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Kingdom of Sicily
Regnum Siciliae - Regno di Sicilia 
House of Bourbon
The Kingdom of Sicily (Italian: Regno di Sicilia, Latin: Regnum Siciliae, Sicilian: Regnu di Sicilia) was a state that existed in the south of Italy from its founding by Roger II in 1130 until 1816. It was a successor state of the County of Sicily, which had been founded in 1071 during the Norman conquest of southern Italy. Until 1282 the Kingdom (sometimes called the regnum Apuliae et Siciliae) covered not only the island of Sicily, but also the whole Mezzogiorno region of southern Italy and the Maltese archipelago. The island was divided into three regions: Val di Mazara, Val Demone and Val di Noto.

In 1282 a revolt against the Angevin rule, known as the Sicilian Vespers, threw off Charles of Anjou's rule of the island of Sicily. The Angevins managed to maintain control in the mainland part of the kingdom, which became a separate entity also styled Kingdom of Sicily, although it is commonly referred to as the Kingdom of Naples, after its capital. The island became a separate kingdom as a kingdom of the Crown of Aragon. After 1302 the island kingdom was sometimes called the Kingdom of Trinacria. Often the kingship was vested in another monarch such as the King of Aragon, the King of Spain or the Holy Roman Emperor. In 1816 the island Kingdom of Sicily merged with the Kingdom of Naples to form the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. In 1861 its areas were united with the Kingdom of Italy.

The full list of the Kings of Sicily

Roger II received royal investiture from Antipope Anacletus II in 1130 and recognition from Pope Innocent II in 1139. Sicily, which by then comprised not only the island, but also the southern third of the Italian peninsula, rapidly expanded itself to include Malta and the Mahdia, the latter if only briefly.

House of Hauteville, 1130-1198

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Roger II
Roger II 22 December 1095

son of Roger I of Sicily and Adelaide del Vasto
Elvira of Castile
6 children

Sibyl of Burgundy

2 children

Beatrix of Rethel

1 child
26 February 1154

aged 58
William I the Bad
William I 1131
son of Roger II and Elvira of Castile
Margaret of Navarre
4 children
7 May 1166

aged 35
William II the Good
William II 1155
son of William I and Margaret of Navarre
Joan of England
February 1177

1 child
11 November 1189

aged 34
Tancred I
(joint rule)
Tancred 1138
illegitimate son of Roger III, Duke of Apulia
Sibylla of Acerra
6 children
20 February 1194

aged 56
Roger III
(joint rule)
Hauteville 1175
son of Tancred of Sicily and Sibylla of Acerra
Irene Angelina
no children
24 December 1193
aged 18
William III
William III 1190
son of Tancred and Sibylla of Acerra
never married 1198
aged 8
  2 November 1154
daughter of Roger II and Beatrix of Rethel
Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor
1 child
27 November 1198

aged 44

Constance was married to the Emperor Henry VI and he pressed his claim to the kingdom from William II's death, but only succeeded in displacing his wife's family in 1194.

House of Hohenstaufen, 1194-1266

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Henry I
Henry (I) November 1165

son of Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor and Beatrix of Burgundy
1 child
28 September 1197

aged 32
Frederick I
(joint rule)
Frederick I 26 December 1194

son of Henry I and Constance I
Constance of Aragon
15 August 1209
1 child

Yolande of Jerusalem

9 November 1225
2 children

Isabella of England

15 July 1235
4 children
13 December 1250

aged 55
Henry II
(joint rule)
Henry (II) 1211

son of Frederick I and Constance of Aragon
29 November 1225
2 children
12 February 1242

aged 30
Conrad I
Conrad I 25 April 1228

son of Frederick I and Yolande of Jerusalem
Elisabeth of Bavaria
1 September 1246
1 child
21 May 1254

aged 26
Conrad II the Younger
  25 March 1252

son of Conrad I and Elisabeth of Bavaria
never married 29 October 1268

aged 16
Manfred of Sicily 1232
Illegitimate son of Frederick I
Beatrice of Savoy
21 April 1247
1 child

Helena Angelina Doukaina

9 November 1255
5 children
26 February 1266
Battle of Benevento

aged 34
(killed in action)

Manfred was regent of Sicily for his nephew, the child Conrad II ("Conradin"), but took the crown in 1258, and continued to fight to keep the kingdom under the Hohenstaufen. In 1254 the pope, having declared the kingdom a papal possession, offered the crown to the King of England's son, Edmund Crouchback, but the English never succeeded in taking the kingdom. In 1262 the pope reversed his previous decision and granted the kingdom to the King of France's brother, Charles of Anjou, who succeeded in dispossessing Manfred in 1266. Conradin continued his claim to the throne until his death by decapitation perpetrated by Charles of Anjou in 1268.

Plantagenet Dynasty, 1254-1263

Edmund Crouchback, son of King Henry III of England, claimed the Crown of Sicily between 1254 and 1263; the claim was taken very seriously by both him and his father, but was completely ineffectual.

Capetian House of Anjou, 1266-1282

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Charles I
Charles I 21 March 1226
son of Louis VIII of France and Blanche of Castile
Beatrice of Provence
31 January 1246
7 children

Margaret of Burgundy

18 November 1268
1 child
7 January 1285

aged 58

Peter III of Aragon, Manfred's son in law, of the House of Barcelona, conquered the island of Sicily from Charles I in 1282 and had himself crowned King of Sicily. Thereafter the old Kingdom of Sicily was centred on the mainland, with capital at Naples, and although informally called Kingdom of Naples it was still known formally as "Kingdom of Sicily". Thus, there were two "Sicilies" - the island kingdom, however, was often called "Sicily beyond the Lighthouse" or "Trinacria", by terms of a treaty between the two states.

