Paris 24 Dec 1930); m.Madrid 6 Mar 1886 Eulalia Infanta of Spain (Madrid 12 Feb 1864-Irun 8 Mar 1958)

1f) Alfonso Maria Francisco Antonio Diego Infant of Spain, Duca di Galliera (Madrid 12 Nov 1886-Sanlúcar de Barrameda 10 Aug 1975); m.Schloß Rosenau, Coburg 15 Jul 1909 Beatrice Pss of Great Britain and Ireland, Pss of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Eastwell Park, Kent 20 Apr 1884-Sanlúcar de Barrameda 13 Jul 1966)

1g) Alvaro Antonio Carlos Felipe Fernando d'Orleans-Borbón, Pr d'Orléans, Duca di Galliera (Coburg 20 Apr 1910-Monte Carlo 22 Aug 1997); m.Rome 10 Jul 1937 Carla Parodi Delfino (Milan 13 Dec 1909-Sanlucar 27 Jul 2000)

1h) Doña Gerarda d'Orléans-Borbón, b.Rome 25 Aug 1939; m.1st New York 26 Jul 1963 (div 1977) Harry Saint (b.New York 13 Feb 1941); m.2d Monaco 17 Nov 1990 (div 1998) Ignacio Enrique Romero y de Solis Marques de Marelina (b.Seville 20 Oct 1937)

2h) Don Alonso d'Orléans-Borbón (Rome 23 Aug 1941-Houston, Texas 7 Sep 1975); m.Naples 12 Jan 1966 Donna Emilia Ferrara Pignatelli dei Principi di Strongoli (Naples 6 Apr 1940-Lausanne 22 Dec 1999)

1i) Don Alfonso d'Orléans-Borbón, Duca di Galliera, b.Santa Cruz, Teneriffe 2 Jan 1968; m.Paris 28 Mar 1994 (div) Véronique Goeders (b.Verviers, Belgium 16 Nov 1970)

1j) Don Alonso Juan d'Orléans-Borbón, b.Paris 15 Jul 1994

2i) Don Alvaro d'Orléans-Borbón, b.Santa Cruz, Teneriffe 4 Oct 1969

3h) Doña Beatriz d'Orléans-Borbón, b.Seville 27 Apr 1943; m.Rome 25 Apr 1964 Tomasso dei Conti Farini (b.Turin 16 Sep 1938)

4h) Don Alvaro Jaime d'Orléans-Borbón, b.Rome 1 Mar 1947; m.1st Campiglione 22 May 1974 (div) Giovanna San Martino d'Aglié dei Marchesi di Fontanetto (b.Campiglione 10 Apr 1945); m.2nd Antonella Rendina

1i) Doña Pilar d'Orléans-Borbón, b.Rome 27 May 1975; m.Jun 2006 Nicholas Henderson-Stewart (b.Auckland 20 Aug 1974)

2i) Don Andrea d'Orléans-Borbón, b.Rome 9 Jul 1976; m.London Jan 2009 Anne-Laure van Exter

3i) Don Alois d'Orléans-Borbón, b.Rome 24 Mar 1979; m.28 Jun 2008 Guadalupe Solis Jabón

4i) [by 2nd m.] Doña Eulalia d'Orléans-Borbón (b.2006)

2g) Alonso Maria Cristino Justo (Madrid 28 May 1912-k.a.nr Madrid 18 Nov 1936)

3g) Ataúlfo Carlos Isabelo Alejandro (Madrid 20 Oct 1913-Malaga 8 Oct 1974)

2f) Luís Fernando Maria Zacarias Infant of Spain (Madrid 5 Nov 1888-Paris 20 Jun 1945); m.London 19 Sep 1930 Marie Say (Verrières-le-Buisson 25 Aug 1857-Paris 15 Jul 1943)

9e) Luís Maria Felipe Antonio Infant of Spain (Seville 30 Apr 1867-Château de Randan 21 May 1874)

10c) Carlos Maria Isidro Benito Infant of Spain, Conde de Molina; he objected to the alteration in the succession to the throne to allow his niece Isabel II to become Queen, and he and his descendants [they and their partisans were known as the Carlists] fought for the throne for decades (Aranjuez 29 Mar 1788-Trieste 10 Mar 1855); m.1st Madrid 22 Sep 1816 Maria Francisca Infanta of Portugal (Queluz 22 Apr 1800-Alverstoke Rectory, nr Gosport, Hants 4 Sep 1834); m.2d Azcoitia 20 Oct 1838 Maria Teresa Infanta of Portugal, Pss of Beira (Queluz 29 Apr 1793-Trieste 17 Jan 1874)

1d) Carlos Luís Maria Fernando Infant of Spain, Cde de Montemolin (Madrid 31 Jan 1818-Trieste 13 Jan 1861); m.Caserta 10 Jul 1850 Carolina Pss of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (Naples 29 Nov 1820-Trieste 14 Jan 1861)

2d) Juan Carlos Maria Isidro Infant of Spain, Cde de Montizon (Aranjuez 15 May 1822-Brighton 18 Nov 1887 [other sources say 21 Nov 1887; I received the following communication: I've just been sent an article from the Bright Herald of 1887 about the "Death of Don Carlos's father". It quotes the inscription on the coffin which says he died on 18 November 1887. " Another correspondent who has seen the monuments at Trieste confirms that it gived the date of death as 18 November 1887.); on the death of the Cte de Chambord in 1883 he became senior male by primogeniture of the Capet family, and legitimist heir of the French throne; m.Modena 6 Feb 1847 Beatrix, Archdss of Austria-Este (Modena 13 Feb 1824-Görz 18 Mar 1906)

