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Thumbnail for version as of 18:56, 13 May 2011 
Nobility of the World
Volume VIII - Belgium

In the Kingdom of Belgium there are at the moment approximately 1300 noble families. Some 20.000 individuals are titled. The noble lineage of only ca. 400 families dates back to the 17th century. As Belgium is a democraticconstitutional monarchy there are no legal privileges attached to bearing a noble title or to being a member of the aristocracy. Most noble surnames have the particle 'de' (French for of/from) or the Dutch 'van' as a prefix.

The Belgian nobility is known to be mostly Roman Catholic, conservative, and royalist. Living in a bilingual(Dutch/French) country with a majority of Dutch-speaking people, their mother tongue is mostly French although many are also fluent in Dutch and other languages. Many of the older families still own (and reside in) importantCastles or country houses. (see: Castles in Belgium) Most noble people in Belgium still clearly belong to the elite. They sometimes own and manage companies, or have leading positions in business, banking, diplomacy, NGOs etc.

Belgium is one of the few monarchies in the world where noble titles are still (annually) granted by the King of the Belgians. (Grant of Nobility). Many Belgian citizens meritorious in business, politics, science, arts, sport etc. received a title. Amongst others are the entrepreneur Baron Paul Janssen, the astronaut Viscount Dirk Frimout, the chemist Viscount Ilya Prigogine and the cyclist Baron Eddy Merckx.


List by Seniority of The Nobility of Belgium

The Nobility of X century

  1. Belgium (de) 976

The Nobility of XI century 

  1. Limburg Stirum (de) 1079

The Nobility of XII century

  1. Online (de) 1125
  2. Arenberg (d ') (issue of Row) 1125
  3. Lalang (de) 1133
  4. Haveskercke (de) 1137
  5. Beauffort (de) 1186

The Nobility of XIII century 

  1. Herbais Thun (d ') 1202
  2. Polain Waroux of (the) 1208
  3. Corswarem (de) 1213
  4. Loon-Corswarem (de), derived from Corswarem 1213
  5. Hamayde (La) or Colombo (La) 1214
  6. Jamblinne de Meux (de) 1218
  7. Arschot Schoonhoven (d ') 1226
  8. Noot d'Assche (van der) 1232
  9. Trazegnies of Itter (to) from the Hamal 1243
  10. Briey (de) 1248
  11. Merode (de) 1263
  12. Houtart 1283
  13. Rommerswael of Gracht (van der) 1285
  14. Van Zuylen Nyevelt (van) 1285
  15. Burch (van der) 1286
  16. Lannoy (de) 1290
  17. Tichelen (Van) 1293
  18. Furstenberg (de) 1295

The Nobility of XIV century 

  1. Liedekerke (de) 1301
  2. Breydel of Groeninghe 1303 (See: Jan Breydel)
  3. Haughty 1312
  4. Oldeneel tot Oldenzeel (van) 1315
  5. Hertefelt (OF) 1317
  6. Renesse (de) 1318
  7. Waha Baillonville (de) 1320
  8. Hamme (Van) 1321
  9. Hemricourt Grunne of (de) 1323
  10. Voorst tot Voorst (van) 1327
  11. Oultremont (d ') 1330
  12. Cabliau 1330
  13. Broich (de) 1332
  14. Chastel of Howarderie (du) 1336
  15. Libbrecht 1343
  16. Woelmont (de) 1344
  17. Lichtervelde (de) 1347
  18. Werve (van de) 1349
  19. Theux of Meylandt and Montjardin (de) 1351
  20. Thomson 1351
  21. Hövell tot Westerflier (van) 1352
  22. Schietere (de) 1352
  23. Acker (van) 1355
  24. Brabant (de) 1368
  25. Crombrugghe (de) 1369
  26. Poucques (de) 1372
  27. Wavrin Villers at Tertre (de) 1376
  28. Anrys 1377
  29. Lemercier 1378
  30. Oury 1378
  31. Xheneumont 1378
  32. Borman (de) 1380
  33. Faille (della) 1383 (See: Pierre della Faille, Jean-Charles della Faille)
  34. Goussencourt (de) 1383
  35. Lerberghe (van) 1383
  36. Schaetzen (de) 1383
  37. Séjournet of Rameignies (de) 1384
  38. Kethulle Ryhove of (the) 1386
  39. Herlenvaux 1387
  40. Robiano (de) 1387
  41. Douxchamps 1388
  42. Creeft (de) 1391
  43. Hennezel (d ') 1392
  44. Cock (De) 1396
  45. Grisar 1396
  46. Grisard de la Rochette 1396
  47. Bailly Tilleghem (The) 1397
  48. Dugardyn 1398
  49. Vicq of Cumptich (de) 1399

The Nobility of XV century

  1. Park Locmaria (du) 1406
  2. Lobkowicz (de) 1409
  3. Kemnade (van der) 1411 (Netherlands)
  4. Diesbach Belleroche (de) 1416
  5. Gaiffier (de) 1421
  6. Bellefroid (de) 1428
  7. Giey (de) 1428
  8. Muyser Lantwyck (de) 1438
  9. t'Kint of Roodenbeke 1464 (See: Jacques-Dominique t'Kint)
  10. Snoy 1446 (see: Jean-Charles Snoy and Oppuers, Therese Snoy and Oppuers)
  11. Wasseige (de) 1473
  12. Ursel (d ') 1480
  13. Linden of Hooghvorst (van der) 1483
  14. Hennin of Boussu Walcourt (de) 1484
  15. Lovinfosse (de) 1494
  16. Posch (from) 1500