House of Barcelona, 1282-1409

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Peter I the Great
Peter I 1240

son of James I of Aragon and Yolanda of Hungary
Constance of Sicily
13 June 1262
6 child
2 November 1285
Vilafranca del Penedès

aged 45
James the Just
James 10 August 1267

son of Peter I and Constance of Sicily
Isabella of Castile
1 December 1291
No children

Blanche of Anjou

29 October 1295
10 children

Marie de Lusignan

15 June 1315
No children

Elisenda de Montcada

25 December 1322
No children
5 November 1327

aged 60
Frederick II
Aragon 13 December 1272

son of Peter I and Constance of Sicily
Eleanor of Anjou
17 May 1302
9 child
25 June 1337

aged 65
Peter II
Aragon July 1305
son of Frederick II and Eleanor of Anjou
Elisabeth of Carinthia
23 April 1322
9 child
15 August 1342

aged 37
Aragon 1337

son of Peter II and Elisabeth of Carinthia
Never married 16 October 1355
Aci Castello

aged 18
Frederick III the Simple
Aragon 1 September 1341

son of Peter II and Elisabeth of Carinthia
Constance of Aragon
11 April 1361
1 child

Antonia of Balzo

17 January 1372
No children
27 January 1377

aged 36
(joint rule)

daughter of Frederick III and Constance of Aragon
Martin I of Sicily
1 child
25 May 1402

aged 35
Martin I the Younger
(joint rule)
Aragon 1374
son of Martin I of Aragon and Maria of Luna
Maria of Sicily
1 child
25 July 1409

aged 35

Martin I died heirless and the kingdom was inherited by his father who united it to the Crown of Aragon.

House of Trastámara, 1409-1516

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Martin II the Elder
Martin II 1356

son of Peter IV of Aragon and Eleanor of Sicily
Maria de Luna
13 June 1372
4 children

Margarita of Aragon-Prades

No children
31 May 1410

aged 54
Ferdinand I the Honest
Ferdinand I 27 November 1380
Medina del Campo

son of John I of Castile and Eleanor of Aragon
Eleanor of Alburquerque
8 children
2 April 1416

aged 36
Alfonso the Magnanimous
Alfonso 1396
Medina del Campo

son of Ferdinand I and Eleanor of Alburquerque
Maria of Castile
No children
27 June 1458

aged 52
John the Great
Ferdinand II 29 June 1397
Medina del Campo

son of Ferdinand I and Eleanor of Alburquerque
Blanche I of Navarre
6 November 1419
4 children

Juana Enríquez

2 children
20 January 1479

aged 81
Ferdinand II the Catholic
Ferdinand II 10 March 1452
son of John II of Aragon and Juana Enriquez
Isabella I of Castile
19 October 1469
5 children

Germaine of Foix

No children
23 January 1516

aged 54
Joanna the Mad
Joanna 6 November 1479
daughter of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile
Philip IV of Burgundy
6 children
12 April 1555

aged 75

House of Habsburg, 1516-1713

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Charles II
Charles II 24 February 1500

son of Philip I of Castile and Joanna of Castile
Isabella of Portugal
10 March 1526
3 children
21 September 1558

aged 58
Philip I
Philip I 21 May 1527

son of Charles II and Isabella of Portugal
Maria of Portugal
1 child

Mary I of England

No children

Elisabeth of Valois

2 children

Anna of Austria

4 May 1570
5 children
13 September 1598

aged 71
Philip II
Philip II 14 April 1578

son of Philip I and Anna of Austria
Margaret of Austria
18 April 1599
5 children
31 March 1621

aged 42
Philip III
Philip III 8 April 1605

son of Philip II and Margaret of Austria
Elisabeth of Bourbon
7 children

Mariana of Austria

5 children

17 September 1665

aged 60
Charles III
Charles III 6 November 1661

son of Philip III and Mariana of Austria
Maria Luisa of Orléans
19 November 1679
No children

Maria Anna of Neuburg

14 May 1690
No children

1 November 1700

aged 38
Philip IV
Charles V 19 December 1683

son of Louis, Dauphin of France and Maria Anna of Bavaria
Maria Luisa of Savoy
2 November 1701
4 children

Elisabeth of Parma

24 December 1714
7 children

9 July 1746

aged 62

At the end of the War of the Spanish Succession, by the Treaty of Utrecht, Sicily was ceded to the Duke of Savoy.

House of Savoy, 1713-1720

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Victor Amadeus
  14 May 1666

son of Charles Emmanuel II, Duke of Savoy and Marie Jeanne Baptiste de Savoie-Nemours
Anne Marie of Orléans
10 April 1684
6 children
31 October 1732

aged 66

The Spanish invaded the kingdom in 1718 during the War of the Quadruple Alliance. The Duke of Savoy ceded it to Austria in 1720 by the Treaty of The Hague.

House of Habsburg, 1720-1735

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Charles IV
Charles IV 1 October 1685

son of Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor and Eleonore-Magdalena of Pfalz-Neuburg
Elisabeth Christine
1 August 1708
4 children
20 October 1740

aged 55

Charles I, Duke of Parma conquered the kingdom during the War of the Polish Succession. At the end of the war Sicily was ceded to the new Charles V of Sicily.

House of Bourbon 1735-1816

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death
Charles V
Charles V 20 January 1716

son of Philip IV and Elizabeth of Parma
Maria Amalia of Saxony
13 children
14 December 1788

aged 72
Ferdinand III
Ferdinand IV 12 January 1751

son of Charles V and Maria Amalia of Saxony
Marie Caroline of Austria
12 May 1768
17 children

Lucia Migliaccio of Floridia

27 November 1814
No children
4 January 1825

aged 73

In 1816 the Kingdom of Naples and the Kingdom of Sicily were merged as the new Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