1e) Carlos Maria de los Dolores Juan Isidro Francisco Quirino Antonio Miguel Gabriel Rafael Infant of Spain, Duque de Madrid (Laibach 30 Mar 1848-Varese 18 Jul 1909); m.1st Frohsdorf 4 Feb 1867 Margherita Pss of Bourbon-Parma (Lucca 1 Jan 1847-Viareggio 29 Jan 1893); m.2d Prague 28 Apr 1894 Berthe Pss de Rohan (Teplitz 21 May 1860-Vienna 12 Jan 1945)

1f) Blanca de Castilla Maria de la Concepción Teresa Francisca de Asis Margarita Juana Beatriz Carlota Luisa Fernanda Adelgunda Elvira Idelfonsa Regina Josefa Micaela Gabriela Rafaela Infanta of Spain (Graz 7 Sep 1868-Viareggio 25 Oct 1949); m.Frohsdorf 24 Oct 1889 Leopold Salvator, Archduke of Austria Pr of Tuscany (Alt-Bunzlau 15 Oct 1863-Vienna 4 Sep 1931)

2f) Jaime Pio Juan Carlos Benvenudo Samsón Pelayo Hermenegildo Recared Alvaro Fernando Gonzalo Alfonso Maria de los Dolores Enrique Luís Roberto Francisco Ramiro José Joaquin Isidro Leandro Miguel Gabriel Rafael Pedro Benito Felipe Infant of Spain, Duque de Madrid (Vevey 27 Jun 1870-Paris 9 Oct 1931)

3f) Elvira Maria Teresa Enriqueta Infanta of Spain (Le Bocage 28 Jul 1871-Paris 9 Dec 1929)

4f) Maria Beatriz Teresa Carlota Infanta of Spain (Pau 21 Mar 1874-Monte San Quirico 1 Nov 1961); m.Venice 27 Feb 1897 (separated 1907) Don Fabrizio Massimo Pr di Roviano, Duca di Anticoli Corrado (Rome 23 Nov 1868-Rome 3 Oct 1944)

5f) Maria Alicia Ildefonsa Margarita Infanta of Spain (Pau 29 Jun 1876-Il Colle Bargecchia 20 Jan 1975); m.1st Venice 26 Apr 1897 (div 1903) Friedrich Pr von Schönburg-Waldenburg (Gauernitz 20 Oct 1872-Schwarzenbach 27 Oct 1910); m.2d Viareggio 3 Jun 1906 Lino del Prete (Viareggio 25 Apr 1877-Bargecchia 11 Feb 1956)

2e) Alfonso Carlos Fernando José Juan Pio Infant of Spain, Duque de San Jaime (London 12 Sep 1849-Vienna 29 Sep 1936); m.Kleinheubach 26 Apr 1871 Maria das Nieves Infanta of Portugal (Kleinheubach 5 Aug 1852-Vienna 15 Feb 1941) 3d) Fernando Maria José Infant of Spain (Escorial 19 Oct 1824-Brunnsee 2 Jan 1861)

11c) Maria Isabel Infanta of Spain (Madrid 6 Jul 1789-Portici 13 Sep 1848); m.1st by proxy at Barcelona 6 Jul 1802 and in person at Naples 19 Aug 1802 King Francesco I of the Two Sicilies (Naples 19 Aug 1777-Naples 8 Nov 1830); m.2d Naples 15 Jan 1839 Cte Francesco del Balzo (17 May 1805-15 Apr 1882)

12c) Maria Teresa Felipina Infanta of Spain (Aranjuez 16 Feb 1791-Escorial 2 Nov 1794)

13c) Felipe Maria Francisco Infant of Spain (Aranjuez 28 Mar 1792-Madrid 1 Mar 1794)

14c) Francisco de Paula Antonio Maria Infant of Spain, Duque de Cadiz (Madrid 10 Mar 1794-Madrid 13 Aug 1865); m.1st by proxy at Naples 15 Apr 1819 and in person at Madrid 12 Jun 1819 his niece Luisa Pss of Bourbon-Two Siciles (Portici 24 Oct 1804-Madrid 29 Jan 1844); m.2d (morganatically) 1851 Dona Teresa Arredondo y Ramirez de Arellano (1829-Madrid 29 Dec 1863)

1d) Francisco de Asis Luís Fernando Infant of Spain, Duque de Cadiz (Madrid 6 May 1820-Escorial 15 Nov 1821)

2d) Isabel Fernanda Francisca Josefina Infanta of Spain (Madrid 18 May 1821-Paris 9 May 1897); m.Dover 26 Jun 1841 Ct Ignaz Gurowski (b.Warsaw [Kalisz?] 17 May 1814 [1812?]-Paris 18 Apr 1887)

3d) Francisco de Asis, titular King of Spain (Aranjuez 13 May 1822-Epinay-sur-Seine 13 Apr 1902); m.Madrid 10 Oct 1846 Queen Isabel II of Spain (for whom, and for their issue, see above)