The Nobility of XVI century

  1. Iweins 1509 (from which the branches of Iweins Eeckhoutte and Iweins of Wavrans)
  2. Waesberghe (van) 1524
  3. Riquet de Caraman (of) 1527
  4. Piers Raveschoot 1527
  5. Potesta (of) 1530
  6. Beeckmans Meerbeeck-West (1541)
  7. Delbeke 1544 (See: Augustus Delbeke and Francis Delbeke)
  8. Scheppers of Bergstein (1551)
  9. Coppieters (1557)
  10. Borcht (Vander) 1561
  11. Walque (from) and Dewalque 1561 (See: Bernard de Walque)
  12. Schreiber 1566
  13. Bethune (of) 1574 (See: Jean-Baptiste Bethune)
  14. Frésart (of) 1574 (See Annex Coart : Parentage Frésart)
  15. Benoist (de) / de Benoist Gentissart (of) 1576
  16. Huwart 1579
  17. Duve (de) 1580 (See: Pascal de Duve and Christian de Duve)
  18. Haan (of) 1584
  19. Serclaes (T ') 1584 (See: Emile de Tserclaes of Wommersom)
  20. Berg (van den)1587
  21. Clement de Saint-Marcq (the) 1588
  22. Lindemans 1588
  23. Meeûs (of) 1588
  24. Hoobrouck d'Aspremont (van) 1589
  25. Paige (The) 1590
  26. Faverau (of) 1591 (See: Paul Favereau)
  27. Gendebien 1592
  28. Sauvage (de) - Wild Vercour (of) 1594
  29. Lenoir 1597
  30. Zuylen (van) 1597

The Nobility of XVII century

  1. Cleenewerck Crayencour of 1601 (See: Marguerite Yourcenar)
  2. Marcke Lummen (van) 1608
  3. Volxem (Van) 1608
  4. Reus (De), 1612
  5. Braconier (of) 1613
  6. Merris (Van) 1613
  7. Hardy de Beaulieu (the) 1630 (see: Adolphe Hardy de Beaulieu)
  8. Ieteren (D ') 1630
  9. Fontainas 1632
  10. Gerard (Corroy-le-Grand) 1635 (See: Jo Gerard)
  11. Goethals (1639)
  12. Verhaegen 1640 (See: Théodore Verhaegen)
  13. Comeliau 1641
  14. Keghel (de) 1644
  15. Terlinden 1645
  16. Orts 1647
  17. Nothomb 1649
  18. Dievoet (Van) 1650
  19. Poot-Baudier 1651 (See: Poot)
  20. Brel 1654 (see: Jacques Brel and Bruno Brel)
  21. Serruys 1654
  22. Poelaert 1657 (See: Joseph Poelaert and Victor Poelaert)
  23. Picqué 1660 (See: Charles Picqué).
  24. Coart 1661
  25. Anspach 1664 (See: Jules Anspach)
  26. Burbure of Wezembeek 1668
  27. Goblet d'Alviella 1668
  28. Leclercq 1668 (Jupille, Herve)
  29. Fallon 1669 (See: Isidore Fallon)
  30. Maus 1669 (See: Octave Maus)
  31. Pety Thozée 1671
  32. Wittouck 1675 (See: William Wittouck)
  33. Empain 1681
  34. Smoesa 1684
  35. Janssen 1687
  36. Boël
  37. Dubois (Lives-sur-Meuse) 1688
  38. Vandievoet 1690 (See: Jules Vandievoet and Jacques Vandievoet)
  39. Gottal (of) 1694
  40. Henry Hassonville 1695 (see: Ghislain-Joseph Henry)
  41. Vanrysselberghe 1695
  42. Vallée Poussin (of) 1696

 The Nobility XVIII century

  1. Faider 1708 (See: Charles Faider)
  2. Rittweger Moor 1728 (See: Stephanie Rittweger Moor)
  3. Soubre 1728
  4. Voortman 1745
  5. William 1749 (See: William Julius)
  6. Jacques (Diksmuidse) 1752 (See: Jules Marie Alphonse Jacques de Diksmuide)
  7. Lacoste 1759
  8. Locht (of) 1760
  9. Janlet 1760
  10. Oldenhove of Guertechin 1765
  11. Lagasse - Lagasse de Locht 1772
  12. Spaak 1772
  13. Bronne 1776 (See: Carlo Bronne)
  14. Davignon 1780
  15. Guinotte 1780
  16. Linard of Guertechin 1780
  17. Roberts-Jones 1783 (See: Philippe Roberts-Jones)
  18. Greiner 1789
  19. Hermanns 1798
  20. Dievoet (Baron and Jonkheer Van) 1799 (See: Families Vandievoet (Brabant)
  21. der Hoeven (Van) --Vanderhoeven 1799
Princely Houses of Belgium

(Prince in French/ Prins in Dutch The title of Prince is the highest in rank. The title is not granted to new nobles. Members of the families listed below have the right to call themselves 'Prince' or 'Princess' in combination with their family name. Most families have a very old lineage (typically before the 15th century) and their ancestors often bore other titles before they obtained the highest rank. They are received in audience by the King in the 'Salon Bleu' of the Royal Palace of Belgium and subsequently are called 'Noblesse du Salon Bleu' (Nobles of the Blue Room). Some families obtained and still hold titles in other countries.