The Family Titles and Styles  
The children, and the children of sons, of the head of the house, bear the title Prince or Princess Royal of Bourbon-Two Sicilies together with the formal appellation of His or Her Royal Highness,  Other members of this family bear the title Prince or Princess of Bourbon-Two Sicilies together with the formal appellation of His or Her Royal Highness.
The Genealogy of the Royal House
Fernando, Infant of Spain, was ceded Naples and Sicily by his father, King Carlos III of Spain, in 1759, becoming King FERDINANDO IV of Naples and Sicily; from 8 Dec 1816 he was called King FERDINANDO I of the Two Sicilies (Naples 18 Jan 1751-Naples 4 Jan 1825); m.1st by proxy at Vienna 7 Apr 1768 and in person at Caserta 12 May 1768 Maria Karoline, Archdss of Austria (Schönbrunn 13 Aug 1752-Schloß Hetzendorf 8 Sep 1814); m.2d (morganatically) Palermo 27 Nov 1814 Donna Lucia Migliaccio Duchessa di Floridia (Syracuse 19 Jul 1770- Naples 26 Apr 1826)

1a) Maria Teresa Carolina Giuseppina (Naples 6 Jun 1772-Vienna 13 Apr 1807); m.by proxy at Naples 15 Aug 1792 and in person at Vienna 19 Sep 1792 Emperor Franz of Austria (Florence 12 Feb 1768-Vienna 2 Mar 1835)

2a) Luisa Maria Amelia Teresa (Naples 27 Jul 1773-Vienna 19 Sep 1802); m.by proxy at Naples 15 Aug 1790 and in person at Vienna 19 Sep 1790 Ferdinando III, Grand Duke of Tuscany, Archduke of Austria (Florence 6 May 1769-Florence 18 Jun 1824)

3a) Carlo Francesco Giuseppe Gennaro, Duca di Calabria, (Naples 4 Jan 1775-Naples 17 Dec 1778)

4a) Maria Anna Giuseppa Antonietta Francesca Gaetana Teresa Amalia Clementina (Naples 23 Nov 1775-Naples 22 Feb 1780)

5a) FRANCESCO I Gennaro Giuseppe Saverio Giovanni Battista, King of the Two Sicilies (Naples 19 Aug 1777- Naples 8 Nov 1830); m.1st by proxy at Vienna 19 Sep 1790 and in person at Foggia 25 Jun 1797 Clementine, Archdss of Austria (Poggio Imperiale 24 Apr 1777-Naples 15 Nov 1801); m.2d by proxy at Barcelona 6 Jul 1802 and in person at Naples 6 Oct 1802 Maria Isabella Infanta of Spain (Madrid 6 Jul 1789-Portici 13 Sep 1848)

1b) Maria Carolina Ferdinanda Luisa, Cts de Rony 1830 (Naples 5 Nov 1798-Brunnsee 17 Apr 1870); m.1st by proxy at Naples 24 Apr 1816 and in person at Paris 17 Jun 1816 Charles of France Duc de Berry (Versailles 24 Jan 1778-assassinated Paris 14 Feb 1820); m.2d Rome 14 Dec 1831 Ettore Carlo Cte Lucchesi Palli Pr di Campofranco, Duca della Grazia (Palermo 2 Aug 1806-Brunnsee 1 Apr 1864)

2b) Ferdinando Francesco d'Assisi (Palermo 27 Aug 1800-Palermo 1 Jul 1801)

3b) Luisa Carlotta Maria Isabella (Portici 24 Oct 1804-Madrid 29 Jan 1844); m.by proxy at Naples 15 Apr 1819 and in person at Madrid 12 Jun 1819 Francisco de Paula Infant of Spain (Madrid 10 Mar 1794-Madrid 13 Aug 1865)

4b) Maria Cristina Ferdinanda (Palermo 27 Apr 1806-Le Havre 22 Aug 1878); m.1st Madrid 11 Dec 1829 King Fernando VII of Spain (San Ildefonso 13 Oct 1784-Madrid 29 Sep 1833); m.2d Madrid 28 Dec 1833 Fernando Muñoz y Sanchez, Duque de Rianzaro (Tarancón 13 Sep 1808-Le Havre 13 Sep 1873)

5b) FERDINANDO II Carlo, King of the Two Sicilies (Palermo 12 Jan 1810-Caserta 22 May 1859); m.1st Voltri 21 Nov 1832 Christina Pss of Savoy (Cagliari 14 Nov 1812-Caserta 31 Jan 1836); m.2d by proxy at Trieste 9 Jan 1837 and in person at Naples 27 Jan 1837 Theresa, Archdss of Austria (Vienna 31 Jul 1816- Albano 8 Aug 1867)

1c) FRANCESCO II d'Assisi Maria Leopoldo, King of the Two Sicilies, lost the throne when the kingdom was annexed to Italy 17 Dec 1860 but held on to territory until he finally surrendered 13 Feb 1861 (Naples 16 Jan 1836-Schloß Arco, Tyrol 27 Dec 1894); m.by proxy at Munich 18 Jan 1859 and in person at Bari 3 Feb 1859 Maria Sophia Dss in Bavaria (Possenhofen 4 Oct 1841-Munich 19 Jan 1925)

1d) Cristina Pia Maria Anna Isabella Natalia Elisa (Rome 24 Dec 1869-Rome 28 Mar 1870)

2c) Lodovico Maria, Cte di Trani (Naples 1 Aug 1838-Paris 8 Jun 1886); m.Munich 5 Jun 1861 Mathilde Dss in Bavaria (Possenhofen 30 Sep 1843-Munich 18 Jun 1925)

1d) Maria Teresa Maddalena (Zürich 15 Jan 1867-Cannes 1 Mar 1909); m.Sigmaringen 27 Jun 1889 Wilhelm Fst von Hohenzollern (Schloß Benrath 7 Mar 1864-Sigmaringen 22 Oct 1927)

3c) Alberto Maria Francesco Cte di Castrogiovanni (Capodimonte 17 Sep 1839-Naples 12 Jul 1844)

4c) ALFONSO Maria Giuseppe Alberto Cte di Caserta (Caserta 28 Mar 1841-Cannes 26 May 1934); m.Rome 8 Jun 1868 Antonietta Pss of Bourbon-Two Sicilies (Naples 16 Mar 1851-Freiburg-im- Breisgau 12 Sep 1938; below)

1d) FERDINANDO Pio Maria, Duca di Calabria (Rome 25 Jul 1869-Lindau 7 Jan 1960); m.Munich 31 May 1897 Marie Pss of Bavaria (Villa Amsee 6 Jul 1872-Villa Amsee 10 Jun 1954)