4d) Enrique Maria Fernando Carlos Francisco Luís Infant of Spain, Duque de Sevilla (Seville 17 Apr 1823-k.in a duel nr Alarcon 12 Mar 1870); m.(morganatically) Rome 6 May 1847 Elena de Castellvi y Shelly-Fernandez de Cordova (Valencia 16 Oct 1821-Madrid 29 Dec 1863)

1e) Enrique Pio Maria Francisco de Paula Luís Antonio de Borbón, Duque de Sevilla (Toulouse 3 Oct 1848-d.on the Red Sea 12 Jul 1894); m.Pau 5 Nov 1870 Josephine Parade y Sibie (Argeles 12 Apr 1840-Madrid 20 Oct 1939)

1f) Maria Luisa Enriqueta Josefina de Borbón Duquesa de Sevilla (Madrid 4 Apr 1868-19__? [she was succeeded by her sister in 1919, but it is not clear that she died then; she may have surrendered the title; other sources say she almost certainly died 1945 or after; Willis states that the current Duque de Sevilla gives the date as ca 1950, but is unsure]); m.London 25 Jul 1894 Juan Monclus y Cabanellas (Barcelona 18__-Church Stretton, Salop 13 Dec 1918 [per Willis, 1918 is correct, not 1919])

2f) Marta Maria Isabel Alfonsa Enriqueta Josefina Elena Luisa Carlota de Borbón (Santander 3 May 1880-Madrid 19 Mar 1928)

3f) Enriqueta Isabel Josefina Alfonsa Marta Maria Elena Luisa Carlota de Borbón Duquesa de Sevilla (Madrid 28 Jun 1888-Madrid 28 Oct 1967); m.Madrid 21 Aug 1907 Francisco de Borbón Duque de Sevilla (1882-1952; below)

2e) Luís de Borbón (Toulouse 7 Nov 1851-Valencia 25 Feb 1854)

3e) Francisco de Paula Maria Trinidad Enrique Gabriel Miguel Rafael Edmundo Buenaventura de Borbón (Toulouse 19 Mar 1853-Madrid 28 Mar 1942); m.1st Havana 15 Sep 1877 Maria Luisa de la Torre (Guamutas, Cuba 14 May 1856-Madrid 7 Jun 1887); m.2d Madrid 15 Feb 1890 Felisa de Leon y Navarro de Balboa, Marquesa de Balboa (Havana 14 Jun 1861-Madrid 25 Sep 1943)

1f) Elena Maria de los Dolores Luisa Francisca de la Caridad Sofia de Borbón (Havana 18 Sep 1878-assassinated at Madrid 24 Sep1936); m.Madrid 27 Oct 1908 José de Oltra y Fullana (Valencia del Cid 18 Apr 1878-Madrid 25 Mar 1966)

2f) Maria-Luisa Cristina Alfonsa Maria de los Dolores Soledad de Borbón (Madrid 27 Mar 1880-Madrid 28 Jan 1968); m.Madrid 27 Jul 1904 Diego Gonzalez-Conde y Garcia de la Cuesta, Marques de Villamantilla de Perales (Madrid 3 Oct 1876-Madrid 23 Aug 1954)

3f) Francisco de Paula Maria Enrique Alfonso José Rafael Miguel Gabriel Duque de Sevilla (Madrid 16 Jan 1882-Madrid 6 Dec1953); m.Madrid 21 Aug 1907 Enriquetta de Borbón Duquesa de Sevilla (above)

1g) Isabel Francisca de Borbón (Madrid 7 Feb 1908-Madrid 13 Jan 1974); m.Paris 21 Jun 1935 Rinaldo Barucci (Rome 5 Jan 1900-Madrid 26 Feb 1956)

2g) Enrique de Borbón (Madrid 19 Apr 1909-Tetuan 31 Aug 1915)

3g) Francisco de Paula Enrique Maria Luís de Borbón, renounced the title Duque de Sevilla in favor of his son (Santander 16 Nov 1912-Villaviciosa de Odon, Prov Madrid 18 Nov 1995); m.1st Madrid 4 Oct 1942 Enriqueta Escasany y Miquel (Malaga 13 Oct 1925-Madrid 16 May 1962); m.2d Madrid 15 Mar 1967 Maria Garcia de Lobez y Salvador (b.Madrid 11 Dec 1928)

1h) Francisco de Paula Enrique de Borbón Duque de Sevilla (b.Madrid 16 Nov 1943); m.1st Baden-Baden 7 Jul 1973 (div 1989) Beatrix Gfn von Hardenberg (b.Donaueschingen 28 Jun 1947); m.2d Vienna 19 Oct 1991 (div 1994) Isabel Eugenie Karanitsch (b.Vienna 23 Nov 1959); m.3d Malaga 2 Sep 2000 Maria de los Angeles Vargas-Zuñiga y de Juanes (b.1954)

1i) Olivia de Borbón (b.London 6 Apr 1974)

2i) Cristina de Borbón (b.Madrid 2 Sep 1975)

3i) Francisco de Borbón (b.Madrid 21 Jan 1979)

2h) Alfonso Carlos de Borbón (b.Madrid 10 Feb 1945); m.Madrid 2 Jul 1971 Maria Luisa Yordi y Villacampa (b.Madrid 15 Apr 1949)