  • de Habsburg-Lorraine, Archduke Rudolf of Austria & his male line descendants were incorporated into Belgian nobility as HSH Prince de Habsburg-Lorraine in 1978
  • de Ligne, prince since 1601.
  • de Mérode, prince since 1930 (but counts of the Holy Empire before, Heads of the house bore the titles Marquess of Westerlo since 1626 and Prince of Rubempré and Everberg since the 18th century. The title of Prince of Grimbergen was inherited after the death of Maria-Josepha d'Oignies-Mastain in 1842.
  • de Riquet (Prince de Chimay et de Caraman)
  • d'Arenberg
  • de Croÿ
  • de Lobkowicz. Noble family of Czech origin. Their princely title was recognized in Belgium after they fled from communist Czechoslovakia.
  • Béthune-Hesdigneul
  • Looz-Corswarem: prince 1825

Members of the Royal family bear the title 'Prince of Belgium'. Sometimes a specific dynastic title is granted. For example the Crown Prince is traditionally granted the title of Duke of Brabant (Duc de Brabant/Hertog van Brabant).


  • Stéphanie zu Windisch-Graetz (1909-2005) belonged to the Belgian Nobility.
  • Carl Bernadotte, Duke of Ostergotland, (1911-2003) brother of Queen Astrid of the Belgians. When Prince Carl married Countess Elsa von Rosen on July 6, 1937 at Kvillinge, Sweden, he had to relinquish his succession rights to the Swedish throne and his royal titles. His brother-in-law King Leopold III of Belgium conferred upon him the title Prince Bernadotte in the Belgian nobility on the same date, with the right to the title of Count or Countess for his male-line descendants.
  • King Albert II was called Prince of Liège (Prince de Liège / Prins van Luik) before his accession to the throne.
  • Some noble families with foreign origins, such as the Shin de Pyeongsan family (in Korea, the Pyeongsan Shin clan), are princely in nature but are not official princely houses of Belgium.

Ducal Houses of Belgium

Members of the following houses bear the title of Duke (Duc in French, Hertog in Dutch). It's the second highest title in rank and was never granted by the Kingdom of Belgium. The origin of the titles thus goes back to an earlier date. Higher than prince in some families (Arenberg, Croy, Ursel, Beaufort-Spontin, Looz-Corswarem)

  • de Croÿ-Solre
  • de Looz-Corswarem and de Corswarem-Looz
  • de Beaufort-Spontin
  • d'Arenberg
  • d'Ursel

Also, the dynastic title Duke of Brabant is used by the Crown Prince. At this moment the Belgian Crown PrincePhilip is Duke of Brabant.

Margraval Houses of Belgium

Members of 11 families bear the title of Marquess.

  • de Beauffort - (only the head of the house, the other are count/countess)
  • Clerix
  • de Mérode (Marquess of Westerlo, created in 1626 by king Philip IV of Spain only the head of the house in addition to the title of Prince)
  • de Trazegnies
  • du Parc Locmaria - (only the head of the house, the other are count/countess)
  • Imperiali des Princes de Francavilla
  • de Radiguès de Chenneviere
  • Ruffo de Bonneval de la Fare
  • van der Noot (Marquess of Assche)
  • d'Yve - (only the head of the house, the other are count/countess)
  • van Tongerloo d'Effaye

Counts of Belgium

Count is the highest-ranked title still granted by the Belgian King.  There are roughly 90 families in Belgium whose members bear the title of Count or Countess:

  • Cornet d'Elzius du Chenoy
  • Cornet de Ways Ruart
  • d'Alcantara di Quirieu
  • d'Ansembourg
  • d'Arschot Schoonhoven
  • d'Aspremont Lynden
  • de Baillet-Latour
  • de Beauffort
  • du Bois d'Aische
  • de Borchgrave d'Altena
  • de Bousies Borluut
  • de Briey
  • de Brouchoven de Bergeyck
    • de Brouchoven de Bergeyck de Namur d'Elzée
  • de Broqueville
  • de Bury et de Bocarmé (since 1750, see Henry Robert Visart de Bury et de Bocarmé)
  • d'Hanins de Moerkerke
  • de Hemptinne, (since 1886)
  • de Kerchove de Denterghem
  • de Lalaing
  • de Lannoy
  • de Launois
  • de Lichtervelde
  • de Limburg Stirum
  • de Marnix de Sainte Aldegonde Currently the 7th count.
  • de Meeus d'Argenteuil
  • de Menton du Plessis
  • de Mercy-Argenteau-d'Ochain
  • de Norman et d'Audenhove
  • d'Oultremont de Duras
  • d'Oultremont de Wégimont et de Warfusé
  • de Pret Roose de Calesberg (head of the family is Count, the others are Écuyer)
  • de Ramaix
  • de Renesse
  • de Robiano
  • de t'Serclaes de Wommersom
  • de Smet de Naeyer - V
  • d'Udekem d'Acoz
  • du Chastel de la Howarderie
  • Harmel, granted in 1991 (hereditary title)
  • Forrier de Savoye
  • Goblet d'Alviella
  • Goethals de Mude de Nieuwland
  • le Grelle
  • Lehon
  • Lippens
  • t'Kint de Roodenbeke
  • O'Kelly de Galway
  • van der Burch
  • van der Stegen de Putte
  • van der Stegen de Schrieck
  • van der Straten-Ponthoz
  • van de Werve de Vorselaar (head of the family is Count, the others are 'Jonkheer', except for 'Baron van de Werve de Schilde' en 'viscount van de Werve d'Immerseel'.)
  • Woeste

The titles Count of Hainault and Count of Flanders are used as dynastic titles for members of the Royal Family.

