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Princely and Ducal - OI
Princely and Ducal - PI
Princely and Ducal - PII
Princely and Ducal - PIII
Princely and Ducal - PIV
Princely and Ducal - RI
Princely and Ducal - RII
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The Non-Sovereign Princely
and Ducal Houses of Europe
Volume III - PIV


The members of this family bear the style Don or Donna before their Christian names. The primogenital male bears the title Duke of Campagna; the male members bear the title Patrician of Ravello; all males and females bear the title Noble of the Dukes of Campagna; the primogenital male descendant from Giuseppe (1889-1965), bears the title Count; all males and females of this line bear the title Noble of the Counts.

Don Luigi, 7th Duke of Campagna, Patrician of Ravello (Naples 21 Jul 1838-Naples 7 Dec 1921); m. Naples 21 May 1865 Potentina Guidotti (Naples 5 Jun 1849- )

1a) Francesco, 8th Duke of Campagna, etc (Naples 13 May 1866-Naples 30 Sep 1929); m. Naples 11 Jun 1887 Ofelia Scaramuzzino Jacob

1b) Zeffirina (Naples 24 Apr 1888-Caserta 22 Dec 1956); m. Naples 26 Apr 1912 Umberto Bellet

2b) Luigi, 9th Duke of Campagna, etc (Naples 16 Mar 1889-Naples 6 Feb 1952); m. Naples 26 Apr 1915 Maria Tripari (Naples 3 Dec 1893-Rome 22 Apr 1983)

1c) Ofelia (Naples 6 Nov 1916-Rome 2004); m. Naples 30 Jan 1947 Mario Florio

2c) Francesco, 10th Duke of Campagna, etc (Naples 7 Apr 1918-Rome 9 Dec 1999); m. Naples 9 Dec 1954 Donna Carolina del Balzo dei Duchi di Presenzano, (Naples 22 Nov 1930-Rome 22 Dec 2003)

1d) Luigi, 11th Duke of Campagna, etc (b. Naples 26 Dec 1956); m. Jesi 4 Jul 1992 Bianca dei Marchesi Trionfi Honorati (b. Rome 14 Feb 1966)

1e) Maria (b. Rome 27 Apr 1993)

2e) Francesco (b. Rome 7 Jan 1995)

3e) Giulia (b. Rome 24 Aug 1997)

2d) Riccardo (b. Naples 16 Dec 1959); m. Wels, Austria 15 Sep 1989 Alexandra Elisabeth Eisenburger, (b. Peoria, U.S.A. 20 Sep 1966)

1e) Sofia (b. Wels 24 Oct 1991)

2e) Federico (b. Wels 12 Nov 1994)

3e) Carolina (b. Wels 10 Apr 1997)

3c) Luciano (Naples 19 Mar 1923-Turin 11 Nov 1998); m. Turin 14 Feb 1957 Armanda Vianello

1d) Fabrizia (b. Turin 13 Jan 1958)

2a) Carlo (Naples 1 Jul 1873-Naples 30 Sep 1938); m. Cairo Elena Mangos

3a) Filippo (Naples 6 Feb 1876-Bellavista, Naples 12 Nov 1942); m. Naples 19 Nov 1903 Elena d'Amore (Naples 8 May 1872-Naples 29 Jan 1960)

1b) Paolo Emilio (Venice 9 Sep 1904-Caracas 2 Apr 1981); m. Naples 20 Jan 1927 Amelia Lubrano (Naples 12 Jul 1907-Caracas 20 Aug 1993)



1c) Elena (b. Naples 23 Oct 1927); m. Guanare, Venezuela 21 Jul 1951 André de Brabandere (Bruxelles 15 Aug 1920-Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela 21 Oct 1983)


2c) Raffaella (b. Naples 28 Aug 1932); m. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico 4 Oct 1960 Cosimo Cassani (Rome 29 Jan 1916-Puerto La Cruz 30 Apr 1997)



1d) Fabio Cassani Pironti [Authorised to add the surname Pironti], (b. Puerto La Cruz 17 Mar 1961); m. Naples 30 Apr 1990 Raffaella de Angelis (b. Naples 30 Jan 1963)



1e) Alessandro (b. Naples 10 Apr 1994)


2e) Valerio (b. Naples 15 Apr 1997)



3c) Filippo (b. Rome 15 Oct 1940); m. Caracas 27 Jan 1968 Maria Elena Mesa Girardi (b. Caracas 22 May 1940)



1d) Patricia (b. Ithaca, U.S.A. 23 Apr 1970)


2d) Francesca (b. Caracas 26 Jul 1978)



4c) Aurora (b. Cantù 18 Jan 1944)



2b) Ada (Naples 4 Jan 1908- ); m. Naples Vincenzo Fiore


3b) Gennaro Giorgio (Naples 31 Jul 1909-18 Jul 1942); m. Naples 23 Apr 1940 Maria Salvatori


4b) Maria (Naples 28 Jun 1911-Naples 2002); m. Naples 21 Dec 1941 Atos Nannini (Udine 7 Jan 1909-Naples 1999).