1i) Alfonso de Borbón (b.Madrid 16 Nov 1973)

2i) Alejandra de Borbón (b.Madrid 24 May 1976); m.Guadalajara 20 Jun 2008 Bosco Ussia Hornedo

3h) Enrique Ignacio de Borbón (b.Madrid 18 Mar 1970)

4f) José Maria Enrique Alberto de Borbón (Madrid 16 Dec 1883-Madrid 28 Oct 1962); m.Madrid 21 Jul 1909 Maria Luisa Rich y Carvajo (Madrid 22 Feb 1890-Madrid 5 Feb 1926)

1g) José Luís Francisco Narciso de Borbón (Madrid 18 Jul 1910-assassinated at Gerona 29 Aug 1936); m.Montserrat 15 Nov 1933 Maria de Salsas y Puig (b.Barcelona 14 Feb 1912)

2g) Maria Luisa Elena Emilia de Borbón (Madrid 24 Nov 1911-Madrid 13 Feb 1930)

3g) Fernando de Borbón (Ceuta 16 Nov 1913-Tetuan 23 Jul 1914)

4g) Carlos Luís José Francisco de Borbón (Madrid 22 Mar 1915-Madrid 12 Nov 1978); m.Madrid 15 Feb 1939 Maria del Milagros de Oro y Fernandez de Ceballos (Ciempozuelos 12 May 1916-Madrid 20 Apr 1993)

1h) Carlos José de Borbón (b.Ciempozuelos 26 Jun 1940)

2h) Maria del Milagros de Borbón (b.Ciempozuelos 27 Nov 1941); m.Madrid 20 Dec 1965 Juan Ignacio Lopez y Perez (b.Bilbao 24 May 1931)

5g) Alberto José Luís Fernando de Borbón (Madrid 2 Nov 1916-Madrid 24 Aug 1997), m.San Ildefonso 30 Jan 1940 Maria de Dolores Campos y Guerra (b.Cuntis 4 Jun 1920)

1h) Enrique José de Borbón (b.Madrid 11 Jan 1948)

2h) Beatriz Eugenia de Borbón (Madrid 6 Dec 1949-Madrid 1 Oct 2008); m.1st Paris 28 Apr 1972 (div 1979) Jean-Bernard Venturini (b.Vichy 3 Nov 1944); m.2d Copenhagen 28 Dec 1979 Anders Jeffert (b.Copenhagen 17 Oct 1947)

3h) Maria Luisa de Borbón (b.Madrid 19 Dec 1951); m.1st in Mexico Jan 1979 (div 1981) Diego San Juan (b.13 Dec 1948); m.2d Madrid 12 Oct 1990 Luís Zuloaga Gallejo (b.Madrid 9 Aug 1943)

4h) Juan-Carlos de Borbón (La Corunna 28 Oct 1953-La Coruna Dec 1953)

6g) Beatriz Josefa Luisa de Borbón (Madrid 13 Jun 1918-Madrid 30 Dec 2000); m.Madrid 6 May 1935 Juan Ricoy y de Pereira (Cambados 26 May 1908-Luga 19 Jan 1964)

7g) Alvaro de Borbón (b.Tetuan 2 Jan 1922); m.Rute 19 Jun 1961 Carmen Cruz y Villen (b.Rute 26 Feb 1930)

1h) Maria del Milagros de Borbón (b.Rute 9 May 1962); m.Granada 28 Nov 1987 Manuel Molina y Muñoz (b.Granada 6 Dec 1959)

2h) Carmen de Borbón (b.Rute 9 May 1962); m.Granada 6 Dec 1988 Gustavo Adolfo Porras y Chavarino (b.Granada 13 Feb 1965)

5f) Maria de los Dolores Albertina Maria del Olvido Caridad Angela Gregoria de Borbón (Madrid 25 May 1887-Madrid 28/29 Jan 1985)

6f) Enrique Maria Francisco de Paula de Borbón Marques de Balboa (Madrid 6 Jul 1891-assassinated at Aravaca 29 Oct 1936); m.Madrid 15 Jun 1917 Isabel de Esteban y de Iranzo, Cdsa de Esteban (Madrid 6 Jun 1894-Madrid 14 Nov 1964)

1g) Isabel Maria de las Mercedes de Borbón, Marquesa de Balboa (Madrid 21 Sep 1918-Madrid 7 Apr 2009)

2g) Jaime de Borbón (Madrid 23 Apr 1921-assassinated at Aravaca 29 Oct 1936)

7f) Alfonso Maria Francisco Martin Felix Joaquin Rafael Miguel de Borbón Marques de Squilache (Madrid 24 Oct 1893-assassinated at Aravaca 29 Oct 1936); m.Barcelona 3 Jul 1925 Maria Luisa de Caralt y Mas (Barcelona 23 May 1898-Madrid 11 Oct 1981)

1g) Alfonso Luís de Borbón Marques de Squilache (b.Madrid 5 May 1926); m.Alicante 7 Jan 1958 Maria Teresa de Rojas y Rocade Togores, Marquesa del Bosch de Ares (b.Madrid 7 Feb 1929)

1h) Maria Josefa de Borbón Marquesa del Bosch de Arés (b.Madrid 27 Dec 1958); m.Bern 11 Apr 1987 Ramon de la Cierva y Garcia-Bermudez, Marques de Mairena (b.Madrid 28 Mar 1956)