Viscounts of Belgium

There are roughly 45 families in Belgium whose members bear the title of viscounts in Belgium (Vicomte inFrench/Burggraaf in Dutch). It is a one of the highest titles granted by the King.

  • de Baré de Comogne
  • de Biolley
  • du Bus de Warnaffe
  • Davignon
  • Eyskens, since 1973 (hereditary title)
  • Frimout
  • Jolly
  • de Jonghe d'Ardoye
  • Nachtegaele
  • de Lantsheere
  • Poullet
  • Prigogine
  • Simonis
  • de Spoelberch
  • Terlinden
  • Vilain XIIII
  • van de Werve d'Immerseel
  • de Winne

Barons of Belgium

More than 300 individuals bear the title of Baron or Baroness. This title is often granted by the King. Members of the following families bear the title.

  • Allard
  • d'Anethan
  • de Beco
  • de Bethune
  • Beyens
  • du Bois de Nevele
  • Bonaert
  • de Bakker
  • de Bonhomme
  • de Bonvoisin
  • de Borrekens
  • de Brouwer
  • van den Branden de Reeth
  • van der Bruggen
  • van Caloen
  • de Cartier d'Yves
  • Clerix
  • Cogels
  • de Coninck 
  • Coppens d'Eeckenbrugge
  • de Crombrugghe de Picquendaele, de Crombrugghe de Schipsdaele, de Crombrugghe de Looringhe
  • Cardon de Lichtbuer
  • Descantons de Montblanc
  • van Dievoet
  • van Eyll
  • de Coninck de Merckem
  • de Favereau
  • de Fierlant
  • de Herckenrode, since 1846
  • d'Huart
  • Delberke
  • Dillemans
  • Donny
  • van Eetvelde
  • Evain
  • Fallon
  • Fredericq
  • Goethals
  • Goffinet
  • Greindl
  • Groothaert
  • Guillaume
  • Holvoet
  • Houtart
  • van Houtte
  • Iweins de Wavrans
  • Jacobs
  • de Jamblinne de Meux
  • Janssen
  • Jolly
  • de Kerchove
  • Kervyn d'Oud Mooreghem, Kervyn de Volkaersbeke, and Kervyn de Lettenhove
  • Kronacker
  • Lambermont, since 1863
  • Liebaert
  • de Martial de Frandeux
  • de Meester de Ravenstein
  • Merckx
  • Minnebo
  • Muijsson
  • de Moreau
  • Moyersoen
  • Nicaise
  • Nicolet
  • Nothomb
  • Orban de Xivry
  • de Pitteurs Hiegaerts
  • de Potesta, de Potesta de Waleffe
  • Prisse
  • Pycke, Pycke de Peteghem and Pycke de Ten Aerde
  • de Radzitzky d'Ostrowick
  • de Rennette de Villers perwin
  • Ruzette
  • de Sadeleers
  • de Sélys Longchamps
  • de Spot
  • van der Smissen
  • Snoy
  • de Streel
  • Surlet de Chokier
  • Surmont de Courtrécy
  • Surmont de Volsberghe
  • Surmont ter Straeten
  • Terlinden (also Viscounts)
  • t' Kint de Roodenbeke
  • Theodore (Baron de Calwaert)
  • Tibbaut
  • de Tornaco
  • de Villenfagne de Vogelsanck
  • de Vinck de Winnezeele
  • de Vriere
  • van der (vander) Kemnade
  • Vaxelaire
  • Wahis
  • van de Werve de Schilde
  • Woot de Trixhe
  • Whenttnall
  • de Wykerslooth de Rooyensteyn
  • van Zuylen de Gaesebeke

Knights of Belgium

In Belgium there are roughly 200 knights (Chevalier in French / Ridder in Dutch). There is no female equivalent for the title; when a woman is 'knighted' she usually receives the (higher) title of 'Baroness'.

  • de Gaesebeke
  • de Ghellinck
  • Huyghens
  • du Mortier
  • Lannoo
  • Raes
  • Rosseeuw
  • de Sauvage
  • de Schaetzen
  • de Spot
  • de Theux de Meylandt et Montjardin
  • de Wouters d'Oplinter
  • Dirix
  • le Clément de Saint-Marcq
  • Van der Eecken
  • van Havre

Noble families without a Title

Nobles without a title can call themselves Écuyer (French for shield bearer or squire) or Jonkheer (Dutch, literally meaning 'Young Lord'). The female equivalent of Jonkheer is JonkvrouwÉcuyer however has no female equivalent. The titles Jonkheer and Jonkvrouw are roughly equivalent in meaning to "Sir" or "Dame", but not a common translation. Écuyer is equivalent to "esquire" except that the latter may be used for any Englishman.