1e) Maria Antonietta Leonia (Madrid 16 Apr 1898-Winterthur, Switzerland 11 Jan 1957)

2e) Maria Cristina (Madrid 4 May 1899-Quito 21 Apr 1985); m.Rome 3 Mar 1948 Manoel Sotomayor-Luna, Vice-President of Ecuador (Quito 27 Nov 1884-Guayaquil 16 Oct 1949)

3e) Ruggiero Maria, Duca di Noto (Sardinero, Santander, Spain 7 Sep 1901-Munich 1 Dec 1914)

4e) Barbara Maria Antonietta Luitpolda (Munich 14 Dec 1902-Peterswaldau 1 Jan 1927); m.Munich 31 May 1922 Franz Xaver Gf zu Stolberg-Wernigerode (Peterswaldau 19 Jul 1894-d.as a POW at Gostynie, Poland 4 May 1947)

5e) Lucie Maria Rainiera (Schloß Nymphenburg 9 Jul 1908-São Paulo 3 Nov 2001); m.Nymphenburg 29 Oct 1938 Eugenio Pr of Savoy, Duke of Ancona (Turin 13 Mar 1906-São Paulo 8 Dec 1996)

6e) Urraca Maria Isabella Carolina Aldegonda Carmela (Schloß Nymphenburg 14 Jul 1913-Sigmaringen 3 May 1999)

2d) Carlo Maria Francesco d'Assisi Pasquale Ferdinando Antonio di Padova Francesco di Paola Alfonso Andreas Avelino Tancredi, renounced his succession rights (but see note above) 14 Dec 1900 and was cr Infant of Spain 7 Feb 1901 (Gries 10 Nov 1870-Seville 11 Nov 1949); m.1st 14 Feb 1901 Maria de las Mercedes Infanta of Spain (Madrid 11 Sep 1880-Madrid 17 Oct 1904); m.2d Woodnorton, Worcs 16 Nov 1907 Pss Louise d'Orléans (Cannes 24 Feb 1882-Seville 18 Apr 1958); his children, in addition to any Two Sicilies titles which were not lost by the renunciation, were Infants of Spain

1e) Alfonso Maria Leo Christinus Alfonso di Liguori Antonio Francesco Saverio (Madrid 30 Nov 1901-Vienna 3 Feb 1964); m.Vienna 16 Apr 1936 Alice Pss of Bourbon-Parma (b.Vienna 13 Nov 1917)

1f) Teresa Maria Francisca Dorothea (b.Lausanne 6 Feb 1937); m.Madrid 16 Apr 1961 Don Iñigo Moreno y Arteaga Marques de Laula (b.Madrid 18 Apr 1934)

2f) Carlos Maria Alfonso Marcel, Duca di Calabria (b.Lausanne 16 Jan 1938); m.(civ) Louveciennes 11 May 1965 (rel) Dreux 11 May 1965 Pss Anne d'Orléans (b.Woluwe-Saint-Pierre 4 Dec 1938)

1g) Cristina Isabella Maria Luisa (b.Madrid 15 Mar 1966); m.Prov Ciudad Real, Spain 15 Jul 1994 Pedro Lopez-Quesada y Fernandez-Urrutia (b.Madrid 26 Jul 1964)

2g) Maria Paloma Diana Irene (b.Madrid 5 Apr 1967); m.La Toledana 13 Jul 1996 Simeon, Archduke of Austria (b.Katana, Belgian Congo 29 Jun 1958)

3g) Pedro Juan Maria Alejo Saturnino y todos los Santos, Duca di Noto (b.Madrid 16 Oct 1968); m.Madrid 30 Mar 2001 Sofia Landaluce y Melgarejo (b.Madrid 23 Nov 1973)

1h) Jaime (b.Madrid 26 Jun 1992)

2h) Juan (b.Madrid 18 Apr 2003)

3h) Pablo (b.Madrid 28 Jun 2004)

4h) Pedro (b.3 Jan 2007)

5h) Sofia (b.Madrid 12 Nov 2008)

6h) Blanca (b.6 Apr 2011)

4g) Inès Maria Alice Anna Isabella (b.Madrid 20 Apr 1971); m.Toledo 13 Oct 2001 Nobile Michele Carrelli Palombi dei Marchesi di Raiano (b.Rome 17 Sep 1965)

5g) Victoria Maria Aline Carolina de la Santissima Trinidad y todos los Santos (b.Madrid 24 May 1976); m.27 Sep 2003 Markos Nomikos (b.Kifissia, Greece 29 Oct 1965)

3f) Inès Maria Alice (b.Ouchy 18 Feb 1940); m.Madrid 21 Jan 1965 Don Luis de Morales y Aguado (Granada 8 Oct 1933-Elche de la Sierra 9 Nov 2000)

2e) Ferdinando Maria Antonio Alfonso Carlo Federico Ignacio Olegario (Madrid 6 Mar 1903-San Sebastian 4 Aug 1905)

3e) Isabella Alfonsa Maria Teresa Antonia Cristina Mercedes Carolina Adelaide Raphaela (Madrid 10 Oct 1904-Madrid 18 Jul 1985); m.Madrid 9 Mar 1929 Ct Jan Zamoyski (Cracow 17 Aug 1900-Monte Carlo 28 Sep 1961)

4e) Carlo Maria Ferdinando Luigi Filippo Lorenzo Justiniano (Santillana, Santander, Spain 5 Sep 1908-k.a.Elgoibar 27 Sep 1936)

5e) Maria de los Dolores Victoria Filippa Maria de las Mercedes Luisa Carlota Eugenia (Madrid 15 Nov 1909-Madrid 11 May 1996); m.1st (civ) Lausanne 12 Aug 1937 (rel) Ouchy, Switzerland 12 Aug 1937 Pr August Czartoryski (Warsaw 20 Oct 1907-Seville 1 Jul 1946); m.2d Seville 29 Dec 1950 Carlos Chias Osorio (b.Barcelona 26 Feb 1925)