2h) Ana Isabel de Borbón, Marquesa de Beniel (Madrid 18 Feb 1960-24 Oct 2011); m.at monastery de San Lorenzo de l'Escorial 7 Jan 1989 Daniel Tobar y Rojas (b.Santiago, Chile 28 Sep 1950)

3h) Maria Leticia de Borbón Cdsa de Torrellano (b.Madrid 4 Jan 1962)

2g) Luis-Alfonso de Borbón (Barcelona 11 Sep 1927-k.in air accident nr Madrid 6 Jul 1952)

8f) Maria de las Neves Blanca Joaquina Felisa Catalina de Borbón (Madrid 26 Aug 1898-Madrid 4 Jun 1989); m.Madrid 28 Jul 1929 Luís de Figueroa y Alonso-Martinez, Cde de Romanones (Madrid 24 Oct 1890-Madrid 17 Jul 1963)

4e) Alberto Enrique Maria Vicenta Ferrer Francisco de Paula Antonio de Borbón Duque de Santa Elena (Valencia 22 Feb 1854-Madrid 21 Jan 1939); m.1st Beaumont-de-Lomagne 27 Nov 1878 Marguerite d'Ast de Novele (Beaumont 27 Jun 1855-Château de Bonneville 12 Aug 1915); m.2d Madrid 30 Jan 1918 Clotilda Gallo Ruiz y Diaz de Bustamente (Madrid 3 Jun 1869-assassinated at Madrid 18 Dec 1936); m.3d Madrid 5 Jun 1937 Isabel Rodriguez de Castro (Seville 19 Apr 1888-Madrid 7 May 1947)

1f) Isabel Maria Margarita Carlota de Borbón (Valladolid 18 Oct 1879-Madrid 29 Oct 1966)

2f) Maria Immaculada Albertina Margarita Isabel de Borbón (Beaumont-de-Lomagne 14 Sep 1880-Madrid 10 Apr 1967)

3f) Alberto Maria Francisco de Paula Enrique Vicente Ferrer Luís Isidro Benigno Oscar de Borbón Duque de Santa Elena (Madrid 12 Feb 1883-Valladolid 1 Dec 1959); m.Madrid 10 Jul 1908 Maria Luisa Pinto y Lecanda (Valladolid 30 Apr 1887-Madrid 13 Dec 1977)

1g) Alfonso Maria Alberto Luís José de Calasanz Antonio de Paula Javier Pedro Ragalado de Borbón Marques de Santa Fe de Guardiola (Valladolid 27 Aug 1909-k.a.Lerida 25 Dec 1938); m.Madrid 19 Mar 1933 Maria de las Augustias Perez de Pulgar y Alba, Marquesa de Santa Fe de Guardiola (Valladolid 17 Oct 1907-Valladolid 18 Jun 1939)

1h) Alberto Enrique Alfonso Maria Cristobal Luís Fernando de Borbón Duque de Santa Elena (Seville 23 Nov 1933-Madrid 28 Jun 1995); m.Valladolid 27 Jun 1959 Eugenia Sanchez y Mendaro (b.Madrid 10 Oct 1934)

1i) Alberto Maria de Borbón (Madrid 30 Apr 1960-Madrid 15 May 1960)

2i) Alfonso de Borbón Duque de Santa Elena (b.Madrid 31 Mar 1961); m.1st The Hague 20 Jul 1981 (div) Patricia Doornkamp (b.The Hague 23 Feb 1958); m.2d Madrid 11 Feb 1993 Maria Escriva de Romani y Soto (b.Madrid 17 Nov 1956)

1j) Maria de Borbón (b.Madrid 10 Jan 1994)

2j) Eugenia de Borbón (b.Madrid 10 Jan 1994)

3j) Alfonso de Borbón (b.Madrid Apr 1995 (2 Feb 1995 per some sources)

3i) Maria Luisa de Borbón (b.Madrid 30 Apr 1962)

4i) Eugenia de Borbón (b.Madrid 30 Apr 1962)

2h) Maria de las Angustias Margarita Immaculada de Borbón (b.Seville 19 Aug 1935)

3h) Alfonso Maria José Cristobal Alberto de Borbón (Valladolid 4 Jun 1937-Seville 18 Jan 2007); m.Seville 4 Oct 1961 Ines Medina y Atienza (Seville 17 Dec 1939-14 Dec 2008)

1i) Alfonso de Borbón (Seville 27 Apr 1963-20 Jan 2005); m.Finca Rompezapatos, Sevilla, 15 May 1999 Amelia Isabel Pérez y Menzel

1j) Alfonso de Borbón (b.6 Nov 1999)

2i) Fernando de Borbón (b.Seville 15 Jun 1966); m.Seville 17 Sep 1999 María Vallejo y Miras (b.Jerez de la Frontera 31 May 1970)

1j) Fernando de Borbón, b.12 Mar 2001

2j) Sofia de Borbón, b.10 Oct 2002

3j) Ignacio de Borbón, b.12 Oct 2005

3i) Jaime [Santiago] de Borbón (b.Seville 19 Jul 1971); m.Madrid 10 Mar 2007 Patricia Garcia de la Mata