There are thousands of untitled noble families in Belgium. These noble families lack an official Belgian family title for various reasons. The most common reason is that they were Écuyer, as described above, and were therefore noble only through their close link with the titled aristocracy. Another common reason is that some titles could only be taken over by a certain number of family members (e.g. the eldest), so that the rest of the family became untitled, though essentially still made part of the Belgian nobility. A third reason is that some aristocrats voluntarily relinquished their title in order to perform commercial activities, as described above.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of untitled noble families in Belgium:

  • Agie de Selsaeten
  • Anciaux Henry de Faveaux
  • Anne de Molina
  • Annez de Taboada
  • André-Dumont
  • Arrazola de Oñate
  • Bauchau
  • Beaucarne d'Eenaeme
  • Beeckmans de West-Meerbeeck
  • du Bois de Vroylande
  • Cardon de Lichtbuer
  • Carton de Tournay
  • Claeys Boüüaert (Claeys Boùùaert)
  • Cogels
  • Coget
  • de Coninck
  • d'Andrimont
  • de Barsy
  • de Bauer
  • van Dievoet
  • de Francquen
  • de la Croix d'Ogimont
  • de La Hamayde & de La Hamaide
  • de Roye van Wichen ( de Roye de Wichen)
  • de Smet de Naeyer
  • de Meester (de Meester de Ravestein, de Meester de Betzenbroeck, de Meester de Heyndonck)
  • de Wautier
  • Demeure de Lespaul
  • Duquesne Wathelet de la Vinelle
  • van der Essen
  • Geelhand de Merxem
  • Gilliot
  • Guyot de Mishaegen
  • Hendrickx van den Bosch
  • Janssen
  • t'Kint de Roodebeke
  • Lantonnois van Rode
  • Leman
  • Matthieu de Wynendale, sinds 1957
  • Maus de Rolley
  • Mertens de Wilmars
  • Monnoyer de Galland de Carnières
  • Moretus Plantin de Bouchout
  • Nolf
  • Peltzer
  • Plissart de Brandignies
  • van der Straten-Ponthoz
  • Serné
  • Spruyt
  • Terlinden
  • Thibaut de Maisières
  • Uyttenhove
  • van Ackere
  • Vandive
  • van den Hecke de Lembeke
  • Van der Meersch
  • van Neste
  • van Outryve d'Ydewalle
  • van Wassenhove
  • Wittouck 
Noble Titled Families of Belgium
 the Holders of The Title of Duke
  • d'Arenberg
  • Beaufort-Spontin
  • Brabant (attributed to the crown prince of the royal family of Belgium)
  • de Croy
  • of Loon-Corswarem
  • d'Ursel

Holders of The Title of Prince

  • d'Arenberg
  • Chimay and Caraman
  • de Croy
  • of Croy-Rœulx
  • of Croy-Solre
  • Line
  • Line-Arenberg
  • Line of Tremoi'lle
  • Lobkowicz
  • de Merode
  • de Merode-Westerloo

Holders of The Title of Marquis

  • of Beauffort
  • Imperial Princes of Francavilla Italy
  • de Laage the Rocheterie  France
  • van der Noot, Marquis of Assche
  • Park Locmaria  France
  • Radigues of Saint Guédal of Chenneviere France
  • Ruffo de Bonneval de La Fare des Comtes de Sinopoli Calabria Italy
  • Trazegnies (of Itter)
  • de Wavrin
  • Yve of Bavay
  • jacobs Corbeck
  • Flamenca