5b) Arabella (b. Naples 30 Apr 1914); m. Rome Pierluigi Caporale



4a) Potentina (Naples 25 Feb 1878- )


5a) Bianca (Naples 10 Mar 1880-Naples 19 May 1900)


6a) Antonino (26 Nov 1883- )


7a) Arabella (Naples 7 Nov 1884-); m. Naples 18 Feb 1912 Arturo Sacchi


8a) Count Giuseppe [Royal Decree 10 Mar 1921 & Royal Letters Patent 5 Feb 1922], Patrician of Ravello, Noble of the Dukes of Campagna (Naples 13 Mar 1889-Rome 10 Apr 1965); m. 1st Rome 23 Mar 1922 Gabriella Giusti (Rome 18 Sep 1893- ); 2d Rome Maria Elisa González (b. Guadalajara, Mexico 8 Dec 1913)



1b) Count Nicola, etc (Rome 25 Apr 1923-Rome 30 Apr 1989); m. 1st Rome 25 Apr 1950 Rita Caruso; m. 2d Rome 13 Sep 1973 Bianca d'Anna (Turin 8 May 1913-Rome 2004)


2b) [by 2d m.] Anna Maria (Texcoco, Mexico 14 Jun 1932-Mexico City 7 Jul 2003); m. Rome 28 Feb 1962 Paolo Parboni Arquati (b. Rome 1 Jan 1926)


3b) [by 2d m.] Maria (Cuernavaca, 17 Nov 1934-Acapulco 2000); m. José de la Borbolla


4b) [by 2d m.] Count Luigi, etc (b. Trieste 20 Sep 1940); m. 1st Mexico City Dina Piza; m. 2d Mexico City Miriam ...; m. 3d Mexico City Monica Montenegro



1c) Rocco (b. Mexico City 14 Sep 1970)


2c) [by 2d m.] Alessandro (b. Mexico City 14 Sep 1982)


HUGUES Charles Laure Théobald de Choiseul, 5th Duc de Praslin (Paris 29 Jun 1805-suicide at Paris 23 Aug 1847); m.Paris 18 Oct 1824 Françoise Sébastiani-Porta (Constantinople 14 Apr 1807-murdered at Paris 17 Aug 1847)

1a) Marie Laure Isabelle (Paris 19 Sep 1826-Turin 28 Nov 1878); m.18 Sep 1845 Ermano Cordero Marchese di Pamparato, Cte di Roburent (d.1865)

2a) Louise Cécile Charlotte (Paris 16 Jun 1828-Paris 11 Mar 1902); m.Paris 21 Nov 1948 Alfred Cte de Gramont (Paris 2 Jun 1823-Paris 18 Dec 1881)

3a) Fanny Césarine Berthe (19 Mar 1830-Vitry 1 Aug 1897); m.29 Jul 1852 Albert Cte Robert de Robersart (d.1900)

4a) Alice Jeanne Slanie (22 Aug 1831-Paris 28 Feb 1877); m.Jun 1851 Eugène Cte de Chabannes (d.1901)

5a) Marie Marthe (Paris 10 Jul 1833-château de Ménilles 3 Feb 1914); m.13 Sep 1852 Arthus Marquis de Montalambert (d.Nice 29 Jan 1887)

6a) GASTON Louis Philippe, 6th Duc de Praslin (Paris 7 Aug 1834-Mentone 12 Feb 1906); m.Geneva 17 Dec 1874 Elizabeth Forbes (b.New York 29 May 1850-Paris 3 Nov 1932)

1b) Marie JEAN BAPTISTE Gaston, 7th Duc de Praslin (Ryde, Isle of Wight 13 Nov 1876-Marseille 8 Sep 1937); m.1st Paris 18 Dec 1901 (div Paris 29 Nov 1905) Charlotte Jeanne Marguerite Baconnière de Salverte (Paris 7 May 1880-Lausanne 22 Dec 1964); m.2d London 29 Nov 1910 (div Rouen 29 Jun 1922) Lucie Reine Marie Tate (Liberty, Kentucky 27 Apr 1876-19__)