6e) Maria de las Mercedes Cristina Januaria Isabella Luisa Carolina Victoria (Madrid 23 Sep 1910-Lanzarote, Canary Islands 2 Jan 2000); m.Rome 12 Oct 1935 Juan Infant of Spain, Cde de Barcelona (San Ildefonso 20 Jun 1913-Pamplona 1 Apr 1993)

7e) Maria de la Esperanza Amalia Raniera Maria Rosario Luisa Gonzaga (Madrid 14 Jun 1914-Villamanrique de la Condesa 8 Aug 2005); m.Seville 18 Dec 1944 Pedro Gastão Pr of Orléans-Braganza (Château d'Eu 19 Feb 1913-Seville 27 Dec 2007)

3d) Francesco di Paola (Rorschach 14 Jul 1873-Paris 26 Jun 1876)

4d) Gennaro Maria Francesco di Paola (Cannes 24 Jan 1882-Cannes 11 Apr 1944); m.London 27 Jun 1922 Beatrice Dorothy Bordessa, Ctsa si Villa Colli (Saltney, Cheshire 29 Dec 1879-West Malling 20 Aug 1963)

5d) Maria Immacolata Cristina Pia Isabella (Cannes 30 Oct 1874-Muri 28 Nov 1947); m.Cannes 30 Oct 1906 Johann Georg Pr of Saxony (Dresden 10 Jul 1869-Altshausen 24 Nov 1938)

6d) Maria Cristina Carolina Pia (Cannes 10 Apr 1877-St.Gilgen 4 Oct 1947); m.Cannes 8 Nov 1900 Peter Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria, Pr of Tuscany (Salzburg 12 May 1874-St.Gilgen 8 Nov 1948)

7d) Maria Pia Chiara Anna (Cannes 12 Aug 1878-Mandelieu 20 Jun 1973); m.Cannes 4 Nov 1908 Luiz Pr of Orléans-Braganza (Petrópolis 26 Jan 1878-Cannes 26 Mar 1920)

8d) Maria Giuseppina Antonietta (Cannes 25 Feb 1880-Cannes 22 Jul 1971)

9d) Ranieri Maria Gaetano, Duca di Castro (Cannes 3 Dec 1883-La Combe 13 Jan 1973); m.Druzbaki 12 Sep 1923 Css Karoline Zamoyska (Cracow 22 Sep 1896-Marseille 9 May 1968)

1e) Maria del Carmen Carolina Antonia (b.Podzamcze 13 Jul 1924)

2e) Ferdinando Maria Andrea Alfonso Marcus, Duca di Castro (Podzamcze 28 May 1926-Draguignan 20 Mar 2008); m.Giez 23 Jul 1949 Chantal de Chevron-Villette (Le Cannet des Maures 10 Jan 1925-Suresnes 24 May 2005)

1f) Béatrice Marie Caroline Louise Françoise (b.St.Raphael 16 Jun 1950); m.Paris 19 Dec 1978 (div 1989) Charles, Pr Napoléon (b.Boulogne-sur-Seine 19 Oct 1950)

2f) Anna Marie Caroline Carmen (b.St.Raphael 24 Apr 1957); m.Roquebrunne- sur-Argens (civ) 7 Sep (rel) 9 Sep 1977 (div) Jacques Cochin (b.Vichy 23 Mar 1951)

3f) Charles Marie Bernard Gennaro, Duca di Calabria (b.St.Raphael 24 Feb 1963); m.Monaco 31 Oct 1998 Camilla Crociani (b.Rome 5 Apr 1971)

1g) Maria-Carolina Chantal Edoarda Beatrice Januaria (b.Rome 23 Jun 2003)

2g) Maria Chiara Amalia Carola Louise Carmen (b.Rome 1 Jan 2005)

10d) Filippo Maria Alfonso Antonio Ferdinando Francisco di Paola Lodovico Enrico Alberto Taddeo Francesco Saverio Uberto (Cannes 10 Dec 1885-St.John, New Brunswick 9 Mar 1949); m.1st Neuilly (civ) 10 Jan 1916 (rel) 15 Jan 1916 (annulled 1925) Pss Marie Louise d'Orléans (Neuilly 31 Dec 1896-New York City 8 Mar 1973); m.2d Paris 10 Jan 1927 Odette Labori (Paris 22 Nov 1902-Le Kremlin-Bicetre 19 Jun 1968)

1e) Gaëtano Maria Alfonso Enrico Paolo (Cannes 16 Apr 1917-Harare 27 Dec 1984); m.Paddington 16 Feb 1946 Olivia Yarrow (Dumfries 16 Jul 1917-Harare, Zimbabwe 24 May 1987)

1f) Adrian Philip de Bourbon (b.Warrington 7 Apr 1948); m.Harare [Salisbury] 20 Mar 1976 Linda Rose Idensohn (b.Salisbury, Rhodesia 3 Feb 1950)

1g) Philippe Charles de Bourbon (b.Harare 5 May 1977)

2g) Michelle Laura de Bourbon (b.Harare 12 Feb 1979); m.Groot Constantia, Cape Town 8 Apr 2009 James T D Moss-Gibbons

2f) Gregory Peter de Bourbon (b.Warrington 2 Jan 1950); m.1st Rusape, Rhodesia 15 May 1971 (div) Maureen Marjorie Powell (b.Bulawayo 19 Apr 1951); m.2d Brisbane 30 Aug 1986 Carrie Anne Thornley (b.Cessnock, New South Wales 2 Feb 1945)

1g) Christian Peter de Bourbon (b.Vancouver 11 Apr 1974); m.Marondera, Zimbabwe 26 Apr 1997 Brigette Dick

2g) Raymond de Bourbon (b.Harare 8 Nov 1978)

11d) Francesco d'Assisi Maria Ferdinando Eudo (Cannes 13 Jan 1888-Cannes 26 Mar 1914)