Holders of The Title of Count

  • Alcantara of Querrieu
  • Andelot
  • Ansembourg
  • Armand
  • of Arschot of Schoonhoven
  • Arteta for Neufmoustier
  • d'Aspremont Lynden
  • d'Aspremont Lynden Maillen
  • d'Aspremont Lynden of Maillen
  • of Assche
  • Baillet-Latour
  • the bar Erquelinnes
  • of Beauffort
  • Beaumont of Bonnière
  • Bethune Hesdigneul
  • Boël
  • Wood of Aische
  • Bousies
  • Bousies Borluut
  • de Borchgrave Altena
  • de Borchgrave Altena Merghelynck
  • Briey
  • of Broqueville
  • of Brouchoven of Bergeyck
  • of Bryas
  • van der Burch
  • de Buisseret of Blarenghien
  • de Buisseret-Steenbecque of Blarenghien
  • Carton de Wiart
  • Deer of Fountain Trust
  • of Changy
  • Chastel of the Howarderie
  • Cornet d'Elzius
  • Cornet d'Elzius of Peissant
  • Of the cornet Elzius Chenoy
  • Of the cornet Elzius Chenoy Wal
  • Cornet de Grez of Elzius
  • Cornet de Ways-Ruart
  • of Enffans of Avernas
  • Errembault of DUDZEELE
  • the Fault Leverghem
  • Francqui
  • of Germiny France
  • Goblet d'Alviella
  • Goethals of Mude Nieuwland
  • of Gourcy Serainchamps
  • Greindl
  • of Hanina Moerkerke
  • Harmel
  • de Hemptinne
  • of Hemricourt of Grunne
  • of Hespel
  • de Jonghe of Ardoye
  • de Kerchove de Denterghem
  • Kervyn of Meerendré
  • 't Kint de Roodenbeke
  • de Laage de Bellefaye
  • Lair
  • Lalaing
  • of Laubespin
  • le Grelle
  • de Lannoy
  • of Launoit
  • Lehon
  • de Lesseps
  • Lichtervelde
  • Liedekerke
  • Liedekerke Beaufort
  • Limburg Stirum
  • Lippens
  • of Loon-Corswarem
  • Marnix de Sainte Aldegonde
  • Marotte of de Montigny
  • Mean of Beaurieux
  • van der Meer Cruyshauten
  • Meeûs of Argenteuil
  • Meeûs of Argenteuil to Trannoy
  • Moens de Fernig
  • du Monceau
  • du Monceau de Bergendal
  • by Montblanc France
  • Montfort
  • of Montlivault France
  • of Nicolaÿ France
  • van der Noot
  • van der Noot d'Assche
  • van der Noot de Duras
  • Norman and Audenhove
  • of Oultremont
  • Oultremont of Duras
  • of Oultremont of Wégimont and Warfusée
  • Park Locmaria France
  • from No France
  • of Perthuis
  • de Pret Roose de Calesberg
  • Renesse
  • of Ribaucourt
  • of Robiano
  • of Romrée
  • of Romrée of Vichenet
  • Ruffo de Bonneval de La Fare des Comtes de Sinopoli Calabria Italy
  • de Sauvage
  • de Selys Longchamps
  • Snoy and Oppuers
  • van den Steen Jehay
  • van der Stegen de Putte
  • van der Stegen of Schrieck
  • van der Straten-ponthoz
  • of T'Serclaes
  • of T'Serclaes of Wommersom
  • , Duchess of Brabant
  • Ullens de Schooten Whettnall
  • d'Ursel
  • d'Ursel Bousies
  • d'Ursel and Hoboken
  • de Villegas de Saint-Pierre Jette
  • Visart of Bocarmé
  • Flanders (attributed to the royal family of Belgium)
  • van de Werve of Vorsselaar
  • Woeste
  • of Yve
  • Yve of Bavay

Holders of The Title of Viscount

  • Bare of Comogne
  • Berryer
  • Besancenot
  • of Beughem of Houtem
  • of Biolley
  • Bus Warnaffe
  • Cossée of Maulde
  • Davignon
  • Eyskens
  • Dumon
  • de Duve
  • della Faille to Waerloos
  • of Gaiffier of Emeville
  • of Ghellinck Vaernewijck
  • the Hardy de Beaulieu
  • of Harlez of Deulin
  • Hayoit of Termicourt
  • d'Hendecourt
  • Herbes de Thun and Cambrai
  • Jolly
  • de Jonghe
  • de Jonghe of Ardoye
  • de Jonghe of Ardoye of Erp
  • of Lantsheere
  • Monge of Franeau
  • Nachtegaele
  • Poullet
  • Preud'homme of Hailly of Nieuport
  • De Roest d'Alkemade
  • of Schrynmakers of Dormael
  • Simonis
  • of Spoelberch
  • Vilain XIV
  • van de Vyvere
  • van de Werve of Immerseel
  • van Zeeland