2g) Maria Luisa Margarita Maria del Corazon Guadalupe Francisca de Sales de Borbón (b.San Sebastian 6 Sep 1918); m.Valladolid 26 Apr 1941 Nicolas Gereda y Bustamente (b.Valladolid 11 Apr 1916)

5e) Maria del Olvido Angela Francisca Alfonsa Enriqueta Luisa Isabel Elena Maria Soledad de Borbón (Madrid 28 Nov 1863-Madrid 14 Apr 1907); m.Madrid 19 Dec 1888 Carlos Fernandez-Maquieira y Oyanguren (Madrid 1 Jul 1855-Il-Ilo, Philippines 1 Jul 1897)

5d) Luisa Teresa Maria del Carmen Francisca de Asis Infanta of Spain (Aranjuez 11 Jun 1824-Madrid 27 Dec 1900); m.Madrid 10 Feb 1847 José Maria Osorio de Moscoso Duque de Sessa (Madrid 12 Apr 1828-Córdoba 4 Nov 1881)

6d) Duarte Felipe Maria Infant of Spain (Madrid 4 Apr 1826-Madrid 22 Oct 1830)

7d) Josefina Fernanda Luisa Guadalupe Infanta of Spain (Aranjuez 25 May 1827-Paris 10 Jun 1910); m.Valladolid 28 Jun 1848 José Güell y Rente (Havana 10 Sep 1818-Madrid 20 Dec 1884)

8d) Teresa Infanta of Spain (Madrid 15 Nov 1828-Madrid 3 Nov 1829)

9d) Fernando Maria Mariano Infant of Spain (Aranjuez 15 Apr 1832-Madrid 17 Jul 1854)

10d) Maria Cristina Isabel Blasia Bona Vita Lutgarda Romana Judas Tadea Alberta Josefa Ana Joaquina Los Dolce Apostoles Bonifacia Dominica Bibiana Veronica Infanta of Spain (Madrid 5 Jun 1833-Madrid 18 Jan 1902); m.Madrid 19 Nov 1860 Sebastian, Infant of Spain and Portugal (Rio de Janeiro 4 Nov 1811-Pau 13 Feb 1875)

11d) Amelia Felipina del Pilar Blasia Bonisa Vita Rita Lutgard Romana Judas Tadea Alberta Josefa Ana Joaquina Los Dolce Apostolicos Bonifacia Domenica Bibiana Veronica Infanta of Spain (Madrid 12 Oct 1834-Munich 27 Aug 1905); m.Madrid 25 Aug 1856 Adalbert Pr of Bavaria (Munich 19 Jul 1828-Nymphenburg 21 Sep 1875)

12d) Ricardo Maria de Borbón y Arredondo Duque de San Ricardo (Madrid 26 Dec 1852-Paris 28 Jan 1873)

8b) Maria Teresa Antonieta Francisca Javier Francisca de Paula Serafina Infanta of Spain (Naples 29 Nov 1749-Portici 29 Apr 1750)

9b) Maria Ana Infanta of Spain (Portici 3 Jul 1754-Portici 11 May 1755)

10b) Fernando Antonio Pascual Juan Nepomuceno Serafin Januario Benito Infant of Spain (1751-1825); he became King Ferdinando IV of the Two Sicilies; for further details see Two Sicilies

11b) Gabriel Antonio Francisco Javier Juan Nepomuceno José Serafin Pascual Salvador Infant of Spain (Portici 11 May 1752-Escorial 23 Nov 1788); m.Aranjuez 23 May 1785 Maria Ana Infanta of Portugal (Queluz 15 Dec 1768-Escorial 2 Nov 1788)

1c) Pedro Carlos Antonio Rafael José Javier Francisco Juan Nepomuceno Tomas de Villanueva Marcos Marcelino Vicente Ferrer Raymundo Nonato Pedro de Alcantaro Fernando Infant of Spain and Portugal (Aranjuez 18 Jun 1786-Rio de Janeiro 4 Jul 1812); m.Rio de Janeiro 13 May 1810 Maria Teresa Infanta of Portugal (Queluz 29 Apr 1793-Trieste 17 Jan 1874)

1d) Sebastian Gabriel Maria Carlos Juan José Francisco Javier de Paula Miguel Bartolome de San Geminiano Rafael Gonzaga Infant of Spain and Portugal (Rio de Janeiro 4 Nov 1811-Pau 13 Feb 1875); m.1st by proxy at Naples 7 Apr 1832 and in person at Madrid 26 May 1832 Maria Amalia Pss of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (Pozzuoli 25 Feb 1818-Madrid 6 Nov 1857); m.2d Madrid 19 Nov 1860 Cristina Infanta of Spain (1833-1902; above)

1e) Francisco Maria Isabel Gabriel Pedro de Alcantara Sebastian Alfonso de Borbón, Duque de Marchena (Madrid 20 Aug 1861-Neuilly-sur-Seine 17 Nov 1923); m.Madrid 7 Jan 1886 Maria del Pilar de Muguiro y Beruete, Duquesa de Villafranca (Madrid 7 Jan 1869-Monte Carlo 24 Feb 1926)

1f) Maria Cristina Francisca de Asis Maria del Pilar Sebastiana Fermina Maria de los Angeles Natalia de Borbón Duquesa de Marchena (Paris 27 Jul 1889-London 3 Oct 1981); m.Paris 11 Nov 1911 Leopold Walford (Antwerp 13 May 1881-London 28 Nov 1958)