2b) Marie (Ryde 8 Sep 1878-Turin Mar 1915); m.Alassio 9 Jun 1908 Ermolao Asinari Cte di San Marzano (d.1948)

3b) Marie César GABRIEL, 8th Duc de Praslin (Ryde 20 Sep 1879-Paris 24 Jun 1966); m.Paris 16 Jun 1913 Maria Cagninacci (Santa Maria di Lota, Corscia 6 Sep 1885-La-Ferté-sous-Jouarre 26 Mar 1969)

1c) Marie César Gaston JEAN Antoine Louis, 9th Duc de Praslin (Paris 29 Sep 1915-Paris 28 Apr 2002); m.Cannes 22 Feb 1942 Marguerite Blanche Thérèse Elisabeth de Caumont La Force (Paris 6 Jun 1923-Paris 16 Sep 1995)

2c) René Marie Gabriel Charles Pierre, Marquis de Choiseul Praslin (Paris 19 Dec 1917-Paris 5 Dec 2001); m.Aix-sur-Vienne 16 Jul 1942 Marie Thérèse Renée Clothilde Haudry de Soucy (b.Paris 15 May 1922)

1d) Marie Clothilde Thérèse Laure Elisabeth Gérard (b.château de Laymarie 7 Apr 1943); m.Leymarie 9 Jul 1966 Cte Edouard Marie François de Saint-Phalle (b.Cudot 13 Aug 1943)

2d) RAYNALD Joseph Marie Léonard Gabriel Jacques, 10th Duc de Praslin (b.château de Laymarie 23 Feb 1945); m.Jonquières 4 Sep 1970 (rel) Causans 5 Sep 1970 Ghislaine Pauline Elisabeth Marie de Vincens de Causans (b.Sainte-Colombe-Rhône 14 Aug 1945)

1e) Violaine Marie Thérèse Clothilde (b.Boulogne-Billancourt 9 Nov 1971); m.Neuilly 8 Mar 1997 Alexis Falcon de Longevialle (b.Paris 24 Jul 1967)

2e) Isaure Marie Geneviève Françoise (b.Boulogne-Billancourt 8 Oct 1973); m.Jonquières 25 May 2001 Franck de Dieuleveult (b.Rennes 22 Mar 1972)

3e) Slanie Marie Caroline Huguette (b.Boulogne-Billancourt 14 Apr 1977); m.Neuilly 16 Jun 2001 Xavier Jean Marie Emmanuel Fernandez (b.Caracas 1 Oct 1977)

4e) Emmanuel Marie Armand René, Marquis de Choiseul Praslin (b.Boulogne-Billancourt 20 Jul 1981); m.Neuilly 10 Jun 2006 Agathe Marie Dorothée Fouquet (b.Paris 12 Aug 1982)


3d) Elisabeth Marie Charlotte Joséphine (b.Paris 19 Mar 1946); m.Paris 28 Jul 1977 Jacques André Jean Favillier (b.Villerupt 11 Sep 1946)

4d) Tristane Marie Elisabeth Pauline (b.Woluwe-Saint-Pierre 15 Jan 1949); m.Versailles 14 Jun 1968 (div 1986) Dominique Marie Alain Bonnin de la Bonninière Cte de Beaumont (b.La Poterie 16 Dec 1939)

5d) Alix Marie Joséphine Alexandrine (b.Neuilly 19 Mar 1952); m.1st Paris 3 Jan 1975 (div Paris 17 Oct 1978) Cte Mathieu Paul Maurice Barbara de Labelloterie de Boisséson (b.Oloron-Sainte-Marie 2 Jan 1950); m.2d London 11 Jun 1983 Hubert Marie Antoine Mourot (b.Château roux 21 May 1943)

6d) Laure Marie Jeanne Roberte (b.Tunis 23 May 1953); m.Paris 11 May 1974 Pascal Clément-Fromentel (b.Boulogne-Billancourt 12 May 1945)


3c) Marie Nicolas Charles Antoine Louis (Paris 21 Jun 1920-k.a.Oléron 6 May 1945); m.Beynac 14 Jun 1943 Galliane Marie Antoinette Haudry de Soucy (Paris 28 Jan 1924-Brives 3 Nov 1993)

1d) Charles Henri Marie Jacques Gabriel (b.Casablanca 5 Mar 1944)