Holders of The Title of Baron

  • van Ackere
  • van Aerssen Beijeren van Voshol
  • of Aligny
  • Allard
  • Ancion
  • of Anethan
  • Ansiaux
  • de Bakker
  • Bassompierre
  • de Beco
  • Beeckman of Vieusart
  • Bekaert
  • van den Bergh
  • Berghmans
  • Bernard de Fauconval of Deukem
  • Bethune
  • Bethune-Sully
  • Beyens
  • Bie of Westvoorde
  • of Billeh of Valensart
  • of Blanckart
  • of Blommaert of Soye
  • Boels
  • van den Bogaerde van ter Brugge
  • Bois de Nevele
  • Bonaert
  • Bonaert the Roche-Marchiennes
  • Bonhomme
  • of Bonvoisin
  • de Borchgrave
  • de Borman
  • of Borrekens
  • Boutier of Catus
  • Bracht
  • van den Branden de Reeth
  • Brouwer
  • de Broux
  • Browne
  • van der Bruggen
  • Buffin of Chosal
  • Buysse
  • Callataÿ
  • van Caloen
  • van Caloen of Basseghem
  • Carbonnières of Saint Brice
  • Cartier Marchienne
  • Cartier Yves
  • Carton de Tournai
  • Caters to
  • van Caubergh
  • of Chestret of Haneffe
  • Clerix
  • Cogels
  • de Coninck of Merckem
  • de Cooman of Herlinckhove
  • of Copis
  • Coppe
  • Coppens of Eeckenbrugge
  • of the Court
  • of Coppin of Grinchamps
  • Crawhez
  • de Crombrugghe
  • de Crombrugghe of Looringhe
  • of Crombrugge of Picquendaele
  • de Crombrugghe of Schipsdaele
  • Cumont
  • Daneels of Attenrode
  • Delbeke
  • Dehennin
  • Delvaux of Fenffe
  • Descantons of Montblanc France
  • Dessain
  • Didisheim
  • Van Diest
  • van Dievoet (See: Families Vandievoet (Brabant))
  • Dieudonne of Corbeck over Loo
  • Dillemans
  • Donnet
  • Donny
  • of Dorlodot
  • Drion of Chapois
  • Dumont Chassart
  • van Duffel
  • van Eetveld
  • van der Elst
  • Englebert
  • Ernst Bunswyck
  • of ERP and Holt Baarlo
  • Evain
  • van Eyll
  • della Faille to Huysse
  • Failly
  • Fallon
  • of Favereau of Jeneret
  • of Fierlant
  • Fierlant of Dormer
  • Forger
  • Furnace Cruquenbourg
  • Furnace Cruquenbourg of Vichte
  • Fredericq
  • of Gaiffier of Hestroy
  • Gendebien Gericke of Hewynen
  • Gerlache
  • de Gerlache
  • of Giey
  • Gillès of Pélichy
  • Goethals
  • Goffinet
  • van der Gracht of Rommerswael
  • Grand Ry
  • de Greef
  • Greindl
  • Groothaert
  • de Gruben
  • William
  • van Gysel
  • van Gysel de Meise
  • of Haneffe
  • of Harscamp
  • of Haulleville
  • Haus
  • van Havre
  • of Herckenrode
  • Hennin of Boussu Walcourt
  • Heusch the Zangrye
  • van Hoobrouck d'Aspremont
  • of Hoogvorst
  • Holvoet
  • Houtart
  • Van Houtte
  • van tot Hövell Westervlier in Wezeveld
  • d'Huart
  • Iweins of Wavrans
  • Jacobs
  • Jacques Diksmuidse
  • Jacquier of Dew
  • Janssen
  • Janssens
  • Janssens de Bisthoven
  • of Jamblinne de Meux
  • van Jever
  • Jolly
  • Jooris
  • de Keersmaeker
  • de Kerckhove of Borluut
  • de Kerchove of Exaerde
  • de Kerchove of Ousselghem
  • van de Kerchove of Hallebast
  • Kervyn of Lettenhove
  • Kervyn of Meerendré
  • Kervyn of Volkaersbeke
  • Kervyn Oud Mooreghem
  • the Kethulle of Ryhove
  • 't Kint de Roodenbeke
  • de Laage de Bellefaye
  • Lambert
  • Lambermont
  • Lamfalussy
  • van Lamsweerde
  • de Lannoy
  • La Vallée Poussin
  • Lechat
  • Lejeune of Schiervel
  • Lepage
  • Lequime
  • Leuze of Bourbecq
  • of Lhoneux
  • Liebaert
  • of Lierneux Presles
  • of Limal
  • Limnander of Nieuwenhove
  • van der Linden of Hooghvorst
  • of Locquenghien (Baron Melsbroeck or Pamela)
  • of Loën of Enscedé
  • of Lhoneux
  • van Loo
  • puffin
  • Maelcamp of Opstaele
  • Mayor of Warzée Hermalle
  • of Maleingreau of HEMBISE
  • del Marmol
  • de Meester
  • de Meester of Betzenbroeck
  • de Meester de Ravenstein
  • Mélot
  • de Menten de Horne
  • Merlin
  • Mertens de Wilmars
  • of Mévius
  • Meyers
  • Michotte van den Berck
  • Minnebo
  • of Moffarts
  • of Moffarts of Houchenée
  • Mols
  • by Montblanc
  • Montpellier at Vedrin
  • Moreau Andoy
  • Moreau de Melen
  • La Motte Baraffe
  • Moyersoen
  • Muijsson
  • Nagelmackers
  • Nerincx
  • Neve de Roden
  • Nicaise
  • Nicolet
  • Nothomb
  • Van Oldeneel tot Oldenzeel
  • of the Olmen Poederlé
  • Orban Xivry
  • Osy of Zegwaart
  • Otreppe of Bouvet
  • van Outryve of Ydewalle
  • of Overschie of Neeryssche
  • Paelinck
  • Pangaert of Ordorp
  • Paternotte of VAILLEE
  • Paulus du Chatelet
  • Pecsteen
  • of Peellaert
  • Peers of Nieuwburgh
  • Peñarada of Franchimont
  • Peterbroeck
  • Pirmez
  • Pitteurs of Büdingen
  • of Pitteurs Hiegaerts
  • Poncelet
  • Popelaire of terloo
  • de Posch
  • of Posson
  • of Posson of Wanfercée
  • Poswick
  • Poswick Crawhez
  • Potesta of Waleffe
  • Powis of TENBOSSCHE
  • Prisse
  • Powerful Bayens
  • van de Put
  • Pycke
  • Pycke of Peteghem
  • Pycke Ten Aerde
  • of Radiguès of Chenneviere France
  • of Radzitzky of Ostrowicka
  • of Rahier
  • Remion
  • Rennette of Villers Perwin
  • van der Rest
  • Richard
  • Richard de Foucaud
  • van Rijswijck
  • Rittweger Moor
  • Roberti Winghe
  • De Roest d'Alkemade
  • Rolin
  • Rolin Jaequemyns
  • de Pret Roose de Calesberg
  • Dew
  • Rosen of Borgharen
  • Rossius of the People
  • Rotsart of Hertaing
  • Roy's Blicquy
  • Royer de Dour of Fraula
  • Ruzette
  • of Ryckel
  • Ryelandt
  • of Sadeleer
  • of Schaetzen
  • of Schaetzen of Schaetzenhoff
  • of Schorlemer
  • Scoville
  • de Selys Longchamps
  • Sweeney
  • Simonis
  • Siraut
  • van der Smissen
  • Snoy
  • Snoy and Oppuers
  • Solvyns
  • Speth
  • Stein of Aletenstein
  • STIENON du Pré
  • van der Straten Waillet
  • de Streel
  • de Strycker
  • Strijdonk van de Burkel
  • Surlet Chokier
  • Surmont Coutrécy
  • Surmont Volsberghe
  • Surmont ter Straeten
  • Tahon de la Motte
  • Tayart of Borms
  • Terlinden
  • of Terschueren
  • of Terwagne
  • Theodore (Baron of Calwaert)
  • Thibaut de Boesinghe
  • Thienpont
  • de Their
  • of Thysebaert
  • of Tilesse
  • of Tornaco
  • of Traux of Wardin
  • of Troostembergh
  • Turckheim
  • , Duchess of Brabant
  • Ullens de Schooten
  • Ullens de Schooten Whetnall
  • Val d'Epremesnil
  • of Vaucleroy
  • Vanneste
  • Van Overstraeten
  • Vaxelaire
  • Velge
  • Verhaegen
  • Verhaege from Nayer
  • Vicq of Cumptich
  • of Villenfagne of Sorinnes
  • of Villenfagne Vogelsanck
  • de Vinck
  • de Vinck of Winnezeele
  • Vinçotte
  • Viron
  • du Vivier
  • of Vrière
  • from Waha to Fronville
  • Wahis
  • Wal Anthisnes of
  • Wal Baronville of
  • Warnant
  • Wauters
  • van de Werve of Schilde
  • Whenttnall
  • Wigny
  • Witte de Haelen
  • of Woelmont
  • of Woelmont of Brumagne
  • Woitrin
  • Wolters
  • Woot for Jannaeus
  • Woot for Trixhe
  • of Wouters Oplinter
  • of Wykerslooth of Rooyensteyn
  • van Zeeland
  • Zurstrassen
  • van Zuylen
  • van Zuylen of Gaesebeke
  • van Zuylen van Nyevelt