2f) Elena de Borbón (Paris 27 Jul 1890-Paris 3 Jan 1910)

3f) Maria de los Angelos Fermina Sebastiana Maria Cristina Francisca de Asis Maria del Pilar de Borbón, Dame de Balincourt (Paris 24 Jul 1895-Albano, Padua 19 Jul 1964); m.château de Balincourt 15 Jun 1920 Ct Jan Ostrorog (Istanbul 28 Mar 1896-Istanbul 19 Dec 1975)

2e) Pedro de Alcantara Maria de Guadalupe Teresa Isabel Francisco de Asis Gabriel Sebastian Cristino de Borbón, Duque de Durcal$ (Madrid 12 Dec 1862-Paris 5 Jan 1892); m.Madrid 6 Apr 1885 Maria de la Caridad de Madan y Uriondo (Guantanomo, Cuba 19 Sep 1867-Berlin 10 Feb 1912)

1f) Maria Cristina Alfonsa Francisca de Asis Sebastiana Isabel de Borbón (Madrid 10 Nov 1886-Madrid 14 Dec 1985); m.Madrid 14 Apr 1921 Maurits Willem Raedinck van Vollenhoven (Haarlem 25 Nov 1882-Madrid 29 May 1976)

2f) Maria Pia Luisa Caridad Francisca de Paula de Asis Petra de Alcantara Ignacia Cristina Isabel Alfonsa Javiera Bautista Carlota Sebastiana Teresa Maria de Guadalupe Maria de los Dolores de Borbón (Madrid 20 Aug 1888-Buenos Aires 14 Jul 1969); m.1st Paris 26 May 1907 Rafaelo Padilla y Avila (Tucumán, Argentina 4 Jan 1887-Buenos Aires 23 Apr 1945); m.2d Buenos Aires 29 Mar 1966 Guillermo Ramon de Achával (Rosario de Santa Fé, Argentina 24 Sep 1885-Buenos Aires 19 Nov 1971)

3f) Fernando Sebastian de Borbón Duque de Durcal (Paris 4 Feb 1891-Madrid 29 Mar 1944); m.Barcelona 19 Oct 1912 Maria Letitia Bosch-Labrus y Blat (Barcelona 14 Mar 1890-Madrid 29 Nov 1981)

1g) Maria Cristina de Borbón Duquesa de Durcal (Madrid 15 May 1913-Paris 28 Jul 2002); m.Madrid 8 Apr 1931 (div 1959) Antenor Patino y Rodriguez (Oruro, Bolivia 12 Oct 1896-New York 2 Feb 1982)

2g) Leticia Fernanda de Borbón (Madrid 22 Jun 1915-Geneva 9 Nov 2008); m.1st Rome 27 Nov 1940 (annulled 1956) Paolo Venturi Ginori Lisci, Marchese di Riparbella (Florence 22 Apr 1915-Florence 23 Nov 2000); m.2d Zürich 10 Jul 1958 Stefano Franceschi (Florence 16 Jun 1903-Geneva 1 Feb 1981)

3e) Luís Jesus Maria Isabel José Francisco de Asis Sebastian Cristino de Borbón, Duque de Ansola (Madrid 17 Jan 1864-Algier 24 Jan 1889); m.Madrid 31 May 1886 Maria Anna Bernaldo de Quiros, Marquesa de Atarfe (Valencia 19 Mar 1866-Vitoria 11 Sep 1934)

1f) Luís Alfonso Francisco José Maria de Borbón Duque de Ansola (Paris 9 Mar 1887-Biarritz 19 May 1945); m.London 16 Jul 1914 Beatrice Harrington (Maidstone 20 Aug 1881-Barnes Hospital, Mortlake 15 Oct 1971)

1g) [by Blanche Pages] Louis Georges de Borbon, b.Paris 31 May 1922; m.there 27 Mar 1951 Madeleine Priestnall (b.Charmant 23 Dec 1926)

2g) [by Marcelle Fernande Marthe Doyhamboure (Biarritz 30 Jan 1913-Paris 31 Aug 1994)] Philippe Serge de Borbon, b.La Baule (Loire Atlantique) 29 May 1935; m.Paris 12 May 1967 Anne Elisabeth Marie Garrouste (b.Chalabre (Aude) 7 Jul 1940)

1h) Marie Amélie de Bourbon, b.Boulogne Billancourt 4 Apr 1970; m.civ.Chavenay (Yvelines) 24 Jun 1995 (rel) Saint Julien Labrousse (Ardèche) 15 Jul 1995 Cédric Marie Ghislain Rozier de Linage (b.Dijon 16 Jan 1971)

2h) Philippe Edouard de Bourbon, b.Boulogne Billancourt 17 Mar 1973; m.1st Rennes 15 Jun 2002 (div 2004) Caroline Sylvaine Gaëlle Albrech (b.Versailles 6 Feb 1974); m.2nd Versailles 18 Sep 2010 Diana Moreira

2f) Manfredo Luis Jesus de Borbón Duque de Hernani y de Ansola (Algier 3 Feb 1889-Madrid 6 Jan 1979); m.1st Madrid 31 Jan 1920 Leticia de Santa Marina y Romero (La Coruna 15 Aug 1899-Malaga 7 Mar 1925); m.2d Madrid 27 Jun 1950 Teresa de Mariategui y Arteaga (Madrid 9 Jun 1914-Madrid 20 Sep 1996)