12d) Gabriele Maria Giuseppe Carlo Ignazio Antonio Alfonso Pietro Giovanni Gerardo di Majella et Omni Sancti, naturalized in Spain and granted the title Pr de Borbón (Royal Highness) for himself and his children (Cannes 11 Jan 1897-Itu, Sao Paulo, Brazil 22 Oct 1975); m.1st Paris 25 Aug 1927 Pss Malgorzata Czartoryski (Warsaw 17 Aug 1902-Cannes 8 Mar 1929); m.2d Cracow 15 Sep 1932 Pss Cecilia Lubomirska (Poreba Wielka 28 Jun 1907-São Paulo 20 Sep 2001)

1e) Antoine Marie Joseph Alphonse Adam et omnes sancti (b.Cannes 20 Jan 1929); m.Altshausen (civ) 18 Jul (rel) 19 Jul 1958 Elisabeth, Dss of Württemberg (b.Stuttgart 2 Feb 1933)

1f) Franz Philipp Maria Joseph Gabriel (b.Ravensburg 20 Jun 1960); m.Geneva 2 Jun 2000 (rel) 17 Jun 2000 Alexandra Gfn von Schönborn-Wiesentheid (b.Zürich 2 Jun 1967)

1g) Antoine Gaetano Nicolas Istvan Marie (b.Geneva 6 Jun 2003)

2g) Dorothée Maria Amalia Tatiana Hélène (b.Zürich 10 May 2005)

2f) Maria Carolina Johanna Rosa Cecilia (b.Friedrichshafen 18 Jul 1962); m.Tübingen (civ) 6 May 1988 (rel) 26 Aug 1989 Andreas Baumbach (b.Tübingen 30 Apr 1963)

3f) Gennaro Maria Pio Casimir b.(Ravensburg 27 Jan 1966)

4f) Maria Annunziata Urraca Margarita Elisabeth (b.Friedrichshafen 4 Mar 1973); m.Helsinki 2 Aug 2003 Ct Carl Fredrik Creutz (b.1 Nov 1971)

2e) Jean (Giovanni) Maria Casimir (Warsaw 30 Jun 1933-Madrid 25 Dec 2000)

3e) Maria Margarita Therese Antoinette Alfonsine Casimira (b.Warsaw 16 Nov 1934); m.San Miguel de Jerez de la Frontera, Spain 11 Jun 1962 Luis Gonzaga Maldonado y Gordon (b.Madrid 17 Nov 1932)

4e) Marie Immaculata (b.Warsaw 25 Jun 1937); m.San Carlos, Ibiza 29 Jun 1970 (div 1979) Miguel Garcia de Saéz y Tellecea (Pamplona 6 Sep 1921-Madrid 12 Mar 1982)

5e) Casimir Maria Alfons Gabriel (b.Warsaw 8 Nov 1938); m.Jacarezinho, Brazil 29 Jan 1967 Maria Cristina Pss of Savoy (Castelo Miramar 12 Sep 1933)

1f) Luis Alfonso (b.Rio de Janeiro 28 Nov 1970); m.São Paolo 22 Oct 1998 Christine Apovian (b.São Paolo 20 May 1969)

1g) Anna Sophia (b.São Paulo 9 Apr 1999)

2f) Anna Cecilia (b.São Paulo 24 Dec 1971); m.Verchers-sur-Layon 18 Aug 2005 (rel) Turin 19 Sep 2005 Cte Rodolphe Jean Etienne Marie de Vincens de Causans (b.Chesnay 22 Jan 1973)

3f) Elena Sofia (b.São Paulo 10 Sep 1973)

4f) Alexander Henrique (b.São Paulo 9 Aug 1974); ordained a priest at Rome 22 Dec 2007

5c) Maria Annunziata Isabella Filomena Sabasia (Caserta 24 Mar 1843-Vienna 4 May 1871); m.by proxy at Rome 16 Oct 1862 and in person at Venice 21 Oct 1862 Karl Ludwig, Archduke of Austria (Schönbrunn 30 Jul 1833-Vienna 19 May 1896)

6c) Maria Immacolata Clementina (Naples 14 Apr 1844-Vienna 18 Feb 1899); m.Rome 19 Sep 1861 Karl Salvator, Archduke of Austria, Pr of Tuscany (Florence 30 Apr 1839-Vienna 18 Jan 1892)

7c) Gaëtano Maria Federico, Cte di Girgenti (Naples 12 Jan 1846-Luzern 26 Nov 1871); m.Madrid 13 May 1868 Isabel Infanta of Spain (Madrid 20 Dec 1851-Paris 23 Apr 1931)

8c) Giuseppe Maria, Cte di Lucera (Naples 4 Mar 1848-Portici 28 Sep 1851)

9c) Maria delle Grazie Pia (Gaeta 2 Aug 1849-Biarritz 29 Sep 1882); m.Rome 5 Apr 1869 Duke Robert I of Parma (Florence 9 Jul 1848-Pianore 16 Nov 1907)

10c) Vincenzo Maria, Cte di Melazzo (Naples 26 Apr 1851-Caserta 13 Oct 1854)

11c) Pasquale Baylen Maria del Carmine Giovanni-Battista Vincenzo-Ferreri Michele Arcangel Francesco di Paola Ferdinando Francesco di Assisi Luigi-Re Alfonso Gaetano Giuseppe Pietro Paolo Gennaro Luigi-Gonzaga Giovanni Giuseppe della Croce Gaspare Melchiore Baldassare Alberto Sebastiano Giorgio Venanzio Emanuele Placido Andrea-Avelino Rocco Pacifico Francesco di Geronimo Felice Teziano Ana Filomena Sebazia Lucia Luitgarda Apollina, Cte di Bari (Caserta 15 Sep 1852-La Malmaison 21 Dec 1904); m.Clichy la Garenne 20 Nov 1878 Blanche Marconnay (Paris 27 Aug 1848-Paris 12 Apr 1926)

12c) Maria Immacolata Luisa (Naples 21 Jan 1855-Pau 23 Aug 1874); m.Cannes 25 Nov 1873 Henri Pr of Bourbon-Parma, Ct of Bardi (Parma 12 Feb 1851-Menton 14 Apr 1905)