The Holders of The Title of Knight

  • Annez de Taboada
  • de Bandt
  • Bauchau
  • Beer de Laer
  • Behaghel de Bueren
  • Andre Berger
  • van den Bergh
  • van Lerberghe of Marcke
  • Biebuyck
  • bevel of Hauteville
  • Bodart
  • Braas
  • of Brabandere
  • Brassine of Buissière
  • Brialmont
  • Bribosia
  • of Brogniez
  • of Burbure of Wesembeek
  • Cartuyvels
  • of Chestret of Haneffe
  • Clement Cléty
  • Clement of Saint-Marcq
  • Coppieters de ter Zaele
  • of Loon-Corswarem
  • Crane of Heysselaer
  • of Crayencour
  • of Creeft
  • of Donnéa of Hamoir
  • Leyniers
  • van Outryve of Ydewalle

The Holders of The Title of Squire 

  • Beeckmans of West Meerbeeck
  • Berger
  • of Braconier
  • of Clippele
  • Coart
  • Henry Frahan
  • d'Hoop
  • of Hoop Synghem
  • Jacobs
  • Jacobs van Merlen
  • Nolf
  • De Smet
  • de Smet of Naeyer
  • de Smet of Olbecke
  • de Walque
  • Fri Wassenhove
  • Woronoff
  • van Zuylen

Foreign Noble Families Residing in Belgium

In addition to the families mentioned above, a number of noble families originated from outside Belgium, but have since obtained Belgian nationality after residing for a long time (sometimes for many generations) in Belgium. Most of these families have come from neighbouring European monarchies (France, Holland, Germany) at various stages of history. These have usually (but not always) asked for equivalent nobility titles within the Kingdom ofBelgium, which were typically granted.

A number of noble families residing in Belgium originate beyond the current European Union borders (Russia) or even outside Europe Korea, Japan. Many of these families used to possess nobility titles in their country of origin, which have not always been converted into official Belgian nobility titles. In some cases, some families did not want a Belgian title because they hoped their stay in Belgium would be only temporary. This was the case for many Russian nobles, who were exiled after the October Revolution.

In other cases, some families did not make the request for conversion either by pride or because the cultural differences make such conversions less obvious. One such example is the Sagangong branch of the KoreanPyeongsan Shin clan family, which has resided in Belgium since 1974. The Pyeongsan Shin Korean family title is clearly of princely nature, which makes such a request more difficult to process. As described above, only titles of count and below are now typically granted in Belgium.

Despite being of foreign origins, the above noble families belong fully to the Belgian elite and many are well integrated into the society. Many of these families have been in Belgium for so long, intermarrying with Belgian nobility, that they are more Belgian than foreign in bloog (e.g. de Lobkowicz, de Radiguès de Chenneviere, Arrazola de Oñate). Moreover, the family names have often been frenchified by adding particles such as de (e.g. thePyeongsan Shin clan is also referred to as Shin de Pyeongsan).


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