4e) Alfonso Maria Isabel Francisco Eugenio Gabriel Pedro Sebastian Pelayo Fernando Francisco de Paula Pio Miguel Rafael Juan José Joaquin Ana Zacarias Elisabeth Simeón Tereso Pedro Pablo Tadeo Santiago Simon Lucas Juan Mateo Andrès Bartolomé Ambrosio Geronimo Agustin Bernardo Candido Gerardo Luis-Gonzaga Filomeno Camilo Cayetano Andrès-Avelino Bruno Joaquin-Picolimini Felipe Luis-Rey-de-Francia Ricardo Esteban-Protomartir Genaro Nicolas Estanislao-de-Koska Lorenzo Vicente Crisostomo Cristano Dario Ignacio Francisco-Javier Francisco-de Borja Higona Clemente Esteban-de-Hungria Ladislado Enrique Ildefonso Hermenegildo Carlos-Borromoeo Eduardo Francisco-Régis Vicente-Ferrer Pascual Miguel-de-los-Santos Adriano Venancio Valentin Benito José-Oriol Domingo Florencio Alfacio Benére Domingo-de-Silos Ramon Isidro Manuel Antonio Todos-los-Santos de Borbón [Infant of Spain and Portugal?] (Madrid 15 Nov 1866-Madrid 28 Apr 1934); m.Madrid, Julia Mendez y Morales

5e) Gabriel e Jesus Maria Adalberto Enrique Fernando Luis Sebastian de Borbón [Infant of Spain and Portugal?] (Pau 22 Mar 1869-Madrid 15 Jul 1889)

2c) Maria Carlota Josefa Joaquina Ana Rafaela Antonieta Francisca de Asis Agustina Madalena Francisca de Paula Clotilda Lutgarda Teresa Tomasa Raymunda Pascuala Infanta of Spain and Portugal (Escorial 4 Nov 1787-Escorial 11 Nov 1787)

3c) Carlos José Antonio Infant of Spain and Portugal (Escorial 28 Oct 1788-Escorial 9 Nov 1788)

12b) Antonio Pascual Francisco Javier Juan Nepomuceno Aniello Raimundo Sylvestre Infant of Spain (Caserta 31 Dec 1755-Madrid 20 Apr 1817); m.Madrid 25 Aug 1795 his niece, Amelia Infanta of Spain (1779-1798; above)

13b) Francisco Javier Antonio Pascual Bernardo Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Aniello Julian Infant of Spain (Caserta 17 Feb 1757-Aranjuez 10 Apr 1771)

6a) Francisco (Madrid 21 Mar 1717-Madrid 21 Apr 1717)

7a) Maria Ana Vitoria (Madrid 31 Mar 1718-Lisbon 15 Jan 1781); m.by proxy at Madrid 27 Dec 1728 and in person at Elvas 19 Jan 1729 King José I of Portugal and the Algarves (Lisbon 6 Jun 1714-Lisbon 24 Feb 1777)

8a) Felipe (1720-1765) who became Filippo, Duke of Parma, Piacenza and Guastalla 1748; for further details see Parma

9a) Maria Teresa Antonietta Rafaela (Madrid 11 Jun 1726-Versailles 22 Jul 1746); m.by proxy at Madrid 18 Dec 1744 and in person at Versailles 23 Feb 1745 Louis, Dauphin de Viennois (Versailles 4 Sep 1729-Fontainebleau 20 Dec 1765)

10a) Luis Antonio Jaime, Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain 9 Sep 1735, Cardinal 19 Dec 1735, renounced his ecclesiastical titles 1754 and became Conde de Chinchón (Madrid 25 Jul 1727-Avila 7 Aug 1785); m.(morganatically) Olias del Rey 27 Jun 1776 Maria Teresa de Vallabriga y de Rozas (5 Sep 1758-Saragosa 16 Feb 1820)

1b) Luis Maria de Borbón y Vallabriga Cde de Chinchón, Marques de San Martin de la Vega, Archbishop of Seville Jun 1799, Archbishopof Toledo and Primate of Spain 1800, Cardinal 20 Oct 1800 (Cadahalso 22 May 1777-Madrid 19 Mar 1823)

2b) Maria Teresa de Borbón y Vallabriga Cdsa de Chinchón 1803, Duquesa de Sueca 7 Mar 1804 (Velada 6 Mar 1779-Paris 24 Nov 1828); m.Madrid 2 Oct 1797 Don Manuel de Godoy y Alvarez de Faria Pr de la Paz, Duque de Alcudia (Badajoz 12 May 1767-Paris 4 Oct 1851)

3b) Maria Luisa de Borbón y Vallabriga (21 Mar 1780-Paris 1 Dec 1846); m.1817 Don Joaquin de Melgarejo y Saurín Duque de San Fernando de Quiroga (d.Apr 1835)

11a) Maria Antonieta Fernanda (Seville 17 Nov 1729-Moncalieri 19 Sep 1785); m.by proxy at Madrid 12 Apr 1750 and in person at Oulx 31 May 1750 Vittorio Amedeo III, King of Sardinia (Turin 26 Jun 1726-Moncalieri 16 Oct 1796)

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