4b) Marie Marthe Nicolette (Ryde 30 Jan 1881-Brussels 16 Jun 1957)

5b) Gilbert (Ryde 29 May 1882-Saint-Gervais-les-Bains Oct 1926); m.1st 1917 (div 1921) Clara Angela Sutre (1874-1924); m.2d Roquebrune 16 Mar 1922 Hélène v.Koenigswarter (Paris 19 Oct 1876-Paris 31 Mar 1922)

6b) Marie Jean Horace Claude (Ryde 20 Oct 1883-Lausanne 21 Jan 1938); m.1st Paris 27 May 1920 (div Paris 28 Apr 1933) Yvonne Jeanne Denise Tempez (Humbercamps, Pas-de-Calais 11 Apr 1895-Neuilly 3 Sep 1982); m.2d Paris 13 Nov 1933 Germaine Marie Mouhot (Saint-Lô 4 Nov 1906-Paris 11 Feb 1989)

7b) Marie Auguste Eustache Hugues (Ryde 3 Jun 1885-Ambilly 16 Sep 1971); m.1st Nice 16 May 1910 (div Nice 13 Dec 1918) Marie Françoise Marguerite de Villeneuve-Flayosc (Roquefort 4 Feb 1891-Montpellier 20 Jan 1968); m.2d Antibes 11 Feb 1921 Marie Julie Coralie Dalmas (Marseille 19 Nov 1877-Saint-Julien-en-Genevois 18 Jan 1972)

1c) Marie Elisabeth Renée Chantal Régine (Nice 22 Sep 1911-Lausanne 3 Apr 2001); m.Neuilly-les-Malhèrbe 1 Jul 1933 Gaetan Ritter v.Urendorf (Paris 3 Nov 1906-Morlanne 27 Sep 1977)

2c) Yolande (Nice 21 Aug 1912-Saint-Cloud 16 May 1935)


8b) Marie Elisabeth Françoise Pauline (b.2 Apr 1887, d.young)


7a) Léontine Laure Augustine (Paris 18 Oct 1835-Rome 22 May 1911); m.22 Jul 1858 Luigi Marchese d'Adda Salvaterra (2 Mar 1829- )

8a) Eugène Antonio Horace (Paris 23 Feb 1837-Paris 26 Dec 1915); m.1st Paris 20 Oct 1864 Béatrix de Beauvau-Craon (Seine-Port 8 Aug 1844-Paris 28 Feb 1895); m.2d Paris 25 May 1906 Mary Hooper (Cincinnati 8 Feb 1866-Viry-Châtillon 16 Dec 1948)

9a) Raynald François Hector (Paris 19 Jun 1839-Algier 1916)



WILHELM MALTE Gf u.Herr zu Putbus, cr 1807 Fürst von Putbus in Sweden, later so recognized in Prussia (1 Aug 1783-26 Sep 1854); m.16 Aug 1806 Luise von Lauterbach (7 Oct 1784-27 Sep 1860)

1a) Malte (16 Sep 1807-28 Apr 1837)

2a) Clotilde (23 Apr 1809-19 Oct 1894); m.7 Oct 1828 Hermann Friedrich Gf von Wylich u.Lottum (3 May 1796-13 Oct 1849)

1b) Moritz Wilhelm Friedrich (19 Jul 1829-10 Jan 1876)

2b) Agnes Luise Friederike (25 Sep 1830-7 May 1909); m.17 Apr 1849 Karl Gf von Pourtalès (d.1871)

3b) WILHELM Carl Gustav Malte, recognized in 1861 as 2nd Fst u.Herr zu Putbus (16 Apr 1833-18 Apr 1907); m.1 Jul 1857 Wanda von Veltheim (12 Jul 1837-18 Dec 1867; below)

1c) MARIE Luise Clotilde Agnes Fstn u.Hrn zu Putbus (31 May 1858-16 Mar 1930); m.16 May 1877 Franz von Veltheim (d.1927)

2c) ASTA Eugenia Fstn u.Hrn zu Putbus (16 Jan 1860-4 Nov 1934); m.19 Dec 1908 Karl von Riepenhausen (d.1929)

3c) Viktoria (Berlin 1 Feb 1861-Neklade, Rügen 7 Dec 1933); m.Putbus 17/18 Jan 1888 Ludolph Heinrich von Veltheim (Quedlinburg 24 May 1859-Neklade 20 Mar 1934)