13c) Gennaro Maria Immacolata Luigi, Cte di Caltagirone (Caserta 28 Feb 1857-Albano 13 Aug 1867)

6b) Carlo Ferdinando, Pr di Capua (Palermo 10 Nov 1811-Turin 22 Apr 1862); m.Gretna Green 5 Apr 1836 Penelope Smyth, called Dssa di Marescata (19 Jul 1815-Château de Marlie 14 Dec 1882)

1c) Francesco Ferdinando Carlo di Borbone, Cte di Mascali (24 Mar 1837-Lucca 2 Jun 1862?; note: this death date is given in most sources, but I received the following from Maurice Saleck to the effect that he survived until at least 1918: "Toutes les généalogies concernant la Maison Royale des DEUX-SICILES qui se copient les unes sur les autres commettent la même erreur: elles font mourir le comte de Mascali en 1862...alors qu'il a survécu jusqu'en ...1918!!!J'ai découvert cette erreur l'an dernier en visitant la Villa reale di Marlia que le roi d'Italie avait mise à la disposition de Pénélope SMITH, la veuve du Prince de CAPOUE et de ses deux enfants: Francesco et Vittoria. Le malheureux garçon,titré comte de Mascali--du nom d'un apanage sicilien du prince de CAPOUE qui lui fut confisqué par son frère Ferdinand II pour le punir de son mariage morganatique avec Pénéloe--est mort fou. Il avait été placé sous tutelle et survivait grâce à une pension que lui versait le roi Victor Emmanuel sur sa cassette personnelle. Le nouveau roi d'Italie n'était pas ingrat: en aidant ainsi la veuve et les enfants de Charles de BOURBON,prince de Capoue il témoignait sa reconnaissance à un princequi lui avait apporté son soutien.CAPOUE est mort à Turin en 1862 et je le répète son fills, liu est disparu en 1918")

2c) Vittoria Augusta Lodovica Isabella Amelia Filomena Elena Penelope di Borbone, Ctsa di Mascali (15 May 1838-Lucca 9 Aug 1895)

7b) Leopoldo Beniamino Giuseppe, Cte di Siracusa (Palermo 22 May 1813-Pisa 4 Dec 1860); m.Naples 16 Jun 1837 Maria Pss of Savoy-Carignano (29 Sep 1814-Naples 2 Jan 1874)

1c) Isabella (Naples 23 Mar 1838-Naples 24 Mar 1838)

8b) Maria Antonietta Anna (Palermo 19 Dec 1814-Orth 7 Nov 1898); m.Naples 7 Jun 1833 Leopoldo II, Grand Duke of Tuscany, Archduke of Austria (Florence 3 Oct 1797-Rome 29 Jan 1870)

9b) Antonio Pasquale, Cte di Lecce (Palermo 23 Sep 1816-Pozzuoli 12 Jan 1843)

10b) Maria Amelia (Pozzuoli 25 Feb 1818-Madrid 6 Nov 1857); m.Madrid 25 May 1832 Sebastian Infant of Spain and Portugal (Rio de Janeiro 4 Nov 1811-Pau 13 Feb 1875)

11b) Maria Carolina Ferdinanda (Naples 29 Nov 1820-Trieste 14 Jan 1861); m.Caserta 10 Jul 1850 Carlos Infant of Spain (Madrid 31 Jan 1818-Trieste 13 Jan 1861)

12b) Teresa Maria Cristina (Naples 14 Mar 1822-Oporto 28 Dec 1889); m.by proxy at Naples 30 May 1843 and in person at Rio de Janeiro 4 Sep 1843 Emperor Pedro II of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro 2 Dec 1825-Paris 5 Dec 1891)

13b) Luigi Carlo Maria Giuseppe, Cte di Aquila (Naples 19 Jul 1824-Paris 5 Mar 1897); m.Rio de Janeiro 28 Apr 1844 Januaria, Pss Imperial of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro 11 Mar 1822-Nice 13 Mar 1901)

1c) Luigi Maria Ferdinando Pietro di Alcantara Francesco d'Assisi Gennaro Francesco di Paola Alfonso Luigi di Gonzaga Camillo de Hellis Alexis Raimondo Torillo Sebastiano Filomena, Cte di Roccaguglielma 31 Jan 1872 (Naples 18 Jul 1845-Nice 27 Nov 1909); m.(morganatically) New York 28 May 1869 Amelia Bellow-Hamel y Penot (Havana 19 Jun 1847-Paris 1 Mar 1914)

1d) Maria Gennara Amelia Isabella Luisa Enrichetta Giovanna Bona Nicanoretta Gisela Micaela Gabriela Rafaela Gonzaga de Borbon (Havana 10 Jan 1870-Rio de Janeiro 6 Nov 1941); m.Nice 15 Nov 1898 William Louis Freeman (La Bergerie, Noyon, Vaud 6 Oct 1845-Évian-les-Bains 23 Dec 1907)

2d) Luigi Maria Alfonso Cristiano Gennaro Giuseppe Ferdinando Pietro di Alcantara Desiderio Carlo Giovanni Battista Michele Gabriele Raffaele Gonzaga di Borbone Cte di Roccaguglielma (Paris 21 May 1873-Château d'Arkia 17 Jul 1940); m.1st Nice 23 Jan 1898 (div 1910) Enrica Weiss (Naples 23 Feb 1880-Viareggio 27 Dec 1947); m.2d Beaulieu-sur-Mer 5 Jan 1932 Adeline Landegren (Saint-Servain 3 Dec 1875-La Tour de Peilz 23 Feb 1959)

1e) Luigi Maria Carlo Emilio Gennaro Pietro di Alcantara Ferdinando Giuseppe Francesco di Assisi Alfonso Michele Raffaele Gabriele Gonzaga di Borbone Cte di Roccaguglielma (Narni 18 Oct 1898-Paris 12 Apr 1967); m.Paris 26 Sep 1925 Marie Louise deClermont-Tonnerre (Boucq 30 Mar 1894-Boucq 12 May 1941)

1f) Marie Christine Amélie Janvière Léopoldine Louise Jeanne Thérèse Caroline Henriette Françoise Isabelle Gabrielle Victoire de Bourbon; granted title Princess and style HRH by Infante Don Carlos (b.Paris 15 Mar 1933); m.Neuilly-sur-Seine 26 Sep 1957 Michel Denizot (Paris 17 May 1923-10 Mar 2011)

2e) Gennara Maria Pia di Borbone (Narni 7 Jul 1903-Naples 2 Nov 1982); m.Paola 2 May 1930 Alfonso Bongiorno (Acireale 25 Jul 1908-Messina 6 Oct 1980)

3e) Carlo Maria Ferdinando Amedeo di Borbone Cte di Roccaguglielma (Vaccoli 8 Nov 1905-Rome 12 Dec 1968); m.Viareggio 25 Apr 1925 Fanny Greco di Chiaramonte (Buenos Aires 6 Oct 1905-Montevideo, Uruguay 21 May 1977)

1f) Isabella Maria Francesca di Borbone; granted title Princess and style HRH by Prince Ferdinando; (b.Viareggio 17 Apr 1926); m.1st Buenos Aires 2 Aug 1954 (div 1969) José Gutierrez (b.Buenos Aires 16 Apr 1921); m.2d Buenos Aires 7 Jul 1969 Isidoro-Mariano Vejo Rodriguez (Rivera, Uruguay 31 Jan 1915-12 Mar 2007)

2c) Maria Isabella Leopoldina Amelia (Naples 22 Jul 1846-Naples 14 Feb 1859)

3c) Filippo Luigi Maria (Naples 12 Aug 1847-Paris 9 Jul 1922); m.London 23 Sep 1882 Flora Boonen (Figueiras 25 Jul 1847-Guran 22 Oct 1912)

4c) Maria Emanuele Sebastiano Gabriele (Naples 24 Jan 1851-Naples 26 Jan 1851)

14b) Francesco di Paola, Cte di Trapani (Naples 13 Aug 1827-Paris 24 Sep 1892); m.Florence 10 Apr 1850 Isabella, Archdss of Austria, Pss of Tuscany (Florence 21 May 1834-Bürgenstock 14 Jul 1901)

1c) Maria Antonietta Giuseppina Leopoldina (Naples 16 Mar 1851-Freiburg 12 Sep 1938); m.Rome 8 Jun 1868 Alfonso Pr of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, Cte di Caserta (1841-1934; above)

2c) Leopoldo Maria (Naples 24 Sep 1853-Rome 4 Sep 1870)

3c) Maria Teresa Ferdinanda Immacolata Conceta Sebasia Luciana Filomena (Naples 7 Jan 1855- Naples 1 Sep 1856)

4c) Maria Carolina Giuseppina Ferdinanda (Naples 20 Mar 1856-Warsaw 7 Apr 1941); m.Paris 19 Nov 1885 Ct Andrzej Zamoyski (Warsaw 10 Jul 1852-Podzamcze 25 Jun 1927)

5c) Ferdinando Maria Giuseppe (Naples 25 May 1857-Naples 22 Jul 1859)

6c) Maria Annunziata (Naples 21 Sep 1858-Paris 20 Mar 1873)

6a) Maria Cristina Amelia Teresa (Caserta 17 Jan 1779-Savona 11 Mar 1849); m.by proxy at Palermo 7 Mar 1807 and in person at Turin 6 Apr 1807 King Charles Felix of Sardinia (Turin 6 Apr 1765-Turin 27 Apr 1831)

7a) Maria Cristina Amelia (Caserta 17 Jan 1779-Naples 26 Feb 1783)

8a) Carlo Gennaro Francesco (Naples 12 Apr 1780-Naples 2 Jan 1789)

9a) Giuseppe Carlo Gennaro (Naples 18 Jun 1781-Naples 19 Dec 1783)

10a) Maria Amelia Teresa (Caserta 26 Apr 1782-Claremont 24 Mar 1866); m.Palermo 25 Nov 1809 Louis Philippe, King of the French (Paris 6 Oct 1773-Claremont House 26 Aug 1850)

11a) Maria Antonietta Teresa Amelia Giovanna Battista Francesca Gaetana Maria Anna Lucia (Caserta 14 Dec 1784-Aranjuez 21 May 1806); m.by proxy at Naples 16 Aug 1802 and in person at Barcelona 6 Oct 1802 Fernando Infant of Spain [later, King Fernando VII] (San Ildefonso 13 Oct 1784-Madrid 29 Sep 1833)

12a) Maria Clotilda Teresa Amelia Antonietta Giovanna Battista Anna Gaetana Pulcheria (Caserta 18 Feb 1786- Naples 12 Sep 1792)

13a) Maria Enrichetta Carmel (Naples 31 Jul 1787-Naples 20 Sep 1792)

14a) Carlo Gennaro (Naples 26 Aug 1788-Caserta 1 Feb 1789)

15a) Leopoldo Giovanni Giuseppe Michele, Pr di Salerno (Naples 2 Jul 1790-Naples 10 Mar 1851); m.Schönbrunn 28 Jul 1816 his niece Clementine, Archdss of Austria (Vienna 1 Mar 1798-Chantilly 3 Mar 1881)

1b) Maria Carolina Augusta (Vienna 26 Apr 1822-Twickenham 6 Dec 1869); m.Naples 25 Nov 1844 Pr Henri d'Orléans Duc d'Aumâle (Paris 16 Jan 1822-Zucco 7 May 1897)

2b) Lodovico Carlo (Vienna 19 Jul 1824-Vienna 7 Aug 1824)

16a) Carlo Alberto Maria (Naples 2 May 1792-d.at sea while the family was fleeing fron Naples to Palermo 24 Dec 1798)

17a) Maria Isabella (Naples 2 Dec 1793-Naples 23 Apr 1801)

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