1d) MALTE Ludolf Franz Eugen von Putbus (Halberstadt 3 Jan 1889-Sachsenhausen 10 Feb 1945); m.Stettin 2 Oct 1913 Marie v.Ploetz (Stuchow 1 Feb 1889-Neuss am Rhein 31 Oct 1955)

1e) Viktoria Irene Marie Leonore Julie Claudine von Veltheim (Berlin 29 Nov 1915-Essen 5 Apr 1975)

2e) Rose Marie Asta Ottilie von Veltheim (Berlin 11 Jan 1917-Buenos Aires 19 Mar 1968); m.Granitz, Rügen 12 May 1939 Harald v.Gustedt (Potsdam 4 May 1910- Prüm-Steinmehlen 1 Nov 1980)

3e) Sabine Margarete Olga Huberta Armgard Klothilde von Putbus (b.Pasewalk 6 Mar 1919); m.1st Putbus 5 Aug 1939 Heinzhermann von Böttinger (London 3 Mar 1914- k.a.St.Lô 11 Jul 1944); m.2d Wuupertal-Elberfeld 25 Aug 1948 (div 1955) Karl-Alexander v.der Groeben (b.Berlin 24 Mar 1917); m.3d Düsseldorf 28 Jul 1955 (div 1967) Alexander v.Radowitz (Berlin 8 Oct 1912-1984); m.4th Büderich 28 Dec 1973 Karl Michel (Hamburg 10 Jun 1909-Meerbusch 1 Dec 1980)

4e) Leonore Wanda Klara Agnes Friederike Gabriele v.Putbus (b.Putbus 5 Oct 1921); m.(civ) Berlin 7 Oct 1943 (rel) 9 Oct 1943 (div 1951) Karl Ludwig v.Boddien (Leissienen, East Prussia 31 Aug 1918-Seevetal-Metzendorf 29 Aug 1991)

5e) FRIEDRICH Malte von Putbus (Crimvitz 11 Oct 1925-k.a.Klein Bendomin 9 Mar 1945)

6e) Marie Luise Elisabeth von Putbus (b.Crimvitz 29 May 1927); m.Washington 18 Nov 1961 Theo van der Leek (Rotterdam 28 Aug 1919-Inverness, Florida 3 Feb 2003)

7e) FRANZ Wilhelm Dietrich Albrecht Fst von Putbus (Crimvitz 28 May 1927-Meerbusch 5 Apr 2004); m.Auel 22 Feb 1964 Michaela Gfn von Carmer (b.Breslau 24 Sep 1940)

1f) MALTE Christian Fst von Putbus (b.Essen 20 Aug 1964); m.Précy-sur-Oise 28 Aug 1993 Anne Désnoyers (b.Senlis 19 May 1967)

1g) Sidonie Marie Bettina von Putbus (b.Paris 10 May 1995)

2g) Alice Marie Gabrielle von Putbus (b.Paris 24 Apr 1997)

3g) Pia Marie Marguerite Clotilde von Putbus (b.24 Oct 2000)

2f) Bettina-Dorothee von Putbus (b.Essen 9 Jan 1966); m.Corroy-le-Château 2 Jul 1988 François Xavier Louis (b.Liège 29 Jun 1962)

2d) Ludolf Moritz Heinrich Burchard von Veltheim-Lottum (Pasewalk 7 Feb 1895-Darmstadt 17 Feb 1956)

3d) Adelheid Katharina Elsa Marie Thekla (Pasewalk 19 Apr 1898-Kulmbach 17 Feb 1992); m.Putbus 24 May 1923 (div 1951) Hermann-Heinrich Frhr von Dungern (Bayerhof 23 Jul 1898-Büsum 10 Jan 1993)

4c) Margarethe Rosa Alma (22 Sep 1864-2 Jul 1948); m.22 Sep 1883 Hans Wurmb von Zinck (d.1892)

5c) Wanda Auguste (2 Dec 1867-10 Mar 1930); m.17 Jun 1886 Ernst Alban Ludwig Fst zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg (25 Sep 1854-20 Apr 1931)

3a) Asta Luise (12 Jun 1812-27 Mar 1850); m.4 Sep 1836 Georg Albert Karl von Veltheim (d.1874); they had, among other issue:

1b) Wanda (12 Jul 1837-18 Dec 1867); m.1857 Wilhelm Fst zu Putbus (above)

4a) Klara (14 May 1816-3 Jul 1830)

5a) Wanda Maria (18 May 1826-21 Nov 1826)  

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